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Topic: October 25

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In the News (Fri 26 Apr 19)

  Today in History: October 25
On October 25, [1741] we had very clear weather and sunshine, but even so it hailed at various times in the afternoon.
We were surprised in the morning to discover a large tall island at 51° to the north of us.
Their union launched a vital 54-year partnership taking the couple from colonial Boston through the politics of revolution, to Paris and London and the world of international diplomacy, and finally to Washington, D.C., where they became the first presidential couple to occupy the White House.
memory.loc.gov /ammem/today/oct25.html   (1185 words)

  DCA00MA005: Aberdeen, South Dakota, October 25, 1999
On October 25, 1999, the flight crew was scheduled to begin a 2-day trip sequence consisting of five flights.
The airplane's titleholder as of October 25, 1999, was Jet Shares One, Inc., and the previous titleholder was McMillin Aircraft, Inc. The airplane had a total of eight passenger seats.
The accident site was located at 45 degrees, 25 minutes north latitude and 98 degrees, 45 minutes west longitude and was characterized by a crater that measured 42 feet, 4 inches long (oriented east to west) by 21 feet, 7 inches wide (oriented north to south).
www.ntsb.gov /Publictn/2000/aab0001.htm   (14384 words)

 October 25 on C-Span
October 24, 2003--Everyone should feel proud of the role that VoteNoWar members have played in making the October 25 mass demonstration in Washington DC and joint action in San Francisco such a huge success.
This event will receive national and international media attention and show new growth for the peace and anti-war movement as the Bush administration's war and occupation are increasingly reviled by public opinion as illegal, immoral and justified by now-exposed lies and deceit.
The Australian peace movement is also holding October 25 demonstrations in coordination with the Washington DC and San Francisco demonstrations.
www.iacenter.org /archive2003/o25-cspan.htm   (437 words)

 Press Conference by the President
And as you mentioned, October was the deadliest month for American forces this year -- in a year.
THE PRESIDENT: First of all, this is a different kind of war than a war against the fascists in World War II.
But in order to make this country work, and to make democracy succeed, there's got to be high standards, and people must be held to account to achieve those standards.
www.whitehouse.gov /news/releases/2006/10/20061025.html   (8322 words)

 APOD: October 25, 1998 - The Pleiades Star Cluster   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
APOD: October 25, 1998 - The Pleiades Star Cluster
Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.
Quite evident in the above photograph are the blue reflection nebulae that surround the bright cluster stars.
antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov /apod/ap981025.html   (113 words)

 Listings (October 19 - October 25, 1995)
Opening October 20 and continuing October 21, 27 and 28: The Man Who Came to Dinner, the story of the eccentric acid-tongued radio celebrity, Whiteside, and his unexpected stay with the Stanley family.
Thursday, October 19, at the College of Architecture auditorium, UA campus, located at the south end of the pedestrian underpass on Speedway east of Park Avenue.
Wednesday, October 25 as they and Full Cycle sponsor a seminar covering trail location and use, gear necessities and even how to find someone to ride with.
www.tucsonweekly.com /tw/10-19-95/citylist.htm   (6483 words)

 Talking Points Memo: by Joshua Micah Marshall: October 19, 2003 - October 25, 2003 Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
October 19, 2003 - October 25, 2003
A Roberts aide, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the senator's remarks to the Post weren't meant to be a broad critique of the CIA, but were instead aimed at specific instances of flawed intelligence work, such as the now-debunked claims about Niger sales of uranium to Iraq.
The other big one was from October 10th (“President reportedly unhappy with Rumsfeld, Powell”).
www.talkingpointsmemo.com /archives/week_2003_10_19.php   (7319 words)

 United for Peace : October 25 Bring the Troops Home Now, End the Occupation of Iraq -- National March and ...
The October 25 demonstration also highlights the cost of Bush's policy in Iraq to health and human services, schools and jobs here at home.
Over 145 regional organizing centers in cities around the country are sending busloads of protesters; the mobilization's breadth reflects growing public discontent as the justifications for the Iraq war have been exposed as false.
The October 25 begins with a rally on the West side of the Washington Monument from 11am-2pm.
www.unitedforpeace.org /article.php?id=2245   (450 words)

 25 Oct History: This Date
On 25 October Kennedy politely turn down the suggestion because it would allow the Soviets to continue preparing the missiles that are already in Cuba.
Allegory on the Abdication of the Emperor Charles V on 25 October 1555, in Brussels
He died on this day October 25, 1180, and his age was the poorer for the loss of this man of wit, integrity, moderation, intelligence and faith.
www.safran-arts.com /42day/history/h4oct/h4oct25.html   (9860 words)

 WTC Enviromental Monitoring: October 25, 2001
VOCs - Sampling for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) was conducted on October 24 in the direct area of the debris pile at ground zero.
EPA is working with the local agencies and health and safety officers working at ground zero to closely monitor this situation so that workers can take appropriate precautions.
Particulate Monitoring - EPA used portable monitors to collect samples on October 24 in the following areas, which are also the locations of Fixed Air Monitors: L (north east side of Stuyvesant High), R (north west side of Stuyvesant High School), and N (South side of Pier 25).
www.epa.gov /wtc/summaries/epa-osha102501.htm   (672 words)

