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Topic: October 24

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  October 2002 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Suspicion immediately focused on Jemaah Islamiyah, an Islamic extremist group also being investigated for the October 11 Bali car bombing, in which more than 180 people died.
Astronomy: There is further evidence for the existence of a supermassive fl hole at the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way galaxy.
October 18, 2002 Manila bus bombing: A bomb exploded in suburban Manila, destroying a bus and killing at least three people, while 23 others were wounded.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/October_2002   (2529 words)

 Today in History: October 24
On October 24, 1861, the first transcontinental telegraph system was completed, making it possible to transmit messages rapidly (by mid-19th-century standards) from coast to coast.
The United Nations was established by charter on October 24, 1945.
It was signed on June 26 and enacted on October 24, 1945.
lcweb2.loc.gov /ammem/today/oct24.html   (1136 words)

 October 24   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
As reported on WMR on October 14, Eric Miller, a Harvard Law School graduate and the Assistant Chief of Litigation for the SEC from 1999 to May 2005, was beaten to death on September 7, 2005 in the Alexandria Motel on Route 1, just around the corner from the Marvin Bush residence.
October 11, 2005 -- Countdown to indictments in Leakgate.
October 6, 2005 -- After it was reported that Karl Rove had agreed to give further testimony to the Grand Jury investigating the CIA leak, Rove's attorney Robert Luskin denied his client had received a target letter from special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, a formal "heads up" sent to individuals who are about to be indicted.
www.waynemadsenreport.com /october1-24.htm   (15143 words)

 October 24 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
October 24 is the 297th day of the year (298th in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar, with 68 days remaining.
In The Fellowship of the Ring, by J.R.R. Tolkien, the date is mentioned to Frodo Baggins by Gandalf upon his waking in Rivendell.
This page was last modified 13:55, 11 May 2006.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/October_24   (1109 words)

 Sacramento News and Review October 24, 2002
But, on October 17, the high court declined to take on the case and left it to the lower court to determine just where Hammonton Road lies.
The Sheriff's deputy whom St. Clair called to report Calvert certainly didn’t know where the road was supposed to be, and it was clear that he didn’t want to get involved in a legal dispute.
It is October, and the fall run of chinook salmon is just coming in on the Yuba.
www.newsreview.com /issues/sacto/2002-10-24/cover.asp   (4756 words)

 Daschle v. Thune: October 18, 2004 - October 24, 2004
We should spend some time reviewing yesterday's Lopez article on the Senate race and abortion in which she writes that Daschle "is running rings around his record, trying to deny his abortion-industry-approved Senate career." More on this soon.
I was just on the Laura Ingraham show talking about our big race here in South Dakota--and Laura wanted to know lots more about the Argus Leader (she really took them to task when she visited SD a few weeks ago).
Sharon Gray is at the podium, Jeannie Faber is to the left, and the Executive Director of Ave Maria is in the center.
daschlevthune.typepad.com /daschle_v_thune/2004/week43   (13360 words)

 WTC Enviromental Monitoring: October 24, 2001
Two samples taken on October 20 exceeded the 70 structures per millimeter squared (70 S/mm2) AHERA standard.
VOCs - Sampling for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) was conducted on October 23 in the direct area of the debris pile at ground zero.
EPA is working with the local agencies and health and safety officers working at ground zero to closely monitor this situation so that workers can take appropriate precautions.
www.epa.gov /wtc/summaries/epa-osha102401.htm   (745 words)

 Peace Corps Online | October 24, 2005: Headlines: Speaking Out: Development: First Goal: USA Today: Laura Vanderkam ...
October 30, 2005: Headlines: Speaking Out: Development: COS - Romania: First Goal: USA Today: Romania RPCV Renada Rutmanis says Laura Vanderkam's idea of tying Peace Corps volunteers' compensation to some sort of tangible evaluation of their performance is absolutely ridiculous
The District Commissioner for the Kasama District in Zambia issued a statement banning Peace Corps activities for ‘grave’ social misconduct and unruly behavior for an incident that occurred on September 24 involving 13 PCVs.
Peace Corps said that some of the information put out about the incident was "inflammatory and false." On October 12, Country Director Davy Morris met with community leaders and apologized for the incident.
peacecorpsonline.org /messages/messages/2629/2037183.html   (2141 words)

 Perez, Taylor and Others Pitch In with 24 Hour Plays, October 24 (BroadwayWorld.com)
The process consists of 24 actors, 6 writers, 6 directors and a production staff who compress the normal writing, casting and staging procedures into just one day.
On Sunday, October 23rd at 10 PM, the artists involved will meet at the theatre before the writers take off for a hotel to pen 6 10-minute plays the same night.
On October 24th at 7 AM, the directors will come to the theatre and cast the plays that they read, with the cast going into rehearsal at 8 AM.
www.broadwayworld.com /viewcolumn.cfm?colid=5199   (707 words)

 Spot the Bug! : Spot the Bug - October 24, 2005
This is a case of buffer overflow and perhaps easy but I added it because I think it is still very prevalent.
The error would likely exhibit itself as incorrect string output, or as a address out of range if a nil value is not encountered.
I would be glad if someone posted a the same code, but without the bug too, then I would learn something too.
blogs.msdn.com /rsamona/archive/2005/10/24/484449.aspx   (669 words)

