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Topic: Office Space

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In the News (Tue 25 Sep 18)

  Executive Office Suites - Temporary Shared Office Space For Rental And Leasing At Office Suites PLUS
Office suites may be known by many names including executive suites, office business centers, serviced offices, executive office suites, shared offices, small offices, and temporary or short-term office space.
Whether you call us executive office suites, office business centers, serviced offices, shared offices, small offices or temporary office space, we are prepared to accommodate the occasional request to use an office for a day or host a meeting or training session in any of our meeting rooms or quest offices.
Those clients seeking office rental instead of office leasing, short term office space rental instead of office space leasing, serviced office space with shared services including phone answering service are generally employed by companies and businesses that need someone physically located in the local market.
www.officesuitesplus.com   (1274 words)

 Bionic Office - Joel on Software
Office space seems to be the one thing that nobody can get right and nobody can do anything about.
Not only did we get spacious, windowed private offices, but even the common area workstations (for non-developers) are hidden in clever angular alcoves, so everyone gets their own private space without line of sight to anyone else.
The walls between the offices and the workstations are made of high tech, translucent acrylic which glows softly and provides natural light to the interior without reducing privacy.
www.joelonsoftware.com /articles/BionicOffice.html   (1681 words)

 Office space | UK Officehound
Office space is available in two basic set-ups - the traditional long-term fixed lease, and the various serviced office solutions.
Officehound focuses on serviced office space as the quick, flexible solution for businesses that need to be able to easily manage change - shorter term business planning lends itself to the flexibility on offer within the serviced office sector.
Office space within a business centre is fully furnished and often equipped, allowing you to move in within a matter of hours, as long as space is available.
www.officehound.co.uk /oh_office_space/office_space.htm   (223 words)

 SPLICEDwire: "Office Space" review
It's also the reason "Office Space," Judge's first live-action feature as a writer and director, is such a sharp satire of the stale, numbing existence of the American office drone.
"Office Space" is based on a series of animated shorts Judge created some years back that resembled an R-rated "Dilbert." Those shorts featured an mousy, inconsequential office nerd named Milton -- the kind of guy who comes to work with a full Thermos and an empty-briefcase.
These kinds of gags make "Office Space" funnier than the same story would have been from anyone else in Hollywood because this kind of left field humor simply wouldn't occur to 99 percent of the comedy writers out there.
www.splicedonline.com /99reviews/officespace.html   (664 words)

 HQ > Rent Office Space in 750 Business Center Locations in 60 Countries
With office space available at 750 business locations across 60 countries, HQ is the solution for all of your business needs.
Our fully furnished and equipped office space is ready today, and with our 98% global satisfaction rating, you can expect our world-class service wherever you do business.
You are locked into a lease agreement when you rent a traditional office, but at an HQ business center you can expand or shrink the size of your office space as your needs change.
www.hq.com /go/officespace   (1318 words)

 Office Space - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Office Space is a 1999 comedy film written and directed by Mike Judge.
Office Space is based on the Milton series of cartoons Mike Judge created for Saturday Night Live and Liquid Television.
After becoming a failure at the box office, it became a “cult hit,” known to be shown at midnight screenings across America and has proven to be popular on home video and in rental stores.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Office_Space   (1687 words)

 Salon Entertainment | Office Space
But "Office Space" doesn't depend solely on its gags or its near-perfect parodic pitch, as hilarious as those are.
("Office Space" is loosely based on Judge's "Milton" shorts for "Saturday Night Live.") It's not a cartoon in any sense, but an honest-to-God movie with some fine, understated acting and a human heart.
"Office Space" isn't quite the demented, overimaginative comedy that Wes Anderson's "Rushmore" is, but in some ways I liked it better.
www.salon.com /ent/movies/reviews/1999/02/19review.html   (987 words)

 Stopdesign | On Office Space
In the early days, the cool factor of working in the office stemmed from the tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm which permeated each floor.
In latter years of my career at Wired, the office space slid downward in its desirability and enjoyment factors.
Working in any office is not just about the environment, or the design of the chair one sits in (though physical factors can certainly make the office a more comfortable and enjoyable place to spend multiple hours of the day.) It’s also about the people with whom one gets to work.
www.stopdesign.com /log/2003/04/30/on_office_space.html   (670 words)

 SimpleBits | Office Space (but not the hilarious movie)
I rented an office space with 3 other individuals, moved into a larger office with growth, and then decided to leave it all to work in my home.
Must be the year of office space, as Bright Creative is going to have a physical address sometime in the near future as well.
When looking for office space I tend to find an environment that allows me to get the most production out of my time as we all know time is a precious commodity.
www.simplebits.com /notebook/2005/02/02/office.html   (7038 words)

