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Topic: OODA Loop

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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

  OODA Loop - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The OODA Loop is a concept originated by military strategist Col. John Boyd (USAF).
Boyd emphasised that "the loop" is actually a set of interacting loops that are to be kept in continuous operation during combat.
That is one meaning of the phrase "getting inside one's opponent's OODA cycle." The other meaning, the other application of the OODA cycle, derives from the military strategies first developed in Sun Tzu's Art of War.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/OODA_Loop   (960 words)

 Two Minute Offense: The Democrats' OODA loop
Boyd showed that an OODA Loop (the decision cycle of an individual or any collection of individuals) is an open, far-from-equilibrium process.
OODA loops are enormously powerful, but with that power comes real danger.
A closed OODA loop, with the attendant build up of entropy, can be also be the result of a self-inflicted wound, as was the case in the old Soviet Union.
twominuteoffense.blogspot.com /2005/03/democrats-ooda-loop.html   (603 words)

 Strategic Effects for Dummies: A novice's approach to effects based targeting   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The OODA loop was developed to describe a tactical situation and has been extrapolated to explain overarching command and control systems.
The OODA loop is also analogous to the Shewhart cycle and Ishikawa circle, which are general-purpose process improvement cycles taught as techniques in the Quality Air Force initiative [3].
The OODA loop model, represented graphically as a circular connection of the four phases of the decision cycle, is depicted in Figure 1.
www.airpower.maxwell.af.mil /airchronicles/cc/Hill.html   (10377 words)

 [No title]
OODA is an acronym for observation-orientation-decision-action, which describes the basic sequence of the command and control process.
It is worth noting that, in any organization with multiple decision makers, multiple OODA loops spin simultaneously, although not necessarily at the same speed, as commanders exercise command and control at their own level and locale.
The lesson of the OODA loop is the importance of generating tempo in command and control.
www.fas.org /irp/doddir/usmc/mcdp6/ch2.htm   (7850 words)

 The Strategy of the Fighter Pilot
That's why the OODA loop, the brainchild of "40 Second" Boyd, an unconventional fighter pilot, is one of today's most important ideas in battle or in business.
During that period, he came to his idea of the OODA loop and, beyond that, to a sort of unified theory of competitiveness.
Although the OODA loop and other Boyd concepts are written into Air Force doctrine, Boyd's name is relatively unknown in his own service.
www.fastcompany.com /online/59/pilot.html   (2826 words)

 Understanding Network Centric Warfare
The OODA loop is thus fundamental to all military operations, from strategic down to individual combat.
It loop is an inevitable part of reality and has been so since the first tribal wars of 25,000 years ago, as it is fundamental to any predator-prey interaction in the biological world.
The four components of the OODA loop can be split into three which are associated with processing information, and one which is associated with movement and application of firepower.
www.ausairpower.net /TE-NCW-JanFeb-05.html   (3935 words)

 OODA loop (John Boyd)
Boyd states that the orientation phase of the loop is the most important step, because if the enemy perceives the wrong threats, or misunderstands what is happening in the environment around him, then he will orient his thinking (and forces) in wrong directions and ultimately make incorrect decisions.
The goal should be to complete your OODA loop process at a faster tempo than the enemy's, and to take action to lengthen the enemy's loop.
One tries to conduct many more loops "inside" the enemies loop, causing the enemy to be unable to react to anything that is happening to him.
www.12manage.com /methods_boyd_ooda_loop.html   (486 words)

 AF2025 v3c2-2 | Information Operations: A New War-Fighting Capability | (Ch 2)
John Boyd asserts that one can paralyze an enemy by operating inside his OODA Loop, meaning that the individual is operating a faster cycle speed than the enemy's.
Increasingly, the OODA cycle time is affected by a growing deluge of information, with much of it insignificant or not applicable to the task at hand.
Further, as increased volumes of information are input into the OODA Loop or as the rate of input increases, natural defense mechanisms tend to try to protect people.
www.iwar.org.uk /iwar/resources/io-2025/v3c2-2.htm   (1019 words)

