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Topic: Nuclear testing

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  Nuclear Issues - Nuclear Testing
While stopping short of overturning his father's moratorium on nuclear testing, U.S. President George W. Bush has catapulted the testing issue back into the political foreground with the Pentagon's new Nuclear Posture Review (NPR).
Following the NPR's release, White House spokesman Ari Fleischer was at pains to point out that Bush "has not ruled out testing in the future."
Current information from numerous print and on-line sourecs relating to nuclear testing.
www.cdi.org /issues/testing/index.cfm   (135 words)

  Shell Nuclear Waste
The nuclear materials/waste was dumped, or otherwise disposed of, in some of the most densely populated sectors of the United Kingdom.
That the nuclear materials/waste was disposed of in some of the most densely populated sectors of the United Kingdom.
To achieve this, a contractor with a history of illegal disposal of nuclear material, was specifically sought and engaged to decommission Shell's nuclear reactor/testing cell, and, dump the remainder of the nuclear materials/waste.
www.nuclearcrimes.com   (2232 words)

 Nuclear On-Site Testing Services
We have provided testing services at nuclear facilities for over twenty five years as a company.
The same testing requirements are also included in ASME Standards N509 and N510 as well as the ASME Code AG-1, Section TA.
NUCON has developed a set of field testing instruments to perform N510 and AG-1, Section TA testing that is unequaled.
www.nucon-int.com /filter   (469 words)

  BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Factfile: Underground nuclear testing
Nuclear devices are often tested underground to prevent radioactive material released in the explosion reaching the surface and contaminating the environment, and to ensure a degree of secrecy.
The release of radiation from an underground nuclear explosion - an effect known as "venting" - would give away clues to the technical composition and size of a country's device, and therefore its nuclear capability.
North Korea is believed to have conducted a test of a relatively small device at a site called P'unggye-yok in a remote area in the east of the country, near Gilju.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/asia-pacific/6033893.stm   (311 words)

  Nuclear Weapon Testing
The term “nuclear testing” encompasses all experiments in which special nuclear material (or a simulant) is placed in contact with high explosives, which are then detonated, or with a propellant, which is ignited.
Nuclear weapons effects tests are primarily carried out in horizontal mine shafts sealed to prevent the escape of debris; instrumentation cables are connected to the surface through a vertical bore hole.
In both cases, the tests are characterized by the large amount of electronic instrumentation used to study the details of the functioning of the implosion assembly and of the nuclear phases of the explosion.
www.fas.org /nuke/intro/nuke/test.htm   (6647 words)

  Nuclear testing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Additionally, nuclear testing has often been used as an indicator of scientific and military strength and many tests have been overtly political in their intention, and most nuclear weapons states publicly declared their nuclear status by means of a nuclear test.
Nuclear explosions which are close enough to the ground to draw dirt and debris into their mushroom cloud can generate large amounts of nuclear fallout due to irradiation of the debris.
Nuclear testing has since become a controversial issue in the United States, with a number of politicians saying that future testing might be necessary to maintain the aging warheads from the Cold War.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Nuclear_testing   (2535 words)

 Nuclear testing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A nuclear test explosion is an experiment involving the detonation of a nuclear weapon.
Nuclear weapons tests are generally classified as being either "atmospheric" (in or above the atmosphere), "underground," or "underwater." Of these, underground testing contained in deep shafts poses the least health risk in terms of fallout.
Planned as a method to dispel doubts about whether the USA's nuclear missiles would actually function in practice, it had less effect than was hoped, as the stockpile warhead was substantially modified prior to testing, and the missile tested was a relatively low-flying SLBM and not a high-flying ICBM.
www.bergenfield.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Nuclear_testing   (1222 words)

 Nuclear testing   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Nuclear weapons tests are generally classified as either "atmospheric" (in or above the atmosphere) " or "underwater." Of these underground testing in deep shafts poses the least health in terms of fallout.
Nuclear weapons have been tested by them from planes (an "airdrop") from the of towers hoisted from balloons on barges sea attached to the bottom of ships even shot into outer space by rockets.
The nuclear weapon ever tested was the Tsar Bomba of the Soviet Union at Novaya Zemlya with an estimated yield of around megatons.
www.freeglossary.com /Nuclear_testing   (840 words)

 Underground Nuclear Weapons Testing ? United States Nuclear Forces
Tests in vertical drill holes are of two types: smaller-yield devices in relatively shallow holes in the Yucca Flat area (Areas 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10) and higher-yield devices in deeper holes on Pahute Mesa (Areas 18, 19, and 20).
When a hole is selected as a location for a nuclear test, the area around the hole is surveyed and staked according to the criteria set forth by the sponsoring national laboratory.
The nuclear explosive and special measurement devices are moved to the hole and lowered to the detonation position; all required diagnostic materials and instrumentation cables are also lowered into the hole at this time.
www.globalsecurity.org /wmd/systems/nuke-testing.htm   (1854 words)

