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Topic: Nuclear power

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In the News (Mon 25 Mar 19)

  Nuclear power - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nuclear power is the controlled use of nuclear reactions to release energy for work including propulsion, heat, and the generation of electricity.
The use of nuclear power is controversial because of the problem of storing radioactive waste for indefinite periods, the potential for possibly severe radioactive contamination by accident or sabotage, and the possibility that its use in some countries could lead to the proliferation of nuclear weapons.
Nuclear power, coal, and wind power are currently the only realistic large scale energy sources that would be able to replace oil and natural gas after a peak in global oil and gas production has been reached (see peak oil).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Nuclear_power   (9412 words)

 Nuclear power plant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Nuclear power plants are base load stations, which work best when the power output is constant (although boiling water reactors can come down to half power at night).
In the U.S., a consortium of six major companies is planning construction of a new nuclear power plant, which would be the first since the 1970s.) [5], [6], [7] Almost all the advantages and disadvantages of commercial nuclear power are disputed in some degree by the advocates for and against nuclear power.
Disposal of spent fuel and other nuclear waste is claimed by some as an advantage of nuclear power, claiming that the waste is small in quantity compared to that generated by competing technologies, and the cost of disposal small compared to the value of the power produced.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Nuclear_power_plant   (1431 words)

 Energy Resources: Nuclear power
Nuclear power is generated using Uranium, which is a metal mined in various parts of the world.
Nuclear power produces around 11% of the world's energy needs, and produces huge amounts of energy from small amounts of fuel, without the pollution that you'd get from burning fossil fuels.
In Britain, nuclear power stations are built on the coast, and use sea water for cooling the steam ready to be pumped round again.
www.darvill.clara.net /altenerg/nuclear.htm   (1001 words)

 Nuclear Power Nears Peak | Worldwatch Institute
Nuclear power's biggest problems are economic: it is simply no longer competitive with other, newer forms of power generation.
Most nuclear power plants have been built by monopoly utilities, and the costs were passed through to consumers, regardless of how high they were.
Existing nuclear plants do displace the emission of large quantities of greenhouse gases from coal-fired plants, but few governments are seriously considering nuclear power as an alternative to fossil fuels.
www.worldwatch.org /node/1646   (1513 words)

 EIA Energy Kids Page
Nuclear energy is energy in the nucleus (core) of an atom.
Nuclear power accounts for about 20 percent of the total electricity generated in the United States, about as much as the electricity used in California,Texas and New York, the three states with the most people.
In 2003, there were 66 nuclear power plants (composed of 104 licensed nuclear reactors) throughout the United States.
www.eia.doe.gov /kids/energyfacts/sources/non-renewable/nuclear.html   (934 words)

 (S-8) Nuclear Energy
The nuclear forces apparently prefer equal numbers of each kind, and light nuclei--helium, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen--usually maintain a 50:50 ratio, although nuclear variants ("isotopes";) with small deviations from equality may exist and may be stable.
Power reactors in the US use ordinary water as a moderator, inside a "pressure vessel" made of thick steel, with rod-like fuel elements and control rods fitted through openings in its lid.
The power level surged, the reactor vessel burst, and the hot steam and graphite (as well as combustible zirconium metal used in the fuel rods) reacted with hot steam and with oxygen of the atmosphere to produce an intense fire, whose plume rose to high altitudes and spread radioactive debris over a wide area.
www.phy6.org /stargaze/Snuclear.htm   (3299 words)

 End the nuclear age | Greenpeace International
Nuclear power already delivers less energy globally than renewable energy, and the share will continue to decrease in the coming years.
Nuclear power was dealt a further blow when a UN Sustainable Development Conference refused to label nuclear a sustainable technology in April 2001.
Also nuclear programs based on reprocessing plutonium from spent fuel have dramatically increased the risk of proliferation as the creation of more plutonium, means more nuclear waste which in turn means more materials available for the creation of dirty bombs.
www.greenpeace.org /international/campaigns/nuclear   (1076 words)

 Nuclear Power News
Nuclear generated electricity presents the most practical prospect for satisfying the 50 per cent increase in world energy demand between now and 2030 predicted by the International Energy Agency.
Nuclear power is the only way to develop, with current technology, clean renewable fuel without relying on imported oil, whereby much of the oil money is siphoned off by terrorist groups.
The only other alternative to nuclear power plants that have zero pollution and no greenhouse gases is hydrogen power or windmill power, as is successfully being used in many European countries.
www.alternative-energy-news.info /nuclear-power   (3094 words)

