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Topic: OPML

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  OPML 1.0 Specification
Examples of OPML documents: play list, specification, presentation.
is an XML element, with a single required attribute, version; a element and a element, both of which are required.
OPML is a file format, not a protocol.
www.opml.org /spec   (0 words)

  OPML - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) is an XML format for outlines.
OPML, by contrast, treats textual content as an XML attribute, which limits its extensibility and precludes the possibility of nested XML elements within textual content, but makes OPML somewhat simpler to code by hand in a text editor.
OPML Editor is a simple editor for both Mac OS X and Windows.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/OPML   (591 words)

 Don Park's Daily Habit - OPML Revisited
OPML is a kind of Emergent Markup Language in that common properties are expected to emerge through industry practices rather than standardization through committees.
OPML needs a wiki for OPML developers to interact with each other and to document how each of them are using OPML so that standard or type-specific properties may emerge.
OPML seems to me to be a perfect example of the simple thing XML does fine, which is delimiting fields/values and grouping fields/values into sets.
www.docuverse.com /blog/donpark/EntryViewPage.aspx?guid=5187e68c-99c5-434a-bcee-480266f5af9b   (1042 words)

 [No title]
We now know how OPML is being used, and where the problems are, and I think are ready to produce a frozen and extensible format and spec.
OPML 2.0 adds some important features, notably the include type, ownerId, support for namespaces, several common nodetypes are documented, and a host of niceties, and it finally has a unified spec.
OPML should continue to be grounded by practicality and pragmatism.
www.opml.org   (0 words)

 Guide to OPML <outline> attributes - The RSS Blog
The OPML spec isn't entirely clear as to what attributes of the element are available and what they mean.
A very common mistake in OPML is to use the title attribute instead of text attribute when giving the outline a title.
The OPML editor uses the created attribute in an RFC 822 date format to indicate when the node was created (I guess that was obvious).
www.kbcafe.com /rss/?guid=20051003145153   (652 words)

 d2r: on OPML
As such, that is, as a format for local storage of outlines, the OPML spec might have done a good thing by keeping things very open.
Given that OPML was not originally designed as an interoperable way to store feed subscription lists, the current situation is logical, almost predictable.
Hence, OPML applied to the domain of feed subscription lists in particular is a good solution, simple and to the point.
www.dynamicobjects.com /d2r/archives/002520.html   (599 words)

 Info and facts on 'OPML'   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) is an XML (additional info and facts about XML) format for outlines.
Originally developed by Radio UserLand (additional info and facts about Radio UserLand) as a native file format for an outliner (additional info and facts about outliner) application it has since been adopted for other uses, the most common being to exchange list of RSS (additional info and facts about RSS) feeds between RSS aggregators.
The OPML specification defines an outline as a hierarchical, ordered list of arbritrary elements.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/o/op/opml3.htm   (352 words)

 Cover Pages: Outline Processor Markup Language (OPML)
OPML is "an XML-based format that allows exchange of outline-structured information between applications running on different operating systems and environments."
The OPML design goal is to have a transparently simple, self-documenting, extensible and human readable format that's capable of representing a wide variety of data that's easily browsed and edited.
OPML 1.0 is the native file format of Radio UserLand, a product in development at UserLand.
xml.coverpages.org /opml.html   (503 words)

 Elliott Back » Technorati Top 100 OPML Feed
the opml is free for all to use.
OPML is one of the popular ways to syndicate a blogroll in case a weblog...
The problem of even loading static OPML files is the same, a feed may...
elliottback.com /wp/archives/2005/08/03/technorati-top-100-opml-feed   (823 words)

 Elliott Back » The OPML Embroglio: What is OPML?
My point here is that OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) takes a very, very simply nested list definition and then adds random hacks that Dave Winer wanted to use in his applications without thinking of a generic way to define them so that other developers can do something with the format.
This entry was posted on Saturday, October 1st, 2005 at 3:42 am and is tagged with pixel location, robert scoble, dave winer, email, ebnf, opml, outline format, left edge, bottom edge, xml format, line numbers, comma separated, and recursive definition.
According to the OPML 1.0 specification, this is the EBNF recursive...
elliottback.com /wp/archives/2005/10/01/the-opml-embroglio-what-is-opml   (727 words)

 GEEKS.OPML.ORG :   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
It runs from a folder structure of OPML files that live in your www folder, and are uploaded as you modify them.
Of course since all the data is stored in folders and OPML files, this is "small pieces, loosely joined" -- client side tools and server side environments can replace my parts, with only one or two XML-RPC calls to exchange preferences data that are too small to fit in an outline.
Choose the Open blogroll command in the Your OPML Weblog sub-menu of the Community menu.
geeks.opml.org /2005/06/23   (719 words)

