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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  The EU & the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) - Overview
The OSCE Charter on Preventing and Combatting Terrorism, was agreed at the 2002 Ministerial Council in December 2002 in Porto, Portugal.
OSCE Economic Forum, held in Prague in Spring, and for the various preparatory seminars held during the year.
Thirteenth Meeting of the OSCE Economic Forum was held in Prague from 23-27 May 2005, with the overall theme of "Demographic Trends, Migration and Integrating Persons belonging to National Minorities: Ensuring Security and Sustainable Development in the OSCE area".
ec.europa.eu /comm/external_relations/osce/index.htm   (1732 words)

 The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe
The OSCE is the world's largest regional security organization whose 56 participating States span the geographical area from Vancouver to Vladivostok.
With assistance from the OSCE Presence in Albania, senior police officials from Tirana, Podgorica and the region are working together to boost security on the border between the two countries.
To protect vulnerable children from being exploited in the travel and tourism industry, the OSCE Mission to Montenegro has been promoting the acceptance and implementation of an international code of conduct.
www.osce.org   (244 words)

 OSCE Bibliography
Acimovic, L. "The lifting of the suspension of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from the OSCE : desiderable and possible?".
Cotti, F. "The role of the OSCE and the plans of the Chairmanship in 1996".
Höynck, W. "The OSCE and its contributions to new stability".
www.ici.rm.cnr.it /osce/osce_ing.htm   (2651 words)

 The United States and the OSCE: A Partnership for Advancing Freedom
The OSCE also performs important work in the security and economic spheres; it is a key instrument in helping solve regional conflicts, in countering terrorism, and combating trafficking in persons.
The significant role the OSCE in promoting democracy and freedom was well illustrated during the last year in the impartial election observation missions it conducted, most notably in Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan.
The OSCE is continuing to work with the governments and civil society in Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and other countries to help them create and maintain democratic and open societies based on the rule of law, which will make them stable and secure neighbors.
www.state.gov /p/eur/rls/rm/55693.htm   (6636 words)

 Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights, is the oldest OSCE institution, established in 1990.
The office of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, established in December 1997, acts as a watchdog to provide early warning on violations of freedom of expression in OSCE member states.
With the changes capped by the re-naming of the CSCE to the OSCE on January 1, 1995, accordingly to the results of the conference held in Budapest, in 1994.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/OSCE   (1146 words)

 OSCE Mission in Kosovo - Homepage
The OSCE Mission in Kosovo, the largest OSCE field operation, forms a distinct component of the United Nations Interim Administration.
OSCE Mission presents booklet on state of corruption in Kosovo
PRISTINA, 17 October 2006 - The OSCE Mission presented today a booklet with expert findings on the state of corruption in Kosovo at a second workshop on this issue organized by the OSCE Mission and the Office of the Prime Minister...
www.osce.org /kosovo   (291 words)

 Federal Foreign OfficeOrganization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)
The creation of the position of an OSCE Representative on the Freedom of the Media dates back to a German initiative and is based on the recognition of the special importance of OSCE commitments with regard to freedom of expression and the role of free and pluralistic media.
The decision to establish this new institution was taken at the Lisbon OSCE Summit in 1996 and its mandate adopted by the OSCE Ministerial Council in Copenhagen in December 1997 which also appointed Freimut Duve, a former Member of the German Bundestag, the first OSCE Representative on the Freedom of the Media.
The OSCE is a regional arrangement in the sense of Chapter VIII of the Charter of the United Nations.
www.auswaertiges-amt.de /diplo/en/Aussenpolitik/FriedenSicherheit/Abruestung/InternatOrgane/OSZE.html   (1599 words)

 Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights - Homepage
It is active throughout the OSCE area in the fields of election observation, democratic development, human rights, tolerance and non-discrimination, and rule of law.
A recently launched programme by the OSCE's Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights is encouraging states to integrate respect for the human rights of soldiers into the way their military institutions operate.
The OSCE's Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights is working with local Roma partners to help Roma claim their social rights and become more engaged in the political process.
www.osce.org /odihr   (377 words)

 CNN.com - International team to monitor presidential election - Aug 8, 2004
OSCE, the world's largest regional security organization, will send a preliminary mission to Washington in September to assess the size, scope, logistics and cost of the mission, Gunnarsdottir said.
OSCE, based in Vienna, Austria, has sent more than 10,000 personnel to monitor more than 150 elections and referenda in more than 30 countries during the past decade, Gunnarsdottir said.
In November 2002, OSCE sent 10 observers on a weeklong mission to monitor the U.S. midterm elections.
www.cnn.com /2004/ALLPOLITICS/08/08/international.observers/index.html   (705 words)

