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 Talk:Numbers station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Also, given the relatively mysterious nature of numbers stations, such details about the amplifiers used would seem to be firmly in the realm of speculation, and hence should be denoted as such.
The author then went on to assert that a numbers station believed to be Taiwanese has 5,000 codes for spies, despite the unlikelihood that Taiwan has so many overseas spies.
For example, a number station believed to be operated by Taiwan has about 5,000 different codes for spies, despite the unlikelihood that Taiwan has so many spies. /wiki/Talk:Numbers_station   (950 words)

 Gas Turbine Schematic and Station Numbers
You can see the location of the engine stations for various engines by using the EngineSim interactive Java applet.^M If you choose "Graphs" for the output display, the station numbers will appear on the engine drawing and on the corresponding T-s or p-V diagram.
Station 7 is at the entrance to the nozzle and station 8 is at the nozzle throat.
The exit of the turbine is station 5 and the flow conditions upstream of the afterburner occur at station 6. /WWW/K-12/airplane/turbdraw.html   (468 words)

 Meteorological Station Location Information
Station numbers iii corresponding to a common block number (II) except 89 are usually distributed so that the zone covered by a block number is divided into horizontal strips; e.g.
Station index numbers for station in the Antarctic are allocated by the Secretary-General in accordance with the following scheme:
For station for which an international numbers are no longer available within the above scheme, the algorithm will be expanded by adding 20 to xx for west longitudes (range of index numbers 200-380) and 70 for east longitudes (range of index numbers 700-880) to provide new index numbers. /tg/site.shtml   (1150 words)

 [No title]
Numbers stations and the covert operations that surround them have tried to maintain their secrecy for years, yet can now be accessed from the comfort of your armchair.
As for a numbers station using one of the 10kW SW transmitters, this is unlikely or impossible when you consider that the low power SW transmitters and their not very efficient antennas would get less far than the 140kW transmitters that were used by the Stasi secret services in the GDR.
The stations are basically broadcasting a secret code and at first sound or sight they appear to be a random set of Numbers harking back to the realms of schoolboys secret agent games, days of home-made invisible ink made of lemons, and simple codes with Numbers corresponding to a letter, decipherable within minutes. /chrisbrand1977/id32.htm   (7774 words)

 Fact Sheet: A Rose by any other Number
The original numbers were assigned according to the station's relative position on the "Index of Cities and Towns" published in the 65th edition of the Rand-McNally Atlas.
This interesting, but precise, procedure allowed the subsequent assignment of new stations numbers over the past fifty years without exhausting the numbering system.
The example used was that station number 1734 was about 1734/9900 of the distance between the first and last names in the state's index. /factSheets/rose.htm   (1476 words)

 Covert Comms December 1997 article
If all numbers monitors refer to the same stations with the same designators, then there will be less confusion as to which station is being referred to.
There is also a lookup table of virtually every currently operating numbers station which also describes the transmission formats used by each station.
The long-awaited Conet Project numbers station CD's are now being shipped. /n2uhc/cc/dec97.html   (649 words)

 Numbers Stations
While numbers stations can be heard any time on any frequencies, most seem to be heard in North America during the evening and night hours on frequencies from 3 to 12 MHz.
The received numbers are added or subtracted from the numbers on the sheet of the one-time pad being used, and the results are compared to a master code key list.
The formats used by the five-digit and 3/2-digit stations follow two well known cryptological techniques. /numbers.htm   (1320 words)

 Salon People Feature Counting spies
"Numbers station enthusiasts are usually in their late 30s, because they would have had to grow up with shortwave, which most people consider a dead media these days, but also they're usually what we call Anoraks, obsessive nerd types into railway engines and things like that," he says.
A rare mainstream media article about numbers stations published in the Daily Telegraph last year quoted a spokesman for the Department of Trade and Industry, responsible for regulating the airwaves in the U.K.: "These [numbers stations] are what you suppose they are.
"Alleged" is a key word here when talking about the numbers stations' purpose, even though it seems that everyone with their ear to the airwaves is in agreement as to the stations' spy connection. /people/feature/1999/09/16/numbers/print.html   (1121 words)

In assigning station numbers, no distinction is made between partial-record stations and other stations; therefore, the station number for a partial-record station indicates downstream-order position in a list made up of all types of stations.
For water-quality stations equipped with electronic monitors and digital recorders, the record consists of a daily maximum, minimum, and mean values for each constituent measured and are based upon hourly punches beginning at 0100 hours and ending at 2400 hours for the day of record.
The complete eight-digit number for each station, such as 06642000, which appears just to the left of the station name, includes the two-digit Part number "06" plus the six-digit downstream-order number "642000." The Part number designates the major river basin; for example, Part "06" is the Missouri River basin. /projects/qw/htms/explain.htm   (6150 words)

