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Topic: Oftel

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 Oftel -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Oftel has been superseded as the British ((often plural) systems used in transmitting messages over a distance electronically) telecommunications regulator by Ofcom (the Office of Communications).
It was set up under the Telecommunications Act 1984 after privatisation of the nationalised operator (Click link for more info and facts about BT) BT.
On 28 December 2003 the duties of Oftel were inherited by (Click link for more info and facts about Ofcom) Ofcom, which is the result of a consolidation of the British telecommunication and broadcasting regulators.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/o/of/oftel.htm   (170 words)

 OFTEL Announces Four Measures to Promote Local Loop Unbundling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
OFTEL also suggests that it may be possible for an OLO to deploy its equipment in remote accommodation situated on BT’s property as an alternative to physical co-location with the MDF building, but considers it reasonable to first exhaust co-location options with the MDF building.
OFTEL believes that BT is not, as a result, complying with the terms of the Regulation on Local Loop Unbundling, which stipulates that charges for unbundled access to the local loop shall be cost-oriented.
Although OFTEL acknowledges that BT is entitled to recover from operators the costs of the work it performs to ready space for co-location, OFTEL considers that, in the private property market, additional charges for preparation of premises for their intended use are not usually levied on top of a market rent.
www.aporter.pair.com /newsletter/nlet010627.htm   (1112 words)

OFTEL is soliciting comments on its proposals by 8 December 2000, with comments-on-comments due by 22 December 20000.
OFTEL has analysed the latest data on BT’s retail market share and profitability, and the prospects for future market developments, and concludes that BT is still not facing the level of competition predicted in 1996 when the controls were first put in place.
Finally, OFTEL is of the view that competition in the interconnection markets is not developing as quickly as it is in the retail markets and that there is generally a higher degree of confidence in the accuracy of assessments of market competitiveness in the interconnection markets.
www.aporter.pair.com /newsletter/nlet001027.htm   (1165 words)

 CNN.com - Cheaper UK Web access nearer - February 20, 2002
Oftel, the Office of Telecommunications, wants BT to slash the amount it charges other telecoms firms to connect Internet service providers such as Freeserve and AOL to the network by seven percent.
Oftel's director general of telecommunications, David Edmonds said: "Operators should ultimately be able to pass some or all of this saving on to their customers."
Oftel is pushing for the price cut after studying BT's cost base for the past 18 months.
archives.cnn.com /2002/WORLD/europe/02/20/uk.internet   (322 words)

 Electronics Times: Oftel `pushed' to resolve argument
Oftel has been forced to intervene in allocating which operators will be able to locate their equipment in 360 local BT exchanges.
Oftel warns that as the operators seeking access to BT's most popular urban exchanges again cannot agree among themselves and with BT, it will use its powers and enforce a solution.
David Edmonds, director general of Oftel, admitted the regulator should have acted quicker to break the deadlock between BT and its rivals and the way the unbundling process must proceed.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0WVI/is_2000_Sept_25/ai_65568462   (437 words)

 Oftel to regulate leased line pricing - IT Week
UK telecoms watchdog Oftel is to regulate the prices BT can charge for permanent voice and data links, after it concluded that the telco's tariffs for the service are too high.
According to Oftel, BT's pricing for leased lines, which are used to carry permanent telecom links for high volumes of voice and data, is too expensive and higher than in other countries such as the US.
Oftel's proposals are part of a consultation document issued yesterday, following a review of competition in the market for national leased lines.
itweek.co.uk /vnunet/news/2113468/oftel-regulate-leased-line-pricing   (758 words)

 Newsbytes News Network: Vodafone Hikes UK Personal Number Rates - Oftel Investigates   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Oftel, the British government appointed telecoms watchdog, has announced it is investigating Vodafone's decision to surcharge calls from Vodafone mobiles in the UK to the new generation of personal numbers.
Oftel appears to be sufficiently aware of the market to realize why Vodafone has made this move -- which it has done without advising its subscribers of a tariff change -- and has begun a consultation process into competition issues "arising from a complaint made in relation to the cost of calling personal numbering services."
Oftel is now seeking input from interested parties by the end of this month, at which stage a decision on to proceed further will be taken.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0NEW/is_1998_April_7/ai_20470175   (791 words)

 CNN.com - Technology - British telecom regulator rejects criticism - September 27, 2000
Oftel determined last November that BT has a monopoly on the local-network lines and directed the telecommunications operator to lease the local loop.
The Oftel spokeswoman said Oftel is not dragging its feet on local-loop unbundling and that it was sticking to its time table.
Last March, Oftel director of technology Peter Walker stressed that the unbundling of local network lines in the UK cannot be completed before the July 2001 deadline.
archives.cnn.com /2000/TECH/computing/09/27/oftel.concern.idg   (580 words)

 MPs to grill Oftel chief over local loop - Information World Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Edmonds has been ordered to explain Oftel's position to MPs, as reports emerge that the government is unhappy with the level of competition in UK telecoms and internet markets.
Oftel has faced increasingly damaging and bitter criticism from telcos and users in the business community over delays in local loop unbundling and high-speed internet access.
Oftel has shown an unwillingness to act, a preference for operators to resolve disputes directly with BT," she added.
iwr.co.uk /networkitweek/news/2057157/mps-grill-oftel-chief-local-loop   (330 words)

