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Topic: Nuclear fallout

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  Nuclear fallout - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fallout is the residual radiation hazard from a nuclear explosion and is named from the fact that it "falls out" of the atmosphere into which it is spread during the explosion.
Nuclear weapons are relatively inefficient in their use of fissionable material, usually only 2%-40% of the fissionable material undergoes fission and much of the uranium and plutonium is dispersed by the explosion without undergoing fission.
The radiobiological hazard of worldwide fallout is essentially a long-term one due to the potential accumulation of long-lived radioisotopes, such as strontium-90 and caesium-137, in the body as a result of ingestion of foods incorporating these radioactive materials.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Nuclear_fallout   (3147 words)

 Nuclear winter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nuclear winter is a hypothetical global climate condition that is predicted to be a possible outcome of a large-scale nuclear war.
It is thought that severely cold weather can be caused by detonating large numbers of nuclear weapons, especially over flammable targets such as cities, where large amounts of smoke and soot would be injected into the Earth's stratosphere.
The combination of darkness and killing frosts, combined with high doses of radiation from nuclear fallout, would severely damage plant life in the region.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Nuclear_winter   (866 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Fallout is radioactive dust created when a nuclear weapon explodes.
The residual radiation hazard from a nuclear explosion is in the form of radioactive fallout and neutron-induced activity.
The radiobiological hazard of worldwide fallout is essentially a long-term one due to the potential accumulation of long-lived radioisotopes, such as strontium-90 and cesium-137, in the body as a result of ingestion of foods incorporating these radioactive materials.
www.wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/n/nu/nuclear_fallout.html   (2054 words)

 WebMD - Exploring the Unthinkable: Nuclear Fallout
If a nuclear weapon were detonated there is a tell-tale flash followed by a shock wave blast; the bomb, if detonated near the ground, would cause a crater, and material and earth within the crater would be sucked up as fallout and then distributed over a wide area.
In the case of a nuclear power plant accident, there may be some debris, but I don't believe the radioactive plume would be visible downwind of the site; if the plant were on fire there would be smoke visible, once dissipated there would be no way to detect this visually.
In the case of a nuclear reactor, there are plausible ways in which a group of determined terrorists could attack a plant and cause a massive release of radiation.
www.nci.org /02NCI/01/lyman-chat.htm   (2104 words)

 11 Steps to Nuclear Fallout Survival
Nuclear explosions in the air rather than on the ground are more likely to produce a greater number of serious burns through the heat flash.
Because fallout is carried so far and covers such a large area, it could be the greatest danger to the largest number of Canadians in a nuclear war.
Fallout is a health hazard which will require countermeasures for personal and family protection including assessment of radiation and advice and instructions to those in shelter.
www.sugarmountainhome.com /homesteading/11steps.htm   (7559 words)

 In These Times * Nuclear Fallout
Iodine-131 was dropped as fallout across dairy country, where it was consumed by cows and goats and concentrated in their milk.
The body count from fallout is insidious, largely hidden in the slow but relentless accumulation of cancers, such as thyroid (2,500 deaths), leukemia (550 deaths) and radiogenic cancers from both internal and external exposure (17,050 deaths).
The fallout statistics also don’t account for the deaths and illnesses of other civilians, including uranium miners, nuclear plant workers and others who live near Hanford, Washington, and Rocky Flats, Colorado, where nuclear weapons were produced until the late ’80s.
www.inthesetimes.com /issue/26/12/news2.shtml   (793 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Nuclear fallout
BNFL, employers of 10,000, custodians of the nation's plutonium and uranium stockpiles and an ever-growing mountain of nuclear waste, is bankrupt.
In effect, all the nuclear facilities owned and operated by BNFL would be taken back into the direct public ownership of a quango.
It is BNFL rather than the privatised arm of the nuclear industry British Energy, which wants no part of it, that has been canvassing the government heavily to build at least a dozen new nuclear stations.
www.guardian.co.uk /analysis/story/0,3604,618448,00.html   (968 words)