 Nuclear Electricity ch 3
Commercial nuclear power generation involves containing and controlling the fission reactions so that the heat can be used to make steam which in turn generates electricity.
When the oldest commercial nuclear power stations in the world, Calder Hall and Chapelcross in the UK, were built in the 1950s, it was assumed that they would have a useful lifetime of 20 years.
Nuclear energy is particularly suitable for vessels which need to be at sea for long periods without refuelling, or for powerful and fast submarine propulsion.
www.uic.com.au /ne3.htm   (3986 words)

 World Nuclear Association - Energy for Sustainable Development
Today, with advanced reactors and a global system of performance review, nuclear power has achieved a superb safety record, both for plant workers and the public.
Compare it with dumping 25 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide into our air each year, and you might decide that waste is nuclear power's greatest comparative asset.
This succinct presentation of the case for nuclear energy, which has appeared in newspapers worldwide, is downloadable for printing.
www.world-nuclear.org   (464 words)

Nuclear power plants use the amazing power of the atom to generate electricity with a very low fuel cost and much less pollution than fossil fuel plants.
That is what happens in the core of a nuclear reactor, and is the start of the process of generating electricity in a nuclear power plant.
However, many nuclear power plants are now running into the problem of their water tanks getting full of the rods, and are in need of a permanent storage place.
library.thinkquest.org /2763/Electricity/Generating/Nuclear.html   (1575 words)

 AlterNet: Loving Nuclear Power
Nuclear power, with its emphasis on central power stations controlled by technologists trusted with guarding us against terrorist strikes, tragic safety accidents or other risks, is the outright antithesis of this vision of a decentralized, self-empowering and intelligent energy future.
Nuclear power plants, nuclear medicine, nuclear weapons are out there and the powers that would continue their use have no repect for any one elses opinions except perhaps that of the market.
Nuclear power plants are being built perhaps not in the us for now but that cannot stop the spread of the technology.
www.alternet.org /story/29596   (7909 words)

 Howstuffworks "How Nuclear Power Works"
In France, for instance, about 75 percent of the electricity is generated from nuclear power, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency.
Have you ever wondered how a nuclear power plant works or how safe nuclear power is? In this article, we will examine how a nuclear reactor and a power plant work.
So many, in fact, that a pound of highly enriched uranium as used to power a nuclear submarine or nuclear aircraft carrier is equal to something on the order of a million gallons of gasoline.
science.howstuffworks.com /nuclear-power.htm   (1138 words)

 Nuclear Power - [Sunday Herald]
Nuclear power could not be ruled out for the future, it said, but there was no current economic case for it.
His argument is that because nuclear power emits much less carbon dioxide – a greenhouse gas – than fossil fuels, it is the best technology available to combat the threat of climate change.
It is often forgotten that nuclear power, as a generator of electricity, can only avoid the pollution caused by burning coal, oil or gas in power stations.
www.sundayherald.com /49775   (2740 words)

 The Future of Nuclear Power
An interdisciplinary MIT faculty group decided to study the future of nuclear power because of a belief that this technology is an important option for the United States and the world to meet future energy needs without emitting carbon dioxide and other atmospheric pollutants.
But the prospects for nuclear energy as an option are limited, the report finds, by four unresolved problems: high relative costs; perceived adverse safety, environmental, and health effects; potential security risks stemming from proliferation; and unresolved challenges in long-term management of nuclear wastes.
The authors of the study emphasized that nuclear power is not the only non-carbon option and stated that they believe it should be pursued as a long term option along with other options such as the use of renewable energy sources, increased efficiency, and carbon sequestration..
web.mit.edu /nuclearpower   (862 words)

 Nuclear Energy News
HMS Astute is the first of a new generation of nuclear attack subs If British manufacturing really is dying, then the industry is making one of its last stands in Barrow.
Provided the owners of Millstone nuclear power station take steps to reduce the volume of water used to cool the reactors during the "optimal spawning season for winter flounder," the state is prepared to renew...
A Potain MD 3200 tower crane is the key lifting apparatus in use for the reinforcement of a collapsing wall at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, in the town of Pripyat, Ukraine.
www.topix.net /tech/nuclear-energy   (716 words)

 Nuclear Power How Power Plants Work
Nuclear power plants are very clean and efficient to operate.
The third concern of nuclear power is the permanent storage of spent radioactive fuel.
In nuclear power plants, control rods are used to keep the splitting regulated so it doesn't go too fast.
www.solcomhouse.com /nuclear.htm   (780 words)

