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Topic: Obie Trice

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In the News (Fri 21 Sep 18)

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Eminem, Obie Trice, D-12 and others are planning to give Sirius Satellite Radio listeners a preview of their plans for the forthcoming Anger Management 3 tour.
Trice (who made his name guesting on releases from his Shady Records peers) finally takes the spotlight, and the results are exactly what one expects from hip-hop's Herve Villechaize.
Obie Trice may be pushing the celebrity count through the goddamn ceiling – Dr Dre and Timbaland both do cameos behind the desk and mic, while the executive producer is Eminem himself.
www.lycos.com /info/obie-trice.html   (382 words)

 Obie Trice - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Obie also appeared in the video for the song, body-slamming a dummy representing Moby.
In 2002, Trice appeared in 8 Mile as one of the rappers in the Chin Tiki parking lot scene.
On December 31, 2005, Trice was shot twice while driving on the Lodge Expressway by Wyoming Avenue in Detroit.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Obie_Trice   (949 words)

 EminemInfo.com - Obie Trice
Obie, whose career jumped off in the same Detroit neighbourhoods and underground scene that had birthed Eminem, was quick to keep his attention once they met.
Obie's offbeat but respectable rhyme style was a perfect fit for Em's curious, but nonetheless g'd up beat selection.
Obie's debut album, 'Cheers' has been a huge success in the U.S and the United Kingdom, and with his single 'Got Some Teeth', Obie has jumped to the forefront of the rap scene.
www.emineminfo.com /obietrice.shtml   (165 words)

 Obie Trice at AllExperts
Obie Trice III (born November 14, 1977 in Detroit, Michigan) is an American rapper.
Trice was able to drive off the expressway, where his girlfriend waved down police.
Obie Trice and Akon recently appeared on the crime-drama CSI, in a party scene performing their single "Snitch".
en.allexperts.com /e/o/ob/obie_trice.htm   (1042 words)

 Obie Trice - Music Downloads - Online
Bio: Obie Trice went from no one to someone in the rap world quickly when Eminem signed him to Shady Records and executive produced his debut.
Trice had begun rapping at a young age.
These recordings came to the attention of Eminem, who in turn called up Trice for an audition, and it was all smiles and handshakes from that point on.
musicstore.connect.com /artist/337/Obie-Trice/1028916.html   (374 words)

 MTV News | Music News, Movie News, Features and Interviews, Artist Photos
Rapper Obie Trice is at home recovering after being shot in the head in the early-morning hours of December 31.
His record label, Shady, released a statement Wednesday (January 4) saying that Trice — who was treated and released from the hospital on the same day he was shot — still has the bullet lodged in his skull.
Trice was shot, while riding with his girlfriend on a Detroit freeway, by an unknown assailant in another vehicle.
mtv.com /news/articles/1519732/20060104/trice_obie.jhtml?...   (394 words)

 Amazon.com: Second Round's on Me: Music: Obie Trice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Obie, on the other hand is the least pretentious and actually seems like the guy you'd see rapping on the corner -- and you'd stop to listen to him.
Obie Trice puts some heart into the album's closer "Obie Story" remembering his early days growing up with his mom, then hitting the streets and hustling, and then changing his life and pursuing his dreams to make it in the Rap game.
Obie Trice plays the critically-acclaimed member of the Shady crew; while 50 Cent is the outrageously commercial solo artist, and D12 is the often-maligned group, Obie manages to secure the positive reviews, but fails to top the charts.
www.amazon.com /Second-Rounds-Me-Obie-Trice/dp/B000FDEUIA   (1902 words)

 Obie Trice News
Hip-hop survivor Obie Trice is ready for his close-up "You got to be delusional to think Obie is losing," Obie Trice jeers on "Wanna Know" off his sophomore album, Second Round's on Me. Comment?
Alphabetical Listing Home : CD reviews : Rap : Obie Trice Obie Trice - Second Round's on Me - Obie Trice's "Second Round's on Me" is an album that uses Obie's smooth rapping style and solid beats to create a...
Like too many people, Obie Trice III was born in Detroit and shot in Detroit.
www.topix.net /who/obie-trice   (670 words)

 OBIE TRICE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
His real name is Obie Trice and was born in Detroit Michigan on November 14, 1978.
Obie was actually discovered through a member of D-12, Bizarre, and it was him that set up a meeting for Obie to meet Eminem.
As quoted in React Magazine "There isn't much doubt that 'Cheers' is going to put Obie Trice on the map, but don't expect success to turn him into a different person.
web.bentley.edu /students/g/green_jaso   (293 words)

