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Topic: Numerical digit

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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

  Calculator with single-key cursor-left-shift clear function and single-key cursor-right-shift clear function - Patent ...
A CPU clears all of input numerical digits displayed at the numerical value display portion and shifts a cursor back to an end of a mathematical expression displayed at the expression display portion when a cursor-left-shift is operated.
Deletion of input digits therefore requires that the cursor be moved to each position of the digits to be deleted using the cursor-shift key and that each time the cursor is shifted, the "DEL" key be operated for deleting the digits sequentially one by one.
When the numerical display portion 1b has some digits, the program proceeds to step S72 in which display of the digits at the numerical display portion 1b is cleared, and thereafter the program proceeds to step S73 at which the cursor at the expression display portion is shifted back to the left.
www.freepatentsonline.com /5109518.html   (2760 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: 1 (number)
A numeral is a symbol or group of symbols, or a word in a natural language that represents a number.
A numerical prefix is a prefix that denotes a number, which is usually a multiplier for the thing being prefixed.
In some sports, one is the number of a specific position: in rugby union, the number of the loosehead prop; in baseball, the number representing the pitcher's position; in football, the number of the goalkeeper.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/1-(number)   (1014 words)

 Numerical digit Information
In mathematics and computer science, a numerical digit is a symbol (a number symbol, e.g.
The name "digit" comes from the fact that the 10 digits of the hands (the fingers and thumbs) correspond to the 10 symbols of the common base 10 number system, i.e.
In the decimal system, digits in a number are given names based on their multiplier.
www.bookrags.com /Numerical_digit   (192 words)

 Numerical digit - Definition, explanation
In mathematics and computer science, a numerical digit is a symbol, e.g.
3, used in numerals (combinations of symbols), e.g.
Examples of digits include any one of the decimal characters "0" through "9", either of the binary characters "0" or "1", and the digits "0"..."9","A",...,"F" used in the hexadecimal system.
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/n/nu/numerical_digit.php   (146 words)

 Numerical digit
In mathematics and computer science, a numerical digit is a symbol, numeral, or graphic character used to represent integers or real numbers in positional numeral systems.
Examples of digits include any one of the decimal characters "0" through "9", either of the binary characters "0" or "1", and the digits "0"..."9","A",...,"F" used in the hexadecimal system.
In a given number system, if the base (radix) is an integer, the number of needed digits, including zero, is always equal to the absolute value of the base.
www.teachersparadise.com /ency/en/wikipedia/n/nu/numerical_digit.html   (151 words)

Numerical information, such as a decimal number, is registered in a main shift register for recirculation therethrough.
The existence of non-zero decimal digits in a predetermined span of fixed digit positions within the main register is detected by logic means coupling the main register to an auxiliary shift register.
This fixed pattern of information is utilized to suppress undesired "zeroes" in digit positions exceeding the most significant digit of the actual registered decimal number during visual readout of that number.
www.delphion.com /details?pn10=US03662346   (319 words)

 Educational mathematics game - Patent 4334869
Refering now to the drawing in greater detail, the reference numeral 10 represents a shuffling mathematics puzzle according to the present invention, wherein there is a gameboard 11 upon which a plurality of one hundred fifty seven playing pieces 12 are placable and slidable in order to assemble the puzzle.
The remaining blocks are placed so that a multiplication numerical sum between any number on the horizontal top row and any number on the left-most vertical row is located where a horizontal and a vertical line from the selected numbers cross each other.
Thus, for example: a numeral "4" along the top row multiplied by a "5" in the left-most row results in a sum of "20" located at a crossing of vertical and horizontal lines from these numbers.
www.freepatentsonline.com /4334869.html   (767 words)

 TENNALUM® Aluminum Alloys, Tempers and Terminology
These digits are the same as the last two digits to the right of the decimal point in the minimum aluminum percentage when it is expressed to the nearest 0.01 percent.
If the second digit is zero, it indicates unalloyed aluminum having natural impurity limits; integers 1 through 9, which are assigned consecutively as needed, indicate special control of the of more individual impurities or alloying elements.
If the second digit is zero, it indicates the original alloy; integers 1 through 9, which are assigned consecutively, indicate alloy modifications.
www.tennalum.com /AATT.htm   (968 words)

 digit - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Bit (computer), abbreviation for binary digit, the smallest unit of information in a computer.
In mathematics and computer science, a numerical digit is a symbol (a number symbol, e.g.
Digit may refer to: * A finger or a toe * Numerical digit, as used in mathematics or computer science * Digit (unit), an ancient measurement unit * Digit (magazine), an Indian information technology...
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/search.aspx?q=digit   (241 words)

