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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

  Oceanus - LoveToKnow 1911
The idea of Oceanus as a river flowing unceasingly round the earth, which was regarded as a flat circle, was of long continuance.
Euripides was the first among the tragic poets to speak of it as a sea, but Herodotus before him ridiculed the notion of Oceanus as a river as an invention of the poets and described it as the great world sea.
In art, Oceanus was represented as an old man of noble presence and benevolent expression, with the horns of an ox and sometimes crab's claws on his head.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Oceanus   (295 words)

Oceanus was the eldest son of Uranus and Gaea.
Oceanus was said to have three thousand daughters, who were known as the Oceanids.
Oceanus was the only son of Uranus (as a Titan) who did not join his brothers in the war against Zeus and his brothers (the Olympians).
www.timelessmyths.com /classical/titans.html   (4234 words)

  Oceanus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Oceanus' consort is his sister Tethys, and from their union came the ocean nymphs, also known as the three-thousand Oceanids, and all the rivers of the world, fountains, and lakes
Though Herodotus was skeptical about the physical existence of Oceanus, he rejected snowmelt as a cause of the annual flood of the Nile river; according to his translator and interpreter, Livio Catullo Stecchini, he left unsettled the question of an equatorial Nile, since the geography of Sub-Saharan Africa was unknown to him.
Livio Stecchini, "Ancient Cosmology": speculative essay by Livio Catullo Stecchini; Oceanus as an Equatorial counterpart of the Nile.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Oceanus   (742 words)

 Oceanus - Free Encyclopedia of Thelema
In ancient Greek beliefs this Titan is often depicted as having the upper body of a muscular man with a long beard and horns, and the lower torso of a serpent.
Oceanus' consort is his sister Tethys, and from their union came the ocean nymphs, also known as the three-thousand Oceanids, and all the rivers of the world.
Though Herodotus was skeptical about the physical existence of Oceanus, he rejected snowmelt as a cause of the annual flood of the Nile; according to his translator and interpreter Livio Catullo Stecchini he left unsettled the question of an equatorial Nile, extending from the true sources of the Nile to the Atlantic Ocean.
www.egnu.org /thelema/index.php?title=Oceanus&redirect=no   (435 words)

 Dungeons and Dragons character creation, AD&D 2nd edition character creation: Human, demihuman and humanoid races
Oceanus elves, also known as aquatic or sea elves are sometimes confused by those ignorant of their true nature with their land-dwelling elfin cousins that live near oceans.
Those who are born of an Oceanus elf and a land elf are at least tolerated, as are those born of a human and Oceanus elf.
Oceanus elves harbor a great hatred for sahuagin and ixitxachitl who are their mortal enemies, and attack them on sight if possible and reasonable.
www.saintsilver.com /zayix/new_site/pages/character_creation/Races/oceanus.html   (1504 words)

 Oceanus - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Oceanus, in Greek mythology, one of the Titans, the son of Uranus and Gaea.
For all at last return to the sea—to Oceanus, the ocean river, like the ever-flowing stream of time, the beginning and the end.
The first probe of this type, Luna 4, was launched in April 1963 and missed the moon.
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/search.aspx?q=Oceanus   (102 words)

 North Cloth - Oceanus Ships' Cloth
The result is a new family of North sail fabric named Oceanus™ that combines the look, "hand" and balanced stretch of traditional canvas with the higher strength, lighter weight and longer life of a modern polyester sailcloth.
Oceanus is available in #7, #10, #13 and #16 weights in both white and canvas (off white).
Oceanus was used aboard the legendary US Navy sailing warship USS Constitution, a.k.a Old Ironsides which sailed again in July 1997 for the first time since 1881.
na.northsails.com /North_Cloth/oceanus_cloth.html   (352 words)

Oceanus is one of the 12 original titans and he oversaw Venus (the planet) with Tethys.
In several different stories Oceanus is described as taking form of a stream or river that girdles a female person from which all living things originate.
Oceanus is also known for having control over the seas and is said to have interfered with the passing of the ship that carried Heracles through the Mediterranean sea.
library.thinkquest.org /J0110010/Titans/oceanus.htm   (166 words)

 Oceanus Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Subscriptions to Oceanus (two issues per volume) are available ($15 in the US, $18 in Canada, and $25 outside North America).
Oceanus is both an on-line magazine and a semiannual print magazine published by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.
Oceanus was first published in 1952 as a 16-page typewritten document to provide "a worthwhile reference to modern oceanographic exploration...
www.whoi.edu /home/about/about_oceanus.html   (169 words)