 October 21 - 25
Donna was born Oct. 25, 1923, on a farm outside Britt, the daughter of the late Marie and Ray Doughan.
Hazel Victoria Lee was born Nov. 25, 1914, in Worth County on a small settlement called Martintown (northwest of Kensett) to Olaf O. Lee and Gunda Randine (Olberg) Lee.
She was preceded in death by her parents; husband; son, Glen Virgil Theis in October 1995; brother, Sidney R. Lee on Sept. 13, 2004; and a nephew Lawrence Oberdiear.
www.pafways.org /obituaries/mcgg/2004/oct5.htm   (8519 words)

 United for Peace : OCTOBER 25th: March for an end to the occupation of Iraq!
It was the peace and antiwar movement in the 1960’s and 70’s that proved to be one of the decisive factors ending the US war in Vietnam.
The October 25th demonstration will be a powerful repudiation by the people of the United States of Bush’s criminal war and occupation of Iraq and will be a signal of the new antiwar movement’s potent political force countering the Bush Administration.
As the October 25-26 weekend is also the second anniversary of the passage of the so-called Patriot Act, authorizing political arrests, indefinite detentions, domestic spying, and religious and racial profiling, the demonstration will also be a call to Fight Back Against the Patriot Act.
www.unitedforpeace.org /article.php?id=1957   (462 words)

 DAWN - Editorial; October 25, 2005
EU discussions on giving more substantial reconstruction aid to Islamabad are continuing but officials warn that the bloc’s ability to raise more funds is limited because of internal budgetary constraints and demands for aid put in by other countries.
But the focus of the informal summit is expected to be on the impact of globalization on Europe and the WTO impasse on global trade liberalization.
Officials said several ministers had warned that a failure by the EU to deliver quick aid to Pakistan could encourage anti-western religious parties to argue that Europeans were not doing enough to help the country.
www.dawn.com /2005/10/25/ed.htm   (2693 words)

 October 21 - 25
He was president of the Britt Creamery board for 20 years, state director and vice-president of the Iowa Creamery Association board and a past president of the Hancock Dairy Herd Improvement Association.
Dora Dena Kaduce was born June 25, 1914, in Alexander, the daughter of Lulof and Hanna (Suntken) Kaduce.
After 25 years with International Harvester, he had retired as a regional manager, and then owned and operated a private trucking firm.
www.pafways.org /obituaries/mcgg/2000/oct5.htm   (8051 words)

 Today in History: October 25
On October 25, [1741] we had very clear weather and sunshine, but even so it hailed at various times in the afternoon.
We were surprised in the morning to discover a large tall island at 51° to the north of us.
Their union launched a vital 54-year partnership taking the couple from colonial Boston through the politics of revolution, to Paris and London and the world of international diplomacy, and finally to Washington, D.C., where they became the first presidential couple to occupy the White House.
lcweb2.loc.gov /ammem/today/oct25.html   (1185 words)

 Johns Hopkins Gazette | October 25, 2004
Funds from private donors have been instrumental in the completion of major capital projects, such as the $27 million renovation of the Peabody Institute and the final buildout of the Bloomberg School of Public Health block on Wolfe Street.
Because of the pressing need for new and updated facilities across the institutions, however, the Knowledge for the World campaign has a bricks-and-mortar component of 25 percent, or $500 million.
Johns Hopkins Medicine — which is seeking $1 billion, half of the campaign's overall goal — has devoted an even higher proportion, 30 percent, to construction needs.
www.jhu.edu /~gazette/2004/25oct04/25camp.html   (1142 words)

 October 25, 2004
Posted October 25, 2004 at 02:26:14 from Remove Post?
Posted October 25, 2004 at 09:49:28 from Remove Post?
If I knew the answer to that, I might already know who she was.
www.familyworkings.com /Chat/messages/2004Oct25.htm   (415 words)

 I Am Bored - Sites for when you're bored.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Monday, October 25, 2004 7:21:26 AM this must be some form of hypnotising everyone i have showed has got the sudden urge to relace their shoes....
Monday, October 25, 2004 7:39:33 AM wow...i never realized how many ways to lace a shoe there are...i've only used two styles he listed...
Monday, October 25, 2004 11:26:59 AM lol it's amazing how this site has given ppl the urge to re-lace their shoes...they're nice, but i am just too lazy.
www.i-am-bored.com /forums.asp?page_num=1&action=read&q_id=6146&ct=10   (417 words)

 DRM Strategies Conference & Expo, Los Angeles - October 25-27, 2004
October 26: 11:00am - 3:00pm & 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Jupitermedia's DRM Strategies Conference will be held October 25-27 at the Sheraton Universal in Los Angeles.
This will be the most comprehensive event on digital rights management business and technology issues ever held - a must-attend for those involved in content security in both consumer media distribution and information security for businesses.
www.jupiterevents.com /drm/fall04   (263 words)

