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Topic: October 28

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  October 2000 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
October 1 - 2 - Nine Palestinian citizens of Israel are killed by Israeli security forces after a violant demonstration of solidarity with Palestinian non-citizens under military occupation in the West Bank and Gaza.
October 12 - In Aden, Yemen, the USS Cole is badly damaged by two suicide bombers who placed a small boat laden with explosives along-side the United States Navy destroyer, killing 17 crew members and wounding at least 39.
October 17 - Hatfield rail crash, United Kingdom: Part of a rail shatters as a passenger train passes over it; four people are killed, 70 are injured.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/October_2000   (382 words)

 Stephen's Web ~ Edu_RSS ~ October 28, 2003   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
From CNET News.com on October 28, 2003 at 5:45 p.m..
From CNET News.com on October 28, 2003 at 4:45 p.m..
From CNET News.com on October 28, 2003 at 3:45 p.m..
www.downes.ca /archive/03/10_28_Edu_RSS.htm   (9441 words)

 Trading Analysis of October 27 and 28, 1997
October 27 was also the first time that the cross-market trading halt circuit breaker procedures had been used since their adoption in 1988.
The market declines on October 27 and the morning of October 28, as well as the bounce-back in share prices during the remainder of October 28, must be understood in the context of market movements over the preceding days, weeks, and months.
For example, while the October 27 daily volume on the NYSE totalled 685.5 million shares, representing a 33% increase over the year-to-date average, this was only a 14% increase from the average for the previous week and only a 2% increase from share volume on the previous trading session of Friday, October 24.
www.sec.gov /news/studies/tradrep.htm   (19123 words)

 WTC Enviromental Monitoring: October 28 & 29, 2001
On October 26 five samples were collected and analyzed for Freon-22 (chlorodiflouromethane), Freon-22 was not detected in these samples.
Freon-22 was detected and confirmed in samples collected from within the debris pile of the North Tower and in the debris pile of the South Tower, both at ground level, in samples collected on October 27 and within the debris pile of the North Tower on October 28, also at ground level.
Several carbon monoxide readings were detected above the National Ambient Air Quality Standard (NAAQS) 8-hour average of 9 ppm during the early afternoon on October 27 and during the late morning on October 28; however the readings were below the NAAQS 1-hour average of 35 ppm and the OSHA permissible level of 50 ppm.
www.epa.gov /wtc/summaries/epa-osha102801.htm   (946 words)

 October 28, 2000 Aurora Gallery
I used a Canon EOS Rebel 2000, a 28mm lens at 4.5, and 35-60 sec.
Ed Kreminski: "This animated sequence is comprised of five stills taken about one minute apart on the evening of October 28, 2000 around 9:30pm EDT from East Central Ohio." Photo settings: 28mm lens at f5.6 at 20 seconds on 400 ASA print film.
Terry Lutz captured this photo at 11:30 pm EDT on Oct. 28, 2000.
www.spaceweather.com /aurora/gallery_28oct00.html   (372 words)

 October 28 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
October 28 is the 301st day of the year (302nd in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar, with 64 days remaining.
R.C. Saints - October 28th is the feast day of the following Roman Catholic Saints:
October 27 - October 29 - November 28 - September 28 - more historical anniversaries
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/October_28   (1255 words)

 eBay - october 28, Transportation, Magazine Back Issues items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
October 28, 2002 San Luis Obispo, CA: On The Road -...
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=october+28&newu=1&krd=1   (495 words)

 Peace Corps Online | October 28, 2003 - Dayton Daily News: Some Peace Corps deaths still a Mystery (Part 1)
The most recent murder was that of 63-year-old Larisa Jaffe, whose body was found under the floorboards of her house in Zimbabwe in October 2001.
But in Cherkassy, Ukraine, the 27-year-old's life appeared to be unraveling the day he walked beneath the tall evergreens in the 50th Anniversary of October Park, named for the 1917 Communist revolution.
Samuel Crane of St. Petersburg, Fla., who served in El Salvador from January to October 2001, recalled that the Peace Corps tried to convince volunteers that the cause of Amador's death was a prescription medication error, even warning volunteers to be careful when they used pharmacies there.
peacecorpsonline.org /messages/messages/2629/2017158.html   (6184 words)

 Dancing with Dogs: Blog Mela Schedule (Updated)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
Posted by: Yazad at October 4, 2004 06:52 AM Shanti… I would love to host it on 11th Nov… if that slot is available.
Posted by: Shanti at October 4, 2004 09:55 AM i woul;d love to host for ever have some space not some lot of space left in my hosting server, have a website called www.chennaiblog.com so we can host a big mela there.
Posted by: Aadisht at October 22, 2004 12:46 PM I see your host cupboard looks a bit bare for the second half of December.
www.madhoo.com /archives/003141.php   (1137 words)

