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Topic: November Rain

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In the News (Wed 20 Jun 18)

  SydLexia.com - November Rain: The Greatest Music Video Ever?
It is dark and raining, but he simply doesn't have the power to move.
Despite its runtime of 9 minutes, November Rain spent 16 weeks on the U.S. Top 40 charts in 1992, peaking at #2 in the week ending on August 29.
After all, November Rain was arranged entirely by Axl himself.
www.sydlexia.com /novemberrain.htm   (1393 words)

 November Rain or Purple Rain ?
But Purple Rain is as good as November rain, it's just different, but the very end of November Rain makes me like more it than Purple Rain.
November Rain is a good song but Purple Rain is sonically better.
November Rain: cringeworthy heavy metal ballad with a video that implies that rain is deadly.
www.prince.org /msg/7/54279   (661 words)

 November Rain by Guns N' Roses Songfacts
The thing about this song that hits you is that all through it he's speaks of 'November Rain' as something very dark, something he doesn't dare face on his own and how he begs this other person to stay by his side so he wont have to face it.
november rain is awesome too but estranged is one of the greatest rock operas ever written.
November Rain is about loss, Estranged is a lament about loneliness and isolation that seems to tie into November Rain.
www.songfacts.com /detail.php?id=2904   (5173 words)

 Anime Lyrics dot Com - November Rain
Tender Rain yuuki ga sukoshi tarinai dake de omae made kizutsuketa November Rain subete arai nagase kanashimi o
Tender Rain samusa de kogoesou na ame demo kokoro yori atatakai November Rain namida kiesaru made yamanai de Rain...
November Rain, Until my tears vanish, don't stop.
www.animelyrics.com /anime/ranma/rnnvrain.htm   (302 words)

 Via Negativa » Blog Archive » November rain
Rain makes the November woods less gray: tree trunks green up as the moss swells and lichens open their pores.
It’s raining, it’s pouring, we used to chant when we were five — but nobody’s snoring here yet.
This entry was posted Thursday, November 16th, 2006 at 1:42 pm by Dave Bonta and is filed under Poems & poem-like things, Plummer's Hollow.
www.vianegativa.us /2006/11/16/november-rain   (1083 words)

 HindustanTimes.com: Specials - India In South Affrica: November rain kills Johannesburg thrills   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Incidentally, rain is forecast for Durban too, but you have got to hope.
Normally, the rain here comes in the form of a sharp thundershower that lasts half an hour or so, after which the sky clears up and allows play — shortened and probably stopped frequently, but play all the same.
And for the crowd at the Wanderers, about 25,000 screaming South African and Indian fans in equal numbers, all set for a massive, noisy bash, a number that dwindled dramatically as the evening wore on, this had to be a massive disappointment.
www.hindustantimes.com /htcricket/8145_1848388,00160140.htm   (580 words)

 November Rain - The Ultimate Guns N' Roses Tribute Band - Home
November Rain began with the thought of filling the huge vacuum that still remains years after GNR's breakup.
November Rain meticulously recreates every visual and musical nuance of the Guns N' Roses Experience.
Each and every November Rain show is a sensory overload of the music, power and energy of Guns N' Roses.
www.novemberraintribute.com   (398 words)

 November Rain · Have Laptop Will Travel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
Well November is coming to a close which means Christmas is just around the corner.
Today I was listening to the song “November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses not even thinking that it was actually raining outside at the time.
This entry was posted on Sunday, November 26th, 2006 at 5:31 pm and is filed under Picture of the Day, Movies and Videos.
www.havelaptopwilltravel.com /november-rain   (196 words)

 November Rain Piano Tab by Guns N Roses @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
November Rain Piano Tab by Guns N Roses @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
November Rain piano tabs Tabbed by Leebop - Leebop99@hotmail.com If you have any problems reading this, just email me. How to read this music: --This is similar to reading regular sheet music.
F C _______________________________________________________________________ Now the ending To November Rain The Ending of November Rain switches keys, and there are flats added.
www.ultimate-guitar.com /tabs/g/guns_n_roses/november_rain_piano_tab.htm   (1138 words)