Ten digits is very different from three in the type of thinking and algorithms it forces upon you.
Roughly speaking, numerical analysts like to establish correctness of a computation by a theorem, whereas practitioners like to do it by numerical tests such as varying parameters to confirm that the computed answer doesn’t change.
Much of numerical analysis has taken more or less the opposite line: singularities and asymptotics are fine in their place, but it is our business to design general tools that do not depend on special features of the problem at hand.
web.comlab.ox.ac.uk /oucl/work/nick.trefethen/ten_digit_algs.htm   (2769 words)

 Digit | English | Dictionary & Translation by Babylon
Digit may refer to:A finger or a toeNumerical digit, as used in mathematics or computer scienceDigit (unit), an ancient measurement unitDigit (magazine), an Indian information technology magazine
A symbol, numeral, or graphic character that represents an integer.
Note 1: Examples of digits include any one of the decimal characters "0" through "9" and either of the binary characters "0" or "1." (188) Note 2: In a given numeration system, the number of allowable different digits, including zero, is always equal to the base (radix).
www.babylon.com /definition/Digit   (165 words)

 CSS3 module: Color
The RGB color model is used in numerical color specifications.
The three-digit RGB notation (#rgb) is converted into six-digit form (#rrggbb) by replicating digits, not by adding zeros.
The format of an HSLA color value in the functional notation is 'hsla(' followed by the hue in degrees, saturation and lightness as a percentage, and an , followed by ')'.
www.w3.org /TR/2002/WD-css3-color-20020418   (3504 words)

Each page of such a pad is used in conjunction with a codebook containing 60 five-digit numerical groups, called the "additive key," according to the authors.
The clerk then took the first numerical group in the upper left hand corner, 26473 and wrote it down.
According to the authors, this was done to alert the receiving code clerk as to which page the enciphering clerk was using to encode his message.
www.tbrnews.org /Archives/a1076.htm   (1025 words)

 Transpanel Guide
Where the last numerical digit in the catalog number is "3", the meter is designed for up to a 7500 watt generator.
Where the last numerical digit is "5", the meter is designed for a generator up to 12,500 watts.
Where the last numerical digit of the item is "6", the panel will handle up to a 15,000 watt generator.
www.nooutage.com /transpan.htm   (1022 words)

The presentation of a series of digits orally by an examiner to an examinee is a common measurement typically referred to as Digit Span in such intelligence measures as the WISC-R and the WAIS-III.
Because auditory information must be recalled and repeated orally in the proper sequence, the digit span task is often described as a sequencing task (Sattler, 1992).
PsychExperiments Numerical Memory Experiment employs a similar format to Digit Span tasks found in such instruments as the WAIS-III, while comparing the individual’s short-term memory for digits presented in an auditory vs. visual format.
psychexps.olemiss.edu /InstrOnly_Page/numericalmem.htm   (579 words)

 NC Purchase and Contract - NIGP Commodity Codes
Many of these code numbers remained the same, but instead of using the five digit class/item code on contracts, only the three digit class code is used followed by a letter.
This listing provides the user with the 3 digit commodity class, the group each commodity is assigned to, and the description of the commodity.
With so many three and five digit numerical codes, you could continue to search for the correct commodity codes and categories for days.
www.doa.state.nc.us /PandC/nigpcode.htm   (829 words)

 Numerical Systems and Transformations - C Tutorial
Infinite number of numerical systems exist, but following are most commonly used, and their conversion from one to another, is simple.
Digits: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Digits: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
visualcplus.blogspot.com /2006/03/numerical-systems-and-transformations_08.html   (539 words)

 [No title]
The first two digits of a 4-digit heading indicate the chapter in which the heading is found (e.g., heading 2106 is in chapter 21).
The numerical codes and articles descriptions of the HTSUSA are presented in the schedule in a tabular format containing several columns.
Although only the first six digits of the tariff number are given in the index, the complete 10-digit code must be used in reporting import shipments.
www.customhouseguide.com /search/CHG/TARIFF/about.asp?nb=1   (1189 words)

