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Topic: Oenotrus

In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

  Lycaon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
After the Trojan War, Lycaon was sold into slavery by Achilles.
Lycaon, in Greek mythology, son of Pelasgus and Meliboea, father of Oenotrus and the mythical first king of Arcadia.
He was the father of Callisto and, according to some, he raised her son Arcas.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Lycaon   (406 words)

 Talk:Oenotrus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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 Romulus, Greek Mythology Link.
Among other Greek emigrants who came to Italy, but in earlier times, are Daunius and his brothers Iapyx 1, and Peucetius, sons of the impious Lycaon 2.
Also Oenotrus, perhaps the youngest of the brothers, is said to have emigrated, and the land of Oenotria in Italy received its name after him.
He was born seventeen generations before the Trojan War, and being dissatisfied with his portion of his father's land, left Arcadia and with his brother Peucetius emigrated to Italy.
homepage.mac.com /cparada/GML/Romulus.html   (4899 words)

 Nothing New Press: The Story of the Romans Publisher’s Preface
The first was under Oenotrus from the city of Argos in Greece.
Throughout, it can be seen that nothing in the legendary or archaeological history of Rome or the ancient world denies the biblical account of the creation of the world, the entrance of sin and death, the judgment of Noah’s Flood, and the rise of the peoples from his descendants after their dispersal from Babel.
Furthermore, the dates that coin-cide with the legendary immigrations of the Pelasgians and Trojans, and founding of the Italians’ most important cities, beginning with the immigration of Oenotrus in 1710
www.nothingnewpress.com /guerber/romans-preface2.html   (1482 words)

She first taught the Art to Triptolemus the young son of Celeus King of Eleusis.
Oenotrus the youngest son of Lycaon, the Janus of the Latines, led the first Colony of Greeks into Italy, and there taught them to build houses.
Areas, the son of Callisto and grandson of Lycaon, and Eumelus the first King of Achaia, receive bread-corn from Triptolemus.
www.pereplet.ru /gorm/fomenko/inewton.htm   (5837 words)

 Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology, page 17 (v. 3)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
On this page: Oenone – Oenopides – Oenopion – Oenotropae – Oenotrus – Oeobazus
1), Oenotrus was accompanied by his brother Peucetius, and landed in the bay of Ausonia.
A Persian, who, when Dareius Hystaspis was on the point of march­ing from Susa on his Scythian expedition, besought him to leave behind with him one of his three sons, all of whom were serving in the army.
www.ancientlibrary.com /smith-bio/2351.html   (1055 words)

 Keynes Ms. 146   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The Marble makes him contemporary to Pandion the grandfather of Theseus, and by consequence {contemple} to Cadmus Others make him a little ancienter.
Only Oenotrus who was the youngest of the brothers sailed thence with his people into Italy.
And this is recconed the first colony wch the Greeks sent abroad.
www.newtonproject.ic.ac.uk /texts/keynes146_d.html   (6577 words)

 Tribes of Atlantis - Atlantis Rising
Tegea was the capital city of Lycaon2; and several townships of Crete were originally colonized by Tegea.
One son of Lycaon2 (who was named Oenotrus) had been born 17 generations BEFORE the Trojan War, but had moved west to colonize the southern end of Italy ("Oenotria", which Romans called Greater Greece).
This was the same region of Italy (Lucania) to which Hercules had chased the remaining Giants at the end of the War of the Giants.
forums.atlantisrising.com /ubb/Forum1/HTML/000637-21.html   (8334 words)

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