 Amazon.com: Use Your Illusion I: Music: Guns N' Roses   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
A lot of the singles were the ballads, so someone unfamiliar with these albums might conclude that the band went soft by listening to the radio/MTV and conclude that these songs (Don't Cry, November Rain) represent the album, when in fact, they do not.
Besides Dead Horse, his only solo composition is November Rain, a song I used to idly listen to.
There's also a big, bad cover of Live and Let Die that rivals Macca's, which is saying something; November Rain is a sweeping, shimmering ballad with a kickass guitar solo in the end (Slash could play that thing!), and they actually pull off the ten-minute epic Coma.
www.amazon.com /Use-Your-Illusion-Guns-Roses/dp/B000000OSE   (2335 words)

For the solos, the chords are the same as during the previos verse section.
F# on their own E F# Don't you know you need some time...all alone And when your fears subside And shadows still remain I know that you can love me {just use the chords from When there's no one left to blame the beginning verse here So never mind the darkness also...
No big changes } We still can find a way 'Cause nothin' lasts forever Even cold November rain [I haven't had a chance to figure out anything past this, when the piano kicks in.
www.guitarboard.com /g/guns-n'-roses/november-rain-11706.php   (312 words)

 Guns N` Roses: meaning/sigificance of november rain
I've just watched november rain on tv and have decided to loosely base an essay on it.
The November Rain video clip is just one way of interpreting the song, and stresses a particular message that Axl is trying to convey through imagery.
In short - November Rain is a song about living for the moment and cherishing those who love you and those you love by being there for them.
en.allexperts.com /q/Guns-N-Roses-471/meaning-sigificance-november-rain.htm   (584 words)

 Amazon.com: November Rain: Music: Guns N' Roses   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
November Rain is quite simply the most stunning song that has ever been written.
I was lucky enough to see Axl perform this in London 11 years ago with Elton John on two back-to-back Steinways.
The video for November Rain was the first music video I saw in my entire life, and everything I have seen since it has been somewhat of a disappointment.
www.amazon.com /November-Rain-Guns-N-Roses/dp/B000005JST   (1055 words)

 YouTube - November Rain
November Rain - Guns N Roses piano cover
Guns N' Roses November rain rock in rio 2006
guns n roses - november rain legendado profaner.com
www.youtube.com /watch?v=rPYkn82nz18   (325 words)

 YouTube - Guns N' Roses - November Rain
Join YouTube for a free account, or Login if you are already a member.
Guns N' Roses Rock In Rio November Rain
Guns N' Roses - November Rain live Lisboa 2006.
www.youtube.com /watch?v=siBoLc9vxac   (176 words)

 November rain on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
November 8 2006 - rain - Saint-Louis lake
Well Ana, I guess I'm just going to have to go out and stand in the pouring Dutch/German border rain to wash away my pain!
Sign up for a free account, or sign in (if you're already a member).
www.flickr.com /photos/anab_1422/293131144   (549 words)

 November rain | FP Passport
The International Crisis Group has been issuing monthly reports tracking the escalation or dissolution of conflicts around the world for the past 40 months.
So, it's extremely sad to report that, with the month ending yesterday, November 2006 is the worst month for conflict since ICG first began issuing reports in 2002.
Iraq experienced its worst sectarian violence since the U.S. invaded in 2003.
blog.foreignpolicy.com /node/2476   (201 words)

 Air Mass » Blog Archive » A welcome November rain
I stopped by Home and Garden editor Connie Nelson’s desk Tuesday. We both had rain on the brain.
This entry was posted on Tuesday, November 28th, 2006 at 10:06 pm and is filed under Main, Airgarden.
i say any year we get through november without snow is a good year.
www.startribune.com /blogs/airmass/?p=129   (521 words)

 November Rain video code & video by Guns N' Roses | VideoCodeZone.com - your source for music video codes
November Rain video code & video by Guns N' Roses
November Rain music video code by Guns N' Roses :
Get November Rain lyrics by Guns N' Roses
www.videocodezone.com /videos/g/guns_n_roses/november_rain.html   (418 words)