 GEODE Occupational Information: Occupational Unit Group listings
This is a numerical index of occupational location, defined according to an externally documented occupational unit group scheme.
5-digit numerical index (range 1-91514, though 97000 is used for 'response unidentifiable'; 99000 for 'response outside scope', and '99999' for 'not stated').
5-digit numerical index (range 10001-47101, athough values in range 51100 to 51106 are sometimes used to classify the non-employed by educational level, whilst 3- and 4-digit versions are used to indicate subgroups).
www.geode.stir.ac.uk /ougs.html   (3790 words)

 NAICS and SIC Codes
NAICS codes are 6 digit numerical codes assigned by the U.S. government to business establishments to identify the primary business of the establishment.
The first two digits of the code identify the major industry group, the third digit identifies the industry group, and the fourth digit identifies the industry.
Note that the digit "9" is used in the third- or fourth-digit position of the classification code to designate miscellaneous industries not elsewhere classified.
www.library.ilstu.edu /page/73   (1276 words)

 Place Value
Place value is the property which assigns a value to each numerical digit according to its position in the number.
The Hindu-Arabic base-ten numeration system is based around the use of only 12 or 13 symbols (depending on the decimal point symbol, thousands marker, etc.) to show whole numbers and decimals:
For those who understand the rules of the system, numerical symbols are an excellent way to record numbers in a way that is easy to write, easy to store electronically, completely systematic, and unambiguous.
www.hi-flyer.com /NCTM/plvalue.htm   (317 words)

 Explanations of Ancillary Data for MOC Images
Mars Orbiter Camera images are identified by a 3-character mission subphase descriptor, followed by a hyphen, followed by a 5-digit numerical identification.
During the Aerobraking and Science Phasing Orbits portion of the mission in 1997 and 1998, the 5-digit numerical identifier was based upon orbit number (defined by periapsis point) and numerical sequence of image commanded for that orbit.
For example, an image identified as AB1-10905 was taken during the Aerobraking-1 Subphase on orbit 109 and it was the 5th image taken by MOC during that orbit.
www.msss.com /moc_gallery/m07_m12/explain.html   (1951 words)

 Numerical Cake Pans
It is obvious, however, that it makes no sense to compare the numerical values of the theory of...
It (64) was the numerical representation of the experiment that made...
Segregation is not an arbitrary numerical relationship of one group to...
www.angelfire.com /planet/6ga36/numerical-cake-pans.html   (618 words)

 NASM Space Artifacts: Apollo Display Keyboard (DSKY)
The interface consisted of a simple numerical keyboard, a row of status lights, and a set of lighted numerical indicators.
However the flexibility and simplicity of a general-purpose keyboard and numerical display, plus the inherent unreliability of mechanical dials and meters, led to the design that was eventually adopted.
The DSKY would display the x, y, and z components of the velocity, in feet/second, in the three, 5-digit numerical readouts.
www.nasm.si.edu /research/dsh/artifacts/GC-ApolloDSKY.htm   (641 words)

 Log Cabin Chronicles numbers.html   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
There are so many numbers to remember and buttons to push in the run of a day I'm one step away from needing a computer programmer to digitalize my head.
VVhen I pick up the telephone to make a long-distance call anywhere in Quebec or Ontario, I have to dial a special seven-digit code before dialing the long distance number in order to bypass Bell.
Outside the region, I dial a dozen digits before entering the seven-digit code.
www.tomifobia.com /numbers.html   (394 words)

 Fujitsu Develops World's First Technology That Embeds Data Invisibly in Print Images : FUJITSU
The newly developed technology is a type of technology known as steganography, consisting of an encoding technology that embeds data into color print images and a decoding technology that quickly and reliably reads embedded data in image data captured by cameras or scanners.
At the same time, even 12-digit numerical data can be embedded into images as small as 1 square centimeter.
Furthermore, data can be embedded into images shot by digital cameras, and images with embedded data can be easily printed at home on general personal-use color printers.
www.fujitsu.com /global/news/pr/archives/month/2004/20040630-01.html   (794 words)

 Enchanted Mind - Brainbender Puzzles
A number consisting of three different digits is subtracted from a number made up of the same digits in reverse order.
What nine digit numerical palindrome when multiplied by itself, produces a seventeen digit numerical palindrome?
All of the digits from 0 through 9 appear once in the multiplication problem below.
enchantedmind.com /html/puzzles/brainbenders/brainbender_puzzles.html   (290 words)

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