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Topic: Oglala Sioux

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In the News (Thu 24 May 18)

  Oglala Sioux Tribe: Law and Order Code, Ch. 26 - Education Code
The Oglala Sioux Tribal Education Department will establish a Code of Ethics for personnel employed in the department, with such Code of Ethics to be viewed as policy in the performance of personnel duties within the department.
The Oglala Sioux Tribal Education Department will approve a Comprehensive Educational Plan for the department, to be reviewed, revised and evaluated annually, with such plan indicating measurable short-term and long-range goals and activities designed to provide development in (1) leadership (2) Community involvement (3) School climate (4) Staff morale (5) Curriculum Development and (6) Structure.
The Oglala Sioux Tribal Education Department will provide for an inservice training program for staff each year, with a minimum of (2) days during the regular term annually to be utilized for the purposes of staff development and inservice training.
www.narf.org /nill/Codes/oglalacode/chapter26-education.htm   (7260 words)

 Oglala Sioux - Constitution and Bylaws
The jurisdiction of the Oglala Sioux Tribe of Indians shall extend to the territory within the original confines of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation boundaries, as defined by the act of March 2, 1889 (25 Stat.
The officer of the tribal council shall be a president and a vice present, elected by the members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, at large, and a secretary, a treasurer, and such other officers as may be deemed necessary, elected by the tribal council from within or outside of its own number.
The judicial powers of the Oglala Sioux Tribe shall be vested in a court or courts which the tribal council may ordain or establish.
www.tribalresourcecenter.org /ccfolder/oglala_constandbylaws.htm   (3753 words)

 OGLALA SIOUX TRIBE community profile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Oglala Sioux Tribal government maintains jurisdiction within the boundaries of the reservation including all rights-of-way, waterways, watercourses and streams running through any part of the reservation and to such others lands as may hereafter be added to the reservation under the laws of the United States.
The Great Sioux Nation was reduced in the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty from the Big Horn Mountains in the west to the east side of the Missouri River, the Heart River in North Dakota in the north and the Platte River in Nebraska to the south.
The Oglala Sioux Tribe’s major economic occupation is cattle ranching and farming for tribal operators.
www.mnisose.org /profiles/oglala.htm   (2689 words)

 Oglala - Life On The Reservation By Alfred L. Leavitt
In the treaty of 1868, the Sioux were given sole use in perpetuity (while grass grows and water flows) of everything "west of the Missouri and north of the Platte".
Includes tepee poles marking location of Sioux camp, men loading frozen bodies into wagons, center, where the council circle was asked to surrender their arms; the army camp was located to the far left, and a photographer with his tripod camera shows in foreground.
In the 1930's there were Oglala elders that had been on the reservation or with the tribe at the time of the massacre.
www.thehomeinspector.com /Family/Oglala.html   (4137 words)

 Oglala Sioux Indian Tribe History
Rep., 277, 1865) says: "The worst among the hostile bands are the Blackfeet, the Ogallalas, the Unkpapas, and Santees." The Oglala participated in the massacre of Lieut.
From 1865 they and other restless bands of western Sioux were the terror of the frontier, constantly attacking emigrant trains on the plains and boats on the river, fighting soldiers, and harassing the forts and stations during several years, under the leadership of Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse.
An agreement, confirming the treaty of 1868, was concluded at Red Cloud agency, Neb., Sept. 26, 1876, which was signed on behalf of the Oglala by Red Cloud and other principal men of the tribe.
www.accessgenealogy.com /native/tribes/siouan/oglalahist.htm   (563 words)

Traditional Oglala governance is based on two main ideas: individual adherence to the four virtues, and the external controls of the individual through family, based on the tiospaye system.
The Sioux Nation as a whole litigated and re-litigated their claim that the 1877 Agreement, which diminished the reservation borders established by the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868, was an unconstitutional taking under the Fifth Amendment.
The Sioux Nation continues to assert that the 1877 Agreement is not a valid agreement between the tribes and the United States because it was not signed by three fourths of the male population as required by Article 12 of the 1868 Fort Laramie Treaty.
tlj.unm.edu /articles/volume_2/oglala/content.php   (4004 words)