 Weapons Shop (www.combatsim.com)
The OODA Loop is a four part decision making process: Observe, Orient, Decide, Act.
The significance of the OODA Loop is that the pilot that completes the process quicker than his opponent is the pilot that will usually win the engagement.
Answer: The OODA Loop concept requires a viewing system that provides you with the best "big picture" of the BFM situation.
www.combatsim.com /archive/htm/htm_arc5/wepshop1.htm   (869 words)

 5 insights for improving product development cycle success   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Note that OODA Loop theory can be applied to any decision point, and can be very helpful in gaining advantage over someone else whose loop is intersecting yours.
In OODA Loop terms, the worst-case scenario is when any step, particularly the early steps, in the product development cycle degenerate into a war of attrition, in which time, money and patience are exhausted in an endless loop of iteration and indecision.
Drawing from OODA Loop theory, when someone else has the upper hand, yet is favorably inclined toward you, you win them over through education and coaching; i.e., making it easy for them to provide a favorable decision.
www.cooper.com /newsletters/2002_04/five_insights.htm   (2571 words)

 The Man to Thank: John Boyd and the OODA Loop in Iraq   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Boyd's OODA Loop is the product of a singular, half-century-long autodidactic journey through the realms of science, history, and moral philosophy.
Boyd's biographer, Robert Coram, says, "Simply rendered, the OODA loop is a blueprint for the manoeuvre tactics that allow one to attack the mind of an opponent, to unravel its commander even before a battle begins." (Robert Coram, Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War, Little Brown and Company: 2002.
John Boyd asserts that one can paralyze an enemy by operating inside the opponent's OODA loop, meaning that the individual is operating a faster cycle speed than the enemy's.
www.lexnotes.com /misc/johnboyd.htm   (2525 words)

 STSC CrossTalk - Measure Like a Fighter Pilot - Sep 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The utility of the OODA Loop is best illustrated by an example from Boyd’s combat experience in the Korean War – a dogfight between a U.S. F-86E Sabre Jet and a Russian MiG-15.
The OODA Loop is used in measurement and analysis as a framework for action.
Illustrated in Figure 5, the OODA Loop cycle includes the measurement and analysis functions in the observe phase with the remainder of the loop’s actions (Orient, Decide, and Act) primarily in the target process.
www.stsc.hill.af.mil /Crosstalk/2005/09/0509Lindley.html   (3116 words)

 OODA loop - John Boyd
He initially used it to explain victory in air-to-air combat, but in the last years of his career he expanded his OODA loop theory into a grand strategy that would defeat an enemy strategically by “psychological” paralysis.
One tries to conduct many more loops “inside” the enemies OODA loop, causing the enemy to be unable to react to anything that is happening to him.
Colonel Boyd stated that the the enemy’s OODA loop can be lengthened through a variety of means.
www.valuebasedmanagement.net /methods_boyd_ooda_loop.html   (476 words)

 [No title]
The pilot who executes this sequence faster is "inside the OODA Loop" of the other.
Using the OODA Loop as a framework, it is clear that some of the Chicago Boyz' icons have ideas that support each and reinforce each other.
It is with respect to this that practically every individual has some advantage over all others because he possesses unique information of which beneficial use might be made, but of which use can be made only if the decisions depending on it are left to him or are made with his active co-operation...
www.chicagoboyz.net /archives/003197.html   (2728 words)

 Innovate, one step at a time
Boyd's articulation through the OODA Loop model of how decisions are influenced and made—and of how to disrupt an opponent's loop—is considered by many to be the most important military breakthrough of the twentieth century.
For example, if Opponent A enters Opponent B's OODA Loop and disrupts his ability to make sense of his situation, then Opponent B will become trapped in the first stage of the process—observation—and will be unable to formulate options and make decisions.
Specifically, resources need to be heavily allocated to the first three stages of the OODA Loop during difficult times, since achieving clarity and forming and evaluating viable options are the key to breaking through the paralysis so typical of times like the present.
www.cooper.com /newsletters/2002_02/innovate_one_step_at_a_time.htm   (1659 words)

