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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

Another Octet was loaned for three years to the Conservatory of Music in St Petersburg, Russia, where eight distinguished professionals and professors performed many concerts to standing ovations and enthusiastic reviews with several fine recordings and numerous new compositions resulting.
An Octet spent three years in the Royal College of Music, London where their new sounds were explored and new music composed for them.
This exhibit was set up along with an Octet concert in the Grace Rainey Rogers Auditorium of the museum a year ago in May and will be there at least through September 2003.
www.newmusicbox.org /page.nmbx?id=52hf01

 Castlebay Music Online Store - Cape Breton Music: Macmillan, Scott - The Octet, Songs Of The Cape
Much of the OCTET'S excitement was generated by Scott Macmillan and Andrew Russell and the celtic traditional/classical fusion music they arranged for the group.
Castlebay Music Online Store - Cape Breton Music: Macmillan, Scott - The Octet, Songs Of The Cape
A fusion of classical and traditional music it still remains a truly exciting and contempory sound.
www.castlebaymusic.com /Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=CMOS&Product_Code=MSOSOTC

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Reich: Octet, Music for a Large Ensemble, Violin Phase at Epinions.com
Reich: Octet, Music for a Large Ensemble, Violin Phase
Additional information on Reich: Octet, Music for a Large Ensemble, Violin Phase or other products.
Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Reich: Octet, Music for a Large Ensemble, Violin Phase at Epinions.com
www.epinions.com /musc_mu-54809   (133 words)

 Pro Arte April 2001
Stravinsky related once that the Octet was inspired by a dream he had of a group of instruments playing "some attractive music" which he was unable to recognize or remember the next day.
In fact, the Octet marks Stravinsky's return to sonata form for the first time since his maturity as a composer; it is thus seen as one of the landmarks of his neo-Classical style.
This sort of music has no other aim than to be sufficient in itself.
www.proarte.org /notes/Apr01.htm   (2699 words)

 New York City Ballet NYCB Repertory
Felix Mendelssohn composed the music used for OCTET when he was 16 years old.
OCTET embodies the range of romantic feeling inherent in Mendelssohn’s music.
The freshness and youth of this composition is reflected in the choreography devised by Peter Martins.
www.nycballet.com /repnotes/octet_mar2.html   (164 words)

 Octet MP3 Downloads - Octet Music Downloads - Octet Music Videos
Octet duo Francois Goujon and Benjamin Morando are probably tired...
The French electronic pop duo Octet is comprised of François Goujon and Benjamin Morando.
German post-techno duo Mouse on Mars are among a growing number of electronic music groups dabbling in complex, heavily hybridized forms that include everything from ambient, techno, and dub to...
www.mp3.com /octet/artists/626683/summary.html   (218 words)

 Octet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The two best known octets in classical music are probably those by Felix Mendelssohn (which is for a double string quartet) and Franz Schubert (which is for clarinet, bassoon, French horn, violin, viola, cello and double bass).
In music, an octet is a musical ensemble consisting of eight musicians.
Igor Stravinsky also wrote an octet for wind instruments (an unusual grouping of flute, clarinet, two bassoons, two trumpets and two trombones) and Paul Hindemith wrote a lesser known piece for clarinet, bassoon, French horn, violin, two violas, cello and double bass.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Octet   (218 words)

 Detailed Reviews [4/3 De Trio - 2004 - "Ersatz"] - ProgressoR
A violin octet rules throughout, and although the band joined it in the second half of the composition, the primary essence of the music didn't change.
D Dar-III 7:22 (=) LINE-UP: Guillame Fenoy - guitars; piano; vocals Sebastien Gramond - keyboards; guitars; violin Romain Gayral - bass; trombone Didier Pegeron - drums; guitars With: Raphael Cartellier - sax & flute (3) Elsa Krajnberg - vocals (7) &: Nicolas Janot's Violin Octet (1) Produced by Quarta Trais De Trio.
This is a piece of serious Classical Music with a typically Bach major-key coda.
www.progressor.net /review/quartatrais_de_trio_2004.html   (218 words)