 Black Thursday: October 24, 1929 - Introduction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Thursday, October 24, 1929 has the dubious honor of being called Black Thursday because it was on this day that the New York Stock Exchange crashed, heralding the end of the "Roaring Twenties" and the beginning of the Great Depression.
Finally, in October 1929, the buying craze began to dwindle, and was followed by an even wilder selling craze.
On Thursday, October 24, 1929, the bottom began to fall out.
sweb.uky.edu /~msunde00/hon202/p4/nyt.html   (487 words)

 Media Tip Sheet - October 12 - 24, 2004
They will register to vote October 19-21, where they will be given a card that must be presented to vote.
October 21 is “All Red Day.” The Elks Club will bring a trailer filled with displays, video stations, and treats for all students.
On Wednesday, October 27, the Hooper Planetarium and Daniel Observatory will open their doors to the public as we anticipate the “Night of the Scarlet Moon.” The Planetarium program will familiarize you with the mechanics of eclipses, and then some demonstrations will prepare you for viewing the eclipse.
www.greenville.k12.sc.us /district/news/tips/2005/041012.asp?print_view=true   (4550 words)

 Daily Press Briefing (October 24, 2005)
On the sidelines of the council meeting, there will be a French-Dutch meeting of “young talents” Monday afternoon, October 24, at the International Conference Center.
This meeting, the first of its kind, which is co-sponsored by the Cooperation Council and organized by the French-Dutch network for research and higher education, is bringing together about 50 young people representing political and economic circles, the media, science and the arts of the two countries.
Brigitte Girardin, Minister Delegate for Cooperation, Development and Francophony, is attending the informal meeting of European development ministers organized by the British presidency in Leeds October 24 and 25.
www.info-france-usa.org /news/briefing/us241005.asp   (536 words)

 Lansing Downbursts of October 24, 2001
Several possible tornadoes were reported in the mid-Michigan area early in the evening of October 24 in advance of a major, fast moving cold front.
However, the consistency of the damage track suggests it occurred on October 24.
Power was also lost in Eaton Rapids, resulting in school closures on October 25, and a billboard was blown over on M-50 west of Eaton Rapids.
www.msu.edu /~fujita/tornado/lansing/011024   (3970 words)

 GeorgiaInfo - Carl Vinson Institute of Government
In one of his letters Rabun foreshadowed an argument Georgia and the South would use forty-three years later in seceding from the Union.
Rabun wrote: "When the liberties of the people of Georgia shall have been prostrated at the feet of a military despotism, then, and not till then, will your imperious doctrine be submitted to." While visiting his home between legislative sessions in 1819, Rabun suddenly became ill and died of a fever on October 24, 1819.
If you have a date related to Georgia history or people that ought to be included, or if know of entries that should be corrected, send a note to Ed Jackson or Charly Pou.
www.cviog.uga.edu /Projects/gainfo/tdgh-oct/oct24.htm   (1642 words)

 *Ø*  Wilson's Almanac free daily ezine | Book of Days | October 24 | United Nations Day Maladay Discordianism ...
If "heaven is the Lord’s," the earth is the inheritance of man, and that consequently any honest traveller has the right to walk as he chooses, all over that globe which is his.
An effigy made of the saint [October 25, qv] and suspended from a steeple or other height.
A public holiday in the Arab Republic of Egypt, commemorating the cease-fire between Egypt and Israel on October 24, 1973, which restored control of the Suez Canal to Egypt.
www.wilsonsalmanac.com /book/oct24.html   (2648 words)

 Universe Today - What's Up This Week - October 24 - October 30, 2005
Monday, October 24 - With the Moon well out of the way, the return of dark skies favours having a look at an incredible southern galaxy in Sculptor - NGC 253.
Within the next 24 hours, Mars and Earth come will come the closest for this year.
Saturday, October 29 - On this night in 1749, French astronomer Le Gentil was at the eyepiece of an 18' focal length telescope.
www.universetoday.com /am/publish/whatsup_oct24_2005.html   (1448 words)

 Park Update: Disneyland October 24-31, 2005
The official findings were that the accident was a result of failure in some new valves that had been installed in California Screamin'.
At the beginning of October, food prices at Disneyland Resort were almost universally raised 10 percent (quickly negating the 10 percent discount recently given to non-Premium Annual Pass holders).
October 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, and 30 at Disney's California Adventure.
www.mouseplanet.com /parkupdates/dlr/dlr051024.htm   (4738 words)

 ServerWatch Newsletter for October 24, 2003
Enterprise Unix Roundup: A Red Hat Retrospective October 23, 2003 Red Hat is earning praise this week for its latest Enterprise Linux release, which makes it a perfect time to look back at a company that gave away product while it outwaited the competition.
Red Hat Expands Reach With Enterprise Linux 3 October 24, 2003 Red Hat this week released its much anticipated Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3, the first major milestone on its road map to deliver an Open Source Architecture to the enterprise.
Apple Set to Unleash 'Panther' October 24, 2003 After months of feedback, the computer maker is primed to release the latest desktop and server versions of its Macintosh operating system.
www.serverwatch.com /newsletters/print.php/3098701   (674 words)