OPML is "Outline Processor Markup Language" and is a very simple XML format for storing information in outline format.
For information stored in hierarchies, such as web browser bookmarks, web directories, collaborative outlines, song playlists, and even web-site content, OPML is a great balance between the wide open freedom of raw XML and the feeling of security of a formal vocabulary.
Since OPML is designed to represent information that real people usually want to look at, and since web browsers are accustomed to dealing with hierarchical data, OPML is an ideal fit.
www.netcrucible.com /xslt/opml.htm   (0 words)

 Understanding OPML
OPML has been adopted for many uses, the most common being to exchange lists of RSS feeds between aggregators like the Active Web Reader.
It is important to note that OPML is a file format, not a protocol.
OPML is widely used to exchange subscription lists between programs that read RSS files, such as feed readers and aggregators.
www.deskshare.com /Resources/articles/awr_UnderstandingOPML.aspx   (490 words)

 RasterWeb! » OPML r001z!
I know, you’ve been hearing all this stuff about how OPML is good, or OPML is bad, or OPML is a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, inside an enigma.
OPML seems to be “sort of” “kind of” there, but not quite.
Clean up everything, look at RSS, Atom, OML and any other XML formats you can think of, figure out what OPML might be lacking, add it in there, provide a good, easy-to-use and easy-to-find validator, and we can all stop stepping on puppies when we use OPML.
rasterweb.net /raster/2005/10/04/opml-r001z   (310 words)

 XML::OPML - creates and updates OPML files
OPML files are most commonly used for the sharing of blogrolls or subscriptions - an outlined list of what other blogs an Internet blogger reads.
RSS Feed Readers such as AmphetaDesk (http://www.disobey.com/amphetadesk) use *.opml files to store your subscription information for easy access.
Uses XML::Parser and XML::SimpleObject to parse the value of the string or file that is passed to it.
cpan.uwinnipeg.ca /htdocs/XML-OPML/XML/OPML.html   (726 words)

 drx: OPML [Computers: Internet: On the Web: Weblogs: Technology] - loadaverageZero
The Outline Processor Markup Language (OPML) is a simple XML application language for describing arbitrary lists.
An overview of OPML with numerous references: The OPML design goal is to have a transparently simple, self-documenting, extensible and human readable format that's capable of representing a wide variety of data that's easily browsed and edited" [1118]
OPML is a file format that can be used to exchange subscription lists between programs that read RSS files, such as feed readers and aggregators.
loadaveragezero.com /app/drx/Data_Formats/Markup_Languages/XML/OPML   (551 words)

 Workbench: OPML
Now Dave's embracing OPML in the OPML Editor, and some dilettantes who aren't using it want to tell those of us who are why it isn't useful.
OPML's an odd bird, but I've implemented a Java application that uses it as an import format and may eventually release a Java library that reads and writes OPML data.
OPML Link Publisher uses XOM, an XML processing library for Java that requires well-formed XML.
www.cadenhead.org /workbench/category/OPML   (1434 words)

 The Fishbowl: What's Wrong with OPML
OPML is the Outline Processor Markup Language - an XML dialect invented by Dave Winer as a serialization format for outlines created in Userland applications such as Frontier.
The supposed value of OPML — that it defines an outline — is an illusion.
When talking of OPML's usage for blogroll, I always thought that two more elements "Author" and "Date of addition to the list" would have been valuable, but then OPML were never made for blogroll, were they?.
fishbowl.pastiche.org /2005/10/02/whats_wrong_with_opml   (1272 words)

 OPML Icon Project
During our quest for an icon during an OPML related project, TagJag.com, we realized we needed to develop our own.
To link from HTML to an OPML version of the data behind the page, I generally use the white on orange XML icon, as I have for years, and I'm not going to change that.
The original files for the OPML icons are derivatives of the Illustrator source files by Matt Brett.
www.opmlicons.com   (275 words)

 Library clips :: RSS for your OPML? :: June :: 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
You can track when ever you add something new to your OPML via Superfan, but his is not what I’m looking for.
Feedster OPML search doesn’t allow blank searches, this would be good as you could see the latest entry in an OPML.
We are planning on adding an OPML syncing feature that will allow you to maintain a single remote OPML file that dictates the group members.
libraryclips.blogsome.com /2005/06/22/rss-for-your-opml   (373 words)

