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Topic: Oasis (band)

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In the News (Tue 20 Aug 19)

  Oasis (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Oasis are a rock band originally formed in the Burnage area of Manchester, England.
Oasis were invited to play a gig at King Tut's Wah Wah Hut club in Glasgow, Scotland, by a band, called Sister Lovers, who shared their rehearsal rooms.
Oasis popularity was increasing with every week that passed and they soon had their first UK #1 in April 1995 with "Some Might Say", the first single from their second album.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Oasis_(band)   (5709 words)

 Oasis, Oasis Band, Oasis Music
Oasis' first few U.K. singles, released in spring/summer 1994, were increasingly successful; by the time the group's debut album, Definitely Maybe, came out in the fall of 1994, it debuted at No. 1 in Britain, selling millions of copies.
Though Oasis was instantly popular after only one album, tensions within the band threatened to prematurely end its career -- the Gallagher brothers fought openly, the group launched press attacks against fellow Britpop stars Blur, and drummer Tony McCaroll suddenly quit Oasis in early 1995 after getting into a bar brawl with Liam Gallagher.
When Oasis performed at Knebworth in the summer of 1996, it was reportedly the biggest outdoor event ever held in Britain.
www.themusichype.com /bands/indie/oasis_6   (325 words)

 Rock On The Net: Oasis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The band were said to swear at the staff and passengers, threw various objects, and smoked during the 7+ hour flight.
Oasis were back to a 5some with the addition of guitarist Andy Bell to the group (another guitarist, Gem, was added a few weeks ago).
Oasis cancelled their performance at Denmark's Roskilde Festival out of respect for the 9 who died earlier in the festival.
www.rockonthenet.com /artists-o/oasis_main.htm   (1959 words)

 The Ultimate Oasis (band) Dog Breeds Information Guide and Reference   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Oasis established themselves as one of the most successful and critically acclaimed bands of the 1990's, not only with their music, but also by the band's infamous behavior on and off the stage including heavy drinking, drug abuse, confrontations with the media and fighting, particularly brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher.
While Oasis were recording their fourth album in 1999, guitarist "Bonehead" left the band after a series of violations of Noel's 'no drink or drugs' policy for the album resulted in a confrontation between the two.
Despite the band's efforts to abstain from the drug and alcohol abuse, in December 2002 Liam Gallagher, Whitey, and three members of the band's entourage were arrested in Munich after being involved in a drunken fight at a local club.
www.dogluvers.com /dog_breeds/Oasis_(band)   (3270 words)

 CNN.com - Oasis' Liam back home for surgery - Dec. 4, 2002
The Oasis singer flew back to Britain from Germany after the band cancelled the remaining dates of its German tour due to Gallagher's need to have surgery in the UK after he was reported to have lost his two front teeth.
The band had already postponed two shows, in Munich and Hamburg, but has now also pulled out of two further shows they were due to play in the next few days in Dusseldorf and Bremen.
Oasis started the European leg of their world tour in November and are due to play in the United Kingdom in December.
edition.cnn.com /2002/SHOWBIZ/Music/12/04/oasis.legal.uk   (679 words)

A band which has progressed from being merely a local band to performing for major political figures as well as opening concert events for many famous stars in the entertainment field.
Oasis has performed in Dallas, Texas in 1996 and in 1997 for the "Crystal Ball Charity Organization." Such performances were at the Dallas Country Club and also the Dallas Theatre for the Performing Arts.
The Oasis band has had enormous success in the past and will always strive in performing to the satisfaction of its fans and friends in the years to come.
www.oasisnj.com /about.html   (306 words)

 | Oasis News - We get the news first!!
Oasis are set to release a single this year ahead of their forthcoming best of 'Stop The Clocks'.
The band are currently appealing to fans via their website Oasisinet.com to appear in a new video which will be shot on September 12 "at a famous London concert venue".
Oasis did not sing on the chorus of their classic track 'Live Forever', according to the man who produced the song.
www.oasis-news.com   (1280 words)

 Oasis - About the Band
A former New York actor, a participant in a road band for five years, and now with Oasis, this musician speculates that his band is well received "because of the professional skills of each band member as well as the mature and mutual respect between us.
With Oasis, Frank Gary is a master on the sax -- soprano, tenor and also.
Further, he pinpoints another reason for his band's ability to reach all listeners regardless of age, race, social status, or profession: "Music is our work," he says.
www.oasisband-slo.com /about.htm   (513 words)

