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Topic: Norway in 1905

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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  Norway in 1905 - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Norway declared its independence from Sweden on June 7, 1905 and was recognised by Sweden as an independent constitutional monarchy on October 26, 1905 when Oscar II renounced his claim to the Norwegian throne under the personal union of the kingdom of Sweden-Norway.
Norway modernized the frontier forts at Kongsvinger and Fredriksten and built a series of new forts along the border.
Haakon VII was sworn in as king of Norway on November 27.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Norway_in_1905   (1530 words)

 Norway Info - Articles - The history of Norway
During this period the political centre of gravity in Norway moved from the southwest to the districts surrounding the Oslofjord.
Norway's Council of the Realm was disbanded, and the Norwegian church lost its autonomy.
The social democratic party in Norway was heavily committed to curbing communist influence both in political life and in the mass organizations such as the trade unions; and the struggle ended in victory.
www.cyberclip.com /Katrine/NorwayInfo/Articles/HistNorw.html   (6716 words)

  EH.Net Encyclopedia: The Economic History of Norway
Norway, with its population of 4.6 million on the northern flank of Europe, is today one of the most wealthy nations in the world, both measured as GDP per capita and in capital stock.
Norway adopted gold in January 1874, and due to the trade deficit, lack of gold and lack of capital, the country experienced a huge contraction in gold reserves and in the money stock.
Norway suspended gold redemption in August 1914, and due to inflationary monetary policy during the war and in the first couple of years afterward, demand was very high.
eh.net /encyclopedia/article/grytten.norway   (3772 words)

 1905: Norge, Sverige & unionen Temaartikkel 1905
On June 7, 1905, the members of the Norwegian government held an emergency meeting with the members of parliament (Storting) with regard to the union between Sweden and Norway.
In May 1905, the bill providing for the establishment of a Norwegian consular service was passed by the Norwegian parliament, a bill everyone knew King Oscar II would veto.
On October 16 the Swedish parliament voted to recognize Norway as an independent nation, and on October 27 the Karlstad agreement was finally signed and Oscar II abdicated the throne of Norway.
www.nb.no /baser/1905/tema_soren_e.html   (1918 words)

 Norway Travel
Norway is a long, narrow country on the northwestern edge of the European continent.
Norway is mostly a high, mountainous plateau covered by bare rock, and it has a relatively small amount of farmland.
Norway's merchant fleet, one of the largest in the world, is also an important source of income for the country.
www.northerner.com /norway.html   (5274 words)

 Norway Overview | Norway Tour Guide | iExplore.com
Norway itself was divided into a number of fiefdoms; the unification process began with King Harald Fairhair, who defeated the major northern tribes at the battle of Hafrsfjord in 872.
The alliance was intended to be one of equals; in practice, Denmark was the dominant partner, and in 1536, Norway became formally subservient to the Danish crown.
Norway is bordered to the north by the Arctic Ocean, to the east by Finland, the Russian Federation and Sweden, to the south by the Skagerrak (which separates it from Denmark) and to the west by the North Sea.
www.iexplore.com /dmap/Norway/Overview   (651 words)

 Sweden and Norway 1858-1905
In Norway, admirals were to use the war ensign of 1844 as rank flag (to be hoisted on different masts according to rank).
The major change in 1905 was the total removal of the union badge from those flags in which it was still retained - that is military flags and the yacht ensign.
Before 1905 the royal flag was the state flag/war ensign with the union coat of arms in the intersection of the arms of the cross.
www.crwflags.com /fotw/flags/xn-s-a04.html   (1099 words)

 WHKMLA : History of Norway, 1864-1914
Norwegian-Swedish relations worsened, when Norway's STORTING in 1874, 1879 and 1880 suggested amendments to the constitution aiming at the introduction of PARLIAMENTARISM, the constitutional principle that a government must have the support of the national assembly if it is to remain in power.
In August 1905, the Norwegians held a REFERENDUM over the issue of continuation of the union with Sweden; 368.392 voted for the dissolution of the union, 184 for upholding it.
In August/September 1905, negotiations with Sweden lead to a peaceful dissolution of the union.
www.zum.de /whkmla/region/scandinavia/nor18641914.html   (339 words)

 Norway in the Second World War
Norway was united with Denmark from the 14th century until 1814 and to Sweden from 1814 to 1905.
It is suggested that Norway, by way of protest, may cancel the valuable agreement we have made with her for chartering her tankers and other shipping.
Norway could retaliate by refusing to export to us the aluminium and other war materials which are important to the Air Ministry and the Ministry of Supply.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /2WWnorway.htm   (1823 words)

 Norway (04/07)
Norway is in the top rank of nations in the number of books printed per capita, even though Norwegian is one of the world's smallest language groups.
Norway was one of the signers of the North Atlantic Treaty in 1949 and was a founding member of the United Nations.
Norway is not a member of the EU's Economic and Monetary Union and does not have a fixed exchange rate.
www.state.gov /r/pa/ei/bgn/3421.htm   (2474 words)

