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Topic: Osmosis

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  Osmosis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Osmosis is the diffusion of a liquid (most often assumed to be water, but it can be any liquid solvent) through a semipermeable membrane from a region of low solvent potential to a region of high solvent potential.
Osmosis is an important topic in biology because it provides the primary means by which water is transported into and out of cells.
The osmosis process can be driven in reverse with solvent moving from a region of high solute concentration to a region of low solute concentration by applying a pressure in excess of the osmotic pressure.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Osmosis   (1128 words)

 Osmosis Jones - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Osmosis Jones (2001) is a part animated, part live action film whose title character is Osmosis Jones, an anthropomorphic white blood cell.
Eventually, Osmosis and Drix confront Thrax in one of Frank's zits.
Osmosis' prediction rings true as Thrax was able to survive the explosion and decides to launch a one-man assault on Frank's brain (there were two other germs with him but he murdered them as soon as they suggested going into hiding).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Osmosis_Jones   (1177 words)

 Diffusion and Osmosis
Osmosis is a selective diffusion process driven by the internal energy of the solvent molecules.
Nevertheless, the dialog continues on this issue since the discussion of osmosis is most relevant to the biological and life sciences and perhaps the logic stated above should yield to the conventions of the field in which the phenomena are most relevant.
One approach to the measurement of osmotic pressure is to measure the amount of hydrostatic pressure necessary to prevent fluid transfer by osmosis.
hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu /hbase/kinetic/diffus.html   (771 words)

 Howstuffworks "How does reverse osmosis work?"
According to Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, osmosis is the "movement of a solvent through a semipermeable membrane (as of a living cell) into a solution of higher solute concentration that tends to equalize the concentrations of solute on the two sides of the membrane." That's a mouthful.
The water pressure rises as the height of the column of salty water rises, until it is equal to the osmotic pressure.
In reverse osmosis, the idea is to use the membrane to act like an extremely fine filter to create drinkable water from salty (or otherwise contaminated) water.
www.howstuffworks.com /question29.htm   (516 words)

 HydroMax - "Specializing in Pure Water Solutions"
Reverse osmosis is a mechanical method of reversing the natural process of osmosis in order to remove dissolved minerals, salts, organic molecules and other contaminants from water.
In the osmosis process, if a dilute water solution is separated from a more concentrated solution (one containing a higher salt concentration) by a semi-permeable membrane, pure water will tend to flow through the membrane and dilute the more concentrated solution.
Industrial reverse osmosis systems solve this problem by continuously allowing a small, controlled stream of concentrated water to be drained from the membrane system to maintain the concentrated salt in a solution state.
www.hydromax.net /rev2.htm   (719 words)

 About Osmosis
Osmosis will be closed for Fall Refresh from Monday, September 11 through Friday, September 15 and will open again on Saturday, September 16.
Osmosis is the only day spa in the U.S. that offers the Cedar Enzyme Bath, a rejuvenating heat treatment from Japan.
Close to Northern California's breathtaking Sonoma Coast, wine country and redwoods, Osmosis is situated in a great destination spot with superb lodging nearby and many events and activities to choose from.
www.osmosis.com /about.cfm   (217 words)

 Osmosis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Osmosis is the passive movement of water across a membrane
Osmosis is a spontaneous process, so it must be the result of a downhill energy system.
For osmosis, solute decreasing the water potential tends to cause water to enter the area of high solute concentration.
koning.ecsu.ctstateu.edu /plant_physiology/osmosis.html   (1248 words)

 Osmosis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
To understand the role of osmosis in the movement of molecules.
The molecules continue to move until equilibrium is reached (that is, equal concentrations of water molecules and of solute molecules on either side of the membrane).
Experiment Two: Due to the process of osmosis - the dry lima beans are soaking up the water from the sand causing the beans to expand and break the jar.
www.iit.edu /~smile/ch9616.html   (463 words)

 Osmosis Reverse Osmosis and Osmotic Pressure what they are
Osmosis is a fundamental effect in all biological systems.
When water flows through the membrane the pressure on the moving free surface of the solution is pushing it upward, and thus it is responsible to water pumping from the water arm to the solution arm.
Osmosis is a reversible process, while sugar diffusion in water is not.
members.tripod.com /~urila/index.htm   (879 words)

Osmosis is the passage of water from a region of high water concentration through a semi-permeable membrane to a region of low water concentration.
Some teachers use the definition which starts "Osmosis is the passage of water from a dilute solution to a......" this means exactly the same as the definition I have given.
When yachtsmen and yachtswomen talk about "osmosis" they mean that the the hull of their little boatie is being damaged by water but this is nothing to do with osmosis as we biologists use the term.
www.purchon.com /biology/osmosis.htm   (1046 words)

 Paul Lewis Laboratory: Home Page
This is a demonstration of the principle of osmosis (diffusion through a semipermeable membrane).
Normally osmosis is used to describe the diffusion of water across a biological membrane, which allows water molecules to easily pass but which blocks by default most charged molecules (e.g.
Osmosis is also responsible for the fact that celery (for example) becomes more crisp and rigid when placed in fresh water.
hydrodictyon.eeb.uconn.edu /people/plewis/applets/Osmosis/osmosis.html   (390 words)

