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Topic: Oegopsina

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 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Oegopsina
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Oegopsina is a suborder of the squid order, Teuthida, in the Cephalopod Class.
Some taxonomists raise it to the level of an order, in which case it is known as Oegopsida.
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 Oegopsina - Qwika   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Oegopsina is a suborder of the squid order...
Orden : Teuthida A. Naef, 1916b Suborders Myopsina Oegopsina calamary it is molusco sailor pertaining to...
Coleoidea Superorde : Decapodiformes Orde Teuthida Subordes Myopsina Oegopsina squids to be a large, several group...
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 Squid @ iCookClub.com
The mouth contains the radula (the rough tongue common to all mollusks except bivalvia and aplacophora).
Squids are members of the class Cephalopoda, subclass Coleoidea, order Teuthida, of which there are two major suborders, Myopsina and Oegopsina (including the giant squids like Architeuthis dux).
Teuthida is the largest of the cephalopod orders, edging out the octopuses (order Octopoda) for total number of species, with 298 classified into 28 families.
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