 Comments for Reich, Steve, Octet - Music for a large ensemble - Violin phase - WWW Music Database
I''m not mad on Violin Phase but Octet is wonderful and an excellent companion piece to Music For 18 Musicians.
Comments for Reich, Steve, Octet - Music for a large ensemble - Violin phase - WWW Music Database
The more I think about Violin Phase the more I wonder why it''s on the same disc as the other two pieces.
www.roadkill.com /MDB/comments.phtml/8078   (218 words)

Recording [Octet [sound recording] ; Music for a large ensemble ; Violin phase; Track 2.
Recording [Octet [sound recording] ; Music for a large ensemble ; Violin phase; Track 1.
Recording [Chamber music of George Rochberg [sound recording]; Track 1.
theory.music.indiana.edu /isaacso/t351/Unit4Bookmarks.html   (255 words)

 Non Sequitur Music Publishing - Octet
Octet for winds is written in four movements with two interludes.
The instrumentation of my Octet is the same as Stravinsky's Octet for Winds.
Although this piece is not an homage to him, his influence on my music has been at times palpable.
www.nonsequiturmusic.com /octet.htm   (418 words)

 Amazon.com: George Enescu: Octet, Op. 7; Quintet, Op. 29: Music
Like the octet, the quintet does not show as strong an influence of folk music as some of the composer's popular work does, but rather an incredibly detailed design.
The Octet is fairly well known, although I note that another reviewer called it 'one of the great unknown chamber works out there.' Live performances are few because it is difficult getting two string quartets together to play the thing; and when they do get together they typically play everyone's favorite octet, the Mendelssohn.
I found the performance of the octet a bit cold and calculated overall, and Kremer's tempos are extremely conservative in the work's very difficult second movement.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0000669X8?v=glance   (1461 words)

 Cello Octet Conjunto Ibérico: Biography
Cello Octet Conjunto Ibérico is a full time ensemble, a unique formation in the world of classical music.
Cello Octet Conjunto Ibérico has shown enormous diversity over the years: concerts with Teresa Berganza or Bernarda Fink, dance productions with Conny Janssen’s Rotterdam dance company, concerts with flamenco singer Carmen Linares and premières of works by reputed composers.
In addition to the concerts in many European countries and at prominent festivals, Cello Octet Conjunto Ibérico has also performed in Asia, the United States and Canada.
www.cello-octet.com /biography.html   (425 words)

 New-Trad Octet reviews
If encouraged, it could add a new page to our musical history book and bring well-deserved and somewhat overdue recognition to one of Chicago's most creative and interesting saxophonists and his fellow members of the New-Trad Octet.
The New-Trad Octet makes its music very easy to get into, and then it often takes listeners to some far-out places.
His recently formed New-Trad Octet is one of these ways, and Chicago jazz fans are far richer in their listening opportunities because Jeff Newell and the New-Trad Octet call Chicago home.
www.new-trad.com /nt8.choicejazzgram.html   (1308 words)

 Cello Octet Conjunto Ibérico: CD Recordings
"… The Octet's playing is extremely colourful and precise, the expression of the dynamics goes hand in-glove with the poetical nature of Villa-Lobos'music.
In the compositions of Marlos Nobre, all of them dedicated to the Octet, a true miracle comes about: an irresistible sensuality and an obsessive rhythm merge into a grandiose unity; classical and Brazilian influences are perfectly in balance.
Copyright © 1997 - 2005, Cello Octet Conjunto Ibérico
www.cello-octet.com /records.html   (970 words)

 Korea-Seoul Ensemble-"" Music at Shop Ireland
The Seoul Ensemble of Traditional Music is an octet of string, wind and percussion musicians schooled in the traditions of Korea's art music.
At the core of this ensemble's repertoire is the music of the ancient court and the demotic folk music of Korea.
Its music is quite distinct from Chinese or Manchurian art music and indeed Korean music has been a major influence on several Asian musical traditions.
www.shopireland.ie /music/detail/B00000GVZC/Korea-   (970 words)