 Parliamentary Assembly
The Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE is the parliamentary dimension of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, whose 56 participating States span the geographical area from Vancouver to Vladivostok.
The primary task of the 320 member Assembly is to facilitate inter-parliamentary dialogue, an important aspect of the overall effort to meet the challenges of democracy throughout the OSCE area.
In February 2003, Anna Politkovskaya was given the OSCE Prize for Journalism and Democracy by the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.
www.oscepa.org   (573 words)

 NATO Handbook: The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)
The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), formerly known as the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE), was initially a political consultative process involving participating states from Europe, Central Asia and North America.
Yugoslavia was suspended from the OSCE on 8 July 1992 because of the nature of its involvement in the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Following the election of Vojislav Kostunica as President in September 2000, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was admitted to the OSCE on 10 November 2000, as the 55th member state.
www.nato.int /docu/handbook/2001/hb1502.htm   (208 words)

 Situation Reports: Caucasus (Armenia; Azerbaijan; Georgia), OSCE Mission to Georgia: Overview of the activities of the ...
OSCE Mission to Georgia: Overview of the activities of the Human Dimension Office of 2001
The overall mandate of the OSCE Mission to Georgia was endorsed in early 1993.
The OSCE Human Rights Field Office in Tskhinvali received individual cases on complaints of various substance and character, ranging from drug trafficking and counterfeiting to allegations of multiple murders.
www.reliefweb.int /w/rwb.nsf/0/e70a22e0ee5f7dcfc1256aca00405d05?OpenDocument   (3116 words)

 Letter to the Foreign Ministers of the OSCE Participating States (Human Rights Watch Press release, )
The OSCE is unique among regional institutions for its mandate giving equal importance to the security and human dimensions in international affairs, recognizing their fundamental link.
Moreover, while OSCE participating states that are allies in the war against terrorism have recognized and embraced the importance of promoting human rights in fighting terror, the past year has seen the anti-terror effort accompanied by an erosion of rights.
The OSCE can play an important role in stemming these abuses by ensuring that the mandate of the OSCE Assistance Group to Chechnya is renewed and that the mission is given essential support to perform to its fullest potential.
hrw.org /press/2002/12/osce1205ltr.htm   (1004 words)

For me, as Chairperson-in-Office of the OSCE, it is a matter of particular concern that we should focus on the goal of a common and comprehensive security area!".
The OSCE could look back on successes, but there had also been, alas, some setbacks: the wars in the former Yugoslavia, for example, and the bloody conflicts in the Northern Caucasus, all of which could serve as a warning and as a demonstration of the importance of a culture of prevention.
The Chairperson-in-Office of the OSCE urged that the new transfrontier risks and challenges to security and stability, such as trafficking in human beings, terrorism and trafficking in weapons and drugs, should be tackled in a flexible way.
www.osze.at /od/rolle_osze_en.html   (498 words)

 Legislationline - free online legislation database
Legislationline is an internet-based free-of-charge legislative database published and maintained by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights.
Its purpose is to assist lawmakers in OSCE participating States by providing them with sample domestic legislation and international standards on selected human dimension issues.
Through the country and thematic scroll-down menus, they can access examples from other countries' legislation that can help them make their own choices, when faced with the task of drafting legislation in their domestic context.
www.legislationline.org   (863 words)

 NATO/SFOR Informer: osce
All OSCE participating states have equal status, and decisions are based on consensus.
The OSCE is playing a major role in the creation of a stable, peaceful, and democratic Bosnia and Hercegovina (BiH).
The mandate of the OSCE mission to BiH, which was established Dec. 18, 1995, includes promoting democratic values, monitoring, furthering the development of human rights, organising and supervising elections, as well as implementing arms control and security-building measures.
www.nato.int /sfor/indexinf/83/osce/t000317a.htm   (620 words)

 BBC NEWS | In Depth | Vote USA 2004 | US vote 'mostly free and fair'
The OSCE sent 92 observers to monitor the electoral process across the United States.
An OSCE spokeswoman said the role of the election monitors was "to observe, not interfere".
It was the first time that OSCE had sent a full delegation to monitor US elections in light of the controversy over the 2000 US election.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/in_depth/americas/2004/vote_usa_2004/3987655.stm   (666 words)