 Sioux. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
The Sioux became friendly with the British after the fall of the French power and supported the British against the United States in the American Revolution and (with the exception of one chief, Tohami, also known as Rising Moose) in the War of 1812.
The last major conflict fought by the Sioux was the battle of Wounded Knee, Dec. 29, 1890, which resulted in the massacre of more than 200 members of the tribe.
In 1979 the Sioux were awarded $105 million for the taking of their lands, resolving a legal action begun in 1923.
www.bartleby.com /65/si/Sioux.html   (666 words)

The Oglala Sioux Tribal Court of the Pine Ridge Reservation shall have jurisdiction over all offenses when committed by a member of the Tribe, by non-member Indians who are members of any recognized Tribe under Federal jurisdiction, or by any other person consenting to jurisdiction, as hereinafter provided.
A Judge of the Oglala Sioux Tribal Court should respect and comply with the law and tradition of the Oglala Sioux Tribe and should at all times act in a manner that promotes public confidence in the honesty and impartiality of the indian Judiciary.
The committees of the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council shall have the authority to investigate Tribal Court matters notwithstanding this section, to the extent necessary to prepare legislation for future cases.
thorpe.ou.edu /codes/oglala/chapter01-courtproc.htm   (7774 words)

 The Great Sioux Nation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
While the Sioux were known to be great warriors, the family was considered the key unit of Sioux life.
War was the underlying principle of the Sioux people, because through it men gained prestige, and their prestige was reflected in the family honor.
For the Sioux, the title of Chief was viewed as a medal earned for outstanding performance during times of war or peace.
www.snowwowl.com /peoplesioux.html   (1596 words)

 Oglala Sioux Tribe: Law and Order Code, Ch. 27 - Election Ordinance
Council - the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council, which is the governing body on the Pine Ridge Reservation.
Representative(s) - the council persons of the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council, who are chosen by secret ballot, and who represent each recognized community or district of the Pine Ridge Reservation.
PRIOR ORDINANCES Oglala Sioux Tribal Ordinance No. 93-20 is hereby repealed and rescinded, and any and all other ordinances and or sections or portions of other tribal Ordinances, which are inconsistent, or which conflict with this Ordinance are hereby expressly rescinded and repealed.
www.narf.org /nill/Codes/oglalacode/chapter27-election.htm   (4218 words)

 The Columbus Free Press - Hemp Revolution
WHEREAS the Oglala Sioux Tribe recognizes that industrial hemp was a viable and profitable crop grown in the Pine Ridge region when the treaties were entered between the United States and the Oglala Sioux Tribe, and
WHEREAS the Oglala Sioux Tribe recognizes that there is a consistent, predictable, genetically based difference between the varieties of Cannabis sativa that produce marijuana and those that produce industrial hemp and that the difference is based on the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol present in the plant, and
I, the undersigned, as Recording Secretary of the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council, hereby certify that this Ordinance was adopted by a vote of: 8 For; 4 Against; and 1 Not Voting, during a REGULAR SESSION held on the 28th day of July, 1998.
www.freepress.org /Backup/UnixBackup/pubhtml/hemp/oglala.html   (1024 words)

 Lakhota.Com Stories: History of the Sioux
In 1837 the Sioux sold all their territory east of the Mississippi River to the United States; additional territory was sold in 1851.
The Sioux have been active in the modern Native American civil rights movement, seeking restoration of their land base and the institution of a modernized form of traditional life.
In 1979 the Sioux were awarded $105 million for the taking of their lands, resolving a legal action begun in 1923, although the money was never accepted as a land subsitute.
www.lakhota.com /story.history.htm   (1044 words)

 Oglala Sioux Tribal Water Code   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
CERTIFICATION I, as undersigned, Secretary of the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council, do hereby certify that this Ordinance was adopted by the vote of: 20 for: 0 against; and 5 not voting, during a Regular Session held on the 4th day of November, 1985.
(1) The Oglala Sioux Tribe is the owner of the full equitable title to the rights to the use of all waters of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, as defined herein, and that title resides undiminished in the Oglala Sioux Tribe.
A water use permit issued under this code constitutes Oglala Sioux Tribal permission to use the water within the territtorial jurisdiction of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, subject to the terms and conditions of the permit, to this code, and to actions taken pursuant to this code.
www.nplnews.com /toolbox/tribal/98.html   (5889 words)