 October 28  Newsletter
The exhibit will be in local hospitals and one county has requested all the witnesses from their area for the entire month of October and has planned various appearances.
I had six extra witnesses last week sitting in my garage, so I quickly drove them to the shelter in my town and they were able to use them at their vigil last Tuesday.
We are co-sponsoring a silent march on October 26, 1999.
www.silentwitness.net /newsletter_archive/news102899.htm   (4740 words)

 [WORKSHOP] Licensing of Electronic Resources (October 27-28, 1997: Ottawa, Canada)
In this exciting but uncertain environment, information providers who need to protect their investments are turning to licenses to define and control the use of their products.
Participants are invited to join CARL members for dinner on October 27th (additional charge of $50).
Cheques should be made payable to Canadian Association of Research Libraries and mailed BY SEPTEMBER 5th, 1997 to : Stellina Mingardi Canadian Association of Research Libraries Room 602 Morisset Hall University of Ottawa 65 University Street Ottawa, Ontario K1N 9A5 Phone: (613) 562-5800 ext.
lists.webjunction.org /wjlists/web4lib/1997-August/021379.html   (453 words)

 Total Lunar Eclipse: October 27-28, 2004
he last eclipse of 2004 occurs on the evening of Wednesday, October 27 (in Europe, the eclipse occurs during the early morning hours of Thursday, October 28).
From western Europe, the eclipse occurs during the early morning hours of Thursday, October 28.
This is considerably shorter that the maximum duration possible of 1 hour and 47 minutes (see: Total Lunar Eclipse of July 16, 2000).
sunearth.gsfc.nasa.gov /eclipse/LEmono/TLE2004Oct28/TLE2004Oct28.html   (2839 words)

 Eclipses During 2004
During this event, the Moon is low on the ecliptic in western Libra just 1.5° south of the 2.8 magnitude star Zuben Elgenubi (Alpha Librae).
The penumbral phase of October's eclipse begins at 00:06 UT, but most observers will not be able to visually detect the shadow until about 00:45 UT. A timetable for the major phases of the eclipse is as follows:
During the eclipses of 2004, the values for GST and the geocentric Right Ascension and Declination of the Sun or the Moon (at greatest eclipse) are as follows:
sunearth.gsfc.nasa.gov /eclipse/OH/OH2004.html   (2084 words)

 *Ø*  Wilson's Almanac free daily ezine | Book of Days | October 28 | Oxi or Ochi Day Athens Greece Feast of ...
Evelyn Waugh, English author, born on October 28, 1903, Decline and Fall, Ch.
Pirates Week consists of colourful, free wheeling celebrations in the streets, family oriented district days, costumed pirates and wenches, and underwater and land based treasure hunts, which commemorate the days when the Cayman Islands were the haunt of pirates and buccaneers.
The Okunchi Matsuri is a festival held from October 28 - 30 at Karatsu Shrine, Karatsu.
www.wilsonsalmanac.com /book/oct28.html   (3749 words)

 October 2002
The new three-member presidency is sworn in on October 28, Sarovic being the first chairman.
In parliamentary elections held on October 6, the PT wins 91 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 10 for a total of 14 in the Senate, the Liberal Front Party (PFL) 84 (14/19), the Party of the Brazilian Democratic Movement (PMDB) 74 (9/19), and the PSDB 71 (8/11).
He is replaced as governor of Goa on October 26 by Kidar Nath Sahani, who was himself replaced as governor of Sikkim by V. Rama Rao on October 25.
www.rulers.org /2002-10.html   (2169 words)

 October 28   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
On Oct. 28, 1886, the Statue of Liberty, a gift from the people of France, was dedicated in New York Harbor by President Cleveland.
It may not be reproduced electronically or in any other form.
This page was last built with Frontier on a Macintosh on Fri, Oct 28, 2005 at 2:08:24 PM.
www.rny.com /archive/history/2005/October/1028.html   (510 words)

 ICANN | Meetings in Shanghai | 28-31 October 2002
The preliminary report of the Board's 31 October 2002 meeting is now available.
Output of the real-time captioning for the Board's 31 October 2002 meeting is now available.
Various pre-meeting activities will be held in Shanghai on 27 October 2002.
www.icann.org /shanghai   (687 words)

 Today in History: October 28
On October 28, 1919, Congress passed the Volstead Act providing for enforcement of the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution, ratified nine months earlier.
Known as the Prohibition Amendment, it prohibited the "manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors" in the United States.
October 28 marks the birth date of Gilbert H. Grosvenor, the editor credited with transforming
memory.loc.gov /ammem/today/oct28.html   (1175 words)

 Online NewsHour Forum: The State of the Stock Market -- October 28, 1997
As the Dow Jones Industrials shed a record 554 on October 27th, so-called "circuit breakers" intervened twice to bring trading to a halt.
October 19, 1987, Black Monday to most financiers, saw the single largest point drop in the history of Wall Street, 508 points or 22.6 percent of its total value.
In 1987, he ran the Brady Commission, the federal task force that investigated the market crash.
www.pbs.org /newshour/forum/october97/crash_10-27.html   (517 words)