 Office Space New York: Find your New York Office Space with Office Suite Group.
The Office Suite Group is a leading provider all-inclusive, furnished and equipped New York office space.
Occupying over 100,000 square feet of prime office space, clients have access to modern and innovative private offices which can accommodate anywhere from one (1) to ten (10) people.
Offices are equipped with furniture, advanced technical specifications, telephone systems and secretarial services, along with conference rooms and staffed r eception area.
www.officesuitegroup.com   (161 words)

 OFFICE SPACE movie review (with photos and clips where possible)
Office Space stars refreshing newcomer Ron Livingston as Peter Gibbons, a computer programmer at "Initech Corporation." Each day he fights traffic jams to settle into a tiny cubicle, where he goes through lines and lines and lines of old computer programs, lifting out potential Y2K problems.
He sleeps through his alarm, he strolls into the office only occasionally, he takes no guff from anyone, he even dismantles the cubicle wall that disrupts his view out a window.
It may simply be that this cartoonist who mostly works in short-form animation needs more practice creating full-fledged, flesh-and-blood characters or sustaining their tale for 90 minutes.
www.rochestergoesout.com /mov/o/office.html   (547 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Office Space [1999]: DVD: Ron Livingston,Stephen Root,Mike Judge,Gary Cole,Jennifer Aniston,Ajay ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Office Space is a movie for anyone who's ever spent eight hours in a "Productivity Bin", had to endure a smarmy, condescending boss, had worries about layoffs, or just had the urge to demolish a temperamental printer or fax machine.
I stumbled into 'Office Space' with no idea of the plot or style, and on both counts I'm not that much the wiser having seen it.
Everyone is caught in their own problems and it's only when Peter relaxes that he can treat the office for what it is. A lot of the film rests on Ron Livingston as Peter and he pulls it off with a kind of amiable charm that permeates the whole film.
www.amazon.co.uk /Office-Space-Ron-Livingston/dp/B0000BZNIU   (2096 words)

 The Seattle Times: Business & Technology: Office space grows tighter
Some Seattle landlords were so desperate three years ago to fill their office buildings that they turned to the unthinkable: They offered six months or more free rent in exchange for a five-year commitment from a new or expanding business.
Average annual rental rates for all classes of office space in downtown Seattle rose to $26.19 a square foot in the third quarter, up $1.57 from the second quarter.
Most of the additional office space on the Eastside won't be ready until the end of next year or well into 2008.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/businesstechnology/2003280522_cre29.html   (545 words)

 Emergency Office Space
We are in the process of aggregating available office space and warehouse space in the Greater Baton Rouge area (East Baton Rouge and the surrounding eight parishes).
To submit office space listings or other information for this page, please contact the chamber at 225-381-7151 or amy@brac.org.
Office space, A/C, carpet, internet, business environment, utils inc., all or part could be leased.
batonrouge.chamberinfo.org /business/officespace.htm   (1099 words)

 How to Lease Office Space - eHow.com
Gauge what your space requirements are now and what they may be in years to come.
Agents have the inside track on what space is coming on the market soon and can advise you on which properties are the best.
Although the rate may be a bit higher, many suites come furnished and have access to office equipment and conference rooms, thereby lowering up-front costs for physical space and equipment to almost nothing.
www.ehow.com /how_107832_lease-office-space.html   (502 words)

 NASA - Space Science - Home
NASA transformed its organization in the summer of 2004, uniting the former Earth and Space Science Enterprises.
A combined organization is best able to establish an understanding of the Earth, other planets and their evolution, bring the lessons of our study of Earth to the exploration of the Solar System, and to assure the discoveries made here will enhance our work there.
Space probes and space observatories have played a central role in this process of discovery.
spacescience.nasa.gov   (239 words)

 Office Space Information for leasing or purchasing office space from OfficeFinder.
Office Space Information for leasing or purchasing office space from OfficeFinder.
Having a local office space expert on your team, who is in tune with the market and understands your needs, will make a big difference in your office space search and negotiation outcome.
If yours is like most businesses, you rent office space only a few times in your business life, while landlords rent space over and over again.
www.officefinder.com   (316 words)

 Nationwide Executive Office Suites And Office Space For Lease
Offices in Washington DC Office Space and Executive Suites for lease nationwide
Similar adaptability can be seen with the amenities that are often provided by management groups that offer the use of Office Space in Texas and in other regions of the country as well.
Many of these offering are identical to those that can be had with Office Space in Boston or in almost any other metropolitan city.
www.officelist.com   (503 words)