 MORI - Number Of Homes 'On-Line' Continue To Rise - Oftel
The surveys were conducted for Oftel by MORI amongst 2,089 UK adults during May 2001 and are the fifth wave of Oftel's quarterly residential consumer research.
Oftel has a continuing programme of research that is used in on-going policy work and market reviews.
Oftel has conducted its own checks on the data in this report and whilst we consider it to be correct, Oftel accepts no liability in respect of any of the results provided to it by MORI or any decisions taken by any person in reliance on the report
www.mori.com /polls/2001/oftel.shtml   (532 words)

 Oftel raps BT Cellnet over subsidies - Computing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Oftel has issued a draft order against BT Cellnet, claiming that it used its network business to subsidise its mobile service provider subsidiaries, such as Martin Dawes.
Oftel said this was unfair to independent service providers, such as RSL and Infopoint.
Oftel's investigation, launched in July last year, found that BT Cellnet's service providers were not covering their costs on services supplied to customers and would have been making a loss without the operator's subsidy.
computing.co.uk /vnunet/news/2113011/oftel-raps-bt-cellnet-subsidies   (760 words)

 Oftel criticises BT Cellnet - Personal Computer World   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Oftel said that this gives them an unfair advantage over providers who do not have their own mobile network.
BT Cellnet refuted the allegation by saying that "the seven year old Oftel formula has passed its sell-by date as a method of measurement" and that Oftel used only one quarter of available market data, which it claimed is "unreasonable in the changeable mobile market".
In March, Oftel determined that both still have market influence in the UK and must continue to allow access to their networks.
www.pcw.co.uk /networkitweek/news/2056812/oftel-criticises-bt-cellnet   (536 words)

 Oftel calls for telecoms ombudsman - IT Week   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Oftel said the independent telecoms ombudsman will be set up to examine and respond quickly to complaints from consumers about telcos.
David Edmonds, Oftel's director general of telecoms, said: "The appointment of an independent telecoms ombudsman would show that the UK telecoms industry is serious about taking on more responsibility for resolving issues with customers."
Oftel said it has contacted the chief executive officers of all the major companies encouraging them to commit support for the scheme.
www.itweek.co.uk /vnunet/news/2113618/oftel-calls-telecoms-ombudsman   (581 words)

 Oftel's Edmonds Faces Blazing E.U. Criticism - 10/9/2000 - Wireless Week - CA21222   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
LONDON-David Edmonds, the embattled director general of the government-run U.K. telecom watchdog Oftel, is on the hot seat.
The first of the regulatory blows is coming from "unnamed" E.U. officials, accusing Oftel of not moving fast enough to deregulate the U.K. telecom market.
Following the E.U. condemnation of Oftel's "lax to non-existent" competition regulation, the days of Oftel's role as exclusive regulator are numbered.
www.wirelessweek.com /article/CA21222.html?spacedesc=&stt=001   (531 words)

 European interconnect information : UK: Oftel criticised for LLUB practices   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Oftel sought a solution from industry to this problem, but so far the concerned parties have failed to arrive at an agreement, and BT has given little ground.
In the meantime, Oftel has recently announced plans to proceed immediately with open access at only 361 of Britain's 5500 exchanges.
Oftel has admitted that it should have acted sooner to break the deadlock between BT and its rivals.
www.analysys.com /atlas/single_article.asp?intDocumentId=592   (209 words)

 Oftel probes BT's unmetered scheme - vnunet.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Oftel is to look into whether internet service providers will get the unmetered internet access they require over BT's network.
Oftel is to look into whether internet service providers (ISPs) will get the unmetered internet access they require over BT's network.
Oftel's technical expert panel will investigate if BT's network has the capacity to provide ISPs with wholesale unmetered access to its main digital switching units.
www.vnunet.com /computing/news/2067861/oftel-probes-bt-unmetered-scheme   (583 words)

 Oftel wades into DSL row - ZDNet UK News
Oftel has been getting its teeth back in in recent weeks, ordering BT to open up its network to allow other operators to offer narrowband unmetered services and now intervening in the DSL debate.
Oftel claims its intervention was needed to prevent the unbundling timetable from slipping.
Oftel took the opportunity to present its own proposals in order to maintain the momentum of local loop unbundling," explains an Oftel spokesman.
news.zdnet.co.uk /hardware/emergingtech/0,39020357,2079528,00.htm   (519 words)

 UK mobile prices 'too high', claims Oftel - PC Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In the first stage of its review of the mobile industry, Oftel said it is concerned that the UK consumer does not appear to get a good deal on services including international roaming and calls between different networks.
According to Oftel's findings, international roaming tariffs for UK customers are higher than in other EU countries and are very complex.
However, despite the concerns, Oftel found that overall mobile prices have fallen by 24 per cent since January 1999, and that around 90 per cent of customers are satisfied with their service.
www.pcmag.co.uk /vnunet/news/2114594/uk-mobile-prices-claims-oftel   (647 words)

