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Topic: November 2001

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In the News (Wed 20 Mar 19)

  November 2001 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
November 12 - 2001 Attack on Afghanistan: Taliban forces abandon Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, ahead of advancing Afghan Northern Alliance troops (Northern Alliance fighters took Kabul on November 14).
November 13 - War on Terrorism: In the first such act since World War II, US President George W. Bush signs an executive order allowing military tribunals against any foreigners suspected of having connections to terrorist acts or planned acts on the United States.
November 16 - The first Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, is released, grossing US $975.8 million, becoming the second highest grossing film around the world of all time, behind Titanic.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/November_2001   (396 words)

 What's New - November 2001
November 23, 2001: Find a six digit number that, when multiplied by some integer between 2 and 9, produces a number that has the original digits reversed.
November 18,2001: Here's a link an Accelerated Reader Search web page that calls my first Delphi CGI program - a program that runs on the host server and is called from a web page.
November 11, 2001: Here's a 10 year old TileFit program that I resurrected the other day to help design a new computer desk for my office.
www.delphiforfun.org /whatsnew/WhatsNew_Nov2001.htm   (843 words)

 Business Cycle Dating Committee, National Bureau of Economic Research
In determining that a trough occurred in November 2001, the committee did not conclude that economic conditions since that month have been favorable or that the economy has returned to operating at normal capacity.
The committee concluded that some of the depressed level of economic activity in September 2001 was the result of the exceptional events of September 11, and thus should not be considered in identifying the trough.
The committee determined that the fourth quarter of 2001 was a quarterly trough in economic activity.
www.nber.org /cycles/july2003.html   (2077 words)

 The Business-Cycle Peak of March 2001
The determination of a peak date in March is thus a determination that the expansion that began in March 1991 ended in March 2001 and a recession began.
Prior to the arrival of the data for October 2001, the committee was not sure that the contraction met the criterion.
The committee determined that the first quarter of 2001 was a quarterly peak in economic activity.
www.nber.org /cycles/november2001   (2024 words)

 SPACE.com -- SPECIAL REPORT: 2001 Leonid Meteor Shower   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The 2001 Leonid meteor shower peaked early Sunday, Nov. 18 and was the best shooting star show in 35 years.
This Leonid fireball was caught on video by George Varros on Nov. 17, 2001, from Mount Airy, MD. The bright dot at the top is Jupiter.
This November, the wildly varying Leonids are expected to produce another storm.
www.space.com /scienceastronomy/astronomy/leonids_2001.html   (1462 words)

 Sweet November (2001): Reviews
The sweetest thing about Sweet November (a remake of the 1968 movie) is the on-screen magic between Charlize Theron and Keanu Reeves.
A contrived but entirely workable premise is given a well-tooled treatment in Sweet November, a femme-slanted doomed romance with a heavily calculated feel to it.
November is when we eat turkey, and Sweet November is pretty much a fat, juicy gobbler passed off as Valentine's Day date bait.
www.metacritic.com /film/titles/sweetnovember   (1202 words)

 International GYMNAST Magazine Online
2001 World Champion Svetlana Khorkina of Russia and Houston's Sean Townsend are among a field of Olympic and World medalists starring in Saturday's Reese's Cup in Houston, Texas.
On November 9, Zasypkina was paralyzed during a bad fall on vault at Russia's Round Lake training center.
Competition began Friday at the 2001 DTB Cup in Stuttgart, with the event qualification for men and women.
www.intlgymnast.com /news/2001/nov.html   (4113 words)

 USATODAY.com - It's official: 2001 recession only lasted eight months   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The panel said it was determining only that in November 2001, the recession — which it defines as a period of falling economic activity spread across the economy — came to an end and the economy began growing again.
After contracting the first three quarters of 2001, gross domestic product or GDP, the country's total output of goods and services, began growing again in the fourth quarter 2001 and has been rising since, although in a zig-zag pattern that has not been strong enough to keep unemployment from rising.
The NBER in its statement said that it waited to call an end to the 2001 recession because it wanted to be sure any subsequent downturn would be a separate event and not just a continuation of the 2001 slump.
www.usatoday.com /money/economy/2003-07-17-recession_x.htm   (762 words)

 Prisoner of Wonderland: November   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
We considered leaving on November sixth, but have decided that leaving on the seventh gives us extra time, in case Debbie pays us late, or something of that nature.
Melissa's schedule for November is slightly different than mine, leaving her with a lunch break seventy minutes longer than mine.
The letter absolved Stacey of any foreknowledge of our escape, as well as providing one crucial bit of evidence: Debbie would think we were already out of the country by the time she read the letter.
www.prisonerofwonderland.com /november1.html   (1820 words)