 Untitled Document
The Oglala Sioux Tribal Court shall have jurisdiction of all suits wherein the defendant is a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe and of all other suits between members and non-members who consent to the jurisdiction of the tribe.
At the hearing upon the petition, the Oglala Sioux Tribal Court shall examine the underlying facts of the foreign court's judicial proceedings that are the subject of the petition in order to determine.
The Oglala Sioux Tribal Court shall then enter a judgment in favor of the petitioner, which tribal judgment shall entitle the petitioner to enforce his,judgment against the respondent in the Oglala Sioux Tribal Court.
thorpe.ou.edu /codes/oglala/chapter02-civilactions.htm   (8513 words)

 Native Americans - Sioux
Sioux Chief Running Antelope is the only Native American whose portrait is featured on American Currency.
He rose to prominence in the Sioux warfare against the whites and the resistance of the Native Americans under his command to forced settlement on a reservation led to a punitive expedition.
As chief of the Oglala Sioux native American group, in the 1860s Red Cloud fought to prevent United States occupation of what are now parts of Wyoming, Montana, and South Dakota.
www.nativeamericans.com /Sioux.htm   (3650 words)

The camps of the Sioux are of a conical form, covered with buffalo robes, painted with various figures and colours, with an aperture in the top for the smoke to pass through.
The Sioux Indians are going to war with the Crows and we have to pass through their fighting grounds.
The disaffection is widespread, especially among the Sioux, while the Cheyennes have been on the verge of starvation and were forced to commit depredations to sustain life.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /WWsioux.htm   (4260 words)

 Oglala - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Oglala is a town located in Shannon County, South Dakota.
USS Oglala is a U.S. Navy minelayer sunk in the battle of Pearl Harbor.
Oglala Sioux is a Sioux Nation sub-band of the Western division (the Lakota).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Oglala   (108 words)

 Lakota - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
They form one of a group of seven tribes (the Great Sioux Nation) and speak Lakota, one of the three major dialects of the Sioux language.
The Lakota are the westernmost of the three Sioux groups, occupying lands in both North and South Dakota.
The seven branches or "sub-tribes" of the Lakota are Brulé, Oglala, Sans Arcs, Hunkpapa, Miniconjou, Blackfoot, also known as the Sihasapa, and Two Kettles.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Oglala_Sioux   (1401 words)

 The Flag of the Oglala Sioux of Pine Ridge   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The 2,782 square mile reservation in southwestern South Dakota (NAA, 36-43) is bordered by the State of Nebraska to the south, the Rosebud Sioux Reservation to the east and Badlands National park to the west.
The Oglala Band of the Teton have given the Sioux, and the United States two of the most famous Indians of all times.
Today, the flag of red, symbolizes the blood shed by the Sioux in defense of their lands and the very idea of the "red men".
users.aol.com /Donh523/navapage/oglala.htm   (515 words)

 Oglala Sioux Tribal Council
The Oglala Sioux Tribal Council is the governing body for the Oglala Sioux Tribe of the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, South Dakota.
The council, as it stands today, was created when the Constitution and the by-Laws of the Oglala Sioux Tribe were approved on January 15, 1936.
The repository for the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council Records is located at the Tribal Historical Research Center at Oglala Lakota College in Kyle, SD.
www.usd.edu /library/special/aids/AidsHtml/OglalaSiouxTribalCouncil.htm   (301 words)

 Oglala Sioux Exercising Sovereignty to Grow Industrial Hemp
On Friday, April 14, Joe American Horse announced on KILI Radio that to be sovereign the tribe must act sovereign, so accordingly, he will plant industrial hemp seeds on April 29, 2000 to advance the authority of the Oglala Sioux Tribe in the matter of jurisdiction over tribal lands.
Stating the USA does not make treaties with ethnic minorities but only with other sovereigns, American Horse said he is prepared to exercise the self-determination inherent in the Oglala Sioux Tribe as a successor government under the Treaty of 1868.
In July 1998, the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council passed an ordinance defining industrial hemp as distinct from marijuana (which is a controlled substance under tribal law).
www.ratical.org /renewables/OglalaHemp.html   (698 words)