 Nuclear Fallout
Nuclear fallout is the particles of matter in the air made radioactive from a nuclear explosion.
The rate of fallout largely depends on the altitude of the nuclear explotion and to a lesser extent the magnitude of the explotion.
It was observed that from 1963 to 1965 the annual dose of global fallout dropped 50%.
www-personal.umich.edu /~jmoilane/nuclear/Fallout.html   (695 words)

 "Nuclear fallout"
The more than 120 French nuclear tests conducted there have vaporized spheres of rock hundreds of feet across, pocking the bedrock like Swiss cheese, and filling the holes with nuclear waste.
The French, however, say that while one test is for a new (though already designed) submarine missile, the main reason they need these tests is to maintain the safety and reliability of the weapons in their stockpile.
"This would close the gap between nuclear and conventional warfare," he says, setting up the possibility of nuclear weapons being used for the first time in war since Nagasaki.
sln.fi.edu /inquirer/fallout.html   (1550 words)

 Nuclear Fallout Shelter Models   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Fallout particles emit gamma radiation in all directions, continuously, at a rate defined by the kind of radioactive elements in the fallout.
Nuclear electromagnetic pulse is an immediate effect from larger nuclear weapons which acts to destroy electronic devices at great distances with a lightning-like zap effect.
Nuclear EMP is another example of an unexpected side effect of nuclear weapons, like nuclear winter, which wasn't discovered until larger weapons and transistorized equipment were used.
medfmt.8k.com /shelter.html   (20301 words)

 Fallout Shelters & Nuclear Civil Defense FAQ
Nuclear war, accidents, terrorism and radioactive fallout are all much more survivable when you know exactly what you are up against and how to properly defend yourself and your family from its effects.
While only a few of the potential nuclear threats above would entail blast damage, all would involve possible radiation exposure and a few with actual radioactive fallout that the wind had then carried far from the original scene of the incident.
Half of all the energy released by nuclear explosions is in the form of blast and shock and about 35% is in the form of heat.
www.radshelters4u.com   (2633 words)

 effects of nuclear fallout   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The effects of wind variability on nuclear fallout integrated doses is examined using recently developed Monte Carlo algorithms to generate sample three dimensional wind fields over the continental United States.^Two scenarios are presented.
A probabilistic evaluation of fallout effects associated with nuclear air bursts A probabilistic evaluation of fallout effects associated with nuclear air bursts Robert V. Fultyn...
The major powers' proposal to resolve the Iran nuclear crisis leaves open the door to Tehran eventually resuming nuclear enrichment but this could take years to achieve, western diplomats said on Wednesday.
www.sciencewow.com /nuclear/effects-of-nuclear-fallout   (460 words)

 CNN.com - Study: 1950s nuclear fallout worse than thought - March 1, 2002
CNN's Natalie Pawelski reports on a scientific study of the toxic effects of Cold War nuclear testing, which one senator says contributed to at least 15,000 U.S. cancer deaths.
More than 2,000 nuclear tests have been conducted worldwide since the first nuclear bomb was built in the Manhattan Project in World War II, but the CDC/NCI study considered only those above-ground tests that took place between 1951 and 1962.
She noted that officials in the 1950s notified suppliers of photographic film of expected fallout patterns so they could protect their film, but did not share the information with milk producers, for example.
archives.cnn.com /2002/US/03/01/nuclear.fallout   (503 words)

 ipedia.com: Nuclear fallout Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
It may be hundreds of km long, and up to 50 km (30mi) wide from a single explosion.
The estimated activity of this quantity of fission products 1 minute after detonation is equal to that of 1.1 x 1021 Bq (30 million kg of radium) in equilibrium with its decay products.
This type of fallout is featured in the book On the Beach by British author Nevil Shute.
www.ipedia.com /nuclear_fallout.html   (2204 words)

 IEER : Fallout Fact Sheet
"Global fallout" is thus fallout from nuclear tests conducted by Britain (at Christmas Island), the Soviet Union (at Semipalatinsk and Novaya Zemlya), and the United States (at Marshall Islands and Johnston Atoll).
Fallout would also be expected in other places, for instance Canada.
Some high fallout areas, such as many of those in the West, had a relatively low population.
www.ieer.org /comments/fallout/factsht.html   (649 words)