 Oftel clamps down on rogue telemarketers | The Register
Oftel is plugging a loophole in UK regulations which let rogue telemarketing firms to get away with persistently making nuisance calls so long as they did not actually commit a criminal offence.
David Edmonds, Oftel's director general of telecommunications, said the change marks the first time the regulator has had sufficient power to deal effectively with nuisance callers.
The key change emerging from Oftel's snappily-titled document - Statement of policy on the persistent misuse of an electronic communications network or electronic communications service - is the introduction of a category dubbed "persistent misuse".
www.theregister.co.uk /2003/08/31/oftel_clamps_down_on_rogue   (403 words)

 BBC News | Sci/Tech | Oftel okays free Net services
Oftel said it would protect the principle that the operator who provides the line, (BT in the 85% of cases concerning the first connection from home to local exchange) should receive its costs plus a reasonable return.
The most radical Oftel proposal could mean the price of some calls to the Internet being less than the current local call rate.
Oftel says its proposals are aimed at encouraging greater competition between service providers, a wider range of services to customers and giving more opportunity to generate additional revenue for operators.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/sci/tech/294113.stm   (841 words)

 Oftel Proposes Open Access to BT Network
The proposals are made in Oftel's report, "Access to Bandwidth: Proposals for Action," in which Oftel suggests a twin-track approach is needed in order to encourage the early introduction of high speed data services to UK homes and businesses.
First, Oftel says that network operators other than BT should be allowed to upgrade BT's local telephone lines in order to develop their own services.
Oftel's support for unmetered charges has placed the issue at the top of the agenda in the UK, and it follows demands from such companies as AOL (though notably not Freeserve) for action to obtain "always on" Internet service.
www.internetnews.com /bus-news/print.php/158551   (334 words)

 UK regulator Oftel's role examined - ZDNet UK News
Oftel, the UK telecoms regulator, is coming under increasing fire for its failure to move forward cheaper, competitive Internet services in the UK.
Critics have suggested Oftel allows BT to dictate its policy and that the Internet market needs a new regulator.
Wed, 20 Sep The head of Oftel, David Edmonds, acknowledged Tuesday that the telecommunications watchdog is partly to blame for the sluggish unbundling of BT's "local loop"
news.zdnet.co.uk /hardware/emergingtech/0,39020357,2081651,00.htm   (644 words)

 Global Continuity - OFTEL publishes new network security guidelines   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Fire warning systems and back-up power arrangements are just two of the measures that telecoms operators must have in place to deal with any incident that may threaten their network, according to guidelines published yesterday by OFTEL.
Oftel has also separately published model criteria which operators can use, if required, to restrict calls to their networks on the grounds of integrity or security.
One example would be to filter calls generated by a mass calling event, such as a TV show tele-voting, to avoid the telephone network becoming overloaded.
www.globalcontinuity.com /article/view/727/1/30   (394 words)

 EE Times UK - Mobile operators criticise Oftel price caps   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Oftel claimed the current mobile phone call prices are "substantially in excess of the cost and there is little incentive for operators to reduce these charges".
Oftel aims to pursue a proposal to cap call charges, especially call termination rates, the prices charged by operators for calls from different networks.
A statement from One2One expressed the mobile operator's dissatisfaction at the Oftel announcement: "We are disappointed that Oftel has announced its intention to refer its proposals on call termination charges to the Competition Commission.
www.eetuk.com /bus/news/OEG20011212S0017   (537 words)

 OFTEL Shifts Gears on Telecom Regulations
The heart of OFTEL's strategy is to roll back formal regulation where competition is effective and already protects consumer interests.
OFTEL is counting on increased self-regulation by industry leaders and co-regulation where some competitive encouragement is required.
David Edmonds, OFTEL director general, said the deregulatory approach to the telecom industry is the most significant change in OFTEL's approach to regulation since 1984.
www.internetnews.com /xSP/print.php/8_289291   (312 words)

 European interconnect information : UK: OFTEL issues new direction on LLUB   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
28 March 2002: OFTEL, the UK regulator, has issued a new Direction on LLUB.
The Direction states that the charges for unbundled local loops, set in December 2000, shall be maintained as demand has been lower than expected and there is therefore little new cost information available.
OFTEL proposes to review the prices of unbundled local loops in the first half of 2003.
www.analysys.com /atlas/single_article.asp?intDocumentId=1325   (74 words)

 ComputerUser.com News: Oftel sets out future funding arrangements   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Oftel published new arrangements on how it will raise money from the communications industry to fund its work after July 25.
Oftel's approach to funding had been based on the principle that those companies who awere subject to regulation should pay the costs of that regulation.
We expect that Oftel's funding arrangements will be passed on to Ofcom when it comes into existence towards the end of this year.
www.computeruser.com /news/03/05/26/news4.html   (592 words)

 Oftel - The UK regulator for the telecommunications industry
Oftel - The UK regulator for the telecommunications industry
The duties of Oftel have now been inherited by Ofcom.
Please update your bookmarks and visit the Ofcom home page to navigate to the information you require.
www.oftel.gov.uk   (36 words)

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