 RCA-news November 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
An NWF fellow in Vermont's Sterling College is designing an ecological building design guide for the university's new residence halls and advocating the use of environmentally preferable materials.
Meanwhile, the November 2001 issue of the Wintergreen newsletter, produced by Steven Winters and Associates, reports that an increasing number of colleges are seeking to build green.
Salvaged church furnishings are being used for religious and secular buildings, according to the Washington Post November 29, 2001 article "Divine Inspiration." Vestment cabinets, kneeling benches, and pews are among the wood artifacts that are being adapted for new uses, reducing the need for new virgin wood products.
lists.essential.org /pipermail/rca-news/20011206/000024.html   (1961 words)

 November 2001 Executions
Four killers were given a stay in November 2001.
On November 30, 1984, Tucker was convicted of third degree felony theft and was sentenced to six years incarceration.
Tucker's prison records revealed that during this term of incarceration he was found guilty of numerous disciplinary offenses, including damaging property, possession of contraband, sexual misconduct, destruction of property, possession of a weapon, refusing to obey orders, fighting without a weapon, failure to work, creating a disturbance, and stabbing an inmate.
www.prodeathpenalty.com /Pending/01/nov01.htm   (5935 words)

 November 2001 Military News
AFGHAN / ALLIANCE VOA 10 Nov. 2001-- In Afghanistan, the Northern Alliance says its forces have captured more territory from the Taleban, securing a land corridor north to Uzbekistan where U-S forces are stationed Irris Makler reports from northern Afghanistan.
TALEBAN / MAZAR VOA 10 Nov. 2001-- The Taleban confirmed Saturday that it had retreated from the strategically-important town of Mazar-e-Sharif in northern Afghanistan.
The allies of terror are equally guilty of murder and equally accountable to justice.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/library/news/2001/11/11-10_index.htm   (516 words)

 November 2001
November 12, 2001 REGULAR BOARD MEETING 7:30 p.m.
It has been set for Monday, November 26, 2001 at 7:00 p.m.
A meeting was set for Tuesday, November 20, 2001 between Gary Chart, Gary Beck and Betty Novy to establish a list of jobs or items of work, a list of subcontractors and subcontractor requirements.
townrochesterwi.us /November2001.htm   (2201 words)

 ICANN | Preliminary Report | 15 November 2001
Resolved [01.104], that Vinton Cerf is re-elected as Chairman of the Board to serve at the pleasure of the Board and in accordance with the Bylaws of the Corporation, and shall hold such office until his resignation, removal, or other disqualification from service, or until his successor shall be elected and qualified.
Whereas the At Large Study Committee was chartered in January 2001 to undertake a comprehensive study of the concept, structure, and processes relating to an ICANN At-Large membership;
Whereas in January and March 2001 the Board approved the selection of Carl Bildt as ALSC Chair, Chuck Costello and Pindar Wong as Vice Chairs, and Pierre Dandjinou, Esther Dyson, Olivier Iteanu, Ching-Yi Liu, Thomas Niles, and Oscar Robles as members, and Denise Michel as the ALSC's Executive Director;
www.icann.org /minutes/prelim-report-15nov01.htm   (1862 words)

 November 2001 Obits
She is survived by one son and daughter-in-law, Roger and Becky Kingery of Williamstown, W.Va.; one daughter and son-in-law, Connie and Claude Graves of Tulsa, Okla.; two brothers and sisters-in-law, T.A. and Irene Chapman and Junior and Vivian Chapman, all of Milton; two grandchildren, Lance Moon and Tracey Kingery; and one great-grandson, Benjamin Breshears.
Funeral services were conducted Saturday, November 24, 2001, at the Wallace Funeral Home and Chapel by Dr. Stan Maynard, pastor of The Church in the Valley, of which she was a charter member.
He was born November 14, 1918, in Cabell County, a son of the late Griffin and Gay Cyrus Lewis.
www.putnampost.com /Obitnov1.htm   (10333 words)

 Amazon.com: DVD: Sweet November (2001)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The 1968 version of Sweet November was a frothy fable that worked, for the most part, due to the charmingly offbeat chemistry of costars Sandy Dennis and Anthony Newley.
Charlize Theron brings on her charm, and Keanu Reeves turns in a surprisingly worthy performance in "Sweet November," a movie that's as light as a fall breeze.
Yes, the way in which the two develop their romance is a bit tough to swallow at first, but if you can ignore that and allow their growing relationship to touch your heart, then the movie succeeds on those terms.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00003CXV4?v=glance   (1902 words)

 ICANN | Announcement | 19 November 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
After a long governmental procurement process, on Friday, 26 October 2001, the United States Government entered an agreement with NeuStar, Inc. to provide registry services for the.us country-code top-level domain (ccTLD), replacing VeriSign, Inc. Consistent with this change in contracted operators, on Friday, 16 November 2001, the.us ccTLD was redelegated from VeriSign to NeuStar.
The United States Government informed ICANN on 16 November 2001 that, because of complexities of U.S. procurement laws, it was not able to extend the existing arrangements with VeriSign nor complete the necessary three-way set of communications among itself, ICANN, and NeuStar.
This presented a peculiar set of circumstances: ICANN was faced with the choice of (1) either authorizing a redelegation, or (2) creating a situation where the event would have occurred regardless but there would be inconsistent data in the IANA database.
www.icann.org /announcements/announcement-19nov01.htm   (268 words)