 Centennial Anniversary 1905-2005 (Norway - the official site in the UK)
Activities in Norway are being coordinated by Norway 2005 Ltd., a company established under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs specifically for this purpose.
The events of 1905 were set in motion by foreign policy developments and were borne along on the wave of a developing Norwegian identity and national consciousness.
The programme abroad is designed to enhance Norway’s visibility, update Norway’s image, celebrate 100 years of close ties with key partner countries and promote Norway as a deeply committed participant in the international community, both in 2005 and in years to come.
www.norway.org.uk /1905-2005/centennial/centennial.htm   (531 words)

 1814 - 1905 (Norway - the official site in the United States)
Norway's first political party, the radical Liberal Party was established in 1884 and its political counterpart, the Conservative Party, was founded some months later.
On 11 March 1905, the government of Prime Minister Michelsen was formed to push the consulate issue through as a unilateral Norwegian action.
Sweden demanded negotiations on the conditions for a dissolution of the union as well as a plebiscite to clarify whether the nation as a whole was in agreement with this move.
www.norway.org /history/after1814/unionswe   (790 words)

 Enlightenment and Genocide
The union between Sweden and Norway was established in 1804 through military conquest in the turbulence of the Napoleonic wars.
The union between Sweden and Norway was a matter of combining union with nation, constitution and, towards the end of the 19th century, the demands for democracy.
In Norway democratic claims were embedded in a nationalistic language which described the Norwegian king as a foreign ruler.
www.iue.it /Personal/Strath/bibliography/abstracts/unionochdemokrati.htm   (691 words)

 Country Pages: Norway
Norway and Denmark subsequently formed one kingdom from 1380 until 1814 when, in the wake of the Napoleonic wars, Norway was united with Sweden, adopting a modern constitution along the way.
The U.S.- Norway Fulbright Foundation for Educational Exchange is a binational foundation with a Board of Directors composed of four American and four Norwegian members, appointed by the American Ambassador to Norway and the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs, respectively.
Norway is not as cold as I thought it was, and I don't actually mind the weather as much as I thought I would.
www.cies.org /country/norway.htm   (1251 words)

 Norway-Sweden 1905
Norway at this time had an active bourgeoisie and a labour movement that was increasing in strength.
The fact that Norway had no nobility of its own to defend its privileges was doubtless one of the reasons why democracy progressed at a faster pace there.
In both Sweden and Norway, the manifesto was printed in the newspapers of the labour movement and was also distributed in the form of 100,000 leaflets.
www.marxist.com /Europe/norway_sweden1905.htm   (4168 words)

 Centennial anniversary – new bridge between Norway and Sweden (Norway - the official site in the Syrian Arab Republic)
The opening of the bridge marked the beginning of the Swedish King and Queen’s visit to Norway on the occasion of the centennial anniversary of the peaceful dissolution of the union.
The royal couple arrived in Oslo, which was called Kristiania at the time, on 25 November 1905 with their son Olav, who would later become the father of Harald, the present king of Norway.
It is one of the main points of entry into Norway and is 704 metres long, with a 246-metre span.
www.norway.org.sy /1905-2005   (615 words)

 Norway after 1905 (Norway - the official site in the United States)
Norway was enjoying a period of economic growth when the union with Sweden was dissolved.
This was a result of the second phase of the industrial revolution, which in Norway was characterized by the exploitation of cheap hydropower and foreign capital investments.
Following the dissolution of the union, Norway had to build up a ministry of foreign affairs and a network of embassies and consulates.
www.norway.org /history/after1814/post1905/post1905.htm?wbc_purpose=Basic&WBCMODE=PresentationUnpublished   (891 words)

 1905 – A Peaceful Separation (Norway - the official site in the United States)
In 1814, Norway was forced into its union with Sweden after being taken away from Denmark in the wake of the Napoleonic Wars.
Although this gained Norway some degree of internal self-rule, the Norwegian state was nonetheless compelled to enter into a new – albeit loose – union comprising two nations under the same monarch with a common diplomatic service.
Early in 1905, it appeared that the union was heading for a break-up.
www.norway.org /1905-2005/separation   (896 words)

 Independence of Norway from Sweden in 1905 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Norway's parliament dissolved the union between Sweden and Norway on June 7, 1905.
Norway modernized the frontier forts at Kongsvinger and Fredriksten and built a series of new forts along the border.
Haakon VII was sworn in as king of Norway on November 27.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Norway_in_1905   (1716 words)