 Lakota - Dakota - Sioux Nation - Crystalinks
The Lakota, Nakota and Dakota Nation (also known as the Great Sioux Nation) descends from of the original inhabitants of North America and can be divided into three major linguistic and geographic groups: Lakota (Teton, West Dakota), Nakota (Yankton, Central Dakota) and Dakota (Santee, Eastern Dakota).
The name Sioux was created by the French Canadians, who abbreviated the Algonquin compound Nadouéssioux (from nadowe ("Iroquois") plus siu ("snake"/the massasauga rattler), by which a neighboring Ojibwa tribe, or the Ottawa, referred to the Dakota to the west and south.
He was a Native American shaman and leader of the Hunkpapa Sioux, who led 3,500 Sioux and Cheyenne warriors against the US 7th Cavalry under George Armstrong Custer at the Battle of Little Bighorn on June 25, 1876.
www.crystalinks.com /sioux.html   (3358 words)

 Oglala Sioux Tribe - South Dakota Tourism -- Travel Information for the Mount Rushmore State
Home of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation supplies ancient legends, colorful history, and heritage as old and wondrous as the Badlands that surround it.
Oglala Lakota College, near Kyle, provides a site for higher education on the reservation.
Billy Mills, an Oglala Lakota, was born on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
www.travelsd.com /onlyinsd/sioux/tribes/oglala.asp   (486 words)

 Oglala Sioux work to form preservation office : ICT [2005/08/08]
The Oglala Sioux Tribe does not have an archaeologist or cultural preservation officer, but a new tribal resolution will create the mechanism that will change all that.
Other tribes in the state have tribal historic preservation offices; and with the new Oglala historic preservation office, a coalition of Great Plains tribes can be formed.
The Oglala Sioux had to rely on intervention by other tribes and the state, Bear Runner said.
www.indiancountry.com /content.cfm?id=1096411380   (592 words)

 Oglala Sioux - Tribal Law and Order Code
SALARY OF The salaries of the Chief Judge and the Associate Judges shall be determined by the Tribal Council, provided that once established, a Judge's salary may not be reduced during his term of office.
HONESTY AND INDEPENDENCE OF A Judge of the Oglala Sioux Tribal Court shall uphold the integrity and independence of the Indian Judiciary.
SANCTIONS FOR VIOLATION OF Any Judge of the Oglala Sioux Tribe who violates this Code is answerable to the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council.
www.tribalresourcecenter.org /ccfolder/oglala_lawandorder1.htm   (7818 words)

 TriTAC. EPS. Oglala Sioux Tribe. Partnerships with Tribal Colleges and Universities
The Oglala Sioux Tribe's Child Care and Development Program provides child care services within the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.
Oglala Lakota College (OLC), founded in 1971, was one of the first tribally controlled colleges in the United States.
The Oglala Sioux Tribe’s Child Care and Development Program has collaborated with Oglala Lakota College (OLC) in formal and informal ways for many years.
www.nccic.org /tribal/effective/oglala/partnerships.html   (1481 words)

 Jan. 2000: Oglala Lakota occupation of Pine Ridge HQ
Oglala Sioux Tribe police investigators say Rydell Eagle Hawk, who is part of the Grass Roots security detail, was shot in the leg about a block or two from the building.
This group feels that this action is long overdue and has demanded the immediate removal of Oglala Sioux Tribal Treasurer Wesley "Chuck" Jacobs for gross misconduct and mismanagement of tribal funds.Additionally, the Grass Roots Oyate is seeking the removal of Tribal Council Representatives who are involved in the corruption of this tribal government.
Oglala Sioux Indians allied with Salway said they will continue their occupation until they're satisfied their allegations will be investigated.
www.alphacdc.com /treaty/pine_ridge2.html   (11574 words)

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