 OPML Editor support:
To update the root, there's a new command in the OPML Editor Tools menu which will update any root.
For people who are familiar with the OPML Editor's scripting environment, you can add as many rivers as you like, by adding pages to the static website that is rebuilt after every scan.
Later today I'm going to upgrade the hardware that the OPML community server is running on, basically splitting it into two machine, one for the blog hosting and directory hosting, and another for everything else.
support.opml.org   (0 words)

Robert has taken to chiding people for moaning about the quality of the OPML spec, rather than building an app that works with someone else's implementation of OPML.
In fact go read the spec, and tell me as a developer whether it is clear enough for you to write software that uses it and not cause problems for users further down the line.
OPML is both an application and a format.
channel9.msdn.com /ShowPost.aspx?PostID=122295   (2425 words)

 w4   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
There's also an opml file of the current list of blogs being aggregated so you can import all the subscriptions if your aggregator supports this.
He also demonstrated the Share Your OPML services he has created, including find that feed, and pointed to Syndic8 as a place to track down even more feeds.
It is the same reason why network operation centers, emergency response teams, and command and control centers all what a single interface for their operators and staff: it keeps people focused.
w4.evectors.it /itEntDirectory/topic?topic=opml   (5284 words)

 » Winer's OPML Roadshow rolls into Berkeley | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com
The fourth stop of his OPML Roadshow was in Berkeley, CA last night, and a crowd of about 50 people listened as Dave demonstrated his OPML Editor.
OPML outlines have also been used to allow many people to collaborate on lightweight, distributed directories, such as the iPodder.org directory of podcasts.
Dave said his first attempt to evangelize the outliner technology was during his time at the Harvard (and at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society), but the college professors weren't too interested in hearing about how they could make their work accessible on the Internet with a powerful, open source outline editor.
blogs.zdnet.com /BTL?p=1753&part=rss&tag=feed&subj=zdblog   (608 words)

 My OPML file is one of my greatest assets at DLTQ.org
By then, my OPML file will include my list of subscribed rss feeds, it will include links to the blog/videoblog entries I have made myself - or just the ones that I like the most myself, and it might also include information from my vault at root.net.
Hopefully, I could then ‘link’ to specific sub-nodes in the huge opml file, like my file of ‘videobloggers to watch’, which would be a Part of my “master opml file”, but would also easily be extracted into its own file that you could use in for instance bloglines.
As I build on my different OPML files and ultimately make one master OPML file, I will have gathered my own portable lense that can be of massive use for marketers, contacts, and ultimately myself.
www.dltq.org /?p=747   (1279 words)

 TechCrunch » My Thoughts on Reading Lists   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
OPML is a really useful file structure that just about everyone who uses a feed aggregator, like bloglines, is already using without necessarily knowing it.
If you export your OPML feed you get a XML file of your feeds, which other feed readers understand.
The problem with opml files from readers is that they are static, meaning I can give you my OPML file but you will never know if I add or delete feeds unless I tell you and give you the new file.
www.techcrunch.com /2005/10/16/my-thoughts-on-reading-lists   (1643 words)

 XML Reference Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
In fact, this is a specific XML vocabulary called Outline Processor Markup Language, or OPML, which is designed to work with outliners.
There was a time when outliners came as separate products, such as MORE and ThinkTank, but now they're built into many products and systems, and with their place as the backbone of applications such as the popular Radio Userland they're gaining popularity in the blogging world.
The Frontier server automatically detects whether a browser is better off receiving OPML directly or a version transformed into HTML, and returns the appropriate version.
www.informit.com /guides/content.asp?g=xml&seqNum=210   (694 words)

 Nick Bradbury: OPML Validator Beta
Although FeedDemon's OPML can be imported by every aggregator I've tested with, it still contained a few problems (all of which will be corrected in the next build).
Dave has updated his OPML Validator Beta in response to comments; among the changes are ones that clarify the difference between error and warning conditions as I discussed here and in the comments to the announcement and to the update.
I haven't seen any OPML documents which use 'title' for something other than the title of the feed, so I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) that it was safe to use the same content for 'title' as 'text'.
nick.typepad.com /blog/2005/10/opml_validator_.html   (1455 words)

 Stephen's Web ~ OPML Generator ~ by Stephen Downes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
An OPML file is a way for you to list the blogs or websites that you read regularly.
You will want to go back there after you have created your OPML file in order to register it and let people know what sites you read.
Note that, while I will not be collecting any information you submit, you will be creating a file containing this information on my website and you may be sharing the contents of this file with the world.
www.downes.ca /cgi-bin/xml/make_opml.cgi   (186 words)

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