 Nuclear Weapons Testing
It is noteworthy that the second small test at Wazir Khan Khosa, in the Kharan Desert was at such a great distance from the first larger test at Ras Koh.
Tests to determine the feasibility of balloons as captive detonation platforms were conducted in 1955 in New Mexico.
Testing in Nevada could be accomplished more expeditiously and cheaply than possible in the Pacific, but was also useful in developing the next round of full-scale testing at the Eniwetok Proving Ground.
www.globalsecurity.org /wmd/world/dprk/nuke-test.htm   (1526 words)

 Nuclear testing
A nuclear test explosion is an experiment involving the detonation of a nuclear warhead.
Additionally, nuclear testing has often been used as an indicator of scientific and military strength and many tests have been overtly political in their intention, and most nuclear weapons states publicly declared their nuclear status by means of a nuclear test.
Nuclear weapons have been tested by dropping them from planes (an "airdrop"), from the tops of towers, hoisted from balloons, on barges at sea, attached to the bottom of ships, and even shot into outer space by rockets (high-altitude nuclear testing).
www.shundahai.org /testing.htm   (940 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A nuclear test explosion is an experiment using a nuclear weapon to observe its actual (not just theoretical) destructive power.
The Soviet Union detonated a 58 megaton yield hydrogen bomb over Novaya Zemlya on October 30, 1961 (this is still the largest nuclear device to ever be detonated).
Peter Kuran's documentary film Trinity and Beyond (1996) is perhaps the first documentary on the history of nuclear testing, and incorporates a good deal of rare footage of US, Soviet and Chinese tests as well as interviews with many key figures in the US test program.
wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/n/nu/nuclear_testing.html   (218 words)

 Nuclear Testing Treaties   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT) is the cornerstone to a multitude of international efforts to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and promote arms control and disarmament, to achieve and maintain an effective international safeguards system, and promote peaceful cooperation in nuclear energy.
The Threshold Test Ban Treaty establishes a "threshold" of 150 kilotons (equivalent to 150,000 tons of TNT) on all underground nuclear tests.
The other nuclear capable States organized under the USSR (Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine) where denuclearized between 1995 and 1997 and all their Russian nuclear warheads were returned and their associated delivery systems destroyed or dismantled via the Cooperative Threat Reduction program.
www.nawcwpns.navy.mil /~treaty/NTT.html   (996 words)

 Smaller Bangs, But Still Testing the Bomb
Then, as now, the nuclear weapons establishment insisted on a wide range of "safeguards" to assure the continued ability to develop nuclear weapons after full-scale testing was restricted, including extensive research facilities at the nuclear weapons laboratories and a continuing program of underground nuclear tests, hundreds of which were conducted in subsequent years.
The Limited Test Ban Treaty did little to restrict the ability of the United States and the U.S.S.R. to refine their nuclear arsenals, with smaller, lighter warhead designs tested underground leading to the hair-trigger arsenals of the present, replete with multiple warhead, highly accurate missiles deployed on an assortment of sophisticated delivery systems.
Although these are tests only of materials and components rather than full nuclear warheads, the Stockpile Stewardship program of which they are a part is intended to provide increasingly advanced capabilities to integrate data from a variety of testing techniques into simulations of nuclear weapons performance.
www.wslfweb.org /nukes/smaller.htm   (449 words)

 Environmental Effects of Nuclear Testing
Although the 1963 Limited Test Ban Treaty banned the testing of nuclear weapons in the atmosphere, underwater and in space, France was not a signatory to it, and the French government under President de Gaulle announced that it would continue its atmospheric nuclear tests using the Moruroa Atoll.
Although authorities at the testing center claimed that this was due to an accidental leak of exceptional character during post-test drilling for purposes of monitoring, the Cousteau Mission was not able to verify that directly.(30) In any case, even such a posttest valve decoupling accident constitutes a venting phenomenon.
Nuclear test explosions and the construction of supporting infrastructures have been linked with ciguatera outbreaks.(40) For example, the Tuamotu Archipelago was more or less free of ciguatera before the early 1960's.
canterbury.cyberplace.org.nz /peace/nukenviro.html   (4801 words)