 FDA itg Page 1
Reverse osmosis (RO) has been known for more than a century, but it did not become a commercial process until the early sixties when a special membrane was developed (1,2,3,4).
Reverse osmosis is a process which uses a membrane under pressure to separate relatively pure water (or other solvent) from a less pure solution.
The amount of dissolved solids in water produced by reverse osmosis is approximately a constant percentage of those in the feed water.
www.fda.gov /ora/inspect_ref/itg/itg36.html   (1407 words)

A phenomenon that is related somewhat to the change in freezing point, the change in boiling point, and the change in vapor pressure of solutions when compared to pure solvents, is the process of osmosis.
So, the water passes through the membrane in both directions, but it passes through at a higher rate from the pure solvent into the solution, than it passes from the solution into the pure solvent.
It is not necessary for one of the liquids to be pure water in order for osmosis to occur.
dl.clackamas.cc.or.us /ch105-03/osmosis.htm   (748 words)

 WKU Bio 121 Osmosis Prelab
The principle mechanism driving osmosis and passive transport is diffusion.
Diffusion can be defined as the net movement of molecules from a region in which they are highly concentrated to a region in which they are less concentrated.
Osmosis is a fundamental concept found in all biological systems.
bioweb.wku.edu /courses/Biol121/Osmosis/Osmosis.asp   (503 words)

 Osmosis -- jazz fusion group -- Kent, Ohio
Osmosis -- jazz fusion group -- Kent, Ohio
Osmosis is a jazz fusion group from Kent, Ohio.
The band performs throughout Northeast Ohio and has opened for Spyro Gyra, Chuck Mangione, and Marion Meadows.
www.geocities.com /osmosismusic   (54 words)

Osmosis is the net movement of water across a selectively permeable membrane driven by a difference in solute concentrations on the two sides of the membrane.
Equilibrium is reached once sufficient water has moved to equalize the solute concentration on both sides of the membrane, and at that point, net flow of water ceases.
The classic demonstration of osmosis and osmotic pressure is to immerse red blood cells in solutions of varying osmolarity and watch what happens.
arbl.cvmbs.colostate.edu /hbooks/cmb/cells/pmemb/osmosis.html   (847 words)

 Reverse Osmosis
In order to describe Reverse Osmosis, it is first necessary to explain the phenomenon of osmosis.
Osmosis may be described as the physical movement of a solvent through a semi-permeable membrane based on a difference in chemical potential between two solutions separated by that semi-permeable membrane.
Using reverse osmosis we are able to concentrate various solutes, either dissolved or dispersed, in a solution.
www.geafiltration.com /html/technology/freverseosmosis.html   (362 words)

 Exploratory Activity: Osmosis
Osmosis is a special case of diffusion in which water passes through a membrane, but other larger molecules do not.
To assemble the osmosis apparatus, first soak a piece of dialysis tubing (a semipermeable membrane) in a small amount of distilled water.
Use a grease pencil to mark the initial levels of the starch solution and the iodine solution in their respective tubes.
biology.arizona.edu /sciconn/lessons/mccandless/osmosis.html   (660 words)

It is believed that most osmosis stems from these voids, where microscopic quantities of water start to hydrolise (react with water) any stray chemicals that often remain in the laminate, particularly residues of catalyst.
The most severe effect of limited osmosis, which is what I expect the majority of vessels will be prone to at some time or another, is not structural failure but loss of value.
Not all blisters are caused by osmosis, some will be found to be dry blisters, these may often appear in the gel coat and usually caused by aeration when the original batch of gel coat was mixed.
www.turbolink.co.uk /jlasurveys/osmosis.html   (1583 words)

 Treatment Systems for Household Water Supplies - Reverse Osmosis
The principal uses of reverse osmosis in Minnesota and the Dakotas are for the reduction of high levels of nitrate, sulfate, sodium and total dissolved solids.
Reverse osmosis is sometimes referred to as ultrafiltration because it involves the movement of water through a membrane as shown in Figure 1.
Reverse osmosis is a proven technology that has been used successfully on a commercial basis.
www.ext.nodak.edu /extpubs/h2oqual/watsys/ae1047w.htm   (1932 words)

 Scientific Method   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Osmosis - the diffusion of water (across a membrane)
This is also why "salting fields" was a common tactic during war, it would kill the crops in the field, thus causing food shortages.
Diffusion and Osmosis are both types of PASSIVE TRANSPORT - that is, no energy is required for the molecules to move into or out of the cell.
www.biologycorner.com /bio1/diffusion.html   (460 words)

 Osmosis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Osmosis is a Matter of Life and Death
Because water is such an important molecule in living things (making of about 70% of the human body), changes in the amount of water in our tissues can have a severe impact on all aspects of physiology.
Osmosis can be harmful to humans as well; excessive salt in the diet is thought to be one factor promoting high blood pressure, because the salt goes into the fluids surrounding your cells and draws water out by osmosis.
www.colorado.edu /eeb/web_resources/cartoons/slugs.html   (393 words)

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