While you acknowledge that those numbers were not locally listed, you contend that the stations' practices complied with the rule because it does not specifically require that toll-free numbers be locally listed.
You contend that the later consolidation of the stations' main studios at the Tulsa location was undertaken for economic reasons, and with the assistance of a broadcast consulting firm that failed to advise you that such relocation would first require a waiver of the Commission's rules.
Except for the name of the licensee or the station's frequency or channel number, or both, as stated on the station's license, no other insertion between the call letters and station location is permissible. /Bureaus/Mass_Media/Notices/1999/da991273.txt   (956 words)

 Covert Comms 1997 article
The most basic definition of a spy numbers station is a station broadcasting groups of numbers read by a male (OM) or female (YL) voice on the high-frequency (HF) bands.
Of course, there are also a large number of Morse code (CW) and radioteletype (RTTY) numbers stations as well.
The number groups of the message are either added to or subtracted from the current day's number, without carrying any numbers. /n2uhc/cc/jun97.html   (713 words)

 USGS Open-File Report 2005-1027, An Operational Mean High Water Datum for Determination of Shoreline Position from Topographic Lidar Data, List of Tables
Descriptions of the tide station data that were used to determine the operational MHW elevation for each zone are given in the "Notes" section, as are details on why the particular boundaries for each zone were chosen.
Stations marked with a dagger (†) are ones whose elevations for MHW and MHHW above NAVD 88 were calculated using the Mean Tide Level (MTL) Method, which assumes a constant elevation of MTL above NAVD 88 (-0.14 m) along the coasts of New England and New York.
Station names marked with an asterisk (*) are near-open coast stations: ones that are not fully located on the open coast but were needed to fill gaps where few or no open coast stations were found. /of/2005/1027/html/tables.html   (837 words)

 Secret Signals
This station had a very distinctive interval signal (musical marker) and it is difficult to describe the eerie feeling one got when hearing it.
When the station broadcasts it usually sends a numerical identifier to single out the page of the pad to be used for that particular message.
After the last message the word "ende" was sent and the station fell silent until five minutes before the next hour when the sinister-sounding electronic tones were sent again, heralding a new set of headings and messages. /page32.html   (1662 words)

 Numbers and Operations Grade 7 - Teacher notes
This station is an excellent way to test students on large numbers without taking hours of the teacher's time.
Students sometimes have difficulty with large numbers and this is a good way to let them hear and write what they hear.
Students can build numbers that are written on cards or they can take apart the tents to express numbers in expanded form. /RR/database/RR.09.97/gauthier25.html   (624 words)

 Gas Station Numbers
Due to rapidly increasing prices, a certain gas station has used all of its available digits to display the current price.
Many gas stations use plastic digits on an illuminated sign to indicate prices.
The digit ``2" looks a bit like a ``5" upside down (well, at least enough so that gas stations use it). /p/v8/845.html   (230 words)

 Internet Archive: Details: The Conet Project - Recordings of Shortwave Numbers Stations [ird059]
Numbers Stations (and by inference, spies) are as busy as ever, with many new and bizarre stations appearing since the fall of the Berlin wall.
These stations use very rigid schedules, and transmit in many different languages, employing male and female voices repeating strings of numbers or phonetic letters day and night, all year round.
The number stations are still active, but are not so easily found nowadays. /audio/audio-details-db.php?collection=irdial&collectionid=ird059&from=mostViewed   (1365 words)

 Lost and Found Sound: The Stories
The Conet Project is a four CD set of numbers station recordings from the past 30 years released in 1997 by Irdial Discs.
Starting in the mid-70's the "Numbers Stations" began to pique the curiosity of a small group of listeners.
Also available is information on how to join the "Spooks" listserv which tracks the numbers and related stations. /programs/lnfsound/stories/000526.stories.html   (454 words)

 Wired News: Dark Side of the Band
Some have speculated that the signals from these "numbers stations" are operated by drug cartels.
Number station signals are not low-powered, which would suggest in-the-field broadcasts by clandestine operatives.
As shortwave is abandoned by public broadcasters in favor of satellite and the internet, these curious stations continue to broadcast, seemingly unaffected by the end of the Cold War or the development of new technologies. /news/technology/0,1282,65698,00.html?tw=wn_tophead_2   (672 words)