 Obie Trice : Rap, Hip-Hop Interview
OBIE TRICE: It really wasn’t nothing spectacular man, I just went in there and wherever the beat took me, that’s the kind of rhymes that came to my head, you know what I’m saying.
OBIE TRICE: What I do is I just watch where I move and watch places that I hang out at and watch how I move around the city.
OBIE TRICE: Cats like Scarface and the Geto Boys, Big Daddy Kane, they always was inspirational to me. Masta Ace, Guru, N.W.A, Pharcyde, Souls Of Mischief, Del the Funky Homosapien, Jay-Z, Nas, Pac, Biggie – all these cats was inspirational to me – AZ, Dogg Pound.
www.riotsound.com /hip-hop/rap/interviews/Obie-Trice/index.php   (1209 words)

 westword.com | Music | Obie Trice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Although Obie Trice now carries a bullet in his skull (from a violent encounter last New Year's Eve), the bragging rights at Shady still belong to 50 Cent and his nine gunshot wounds.
Unlike the larger-than-life 50, though, Obie sounds genuinely scarred by his experiences: Most of his sophomore album is as bleak as 8 Mile Road.
Richer and subtler than his 2003 debut, Trice's latest effort, Second Round's on Me, finds Eminem and JR Rotem mining minor-key soul to back the star's plainspoken flow; it's effective enough that even Akon's hook on the grim "Snitch" seems sugary by comparison.
www.westword.com /Issues/2006-07-13/music/playlist3.html   (183 words)

 USATODAY.com - Rapper Obie Trice wounded in Detroit shooting   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
DETROIT (AP) — Obie Trice, a protege of Eminem, was shot early Saturday while driving on a city highway, police said.
Trice is a Detroit native and protege of Eminem.
Trice's 2003 debut album Cheers was produced by Eminem, and he also had a small part in the feature film 8 Mile, which starred Eminem.
www.usatoday.com /life/people/2005-12-31-obie-trice_x.htm?csp=34   (290 words)

 Amazon.com: Cheers: Music: Obie Trice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Both Obie Trice and rap fans should be eternally thankful that he somehow drew the attention of Eminem.
Obie's humor is a great aspect to his style that shows up throughout the album, but the cartoon sounds effects on this track only make it funnier.
Lyrically, Obie is pretty strong on the track ("Obie Trice, real name no gimmicks/ I came in the game, profane no image/ I came in the game with a name/ I was given from a mayn who ain't give a f** about his child'n ").
www.amazon.com /Cheers-Obie-Trice/dp/B0000BWVLM   (2974 words)

 Obie Trice Bio - Obie Trice Biography - Obie Trice Stories
Obie, whose career jumped off in the same Detroit neighborhoods and underground scene that had birthed Eminem, was quick to keep his attention once they met.
Obie's offbeat but respectable rhyme style was a perfect fit for Em's curious, but nonetheless g'd up beat selection.
Obie Trice along with his label have a beef with Ja Rule and Murder Ink.
www.tv.com /obie-trice/person/237233/biography.html   (224 words)

 Obie Trice
Obie’s art, family and faith helped him overcome the anger and depression he experienced.
Impressed with Obie’s talent, Eminem did not hesitate to bring Obie into the fold, and lined up feature spots on D12 and Eminem projects, including the soundtrack to Eminem’s theatrical debut 8 Mile.
In September 2003, Obie released his Shady Records debut CHEERS that included the hilarious and infectious lead single “Got Some Teeth” that drew comparisons to some of Eminem’s humorous songs.
www.obietrice.com /about.aspx   (931 words)

 VIBE.com: Obie Trice Back With First Music Since Shooting
Detroit rapper Obie Trice is back with his first recorded material since being shot in the head on Dec. 31, 2005.
On the track, "They Wanna Kill Me," Trice pokes fun at the detractors that tried to take him out on a Detroit freeway and cites jealously as the main factor behind his shooting.
Still, despite the serious tone of the song, Trice injects the sarcasm that his lyrical style has become synonymous with.
www.vibe.com /news/news_headlines/2006/02/obie_trice_back_with_first_music_since_shooting   (207 words)