 Sacramento News and Review October 25, 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The previous day, the FBI had placed the entire nation on high alert, based on “credible” information that Al Qaeda, the terrorist organization headed by Osama bin Laden, was planning reprisal attacks on U.S. soil for the coming weekend.
It took 25 minutes to pass through the line at the Southwest Airlines counter.
The customers waiting in line were clearly more jittery than usual; eye contact and conversations between strangers were rare; furtive, nervous glances were the norm.
www.newsreview.com /issues/sacto/2001-10-25/cover.asp   (4276 words)

 October 25 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
October 25 is the 298th day of the year (299th in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar, with 67 days remaining.
October 24 - October 26 - November 25 - September 25 - more historical anniversaries
This page was last modified 23:13, 15 February 2006.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/October_25   (1273 words)

 October 25, 2002
Oct 25, 2002 12:00 PM Bjrn Lomborg is a man environmentalists love to hate.
Oct 25, 2002 12:00 PM Driving through the Delta, I was reminded of a thought that came to me during last spring's farm bill debate: Sen. Charles Grassley, Ken Cook and the...
Oct 25, 2002 12:00 PM RICE Producers Association has set Jan. 23-24 as the dates for the next National Conservation Tillage Conference that will be held at the Radisson...
deltafarmpress.com /issue_20021025/index.html   (339 words)

 October 25   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
up to 85,603,640 of its common shares, representing 10 percent of the public float of approximately 856,036,400 common shares outstanding as at October 25, 2005...
Russia’s Industry and Energy Minister Viktor Khristenko was served with the notice October 25, Finance Minister Alexey Kudrin got it January 12.
Swiss poultry farmers were already required to keep their birds inside from October 25 to December 15 last year, when migratory birds were crossing the country...
www.wikiverse.org /october-25   (481 words)

 October 25, 2003 Antiwar Demonstration Report   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
By any standard, the October 25 demonstration, jointly sponsored by United For Peace and Justice and Answer, was a resounding success.
Veterans and family members of soldiers now in Iraq mobilized in large numbers for the October 25 demonstration in Washington, D.C. to show their opposition to Bush's war and occupation.
Protesters hang a large banner from the window of a downtown office building, during an anti-war demonstration in Washington, October 25, 2003.
www.veteransforpeace.org /Oct25_2003_antiwar_report.htm   (8932 words)

 War Diary: 25-26 October 1942
F-14 emergency forced landing went through barriers and crashed into parked planes in Fly One, knocked an SBD over the side and injured several plane handlers.
Followed by amplifying report "Course west, speed 25." At 0750 report received from our search planes "2 CV's and accompanying vessels in lat.
Launched Fourth Combat Patrol (25 VF of VF 10 and VF 72).
www.cv6.org /ship/logs/diary19421026.htm   (894 words)

 AP Worldstream: Friday, October 25@ HighBeam Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Today is Friday, October 25, the 299th day of 2002.
The above preview is from AP Worldstream, October 18, 2002.
Our archive contains millions of documents from thousands of sources and goes back over 23 years.
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?DOCID=1P1:68902548&refid=ip_encyclopedia_hf   (203 words)

 october 25 - Articles about october 25
The Mosaic Company officially began business on 25 October 2004, when trade in the company's shares began on the New York Stock Exchange.
InterContinental Hotels Group opened 25 new-build hotels representing 2,368 rooms in the Americas from July through October 2004.(In The pipeline)...
Tokyo saw an extended retreat in the week ended October 25, due to concerns over the negative impact on the Japanese economy and corporate earnings......
www.wordiq.com /article/october+25.html   (385 words)

 Louisiana Board of Regents' Minutes of October 25, 2001
The Board of Regents met in regular session at 12:55 p.m., Thursday, October 25, 2001, at the Center for BioEnviromental Research at Tulane Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, Louisiana.
Marvin Roubique presented motions from the Facilities and Property Committee Report of October 25, 2001.
On motion of Regent Strong, seconded by Regent Dupré, the Board voted unanimously to approve the motions adopted by the Committee of the Whole of October 25, 2001.
www.regents.state.la.us /Board/Minutes/2001/mi102501.htm   (565 words)

 Debates - Issue 63 - October 25, 2001   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
NOW THEREFORE the Senate resolves that an amendment to the Constitution of Canada be authorized to be made by proclamation issued by her Excellency the Governor General under the Great Seal of Canada in accordance with the schedule hereto.
Resuming debate on the motion of the Honourable Senator Cordy, seconded by the Honourable Senator LaPierre, for the third reading of Bill C-11, respecting immigration to Canada and the granting of refugee protection to persons who are displaced, persecuted or in danger.
As I stated on October 2, 2001, as Chair of the Standing Committee on Internal Economy, Budgets and Administration, I intend to keep this chamber advised on the progress of our negotiations with CPAC.
www.parl.gc.ca /37/1/parlbus/chambus/senate/deb-e/063db_2001-10-25-E.htm?Language=E&Parl=37&Ses=1   (18963 words)

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