Conceived by John Boyd, the Boyd Cycle (sometimes called the OODA Loop) is a description of decision making cycles.
An example of an action made at this phase would be something like adding a new filter rule (for subsequent observations) or adding an alert to the shoki alerts table.
The OODA loop is repeated continuously, with each iteration potentially providing additional information to be used as input to subsequent iterations.
shoki.sourceforge.net /man/ooda.7.html   (629 words)

 A different battlefield, the same strategy
Because the OODA Loop is a basic strategy used by many combatants, the edge goes to the rival who consistently completes the cycle faster.
The side with the slowest OODA was defeated, and often at relatively little cost to the winner.
Careful, intelligent execution of the OODA Loop is important to business success, and volumes of material on how to do this exist.
www.thefabricator.com /Articles/Printer_Friendly_Article.cfm?ID=540   (1059 words)

 Reality Preparedness Information Board - OODA LOOP   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
For crisis decision making, one of the most useful descriptions of the decision making cycle is called the "OODA Loop" or "Boyd's Cycle".
The Boyd Cycle or OODA Loop is the repetitive cycle of observation, orientation, decision, and action that an organization goes through to react to change.
If someone is attacking you it is very possible the mind will not cycle or loop.
www.americancombat.com /cgi-bin/ikonboard/topic.cgi?forum=10&topic=2   (805 words)

 Marines Magazine: MRE soup   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
B. Observation Orientation Decision Action Loop; Applying the OODA Loop enables leaders to create unit cohesiveness and develop subordinates with the ability to act independently.
C. Oblique Observation Deliver Assurance Loop; Military postal system is testing a new mail delivery system known as the OODA Loop.
D. Ocular Object Disbursement (Advanced) Loop; The second generation of the OOD Loop has been renamed the OODA Loop to reflect the more advanced technology used in the redesign.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0KWG/is_1_33/ai_n6132693   (296 words)

 Personal Development
When Colonel John Boyd first introduced the OODA (Observe-Orient-Decide-Act) loop concept during the Korean War, he was referring to the ability possessed by fighter pilots that allowed them to succeed in combat.
If individuals have OODA loops, it stands to reason that teams (or groups of individuals) have them as well.
Team effectiveness would in turn somewhat be a function of the collective OODA loop speed of the group.
www.greatsystems.com /ooda.htm   (1028 words)

 AF2025 v3c2-1 | Information Operations: A New War-Fighting Capability | (Ch 1)
The optimum solution must integrate the functions within the OODA Loop and allow the commander to control the momentum of the cycle.
The optimum solution should integrate the functions within the OODA Loop and allow the commander to control the momentum of the cycle.
Further, the solution should enable commanders and decision makers to have in-time access to the battlespace, characterize the nature of the engagement, determine the calculated probabilities of success from the various lethal or nonlethal options authorized, decide what to do, employ the weapons chosen, and receive in-time feedback on the result of the engagement.
www.fas.org /spp/military/docops/usaf/2025/v3c2/v3c2-1.htm   (2159 words)

 An Organisational Intelligence Framework for the Agile Corporation
What the OODA Loop means in a business context is that if you can perform this sequence faster than your competitor in making yourself more attractive to your customer, you will achieve a competitive advantage.
The OODA Loop is the way a business can achieve organisational intelligence with agility, where agility is defined as the ability to thrive in an environment of continuous change.
To make the OODA Loop work for you, you need to be lightening fast in the way you proceed through the Observe — Orient — Decide — Act cycle.
www.worksys.com /agile.htm   (3373 words)