 Carleen Hutchins' Instruments and Archives at the National Music Museum
The impetus for the development of the violin octet came in the form of a challenge posed to Hutchins in 1957 by the noted American composer of acoustically spatial music, Henry Brant (b.
Hutchins is best known for her creation of the violin octet, a set of violins in various sizes reminiscent of the Renaissance consort and the 19th-century experiments of Adolphe Sax (1814-1894) who focused on creating a homogeneity of sound in his saxhorn and saxophone families.
The remaining three octets are actively used in performance by the Southern California-based Hutchins Consort and two developing ensembles in Iceland and Denver.
www.usd.edu /smm/Archives/NewViolinFamily/NewViolinFamily.html   (970 words)

 classical music - andante - enescu: piano quintet; octet in c, op. 7 (arr. desyatnikov)
classical music - andante - enescu: piano quintet; octet in c, op.
Where the Octet is all ambitious swagger, the Fauréan Quintet is elusive, shy in stating its material, the tonality fugitive, the string-writing in the first of its two movements often engaged in some private conversation over the elliptical piano part, the themes half-glimpsed, like refracted memories of folk song.
The Octet, scored in its original version for double string quartet, is an astonishing masterpiece: a work of breathtaking confidence for a composer only 19 years old.
www.andante.com /article/article.cfm?id=18310   (970 words)

One of the violin sets is now in regular use by the outstanding musicians of The St. Petersburg Octet and they will perform old and newly commissioned works for the first time in Berlin.
Her Violin Octet is a 20th Century development of the 16th Century Viol Consort concept of eight finely matched instruments.
This was intended as an overview of the violin as instrument and icon from a contemporary music standpoint.
shoko.calarts.edu /~chung/artists/stringemup.html   (970 words)

 Emerson String Quartet
St. Lawrence String Quartet
Mendelssohn’s Octet in fact contains examples of alternating quartets, but goes well beyond Spohr’s basic vision of a double choral style to explore numerous permutations of the eight instruments, almost as if one might analyze the gambits and their implications in a game of chess.
The length and scope of the Octet indeed evinces a certain striving for symphonic monumentality, perhaps evident most dramatically toward the middle of the finale, where Mendelssohn recalls material from the scherzo, a technique obviously derived from Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.
Written for the birthday of Mendelssohn’s friend and violin teacher, Eduard Rietz, for whom the composer designed the florid first violin part, the Octet not infrequently takes on the style of a concerto, with brilliant virtuoso figurations for the first violinist.
www.carnegiehall.org /article/box_office/events/evt_4517_pf.html   (970 words)

 Annotated Checklist of Carleen Hutchins' Instruments at the National Music Museum
Violin, Le Gruyère, by Carleen Maley Hutchins, Montclair, New Jersey, 1982.
Mezzo violin by Carleen Maley Hutchins, Laird Carlson, and Alan Carruth, Montclair, New Jersey, 1977.
Violin by Carleen Maley Hutchins, Montclair, New Jersey, Daniel W. Haines, Columbia, South Carolina, and Hercules Materials Company, Inc. (Allegheny Ballistics Laboratory), Cumberland, Maryland, 1974.
www.usd.edu /smm/Archives/NewViolinFamily/HutchinsChecklist.html   (970 words)

 CD Review of Pablo Ablanedo Octet - From Down There on Fresh Sound New Talent @ jazzreview.com
Pablo Ablanedo is an Argentinian pianist and composer, currently based in Boston, with a debut album on a Spanish label leading an octet composed of men and women form Argentina, Venezuela, Israel and Brooklyn.
There's a discernible Latin American flavor to much of the music here, but it's not the tango rhythm that's most commonly heard in Argentinian music.
Ablanedo draws on folk forms, such as chacarera and zamba, which are less commonly heard, but which are highly adaptable to his blending of influences ranging from Igor Stravinsky to Bill Evans.
www.jazzreview.com /cdreview.cfm?ID=1505   (970 words)

That same alto violin that was just an idea a generation ago is now the famous instrument on which Yo-Yo Ma recorded Bartok's Viola Concerto; and Dr. Hutchins, now nearly ninety, is well known to scientists and musicians alike.
John Lad (treble and mezzo violins) is a violinist and violist with many years of interest and experience in contemporary music: he has been a member of the American Composers Orchestra since 1979 and performed for years with Bang on a Can and with many other contemporary ensembles.
The largest (the only member of the Violin Family absent from this concert) was a monster with a huge and booming tone.
www.firstavenue.org /pages/comefromus.html   (970 words)