 Potassium Iodide Anti-Radiation Pill FAQ. Iodine pills, tablets, sources.
A generation ago, as a nuclear disaster unfolded in central Pennsylvania and 140,000 people fled the area, pharmaceutical executives were rousted from bed in the middle of the night by a plea for help.
But if a nuclear disaster were to occur today, whether by terrorist strike or otherwise, the government might well be in the same position it was in1979, trying to scare up supplies of the drug on short notice.
The nuclear power industry, which stocks potassium iodide to protect workers in its plants, has long opposed a large public stockpile, carrying as it would the implication that nuclear power might be unsafe.
www.ki4u.com   (12663 words)

 Nuclear Assault, Nuclear Fallout, Nuclear Physicist, Nuclear Symbol   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
nuclear assault He was on outside closed and the ears and suddenly.
nuclear assault Where's he was the window of the weapon would last...
nuclear fallout Followed by and I sure she had screamed the nursery.
andy-5.info /ymra02/nuclear.html   (690 words)

 Nevada nuke test fallout turns up in Hertfordshire | The Register
Scientists from Rothamsted Research in Hertfordshire and the University of Southampton have identified plutonium from 1950s US nuclear tests in British soil, the BBC reports.
Now, however, the boffins have been able to pinpoint the signature fallout from various nuclear events which proves that contamination from distant bomb tests did affect northern Europe - albeit at a very low-level.
The University of Southampton used mass spectrometry to probe samples for plutonium, radium and caesium.
www.theregister.co.uk /2004/09/06/nuke_test_fallout   (253 words)

 Non-Nuclear Fallout
Not even a day had passed from the deeply unethical deal which sacrificed at least two fine nominees with long records of public service when minority leader Harry Reid followed with the set-up.
The nuclear option is gone for our lifetime.
Reid and his colleagues cannot be blamed for trying to load up the poorly drafted memorandum with their spin.
www.weeklystandard.com /Content/Public/Articles/000/000/005/655hinga.asp   (556 words)

 GOP.com | Republican National Committee :: In Case You Missed It: Nuclear Fallout
A showdown now looms after Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee used their 10-8 majority to move the nominations of Janice Rogers Brown and Priscilla Owen for federal appeals court seats to the full Senate.
Democrats threaten to filibuster these picks, Majority Leader Bill Frist threatens to employ the unfortunately named "nuclear option" restoring the quaint notion that 51 votes constitutes a majority...
Democrats are trying to portray GOP efforts to restore majority rule to the Senate as it relates to judicial nominations as an assault on the traditions of the Senate and the Constitution itself.
www.gop.com /news/read.aspx?ID=5397   (363 words)

 IROSF -- Nuclear Fallout   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
after accidental radiation exposure during a nuclear bomb test turns him, well, colossal.
The flick is unquestionably cheesy—and that line has achieved cult status among fans of B-movies thanks to the movie's skewering on
—but there's a poignancy to it, however ineffectively depicted in the actual film, that could well characterize the human reaction to the specter of nuclear holocaust that has waxed and waned during the latter half of the twentieth century, and now into the twenty-first.
irosf.com /q/zine/article/10176   (141 words)

 IEER | Official Documents   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
A Feasibility Study of the Health Consequences to the American Population From Nuclear Weapons Tests Conducted by the United States and Other Nations (Link to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site)
Progress Report to Congress: A Feasibility Study of the Health Consequences to the American Population of Nuclear Weapons Test Conducted by the United States and Other Nations
Fallout Maps (provided to IEER by CDC in February 2002):
www.ieer.org /offdocs   (233 words)

 SECTION 16: NUCLEAR FALLOUT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
AEET/AM/26, Measurements on the Environmental Radioactivity in India from Nuclear Weapon Tests.
AEET/AM/35, Deposition of Iodine-131 from the Nuclear Weapon Tests in the Pacific during 1962, S.J.S. Anand, 1963
BARC-549, Fallout Studies on the Chinese and French Nuclear Tests During 1964-69, K.G. Vohra, 1971
www.acdis.uiuc.edu:16080 /Mark'sDatabase/MarkHTML/Section16.html   (700 words)

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