 Centre for OSCE Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
In the section on the economic dimension of the OSCE, the transition problems of former socialist states are dealt with, as well as, for example, the security aspects of economic co-operation or new risks and challenges in the OSCE area.
Every volume is supplemented with an extensive annex including OSCE documents from the reported period, with the most significant data and facts on the Organization and its 55 participating States, a chronology as well as a comprehensive selected bibliography on the OSCE.
The OSCE Yearbook is designed to make the work of the OSCE transparent for the general public as well as serve to anchor and strengthen the OSCE in the minds of the highest number of readers possible.
www.core-hamburg.de /english/publications/yearbook   (753 words)

 RIA Novosti - Opinion & analysis - The OSCE's unhappy anniversary
Moscow is especially disappointed by the thematic distortion of the OSCE's activities: out of its three core fields, the OSCE focuses only on humanitarian issues, while the economic sphere and military-technical cooperation, including the fight against terrorism, are left to stagnate.
In fact, the current OSCE has degraded to a taskmaster monitoring the political situation in some countries that are not members of the EU or NATO.
Despite numerous Russian efforts to draw attention to this deplorable situation, the OSCE keeps silent, and this silence is seen as consent with the flagrant violations of common European standards in Riga and Tallinn.
en.rian.ru /analysis/20050803/41084009.html   (701 words)

 The EU and the OSCE in the War on Terrorism
The OSCE Secretariat has since gained a Counter-Terrorism Unit, designed to focus on day-to-day implementation of the Programme of Action, and Russia and the United States have proposed a database where states or OSCE agencies can request funding for particular anti-terrorism activities.
In Lisbon, as earlier in Bucharest and Bishkek, the role of the OSCE was limited to constructing a political framework for action, encouraging cooperation and coordination between actors, and urging states to adopt national legislation in support of OSCE goals.
To some extent, the full potential of the OSCE and the EU in the war on terrorism will be subject to the degree of American commitment to both organisations and the predominantly non-military solutions that they champion.
www.basicint.org /pubs/Notes/2002EU-OSCE.htm   (2689 words)

 Internally Displaced Persons' Voting Rights in the OSCE Region
Written by Erin Mooney and Balkees Jarrah, the report will be presented at the OSCE Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting on Internally Displaced Persons in Vienna on 4-5 November 2004 so as to assist the OSCE, its participating states and civil society partners to devote greater attention to the voting rights of the internally displaced.
Second, OSCE election monitors must be sensitized to the particular challenges IDPs often face in exercising their voting rights and should report on as well as work to address any such difficulties.
Third, participating states of the OSCE should ensure that national electoral legislation is in line with international human rights standards and enables IDPs to fully and freely exercise their right to vote.
www.brookings.edu /fp/projects/idp/20041105_osce.htm   (751 words)

 OSCE Summer School
The purpose of the “Summer Academy on OSCE” is to expand and deepen knowledge about the OSCE and to contribute to its various activities.
OSCE participation will include providing guest speakers, participating in workshops and simulations as well as seconding the participants with an interest in working with the OSCE.
Students will be instructed by leading scholars in OSCE studies, senior diplomats with experience in OSCE activities and OSCE inter-state diplomacy, international NGO trainers with long-term experience in the field, and international lawyers active in promoting OSCE-NGO co-operation, particularly in the areas of human rights and democratisation.
www.aspr.ac.at /osce_sak.htm   (1498 words)

 OSCE in BiH > Mission general
The OSCE democratization department is implementing a number of projects that foster a culture of democracy and civil society in BiH.
The OSCE assists with the implementation of the military aspects of the Dayton Peace Agreement.
The OSCE is also facilitating the work of three main working groups (based in Mostar, Siroki Brijeg and Trebinje) established to ensure the smoother implementation of the new Criminal Procedure Code.
www.oscebih.org /overview/mostar.asp   (1341 words)

 ISN Security Watch - OSCE criticizes Kyrgyz elections
The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) says Kyrgyzstan’s 27 February parliamentary elections fell short of international standards in several important areas, but overall, the process was positive.
Kimmo Kiljunen, the head of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly delegation, was critical of the elections and pointed out various shortcomings.
Ambassador Lubomir Kopaj, who heads the OSCE's long-term mission, urged Kyrgyz authorities to rectify some of the shortcomings in time for the second round of the elections.
www.isn.ethz.ch /news/sw/details.cfm?ID=10855   (901 words)

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