 Oceanus Procellarum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Oceanus Procellarum, Latin for "Ocean of Storms", is a vast lunar mare on the western edge of the near side of Earth's Moon.
To the northeast, Oceanus Procellarum is separated from Mare Imbrium by the Carpathian Mountains.
The unmanned lunar probes Luna 9, Luna 13, Surveyor 1 and Surveyor 3 landed in Oceanus Procellarum.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Oceanus_Procellarum   (359 words)

 Oceanus, Greek Mythology Link - www.maicar.com
Oceanus, one of the TITANS, is sometimes considered to be at the origin of all things.
When the TITANS revolted against their father, which resulted in the Castration of Uranus, Oceanus was the only one among the TITANS who did not attack his father.
The rather mild Oceanus also felt compassion for Prometheus 1, and came to see him when he was chained in Caucasus.
homepage.mac.com /cparada/GML/Oceanus.html   (395 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for oceanus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
He possessed the power to appear as a bull, a serpent, or a bullheaded man. Hercules defeated him and broke off one of his horns, which, according to one legend, became the cornucopia.
In some legends she is the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys; in others she is a Titaness, born to Uranus and Gaea.
She was the wife of the seagod Oceanus and the mother of the Oceanids.
www.encyclopedia.com /searchpool.asp?target=Oceanus   (699 words)

As geography became more precise, Oceanus began to refer to the water outside of the Pillars of Heracles, or the Atlantic Ocean.
The couple also had the Oceanids which personified springs and smaller bodies of waters, like lakes and ponds.
Article "Oceanus" created on 03 March 1997; last modified on 28 July 2002 (Revision 2).
www.pantheon.org /articles/o/oceanus.html   (80 words)

 The River Oceanus
The steam vents are a unique underwater ecosystem in the deepest part of Oceanus, a place without light and all life depends on nutrients welled up by the steam.
Any time the character of an outer plane is upset by losing a gate- town, realm, or layer, a wave from four to fifteen (d12+3) feet in height is generated on the river at the border of the plane which lost its real estate.
Porto Memorial is a small town, on the shores of the river Oceanus, which acts as a home and haven to all those of good not accepted by the "Greater Goods" of the Celestial realms.
www.mimir.net /pathways/oceanus.shtml   (3392 words)

Oceanus is our line of consoled tenders, designed for professionals and cruisers who depend on serious performance and comfort.
Oceanus boats feature comfortable, upholstered seating, smartly designed consoles and abundant storage lockers that keep gear dry and safe.
Boaters looking for an extremely seaworthy, high-performance rigid inflatable line will be pleased to know that certain Oceanus models were originally designed for the Italian Coast Guard and are currently being used by Sea Tow (an American boat towing and rescue company).
www.abinflatables.com /oceanus.asp?linea=4   (153 words)

 oceanusmarine.com - Oceanus Marine Surveying - San Francisco   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Oceanus Marine LLC is the San Francisco Bay Area's premier marine surveying firm which is commited to excellence in all our services.
Oceanus Marine has specialized knowledge and experience in commercial operations that few surveyors can match including working with USCG Inspections.
Oceanus Marine works with all major insurance and lending institutions plus we've completed numerous appraisals, damage and accident investigations.
oceanusmarine.com   (249 words)

Oceanus was laid down as LST–328, 12 November 1942, at the Navy Yard, Philadelphia; redesignated ARB–2, 25 January 1943; launched 11 February 1943; and commissioned 22 May 1943, Lt. Comdr.
In February, 1945, she steamed to Guam to join TG 51.5 for the Iwo Jima invasion, arriving on the 20th and remaining until 17 March.
The Okinawa campaign next took Oceanus to Kerama Retto, where work on ships damaged by kamikazes and bombs kept her on a round-the-clock schedule into mid-May. On 14 May she shifted to the Hagushi anchorage for emergency repairs to New Mexico (BB–40).
www.history.navy.mil /danfs/o1/oceanus.htm   (345 words)

 Oceanus Watches
Oceanus watches were made for those in search of precision engineering and pristine design.
The titanium used for Oceanus watches is hypoallergenic, nickel free, corrosion resistant and is actually stronger and more durable than steel, yet much lighter in weight.
All Oceanus watches are direct from Oceanus and are accompanied by a 3-year Oceanus watch warranty.
www.watchgear.com /WatchGear/TourneauTemplate.aspx?type=Catalog&query=Brands/Oceanus   (139 words)