 Open Directory - Business: Business Services: Office Services: Office Space   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Office Business Center Association International - International member owned trade association representing companies whose primary business is to provide office accommodations and business support services.
Office Guide - Search for office space by city, square-footage requirements, and price range; area maps and current market conditions also featured.
Offices 2 Share - Brings together those with excess office space with those who want to share that space.
dmoz.org /Business/Business_Services/Office_Services/Office_Space   (847 words)

 office space, executive suites, business center
The executive suites office space we provide is made up of private individual offices that share a common reception area, conference rooms, support staff, and other services.
Typical office space sizes range from 10 x 15 ft to 16 x 16 ft, and are leased for terms of three to thirty-six months.
For tele-commuters and others who have intermittent office needs in Memphis, we offer business identity plans (virtual offices), conference rooms, and a daily rent office space.
www.officememphis.com   (211 words)

 MrOfficeSpace.com - office space commercial real estate listings
Featuring over 1.5 billion square feet of office space and other commercial property, this is the largest free database of independently verified real estate listings.
Office Buildings Magazine is an unparalleled source of information for all real estate professionals.
Each of the 11 annual editions provides a wealth of information on commercial office space listings, including building photographs, data on individual properties, local broker directories, area maps, editorial content including major deals, new development and more.
www.mrofficespace.com   (331 words)

 Office space and telework
As the use of telework increases, and with average teleworkers spending 2 or 3 days per week away from the regular office, the resulting empty office space can easily be re-rationalized by desk-sharing, hoteling or other office-space strategies.
Telework allowed IBM to drastically reduced the need for office space and save $56 million per year across the company.
Mine, mine, mine -- Once heralded as the answer to real estate space woes and workers' desires to be less tied to the office, hoteling is getting a critical look as workers lament the loss of workplace anchors.
www.ivc.ca /part11.html   (974 words)

 Small Office Sublets in New York City, Find Office Space for Lease, Rent, NYC, Workspace
Office space in Manhattan can be a confusing service to evaluate due to hidden charges and complex agreements.
We simplify your life with our office space by eliminating hidden charges and providing a simple agreement for you to sign.
Manhattan office space for rent and related business services apply to a wide variety of different businesses, so we can most likely satisfy your needs well.
www.microoffice.us   (322 words)

 Chronicle Careers: 5/30/2006: Office Space   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
I suspect that offices didn't make it into our negotiation workshop because academics in the humanities tend to have limited needs when it comes to office space, and departments in the humanities tend to have even more limited resources.
The office, of course, wasn't really mine: The full professor to whom it belonged was away on a research leave.
The crunch for space on university campuses is such that there aren't any easy solutions for my struggles.
chronicle.com /jobs/news/2006/05/2006053001c/careers.html   (1627 words)

 Met Office: Met Office in space
In our forecast offices, up-to-date satellite imagery provides vital information on the formation and dissipation of active weather systems, improving the scope and accuracy of the products that we can offer to our customers.
From a network of satellites in space it is possible to get 24-hour global coverage of the dynamic Earth system.
Our Space Programme team helps the Met Office ensure that meteorology is properly served by national and international space programmes, especially ESA, EUMETSAT and BNSC.
www.metoffice.com /space   (306 words)

 Office Planet Serviced Offices::London Serviced Office Space
Office Planet provides quality serviced offices in London and throughout the UK for businesses requiring a serviced office space, a virtual office or conventional office space.
Our difference is that we properly qualify all your needs and then match these with an appropriate solution, thus avoiding you being inundated with a whole host of unsuitable offerings.
Your search for serviced office space with Office Planet can really be this easy.
www.office-planet.net   (246 words)

 Austin Office Space | Don Cox Company
By simply filling out this space locator form, we guarantee you a list of available Austin office space within 24 hours.
We know how to quickly find just the right office and industrial / warehouse space, and negotiate leasing / subleasing and purchase agreements—enabling you to set up your Austin office space in no time.
Don't let finding and negotiating the right office space be a confusing and harrowing process.
www.doncox.com   (231 words)

 Amazon.ca: Office Space: Special Edition with Flair (Widescreen Edition): DVD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Now, Office Space might look like a movie about this young guy whose whole viewpoint on cubicle hell is changed when his occupational hypnotherapist dies in the middle of a hypnosis session, leaving him with a wonderfully carefree attitude toward the job he despises - but it's not.
Office Space is a very funny, on the mark movie about working in cubicles, having a dead end job and brain dead bosses.
Favourite scene has to be the beating death of the despised fax machine, anyone who has worked in an office can totally relate and probably do as I do and play that scene over and over as some sort of catharsis.
www.amazon.ca /Office-Space-Special-Flair-Widescreen/dp/B000B5MBUQ   (1653 words)

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