 GeorgiaInfo - Carl Vinson Institute of Government
The win also made the Braves franchise the first in history to win a world series in three different cities -- Boston (1914), Milwaukee (1957), and Atlanta (1995).
Georgia cities and towns first incorporated on acts approved on Oct. 28:
If you have a date related to Georgia history or people that ought to be included, or if know of entries that should be corrected, send a note to Ed Jackson or
www.cviog.uga.edu /Projects/gainfo/tdgh-oct/oct28.htm   (823 words)

 Peace Corps Online | October 28, 2003 - Dayton Daily News: Peace Corps Experience By Russia RPCV Wesley
October 28, 2003 - Dayton Daily News: Peace Corps Experience By Russia RPCV Wesley
Peace Corps Online: Peace Corps News: Special Reports: October 26, 2003: Dayton Daily News reports on Peace Corps Safety and Security: What RPCVs say about this Series on other Message Boards: October 28, 2003 - Dayton Daily News: Peace Corps Experience By Russia RPCV Wesley
If you do not have an account, enter your full name into the "Username" box and leave the "Password" box empty.
peacecorpsonline.org /messages/messages/2629/2017192.html   (279 words)

 Ben Maller : Archives - October 28, 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
Rumors from October 28, 2005: College Rumors and Notes, MLB Rumors and Notes, NBA Rumors and Notes, NFL Rumors and Notes, Odd Notes and Stuff
Dungy was asked if this was as healthy as he could expect the Colts to be in late October.
Tampa Bay 28, SAN FRANCISCO 7 — The Buccaneers are 5-1 and coming off a bye week, which means the coaching staff had extra time to prepare to face the 11-point underdog 49ers.
www.benmaller.com /archives/2005/october/28.html   (11314 words)

 Oct. 28, 2001 Aurora Gallery
Yellow streaks were visible to the eye at an intensity I had seen before only in photos." Details: Minolta X 700, 28 mm lens, F2.8, Kodak Royal Gold 400, 20 sec.
At one point it was a solid red from east to west.
Cantin: "This was the best display that I never saw - by far." Photo details: 28 mm @ f 2.8, 25 seconds, Kodak supra 400.
www.spaceweather.com /aurora/gallery_28oct01.html   (851 words)

 Search Engine Strategies Sweden - October 27-28, 2004 - The Premier Conference for Search Engine Marketing & ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
Search engine marketing is today's hottest and most important subject for agencies & marketers around the globe.
Be part of this "must attend event" coming to Stockholm 27-28 October 2004.
October 27 - 28, 2004 Stockholm, Sweden
www.jupiterevents.com /sew/sweden04   (593 words)

 Search Engine Strategies Sweden - October 27-28, 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
Enter your e-mail to be notified of future "Search Engine Strategies" events.
October 27-28, 2004 •; Sheraton Stockholm Hotel and Towers • Stockholm, Sweden *
Sante J. Achille has an engineering degree from the University of L’Aquila (1986).
www.jupiterevents.com /sew/sweden04/achille.html   (219 words)

 CNN - Salon review: 'Read My Lips' - October 28, 1998
CNN - Salon review: 'Read My Lips' - October 28, 1998
Web posted on: Wednesday, October 28, 1998 5:17:31 PM EST
CNN Interactive review: Walker Evans' work exposes layers of truth - October 27, 1998
www.cnn.com /books/reviews/9810/28/lipstick   (359 words)

 IEBlog : Friday, October 28, 2005 - Posts
IEBlog : Friday, October 28, 2005 - Posts
These postings are provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confer no rights.
The team started just 6 months ago and has just the right mix of fresh engineering graduates full of zeal, people with prior experience
blogs.msdn.com /ie/archive/2005/10/28.aspx   (93 words)

 Sara Ford's WebLog : Thursday, October 28, 2004 - Posts
Sara Ford's WebLog : Thursday, October 28, 2004 - Posts
posted Thursday, October 28, 2004 10:21 AM by saraford
In a formal sense (at this given point in time for me), we can define the terms as follows: Test Specification – a Read More
blogs.msdn.com /saraford/archive/2004/10/28.aspx   (184 words)

 Lunar Eclipse Gallery: Oct. 27 abd 28, 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-20)
Lunar Eclipse Gallery: Oct. 27 abd 28, 2004
Now we know what it took to end the Curse of the Bambino: a lunar eclipse.
More: from Chris Cannon of Birmingham, Alabama, USA; from Matt Helmi of New Jersey, USA; from Tonya of Santa Fe, New Mexico
science.nasa.gov /spaceweather/eclipses/gallery_27oct04.html   (325 words)

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