 OODA Loops for Software Development
To the contrary, the real key to understanding the loop is that quicker iterations come primarily by combining an initially accurate orientation, which allows you to favor implicit guidance and control (the thick green arrows in the diagram above) over explicit decision-making, with the flexibility to accommodate changes in your orientation based on observation.
In OODA loop terms, you've made the creation of unit tests part of your Orientation ("requirements") phase.
You gain the ability to tighten your coding loop which, in turn, leads to an overall decrease in the amount of time it takes to deliver the right code.
Another way to look at this diagram is to use it to model the architecture of a distributed application.
pluralsight.com /blogs/johncj/category/74.aspx/rss   (1542 words)

 Col John Boyd, USAF (Ret), coined the term and developed the concept of the "OODA Loop" (Observation, ...
Col John Boyd, USAF (Ret), coined the term and developed the concept of the "OODA Loop" (Observation, Orientation, Decision, A
Col John Boyd, USAF (Ret), coined the term and developed the concept of the OODA Loop:
In OODA Loop fashion, one must continually observe, orient, decide and act in order to achieve and maintain freedom of action and maximize the chances for survival and prosperity.
www.analects-ink.com /mission/OODA.htm   (276 words)

 OODA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Perhaps most importantly, Boyd was instrumental in explaining and disseminating the concept of "cycle time" and "getting inside the adversary’s decision cycle." Boyd gave his two most famous briefings, "Patterns of Conflict" and "A Discourse on Winning and Losing" over 1,500 times.
The OODA Loop is now used as a standard description of decision making cycles.
Also note how the entire "loop" (not just orientation) is an ongoing, many-sided implicit cross-referencing process of projection, empathy, correlation, and rejection.
www.mindsim.com /MindSim/Corporate/OODA.html   (455 words)

 A Theory of Power, Jeff Vail's Critique of Hierarchy & Empire
An organization’s information processing capabilities are committed to observing a situation, orienting themselves and their goals to the observed situation, making a decision on how to act in order to best realize their goals given the situation, and then taking that action.
Every step in the OODA loop is dependent on the information processing capability of an organization, and involving secrecy in the process slows the realization of action based on a given observation.
The time that information remains in the loop before it is acted upon is critical: action is never based upon a current observation of a situation, but rather is based upon an observation of how a situation was at the time that the observation was made and the OODA loop process was initiated.
www.jeffvail.net /2004/12/open-source-warfare-vs-arcane-use-for.html   (1375 words)

 AHI: United States: Doing the government OODA loop   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
While three physical dimensions of movement and high speeds, pilots in combat play their game in what famous Air Force combat pilot Colonel John Boyd called the OODA loop.
In recent years, rapid innovation in computers, the Internet, and even financial markets has broadened Boyd's OODA thinking so that he has become the Sun Tzu of the dot-com generation.
A host of management-consulting articles hype OODA innovation in such areas as Wal-Mart's supply-chain management system and Dell's product-rollout approach.
affordablehousinginstitute.org /blogs/us/2005/10/doing_the_gover_1.html   (569 words)

 Patrol And Beyond - The Hottest Police Web Site on the Net !!!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The OODA Loop, often called Boyd’s Cycle, is a creation of Col. John Boyd, USAF (Ret.).
In order to consistently and effectively defeat opponents, you must sequentially move through the OODA cycle whether you are aware of it or not.
Since all participants in the engagement must move through the OODA cycle to achieve consistent and repeatable results, you must strive to disorient your opponent.
www.patrolandbeyond.com /tactical_notes/ooda_cycle.htm   (4643 words)

 Design Resources for Nonprofits - The OODA Loop
An OODA Loop is the process through which air force dogfight pilots determine their split second moves.
OODA stands for Observe, Orient, Decide and Act: pilots always follow that order and never miss a step.
If you want to work with the best designers, you should first present yourself as being a good client.
www.dkholland.com /pages/des_prep.html   (1284 words)

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