OASIS may have grabbed the top spot for the world's greatest song under false pretences - because the chorus had to be sung by the producer when the GALLAGHER brothers failed to be up to the job.
The band are set to begin mixing what they've so far recorded, though it is not yet known how close the album is to completion.
Oasis pulled off a double feat by taking second place with their song "Wonderwall" in the top 100 compiled by Q magazine from tens of thousands of votes, although the Fab Four landed the most number of entries with six.
www.live4ever.us /newsroom.html   (2021 words)

Oasis have been at the helm of the worlds music scene for over ten years and, on November 20th 2006 the first ever Oasis retrospective will draw together the years of multi platinum albums, Number One singles and, unique to Oasis, instantly familiar B sides into one 18 track double album entitled Stop the Clocks.
Oasis are widely regarded as the defining rock n roll band of the last decade, bestriding the music world since the release of debut single, Supersonic in 1994 to the current day whilst claiming a host of records for their own.
oasis is my biggest influence in songwriting, can't wait for the new songs on the greatest hits album- i'll definitely be picking that up as soon as it comes out.
www.myspace.com /oasis   (1186 words)

 Urban Dictionary: Oasis
The greatest ever band,they are british and started the indie revelotion,they are absolutly nothing to do with beatles,nor are they a tribute to them they write theyre own music which is unforgetable every time although they do look like shit their music is outstanding.i recomend you download some of there songs,theyre nice blokes as well.
One of the best bands to come out ince the beatles (which is the best band ever) They released legendary songs on their 1995 album "(whats the story morning glory?" They were Wonderall, Champagne Supernova, and Dont look back in anger.
Oasis were ok for a while but they are not as good as Blur
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=Oasis&r=d   (757 words)

 Amazon.com: Don't Believe The Truth: Music: Oasis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
With Oasis' new effort I was curious whether they would attempt to keep moving forward with their music, or simply reach back to their roots for prior success.
However, Oasis realized a little while ago with their decline in popularity (and common sense) that they'd never match the fab four, so they've also added their own to the mix, which is of course necessary, but also quite fine.
Oasis are one of the most underrated bands here in america...it seems as though true rock 'n roll tends to be ignored by most here in the states.
www.amazon.com /Dont-Believe-Truth-Oasis/dp/B00097A5I6   (2269 words)

 Oasis Biography @ Band-Online.net   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The very first time Oasis played together they promised they were going to be the best, that they'd never settle for the dull thud of mediocrity.
The shows themselves were astounding, emotional, and proof, if any was needed, that Oasis were undoubtedly the biggest and best band in the country.
On record, too, the band had progressed, in April 'Some Might Say' provided them with their first No. 1 single, selling over 300,000 copies.
www.band-online.net /bandpage.php?id=41   (625 words)

 oasis fanatic - band - oasis encyclopedia
Oasis - Sing Me Something New - Oasis Trade Centre General - Whatever - Sports - Must Be The Music - Live Forever - Go Let It Out!
Oasis Fanatic Mission Oasis Fanatic Team Oasis Fanatic Donations
Was the name of the band formed by Guigsy, Bonehead and Chris Hutton before Liam Gallagher replaced the last as a singer.
www.oasisfanatic.com /band/oasis_encyclopedia.php?oasisfanatic=cf9cb53...   (443 words)

 HOME   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Oasis Band has a hundred-year tradition of being one of the finest bands in America.
A large portion of the band members took leave to go to war at a time when the nation needed its best men.
Today the Oasis Band continues the tradition of performing in parades and concerts.
www.cisinfo.com /oasisband/index.htm   (375 words)

 Oasis - Official website
For the first time in their history, they are functioning as a band.
They are four individuals, who have pushed, pulled, laughed and fought inside the four walls of a studio, for what seemed like forever, to reach the light.
Don’t Believe The Truth is truly the long awaited new album from Oasis, a band who now operate with the type of unity and passion usually reserved for the A-Team, on the trail of a group of Mexican cattle rustlers.
www.oasisinet.com /site.php?site=band   (739 words)

 Discover the Wisdom of Mankind on Oasis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
They were the most prominent band in the Britpop movement that emerged in the United Kingdom as a reaction to Grunge and House music in the mid-1990s.
Oasis, named after a leisure centre in Swindon, evolved from an earlier band called Rain, who took their name from a 1966 Beatles B-side.
Starr has said that Oasis were the one band of the last 20 years that he enjoyed listening to, and even more now that his son is drumming with them.
www.blinkbits.com /blinks/oasis   (5471 words)

 oasis fanatic - band - andy bell biography
It appears that they had just been too young and too stubborn and had no real idea of where the band was heading when they changed their style.
After the split, Bell formed a new band called Hurricane #1 but this project was permanently dissolved when he was asked to play Bass for Oasis.
Bell is also a member of Oasis' songwriting team, contributing Heathen Chemistry's instrumental "(A Quick) Peep", Don't Believe the Truth's "Turn Up The Sun", and "Keep The Dream Alive", as well as b-side "Thank You for the Good Times", which appeared on the Stop Crying Your Heart Out single.
oasisfanatic.com /band/bio_andy.php?oasisfanatic=65c3c4ee9ee61afba94...   (855 words)