 Poisoned Pacific: The legacy of French nuclear testing | thebulletin.org
The irony of it all is that the godfather of the French nuclear enterprise, Gen. Charles de Gaulle, became a hero to the Polynesians during World War II by promising to give all the French colonies freedom as soon as the war was over.
U.S. and British testing had long since moved out of the Pacific--the last British tests were conducted in 1958, as were the last U.S. tests on Bikini and Eniwetok.
The only portion of Moruroa available for underground testing was a 23-kilometer strip of the southern half of the reef ring, since the rest of the island was covered with laboratories, warehouses, airstrips, and living quarters.
www.thebulletin.org /article.php?art_ofn=mar90danielsson   (5424 words)

 History of Nuclear Weapons Testing
The average pace of nuclear weapons testing is remarkable: Since 16 July 1945 there have been 2,044 tests worldwide, the equivalent of one test occurring somewhere in the world every nine days for the last fifty years.
Test bombs also have been dropped by aircraft and fired by rockets up to 200 miles into the atmosphere.
Radioactivity has leaked into the environment from underground nuclear tests, large areas of land are uninhabitable as a result of atmospheric and underground nuclear testing, and indigenous people, their children and their children's children's health and livelihoods have been affected by nuclear weapons tests.
archive.greenpeace.org /comms/nukes/ctbt/read9.html   (950 words)

 Federation of American Scientists
A nuclear technology trade agreement with India is contrary to the long-term security of the world.
Nuclear weapons are surprisingly prominent in the Pentagon's new offensive Global Strike mission, according to a report published by the FAS.
This interactive tool demonstrates the profound range of fallout from a potential nuclear bomb detonation in various inhabited regions of the earth.
fas.org /main/content.jsp?...&contentTypeDesc=Nuclear+Testing   (351 words)

 Nuclear Testing
This fact suggests that Russia is considering the resumption of nuclear testing at the archipelago in line with recent US plans.
Minatom is to continue subcritical nuclear testing this autumn at Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic.
Nuclear test range in Arctic to be used intensively
www.bellona.no /en/international/russia/nuke-weapons/nuke-test   (271 words)

 Test Anxiety: Bush Flirts With Resuming Nuclear Testing
The only parts of the nuclear stockpile likely to deteriorate are the non-nuclear components, which already are regularly tested and evaluated by the weapons teams without encroaching on the terms of the treaty.
Crouch reiterated his support for nuclear testing and his opposition to the test ban treaty during his confirmation hearings before the Senate Armed Services Committee.
He said he wanted to "reinvigorate" planning for a new generation of "advanced nuclear warheads." "This is not a proposal to develop new weapons in the absence of requirements," Gordon told the committee in a gem of Pentagon doublespeak.
www.commondreams.org /views01/0825-07.htm   (2222 words)

 IEEE Spectrum: Nuclear Testing Goes Virtual   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Nuclear scientists will use the two supermachines to run three-dimensional simulations at dizzying speeds to achieve much of the nuclear weapons analysis that was formerly accomplished by underground nuclear testing, capping a long campaign to use virtual testing in place of physical weapons detonations.
The Linpack test is used to determine the performance of the world's fastest computers, which are ranked in the routinely updated Top 500 list.
It should improve the prospects of the United States' agreeing to permanently stop physical nuclear weapons testing, under the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, which was concluded in 1996.
www.spectrum.ieee.org /dec05/2336   (406 words)

 trains   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A nuclear test is the explosive test of a complete nuclear warhead.
Computer simulation and laboratory tests are used throughout the design and development stages.
Only at the end, when all the parts of a new or redesigned nuclear warhead are brought together, is an explosive test conducted.
www.cnduk.org /INFORM~1/testing.htm   (85 words)

 Adenosine Nuclear Testing
The Stress test is used to assess the presence of coronary artery disease.
This test does not involve walking on a tread mill, instead it involves a medication given through a vein in the patient's arm that will simulate exercise by causing the heart to beat stronger and faster.
Most importantly, the patient will be asked throughout the test as to how they are feeling, therefore, it is very important for the patient to report any chest discomfort or other symptoms during the test.
www.heart-care-center.com /nuclear.htm   (752 words)

 ipedia.com: Nuclear testing Article   (Site not responding. Last check: )
in 1945.]] Motivations for testing generally are broken into the categories of "weapons related", and "weapons e...
Motivations for testing generally are broken into the categories of "weapons related" (verifying that a weapon works, or examining exactly how it works), and "weapons effects" (how weapons behave under various conditions, and how structures behave when subjected to weapons).
Nuclear weapons have been tested by dropping them from planes (an "airdrop"), from the tops of towers, hoisted from balloons, on barges at sea, attached to the bottom of ships, and even shot into outer space by rockets.
www.ipedia.com /nuclear_testing.html   (440 words)

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