 Alex Barnett blog : Monday, October 24, 2005 - Posts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
There were some crazies blogging years ago at my old work place.
posted Monday, October 24, 2005 10:44 PM by alexbarn
Lots of new companies are emerging and you can feel the excitement again.
blogs.msdn.com /alexbarn/archive/2005/10/24.aspx   (259 words)

 WDW Update October 18 - 24 2004
Last week, we told you about the union picketing at the October 4 opening of the new World of Disney Store in New York City, but neglected to tell you about the store itself.
The Fifth Avenue store was opened with the arrival of Cinderella and her glass coach, brought up from Florida for the occasion.
October 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 29 and 31.
www.mouseplanet.com /parkupdates/wdw/wdw041018.htm   (3058 words)

 Sunday, October 24, 1943 - 386th Bomb Group Mission Number 35.
Sunday, October 24, 1943 - 386th Bomb Group Mission Number 35.
Nineteen combat crews were assembled at 0745 hours in the briefing room, five days had past since the Group had flown a mission.
The VIII Fighter Command issued a statement concerning their fighter escort mission of Sunday, October 24, 1943: The enemy fighter defense reacted in unprecedented force to the Marauder raids this morning.
www.b26.com /historian/chester_klier/035.htm   (2624 words)

 Ben Maller : Archives - October 24, 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
MLS commissioner Don Garber had a bold statement on the future of his league: "Our goal is not to be one of the major leagues," he said.
David Stern will give his annual preseason state of the NBA address this week, and you can be sure there will be some gloom-and-doom statements regarding a potential lockout next summer.
While the Nets have not set a timetable for Jason Kidd's return, the hope is that he'll be back in enough time before the Feb. 24 trade deadline so other teams can evaluate whether the point guard is worth acquiring in a trade.
www.benmaller.com /archives/2004/october/24.html   (7776 words)

 Picasso Dreams: October 18, 2004 - October 24, 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
October 20, 2004—Many Americans do not know that before his days of crime at Enron, Andy Fastow was intimately involved in another "American Energy and Finance Scam" named Penn Central and that sleazy deal wound up toppling Continental Illinois Bank at a taxpayer costs of billions.
I know people from all over this world spanning 19 of the 24 times zones, and have generally found that the peoples of the world get along just fine.
It is the governments that mess things up and the powerful elite that attempt to control them to their gain and our detriment.
karmakat.typepad.com /picasso_dreams/2004/week43   (6970 words)

 Take Back Your Time
October 24th, 2003 marked the first Take Back Your Time Day.
Events were held in as many as 200 communities in the U.S. and Canada, reaching several thousand people.
Our model is the first Earth Day, which brought a new environmental awareness to America, leading within two years to the passage of the most significant ecological legislation in our history -- the EPA, the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Air and Water Acts.
www.simpleliving.net /timeday#why   (1890 words)

 The 24 Hour Plays Set for October 24 at the American Airlines Theatre, Broadway.com Buzz   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The evening--which is composed of six plays that are written, cast, rehearsed and performed in a single day--will take place on October 24 at the American Airlines Theatre.
The creative process for The 24 Hour Plays will begin at around 10pm on Sunday, October 23, when a group of six writers (including David Lindsay-Abaire, Dael Orlandersmith and Warren Leight), six directors, 24 actors and a production staff will gather at the theater to be briefed.
Tickets to The 24 Hour Plays cost $125 or $250 (which includes a pass to the post-show cast party) and can be purchased by calling (212) 868-4444.
www.broadway.com /Gen/Buzz_Story.aspx?ci=518954   (489 words)

 NTI: Global Security Newswire - Friday, October 24, 2003
Committee staff members were surprised by the large amount of circumstantial, single-source or disputed intelligence used to prepare key documents, such as the October 2002 national intelligence estimate on Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, according to Democratic and Republican sources.
At issue are uranium enrichment centrifuges in which IAEA inspectors found traces of highly enriched uranium, suggesting the possibility that Iran has created nuclear bomb material in violation of its Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty commitments.
They called for Iran to withdraw from the NPT and some wore white shrouds to indicate their willingness to die for their beliefs, according to the Associated Press (Associated Press/KPLC-TV.com, Oct. 24).
www.nti.org /d_newswire/issues/2003_10_24.html   (3468 words)

 BeldarBlog: October 18, 2004 - October 24, 2004 Archives
Update (Sun Oct 24 @ 1:20pm): The Austin American-Statesman — hometown paper for what many of us UT alums fondly refer to as "Sodom on the Colorado" or "Berkeley East," and unquestionably the basion of Texas liberalism and populism — has also endorsed Dubya.
Weiss insists that this is because she has better manners and is smarter; perhaps she's right.
I continue to be amazed at the traffic my blog has generated in August, September, and October, and simply want to thank those of you who've stopped by — including those who have expressed disagreeing opinions in my comments sections.
beldar.blogs.com /beldarblog/2004/week43   (12776 words)

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