 Reports and statistics: Use of station numbers in annual reports
The abbreviated station number will be placed on all Quality of Water Branch gaging-station manuscript descriptions immediately to the left of and on the line with the station name.
Although numbers will be assigned for most locations we recognize that a few samples will be obtained for special purposes and we are not justified in giving them a number.
When the sampling site is different from the gaging station, the same number as that for the gaging station should still be used if that number would be assigned were the gage moved to the sampling site. /admin/memo/QW/qw60.25.html   (439 words)

 NCDC: Locate Weather Observation Station Record
WBAN numbers were the first major attempt at a coordinated station numbering scheme among several weather reporting authorities.
WBAN station numbers were first used as identifiers for stations reporting meteorological observations on the then-standard WBAN series of forms (e.g.
The intent of depicting station types is to inform the user of the general nature of a given station. /oa/climate/stationlocator.html   (1502 words)

 News and Numbers - Station Customer Assistants
A station agent is in and around the station helping customers - whether it is with directions, a problem with MetroCard or MetroCard Vending Machine, or use of a high entrance/exit turnstile.
We began with Station Customer Assistants in 16 stations and we will add more stations each month until 158, approximately one third of the stations in the system, have a customer assistant assigned to them.
This initiative transforms the functions of the station booth agent, bringing the agent out of the booth to assist customers. /nyct/service/station_assistants.htm   (183 words)

 404 Not Found
Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. /Numbers%20station%20-%20Wikipedia,%20the%20free%20en...   (28 words)

 Types Of Spy Numbers Stations
The formats of these stations are not as well known as the YL stations, due to their limited number of transmissions.
This station is also referred to as The Counting Station due to the count heard at the beginning of the broadcast, and is believed to be operated by the CIA.
I have heard many stations which seem to be using reduced carrier sideband, with modulation on one of the sidebands, and a lower power carrier, sufficient for reception on AM receivers. /numbers/numberTypes.html   (2194 words)

 Spy Numbers Stations Shortwave Radio
Such as interesting numbers station intercepts (even if they're very old), cases where you've heard a major blunder (such as R Havana Cuba audio mixing in with the numbers), or anything else.
We have a new numbers station, even if it is a parody.
Be sure to visit our listing of books related to spy numbers stations.   (227 words)

 NRB Magazine
The latest numbers from Arbitron – radio’s equivalent of the Nielsen TV ratings – help stations to establish ad rates, to show how many people in a local market listen to a particular station and to provide demographic details of that listenership.
Most of the advertising at the stations is still sold on a station-by-station basis, but the cluster strategy is gaining momentum, fueled by the appearance in the early part of this year of the Fish station in the ratings book.
Some of the stations on which RBC aired programming didn’t appear in the Arbitron survey, failing to achieve the minimum number of responses required among the listeners participating in the survey for that period. /CC/CDA/Content_Blocks/CC_Printer_Friendly_Version_Utility/1,,PTID308776CHID630554CIID1584106,00.html   (2222 words)

 USGS Open-File Report 2005-1027, An Operational Mean High Water Datum for Determination of Shoreline Position from Topographic Lidar Data, Figures 11-14
Station numbers correspond to numbers in Table 2 (PDF Format) where detailed information for each station can be found.
The elevation of MTL was not available for the station at Dekle Beach, Florida (station #12).
Tide station locations and tidal datum elevations along the west coast of Florida. /of/2005/1027/html/imagepages/figure11_14.html   (185 words)

 Number Stations
"Secret Signals" is about the enduring mystery of the shortwave bands-namely the "Numbers Stations" These are supposedly one way transmissions to espionage agents working in foreign countries.
The Number Stations use one time pads which are unbreakable if used correctly.
There have been stations that have had genuine callsigns such as DFC37 and DFD21 and even stations that have issued QSL cards, such as Czech station OLX and semi-spy station KKN44. /page30.html   (1928 words)

 Spy Numbers Station Database
Purpose Many shortwave listeners are fascinated by the so-called Spy Numbers Stations - stations which transmit coded messages to spies and agents.
Tracking down the schedules of these stations, when such schedules even exist, can be difficult.
Now, in one location, listeners world-wide can share their loggings of these elusive stations, and see what other enthusiasts have been hearing. /numbersDB   (87 words)

 Random numbers on shortwave add up to one thing: Spies!
Indeed, Cuban numbers stations are routinely ridiculed in shortwave circles for their slipshod, Laurel-and-Hardy-like performances.
Though Smolinkski would welcome an explanation of the numbers stations from the U.S. government, he doubts that information will be forthcoming.
One of Stegman's favorite numbers stations, long since off the air, featured a Cuban man who would hit the airwaves around midnight. /irp/news/2000/07/irp-000706-rnd.htm   (624 words)

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