 RADIO.BLOG.CLUB - November_rain
Results 1 - 34 of about 34 tracks for november rain
Guns N Roses - November Rain (Live Pittsburgh '02)
Guns n' Roses - November Rain - Gish
www.radioblogclub.com /search/0/november_rain   (88 words)

 Guns and Roses - November Rain - Free Sheet Music Riff
The intro to Guns and Roses 'November Rain' uses a downward-moving chord progression to create a sense of melancholy.
This is added to by the use of 'unstable' chords like the 2nd inversion of A minor:
Guns N' Roses: November Rain Performed by Guns N' Roses.
www.8notes.com /school/riffs/piano/guns_and_roses_november_rain.asp   (367 words)

 Metroblogging Lahore: November Rain
Chill in the air is here following November's first downpour
Posted by: A for apple at November 24, 2006 11:05 AM
Comments for this entry are no longer open.
lahore.metblogs.com /archives/2006/11/november_rain.phtml   (118 words)

 Heavy Metal: November Rain Music Video
I've been watching the film clip of November Rain and at the end it credits the short story called "Without You" by Del Jones.
I've been trying to locate the story on the internet to understand more about the film clip, and I cant find anything called "Without You".
First it is by the author Del James.second it is a short story on book not film and the title is called With Out You.
en.allexperts.com /q/Heavy-Metal-2854/November-Rain-Music-Video.htm   (320 words)

 Umar Siddiqi » November rain
The worst kind of regret is the regret of not doing something that you really wanted to do.
My phoneline has become noisy due to rain.
I don’t know how and when I will be able to post this.
umarsiddiqi.com /blog/november-rain   (498 words)

 november rain on Flickr - Photo Sharing!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-08)
I can just listen to the insistent rain outside while I look at your amazing image and pretend I'm there.
Love the girl and the umbrella and how the mountains fade into the sky.
I'm walking along with you in this cold november rain… even thought it doesn't rain here in India.
www.flickr.com /photos/phuongnguyen/289621557   (632 words)

 Karaoke - Guns N' Roses - November Rain
Karaoke - Guns N' Roses - November Rain
> G > Guns N' Roses > November Rain
Guns N Roses - November Rain (Instrumental with lead vocal).mp3
www.karaoke-version.com /en/mp3-backingtrack/guns-n-roses/november-rain.html   (250 words)

    // november rain //   
November Rain is my portfolio and at the same time, it offers free goodies for you to use.
From the portfolio you can find all the blends I've made -the good and bad ones- and you can browse those without any permission, but please, do not copy.
If you know what's the problem, please say it to me and I'll try to fix it
www.all-thats-left.net /november   (1027 words)

 November rain 's Member Profile
Sign in to view if you are connected to November rain
It's a tough job talking about oneself, you always run t...
It's a tough job talking about oneself, you always run the risk of sounding like an eccentric..but anyways here are a few things about me..I'm a die hard film buff, a bit of a hopeless romantic, and a real doctor by profession..
novemberrain.sulekha.com   (258 words)

 Guns N Roses – ( NOVEMBER RAIN TAB )
-## November Rain Guns N' Roses Note: I didn't write the chords for any of the guitar solos, just where there were lyrics.
I won't have a chance to any time soon] Herschel -- November Rain - Guns N' Roses ryanl44@aol.com (Ryan LeNoir) In order to play this song you must drop all strings a 1/2 step.
www.guitaretab.com /g/guns-n-roses/7600.htm   (248 words)

 November Rain - november rain.wmv @ ZippyVideos.com - Free Video Webhosting
November Rain - november rain.wmv @ ZippyVideos.com - Free Video Webhosting
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Title: November Rain Uploaded By: mrbump Date: December 27 2005 Description: charmed music video... (more) charmed music video  (less) Category: Music - Performances - Clips (edit category) Duration: 09:53, with sound Activity: 1856 views, 1 favorities Rating: 7/10 out of 15 votes Tags: charmed (edit tags)
www.zippyvideos.com /1575536302877066/november_rain   (96 words)

 November rain, hail - and snow - National - theage.com.au
November rain, hail - and snow - National - theage.com.au
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Google to Aaron: we can hear you :)
www.theage.com.au /articles/2006/11/14/1163266529224.html   (422 words)

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