 Violin Strings G-d-a-e Musician's Resource
The VIOLIN OCTET is a 20th Century development of a consort of eight finely matched instruments in a series of sizes and tunings to cover the range of written music, starting...
is played by solo violin and solo bass, with a piece of paper slipped between the strings of the bass quite impressively to...
The instruments in the violin family have four strings, tuned in intervals of a 5th.
www.sleepyhollowrecords.com /violin-resources/violin-strings-g-d-a-e.html   (970 words)

 Amazon.com: Music: Schubert: Octet In F/Tartini: Violin Sonata In G Minor "Devil's Thrill"
Amazon.com: Music: Schubert: Octet In F/Tartini: Violin Sonata In G Minor "Devil's Thrill"
Octet for clarinet, horn, bassoon & strings in F major, D. 803 (Op.
On this recording he relinquishes the solo spotlight to become primus inter pares with 7 colleagues in a superb reading of Schubert's great Octet.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/ASIN/B000003XKE/billyee   (970 words)

 EUCHMI Progress Report for 2003
Following the concert organised by the Faculty of Music using the New Violin Octet, the Collection hosted a well-attended Colloquium in February in which the scientific and musical achievements and prospects for the New Violin Octet were discussed.
In the year, the Collection has been given the eight instruments comprising the New Violin Octet, made by (or under the supervision of) Carleen Hutchins.
These cover (1) viols & violins, (2) clarinets, (3) stringed instruments of regional cultures worldwide and (4) ancillary equipment.
www.music.ed.ac.uk /euchmi/ura/ura1995.html   (970 words)

 Amazon.com: Music: Schubert: Trout Quintet/Violin (3) Sonatas/Octet in F
Schubert's Octet is one of the most fabulous pieces of chamber music I have ever experienced, and this recording has a wonderful, sparkling take on it.
Octet for clarinet, horn, bassoon & strings in F major, D. 803 (Op.
The inclusion of the violin sonatas did not make any sort of lasting impression and may be considered a detraction in that a better 'filler' could have been inserted.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0000042HS?v=glance   (970 words)

Chamber music, classical music, sheet music, concerts, musical instruments, sonata, quartet, CDs, Woodwind, Brass, String, wind, Beethoven, Mozart, Schubert, Brahms, Violin, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Horn, Trumpet, PianoQuintet, Octet, sexTet, Symphony, Co.
Argentina, tango, milonga, bandoneon, world music, Alfredo Marcucci, SexTeto Veritango, Marlies Van der Meiren, tango argentino, dance, argentinian dance music.
A free information service on Argentinian Tango music and dance: tango, milonga, photos, mpeg, mp3 music files, a discography and lots of links to Tango organisations.
www.all-creations.com /xTet   (970 words)

 Music for 18 Musicians - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
See also Music for a Large Ensemble, Tehillim, Octet, Music for Mallet Instruments, Voices and Organ, Piano Phase, The Desert Music.
Music for 18 Musicians was written for a cello, violin, two clarinets (both players double on bass clarinet), four pianos, three marimbas, two xylophones, a metallophone, maracas, and four women's voices.
Music for 18 Musicians is a seminal work of musical minimalism composed by Steve Reich during 1974-1976.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Music_for_18_Musicians   (507 words)

 Franz Schubert
In 1824 he tumed to instrumental forms, producing the a Minor and d Minor ('Death and the Maiden') string quartets and the lyrically expansive Octet for wind and strings; around this time he at least sketched, probably at Gmunden in summer 1825, the 'Great' C Major Symphony.
The son of a schoolmaster, he showed an extraordinary childhood aptitude for music, studying the piano, violin, organ, singing and harmony and, while a chorister in the imperial court chapel, composition with Salieri (1808-13).
Frequently gathering for domestic evenings of Schubert's music (later called 'Schubertiads'), this group more than represented the new phenomenon of an educated, musically aware middle class: it gave him an appreciative audience and influential contacts (notably the Sonnleithners and the baritone J.M. Vogl), as well as the confidence, in 1818, to break with schoolteaching.
w3.rz-berlin.mpg.de /cmp/schubert.html   (1046 words)

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