 OCEANUS : Greek Titan god of the ocean-stream & fresh water ; mythology ; pictures : OKEANOS
OKEANOS (or Oceanus) was the Titan god or Protogenos (primeval deity) of the great earth-encircling river Okeanos, the font of all the earth's fresh-water: including rivers, wells, springs and rain-clouds.
Okeanos was also the god who regulated the rising and setting of the heavenly bodies which were believed to emerge and descend into his watery realm at the ends of the earth.
OCE′ANUS (Ôkeanos), the god of the river Oceanus, by which, according to the most ancient notions of the Greeks, the whole earth was surrounded.
www.theoi.com /Titan/TitanOkeanos.html   (4450 words)

 Oceanus - The power behind an efficient enterprise
It is so easy to use and manage and has made a significant improvement in the time taken to turn work around.
Oceanus provides document and case management solutions for customer service environments in organisations such as Building Societies, Asset Management, Insurance, Mortgage/Loan companies and Telco's.
The reports and live system views are aimed at both business and technical people and give insight into problems, levels and trends.
www.oceanus.co.uk   (519 words)

 [No title]
OCEANUS invites you to dwell in a creation of intimate warmth and comfortable atmosphere adding value to your emotions, sacrifice and love.
To develop and construct aesthetically designed, functionally efficient, economically viable, residential/commercial complexes and self contained mini townships which reflect engineering excellence and architectural ambience with a view to provide complete customer satisfaction.
Oceanus Dwellings (P) Ltd. is engaged in "designing development Construction and sale of real properties"
www.oceanusdwellings.com   (153 words)

 NOVA | Lost Roman Treasure | View the Mosaics: Poseidon, Oceanus, and Tethys | PBS
Poseidon, chief of the water deities and second in power only to Zeus, carried a trident, with which he could shake the earth, call forth or dissipate storms, and the like.
Homer claims Oceanus and Tethys, pictured in the lower half of this mosaic, were responsible for the birth of the gods, but Hesiod's version of the origins is generally accepted (see Gypsy Girl).
Gods of the sea, Oceanus and his wife Tethys bore 3,000 daughters and 3,000 sons.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/nova/zeugma/mosa_02.html   (135 words)

 Oceanus Sailing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Oceanus has been created to offer a complete watersports service.
Whether you are hoping to achieve an award, get qualified, or just joining in for fun, we will make sure you have a professional, enjoyable, and utterly rewarding experience.
Oceanus operates out of the beautiful Wells Harbour, ideal for sailing, windsurfing, canoeing and powerboating, with easy access to the open sea and superb coastal scenery.
www.oceanus-sailing.com   (263 words)

Oceanus and Tethys are also the Titan and Titaness ruling the planet Venus.
Phaestius, of Phaestos, a city on the southern coast of Crete.
Clymene, daughter of Oceanus and Tethys whose husband was the Ethiopian king Merops.
www.tkline.freeserve.co.uk /MetindexOP.htm   (3990 words)

 eWatches.com - Authorized Dealer of Oceanus Watches: Oceanus OCW600TDA-7AV
With the Oceanus Atomic Solar Chronograph watch, Model number OCW600TDA7A-Oceanus gives you one watch with everything you need, looks and features.
Oceanus watches synch up automatically several times daily with the national atomic transmitter for exact accuracy anywhere within 2000 miles of Fort Collins, CO. Sunlight or indoor light charges the internal battery which will hold a charge for several months.
White dial features three subdials with contrasting blue hands, a date window, and a luminous hour and minute hand.
www.ewatches.com /Oceanus/OCW600TDA-7AV.html   (123 words)

 Oceanus: Reviews, Discography, Audio Clips, and more ||| Music.com
Despite its merits, Einstein's Sister's sophomore effort, Oceanus, will probably always be overshadowed by the story that surrounds it.
After the band's successful debut, Einstein's Sister signed with Oar Fin Records and was assigned producer James Walsh.
Well, yes and no. Oceanus does have a stiff, lifeless feel to it, and the performances feel rote and calculated.
www.music.com /release/oceanus/1   (401 words)

Oceanus has a differenciated proposal for shipping agency services.
Know the structure and the solutions developed by Oceanus in order to guarantee the efficiency throughout all stages of the shipping agency service.
By elaborating tailor-made services for each shipowner, the company ensures a differenciated assistance as well as the fulfillment of its customers' needs.
www.oceanus.com.br /?langid=en   (69 words)

 Oceanus :: Index
This is the forum for all basic and conversational debates or discussions about Oceanus.
This forum is where all conversations and debates relating to the actual development of Oceanus will go.
Topics seeming to be of trivial or general nature should go in the Discussion forums rather than this one.
oceanus.aurora-games.com /phpBB2/index.php   (238 words)

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