 Archive - News in Science - The Lab - Australian Broadcasting Corporation
Scramjet lifted off, but didn't fly, 1 November 2001
Young athletes at risk of sudden death, 13 November 2001
Don't rush cervical surgery: study, 23 November 2001
www.abc.net.au /science/news/ScienceNewsArchive2001_November2001.htm   (268 words)

 November 2001
AVING burst into eruption on 13 July 2001, the anniversary of the vision of hell seen by the seers of Fatima (13 July 1917), Etna became calm again after faithful Catholics had implored the divine protection by praying and organising public processions under the direction of the Sicilian clergy.
His objective is “to arrest or eliminate the terrorist leaders”.ยป (La Croix, 22 October 2001) By entering a Palestinian sector, for example, to punish the assassins of the Israeli Minister for Tourism, despite appeals for moderation from the United States and France, and despite anguished messages from the patriarchs and leaders of the Christian Churches!
In France, terrorism does not date from 11 September 2001: in the French departments of Algeria it led to sixteen thousand victims among Moslem civilians between 1954 and 1962.
www.crc-internet.org /nov1.htm   (9130 words)

 Mount St. Helens Swarm - November 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Beginning on November 3, 2001 a vigorous sequence of very small earthquakes was recorded on stations on Mount St. Helens.
Helens within the dome of hardened lava that has been extruded since the catastrophic eruption of May 18, 1980.
Station SEP is located on the dome, and is recording very tiny events (about 3,800 during the first week of November).
www.pnsn.org /WEBICORDER/HELENS/november2001.html   (320 words)

 MustangWorks.com: The Internet's Ford Mustang Power Source!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
HEBRON, IN - On November 15th, 2001 Precision Turbo and Engine enteredinto a financial agreement with Charlie and Steve Halprin to purchase the Halprin/Grebeck 2001 Mustang.
The chance to witnessthe look of pure enthusiasm in their eyes and the smile that always appears when they speak of the car that has broughtthem so much joy.
Although Texas is a large state, fortunately for me, the November Mare was within driving distance.I never hesitated when offered the chance to spend quality time with the woman I had met briefly at the final Fun FordWeekend just weeks before.
www.mustangworks.com /autonews/arc10-2001.html   (716 words)

 Peter Kaminski: November 2001 Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
An election correction, from The Economist, Nov 15th 2001: "In the issues of December 16th 2000 to November 10th 2001, we may have given the impression that George Bush had been legally and duly elected president of the United States.
Boston Globe, November 13: "College and university faculty have been the weak link in America's response to the attack," say leaders of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni in a report being issued today.
I think she's okay now, but with 20/20 hindsight, I'd recommend caution for sensitive kids between three and five; reading through a Monsters, Inc. book before seeing the movie and reinforcing that the good guys will win and the bad guys lose would be a good precaution.
peterkaminski.com /archives/2001_11.html   (2068 words)

 November 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
The minutes of the meeting of October 2, 2001 were read and after some discussion and minor corrections were approved by voice vote.
The 2001 Pine Valley Princess Joslyn Fitzgerald presented the Board with a portrait and expressed her thanks for the opportunity to represent Pine Valley as its princess, and offered to volunteer to help with the princess process in 2002.
Dall mentioned fire department monthly training to be held November 10, 2001 at 10:00 am.
www.pinevalleyutah.com /2001/nov2001.html   (1400 words)

 Linux Magazine - November 2001
Computers are powerful because they can quickly and accurately perform repetitive operations, and the loop is the shell construct that puts this power right into your hands.
Even though that reaction was limited to a very small percentage of readers, it clearly has some serious implications for the future of Linux and, to a lesser extent, the open source movement.
For reasons that I don't really understand, November seems to be disk month for me. A year ago in this column, we looked at the Linux Logical Volume Manager, which allows you to combine and subdivide sets of disks in arbitrary ways.
www.linux-mag.com /2001-11/toc.html   (656 words)

 PPI Detailed Report: Price movements November 2001.@ HighBeam Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
This decline followed a 1.6-percent drop in October and a 0.4-percent gain in September.
November prices for finished goods other than foods and energy rose 0.2 percent, after posting a 0.5-percent decrease in October.
The crude goods index advanced 7.3 percent in November, after dropping 9.1 percent a month earlier.
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?DOCID=1G1:84018120&refid=holomed_1   (173 words)

 November 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
I slightly disagree with your [Most Wanted] pick, since I have owned a 5 Series BMW Wagon and now own a 2001 Audi A6 Avant Quattro which is far superior [to] the BMW or Mercedes.
I purchased a 2001 Mazda Tribute in April of 2001.
This vehicle was involved in an accident on July 24, 2001.
www.edmunds.com /news/column/letters/48120/article.html   (5259 words)

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