 Oasis - Testimonials
"Having the Oasis Band play at our daughter's wedding reception at our home was one of the best decisions we have made.
Besides being excellent musicians, the guys in the band were warm and freindly, and seemed happy to be at our celebration.
Oasis is truly THE BAND for a dance crowd -- we're very appreciative of your talent and support of Downtown."
www.oasisband-slo.com /kudos.htm   (489 words)

 Oasis (band) - Wikimedia Commons
Oasis is a rock band from U.K. Oasis brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher performing in 2005
Oasis concert at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, September 11, 2005
Liam Gallagher at Oasis concert at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, September 11, 2005
commons.wikimedia.org /wiki/Oasis_(band)   (289 words)

 Open Directory - Arts: Music: Bands and Artists: O: Oasis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Music Olympus: Oasis - Offers a discography, song lyrics, two photo galleries of the band members, guitar tablatures, MIDI music and merchandise.
Oasis Live - An online resource for collectors of live oasis concert recordings, demos, radio sessions and interviews.
Oasis Tablatures - Features a alphabetical listing of the groups tablatures for their songs.
dmoz.org /Arts/Music/Bands_and_Artists/O/Oasis   (358 words)

 Oasis Band, Belly Dance Music CDs and Cassettes
Not to be confused with the British rock group, the Oasis band has been playing their unique brand of music since 1985.
Oasis' four recordings are well-known by bellydance afficianados throughout the United States, and are reaching audiences overseas as well.
Besides fronting Oasis, he plays as a solo guitarist and as a sideman with other ethnic music bands.
www.pinkgypsy.com /oasis   (381 words)

 Information Oasis das Band
Oasis is the band of choice for entertainment events on the Central Coast.
Since 1985, Oasis has been the band of choice on the Central Coast of California.
The band is led by principal songwriter, lead guitarist, and occasional vocalist Noel Gallagher and his younger...
www.clubmad-derfilm.de /oasis_das_band.html   (198 words)

 About Oasis Dance Camp - Henna & Dance Party
Intent on creating their henna masterpieces, campers enjoy the music by the Oasis Pick-up band.
This "Wall of Thobes" are all home made using a pattern from the Oasis Camp manual.
A camper and her digereedo joined the Oasis Pickup Band at Camp West.
www.oasisdancecamp.com /henna.asp   (167 words)

 MusicMoz - Bands and Artists: O: Oasis: Links
Helter Skelter Oasis - Pictures, news, profiles and discography of the band Oasis.
Oasis Bass tabs - Bass tablature for brit rock band Oasis.
PopNews247.com: Oasis - Provides the delivery of the latest news about the band straight to you mobile 'phone via SMS text message.
musicmoz.org /Bands_and_Artists/O/Oasis/Links   (764 words)

 The Oasis Steel Drum Band
A band made up of generous men of all ages and occupations who volunteer their time and money, to work together to earn money for the benefit of the Shriner's Hospitals for Burned and Crippled Children.
The band can be arranged in a small combo consisting of four players or a large combo of six to ten players.
We, of the Oasis Steel Drum Band, use no other instruments than the steel drums, and an electronic drum machine to keep a steady rhythmic beat.
www.oasissteeldrumband.org /home.html   (417 words)

 Automotive Infotainment Systems - SMSC
Prior to its March 2005 acquisition by SMSC, the Automotive Infotainment Systems product line was known as OASIS SiliconSystems, one of the largest privately held fabless semiconductor companies in Europe and specializing in automotive infotainment networking technology.
Headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, and supported by an IC engineering team in Austin, Texas, OASIS built a strong reputation as a designer of networking solutions for a top tier customer base of leading automakers and automotive suppliers.
To further advance the MOST standard, in 1998, OASIS joined BMW, DaimlerChrysler and Harman/Becker as a founding member of the MOST Cooperation.
www.smsc-ais.com   (313 words)

 Oasis band fan site   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Discography - Coplete list of Oasis albums with CD covers, short rewievs and links to Amazon.com where you can buy these CDs online.
Pictures - Two galleries of Oasis band pics from magazines, pictures from video clips, Liam and Noel Gallagher pics.
Video - List of Oasis music videos in DVD and VHS format which you can purchase online.
www.musicolympus.com /oasis   (217 words)

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