 Nuclear Power Reactors   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In most electric power plants, water is heated and converted into steam, which drives a turbine-generator to produce electricity.
In a nuclear power plant, the fission of Uranium atoms in the reactor provides the heat to produce steam for generating electricity.
Heat is produced in a nuclear reactor when neutrons strike Uranium atoms causing them to fission in a continuous chain reaction.
reactor.engr.wisc.edu /power.html   (433 words)

 Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited
Nuclear Power Corporation of India Ltd. - A Public Sector Undertaking spearheading India's nuclear power programme.
Nuclear Power is environment friendly, technologically proven, economically competitive and associated with the advantage of energy security and diversity.
NPCIL re-dedicates itself to increase nuclear power generation capacity in the Country consistent with the available resources in a self reliant, safe, economical and rapid manner in keeping with the growth of energy demand in the Country.
www.npcil.nic.in   (126 words)

 frontline: nuclear reaction
Since 1978, no new nuclear power stations have been commissioned in the United States.
Americans, once enthusiastic about nuclear power, now consider it one of the most serious risks to human life and health.
But the American people's aversion to nuclear power has perplexed many nuclear scientists who believe it poses only trivial risks to the public.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/reaction   (85 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | Australia in nuclear power review
The inquiry would address whether it was "economically feasible to contemplate the establishment of nuclear power stations in this country", he said.
The move is likely to lead to considerable debate in Australia, both over environmental issues and the cost of developing a nuclear power industry.
Nonetheless, Australia faces international pressure to reduce emissions, and nuclear power could be one way to do it.
news.bbc.co.uk /go/rss/-/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/5051022.stm   (431 words)

 The Canadian Nuclear FAQ - Dr. Jeremy Whitlock
The FAQ's and their answers are compiled by the author, and do not necessarily represent the official views of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. (AECL), the Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS), nor any other component of the Canadian nuclear industry.
He is a reactor physicist at Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.'s (AECL) Chalk River Laboratories, a Past President of the Canadian Nuclear Society (CNS) and a member of the Board of Directors of both the CNS and American Nuclear Society (ANS).
Dr. Whitlock is a public speaker and author on nuclear issues (including a regular column in the Bulletin of the Canadian Nuclear Society), as well as the art of effective public communication in science and technology.
www.nuclearfaq.ca   (1147 words)

 Nuclear Information and Resource Service - NIRS
July 12, 2006: NIRS and coalition press release opposing Consumers Energy’s announced sale of the Palisades nuclear power plant to Entergy Nuclear on safety and security grounds.
Coalition briefing paper on the economic risks of nuclear power, presented to Wall Street analysts.
For years, the NRC has tried to claim that the threat of terrorism on a nuclear facility is so remote that such issues need not be considered.
www.nirs.org   (804 words)

 Wired 13.02: Nuclear Now!
On top of that, coal-burning electric power plants have fouled the air with enough heavy metals and other noxious pollutants to cause 15,000 premature deaths annually in the US alone, according to a Harvard School of Public Health study.
And nuclear is our best hope for cleanly and efficiently generating hydrogen, which would end our other ugly hydrocarbon addiction - dependence on gasoline and diesel for transport.
Some of the world's most thoughtful greens have discovered the logic of nuclear power, including Gaia theorist James Lovelock, Greenpeace cofounder Patrick Moore, and Britain's Bishop Hugh Montefiore, a longtime board member of Friends of the Earth (see "Green vs. Green," page 82).
www.wired.com /wired/archive/13.02/nuclear.html   (1093 words)

 AE4RV.com :: Nuclear Power Plant Simulator Game
Nuclear Power Plant Simulator game for your PC.
My own views on atomic energy have varied over the years, but, nuclear fission is a clean and arguably very safe source of energy.
With increasing evidence that global warming is happening now it is probably time for the world to increase it's use of alternative sources of electricity.
www.ae4rv.com /games/nuke.htm   (565 words)

 Japan's Nuclear Power Program: Power for the Future of Japan
Welcome to the "Japan Nuclear Power" website brought to you by the Washington office of the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan (FEPC).
We hope you will enjoy learning more about Japan's dynamic nuclear power activities, especially our plans to implement a "closed" nuclear fuel cycle.
Life cycle CO2 emissions for nuclear power are lower than wind or solar.
www.japannuclear.com   (167 words)

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