 UK-Flava.com - UK Music Directory - Obie Trice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Obie Trice went from no one to someone in the rap world really quickly when Eminem signed him to Shady Records and executive produced his debut.
Over the years he improved his craft remarkably, releasing street tapes that began to generate some buzz in the local underground scene.
First came a plug on D-12's Devil's Night album ("Obie Trice [Intro]," 2001), then features on the Eminem Show album ("Drips," 2002) and the 8 Mile soundtrack ("Love Me," "Adrenalie Rush," and "Rap Name," 2002), and finally Trice's album debut, Cheers (2003).
www.musicrooms.net /artists/hiphop/ObieTrice   (269 words)

 CTV.ca | Rapper Obie Trice shot on Detroit highway
Trice, a Detroit native and protege of Eminem, was on the Lodge Freeway at about 1:10 a.m.
Trice managed to continue driving and exited the freeway in the suburb of Southfield, where his girlfriend, who also was in the vehicle, flagged down police, Gonzales said.
Trice has performed on Eminem records and with 50 Cent.
www.ctv.ca /servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20051231/obietrice_shot_20051231/20051231?hub=Entertainment   (160 words)

 Amazon.ca: Reviews for Cheers: Music: Obie Trice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Obie Trice i always thought was an average rapper but he blew me away with "Cheers."Eminem really knows the beats to use with a MC like Obie.
When i first bought this CD i had NO idea who Obie Trice was, except for from the opening to Eminems "without me" only reason i bought it, was it had the shady/aftermath label on it.
Obie drops a tight verse dissin Ja and Benzino before he decides to let the legend himself Dr. Dre, kick a verse destroying Ja at the end.
www.amazon.ca /Cheers-Obie-Trice/dp/customer-reviews/B0000BWVLM   (981 words)

 Obie Trice - Cheers @ Soundbug
That said, this album completely blows me away and it seriously pains me that Obie Trice is so slept on.
Thankfully, Obie proves on his debeut album that he can hold his own lyrically as well.
It wasn't his day for a year that wasn't his...the only he had going for him from the get-go was the backing of Eminem/Dr. Dre and that may have lead to one of the most impressive debuts I've ever heard.
www.soundbug.com /asin/B0000BWVLM   (927 words)

Obie Trice tells MTV News he recorded the "Pistol Pistol" remix "after I was shot on New Year's Eve of last year.
Obie Trice (born November 14, 1977 in Detroit, Michigan) began rapping at the age of 11 and had a number of underground hits such as "Respect", "My Club", "Dope Jobs Homeless", and "The Well Known Asshole" before he signed to Shady Records in 2000.
Obie Trice's new mixtape by DJ Whoo Kid hosted by Eminem (view more)
www.myspace.com /obietrice   (3272 words)

 Obie Trice   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Firstly, it was either via a demo that Trice handed over while Eminem was leaving a local record studio, or secondly, Trice gave Eminem a showcase of his freestyle talents outside the passenger window of a car.
Whichever story it was, it worked, as Eminem took Trice under his wing, and made sure that he had a cameo on D12's huge hit debut album, 2001's Devil's Night.
Things then began moving fast for Trice's career, as he appeared on Eminem's The Eminem Show, was given a spot in the rapper's movie acting debut, 8 Mile (and contributed a few songs to the movie's soundtrack, including "Love Me", which saw Trice joined by both Eminem and 50 Cent).
musicstore.mymmode.com /artist.do?artistID=5958608   (277 words)

 Obie Trice : iSOUND.COM™   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Obie Trice was born in Detroit, Michigan in November 1978.
He performed in the songs, “Love Me” and “Adrenaline Rush.” Trice’s debut album, which was produced by Dr. Dre and Timbaland was entitled Cheers.
Trice’s influences are Big Kane Daddy, Kane, Biz Markie, Rakim, and Redman.
www.isound.com /obie_trice/forum/16   (266 words)

 Obie Trice - Obie World Lyrics, Pictures
Just got word that Obie Trice is in the studio now, working on a new mixtape with DJ Whoo Kidd....
Obie Trice & Eminem will be on BET's "106 & Park" Today.
Obie Trice will be on Jimmy Kimmel Wednesday, Aug. 16 along with Actor Paul Reubens & Snake handler Jules...
www.obieworld.com   (176 words)

 AllHipHop.com : Daily Hip-Hop News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-17)
Obie Trice was shot this morning (Dec. 31) while driving on a freeway in Detroit, Michigan.
According to police, a wounded Obie Trice continued driving and exited in the suburb of Southfield, where his girlfriend flagged down police officers.
Trice was rushed to the hospital, treated and released.
www.allhiphop.com /hiphopnews/?ID=5205   (627 words)

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