 Norway after 1905 (Norway - the official site in the United States)
On 18 November 1905 the Storting chose the Danish Prince Carl to be King of Norway.
The labour movement was initiated in Norway prior to the dissolution of the union with Sweden.
This government survived for only 19 days, after which it was felled by a non-socialist majority.
www.norway.org /history/after1814/post1905/post1905.htm   (891 words)

 boys clothing: European royalty--Norway
Norway despite its long history, is a relatively young European nations in constitutional terms and the monarchy one of the newest.
Norway has one of the most colorful histories of any European countries, full of savage Viking warriors rading Eropean tows from Scotland south to Spain and in the pricss discovering America centuries before Columbus.
King Haakon VII returned to Norway after the war on June 7, 1945 and he was greeted by a whole nation for his his role in leading the resistace to the NAZIs during the war.
histclo.com /royal/nor/royal-nor.htm   (1835 words)

 The Great Powers and the union crisis (Norway - the official site in Egypt)
In 1905, the situation in Europe was dominated by the war between Russia and Japan.
Norway set up an Information Committee in March 1905, the purpose of which was to provide information abroad about Norway’s position in international law and constitutional law.
From this angle, the pressure exerted by the Great Powers played a major role in ensuring that the negotiations were concluded and that the parties reached an agreement, and thus ultimately also to the resolution of the union conflict.
www.norway-egypt.org /1905-2005/powers   (515 words)

 Norway: History
A Swedish army obliged Norway to accept Charles XIII of Sweden, but the act of union of 1814 recognized Norway as an independent kingdom, in personal union with Sweden, with its own constitution and parliament.
Norway attempted to remain neutral in World War II, but in Apr., 1940, German troops invaded, and in a short time nearly the whole country was in German hands.
Norway and 1905: Stuart Burch considers the significance to Norway--both in terms of the past and the present--of the anniversary......
www.infoplease.com /ce6/world/A0860056.html   (1385 words)

 Norway - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Norway is a Nordic country on the western portion of the Scandinavian Peninsula, located in Europe, and bordering Sweden, Finland and Russia.
Additionally, Norway saw its land area decrease in the 17th century with the loss of the provinces Bohuslän, Jemtland, and Herjedalen to Sweden, as a result of the wars between Denmark-Norway and Sweden.
Norway's whaling today is limited to the non-endangered Minke Whale, which are killed using explosive grenade harpoons, which also accounts for more than 90% of the catch in Norwegian waters since the 1920s ([8]).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Norway   (3807 words)

 Norway Travel Guide | Norway Travel Information Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
And each of Norway's three major cities offers distinct appeal — Oslo as present-day capital, Bergen as major trading port and Trondheim as long-established centre of Christian pilgrimage.
This was officially and peacefully dissolved in 1905 following a referendum at which just 200 people — from a franchise of about 400,000 — voted in favour of retaining the union.
The Swedes accepted the decision and Norway achieved true independence in 1905.
www.worldtravelguide.net /country/208/country_guide/Europe/Norway.html   (521 words)

 Norway - Scandinavica.com
Norway is not a member of the European Union, although we are part of the European Economic Area (EEA).
- Sweden ruled over Norway from 1814 until the union between the two countries was disolved in 1905, when Norway became an independent nation.
- Norway is a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) but remains as the only country in the Scandinavian peninsula that hasn't joined the European Union.
www.scandinavica.com /norway.htm   (729 words)

 National day in Norway, not any day by the Norwegian fjords.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
After a lot of struggle Norway was finally given its full independence in 1905 through a peaceful dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden.
For sure, Norway's Centennial Anniversary 1905 - 2005 will be a major event, and rest assured that 17th of May 2005 will become an event of unknown levels of celebrations.
Map of Norway, maps of Hordaland County and it's fjords including the Hardanger fjord.
www.norwaymyway.com /feature/national_day.html   (989 words)

 Norway Europe - Pictures, Travel, Sites and Maps
Norway remained neutral in World War I and proclaimed its neutrality at the outset of World War II.
In 1397, Norway was absorbed into a union with Denmark that was to last for more than four centuries.
Norway opted to stay out of the EU during a referendum in November 1994.
norway.scandinavia-pictures.com   (3031 words)

 BreakingNews.ie: Norway celebrates 1905 arrival of first king
Norway opened celebrations today for the 100th anniversary of the arrival of its first royal couple in modern times.
In 1905, the Nordic nation broke out of a grudging 91-year union with neighbouring Sweden, and elected a Danish prince as the first king of its new constitutional monarchy.
The Danish prince was overwhelmingly elected king in a Norwegian national referendum in 1905.
www.breakingnews.ie /2005/11/25/story232078.html   (252 words)

 Norway 1905 to 2005 Centenary Events
Edinburgh heads for Oslo in the form of boys and girls Under 15 football development squads participating in the Norway Cup 2005.
The world’s largest public celebration of words and ideas is marking the centenary of Norway’s independence with a major series of events looking at the role of nations in the 21st century.
Issues explored will include national sovereignty, globalisation and regionalisation, how identity is formed by nationhood, and the changing face of nations and their behaviour in the coming century.
www.edinburgh.gov.uk /norway2005/events/events.html   (857 words)

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