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Topic: Oil refinery

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  The great oil refinery shortage. - By Daniel Gross - Slate Magazine
The National Petrochemicals and Refiners Association says that the last new refinery built in the United States was Marathan Ashland's Garyville, La., plant—and it was completed in 1976.
It makes sense to refine oil relatively near where it is produced or—in the case of imported oil—near its port of entry.
Locals are concerned about the environmental impact of refineries, their contribution to smog, their traffic of giant trucks carrying hazardous materials, and the potential for devastating leaks in event of an earthquake.
www.slate.com /id/2102031   (893 words)

  How does an oil refinery work?
Processing a barrel of crude oil at the Conoco refinery yields an average of 57 percent in various grades of gasoline.
The basic purpose of a refinery is to separate and transform these various hydrocarbon groups so that they may be used, combined or further treated to create the thousands of products made from petroleum.
The liquid or residual oil is drawn off at the bottom to be used as asphalt or heavy fuel.
www.midwestnpioneer.org /central/conoco.html   (783 words)

 Oil refinery
This is the view of the Srpski Brod oil refinery today whereas, at the beginning of the decade, this refinery sold its products throughout all of Yugoslavia to the tune of 15,000 tons of oil refined per day.
This refinery is situated on the Sava River in northern Bosnia and Hercegovina.
The commitment of CIMIC during the talks is essential to implementing the reconstruction of the refinery.
www.nato.int /sfor/cimic/oil-refinery/oil.htm   (481 words)

In 1984, a five-year refinery modification and expansion project was completed that increased crude oil capacity to 75,000 barrels per day--the third largest in Kansas.
An oil refinery is a complex maze of steel structures, tanks, fractionating towers, heaters, reactors, pumps, heat exchangers, instrumentation, utilities, and miles of connecting piping.
The heavy asphaltic reduced crude is converted to lighter oils and petroleum coke in the coking unit.
www.ncrarefinery.com /aboutncr.htm   (1403 words)

 Oil refinery blast death toll 14: BP - World - www.smh.com.au
A BP Oil official said 14 people died and 100 were injured in a massive explosion at the company's Texas City petrochemical refinery today.
About 433,000 barrels of crude oil are processed a day, producing three per cent of the US supply.
Crude oil prices had fallen more than $2 over the course of the day, the slide prompted by ample crude supplies in the United States.
www.smh.com.au /news/World/Oil-refinery-blast-death-toll-unknown/2005/03/24/1111525254114.html   (490 words)

 Edible Oil Refinery, Neutraliser, Bleacher, Deodoriser
Oil is heated upto about 60°C by thermic fluid coils and oil is stirred by stirrer.
Neutralized oil is drawn into the second vessel called bleacher where colour of oil is removed by bleaching process with aid of chemicals such as carbon fl and bleaching earth.
Specially for palm oil refinery, fractionation process is required in which palm olene and palm sterene are separated by scientifically cooling the refined palm oil by chilling plant and then filtering the oil.
www.oil-refinery.com /edible_oil_refinery.htm   (673 words)

 refinery - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Once oil has been produced from an oil field, it is treated with chemicals and heat to remove water and solids, and the natural gas is separated.
Petroleum: Refining, importance to the economy of Singapore, natural gas processing, oil refining and fractional distillation (diagram), oil shale...
Petroleum: Refining, importance to the economy of Singapore, natural gas processing, oil shale refining, picture, refineries in Asia, refineries in...
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/search.aspx?q=refinery   (137 words)

 Kabini Oil Refinery
The oil extraction technology which starts with copra as the raw material is termed as the Dry Process, while the method that uses fresh coconuts as starting material is generally called the Wet Process.
Oil is able to flow out more easily due to decrease in viscosity proteins and other substance present in the copra.
Oil extraction : In the expeller, the milled copra is subjected to high-pressure oil extraction.
www.kaverigroupindustries.com /kabini-oil-refinery.htm   (588 words)

 Fire damages oil refinery in Lithuania - Boston.com
Thick, fl smoked billowed from the Mazeikiu Nafta refinery, near the Latvian border, and authorities urged residents of the nearby city of Mazeikiu to avoid going outside and to keep windows closed until the fire could be fully extinguished, expected early Friday.
Russia's Yukos recently sold a majority stake in the refinery to PKN Orlen for $2.3 billion in a deal that included a 30 percent stake belonging to the Lithuanian government.
At the end of July, Russia ceased supplying the refinery with oil after pipeline damage was discovered on a spur in Belarus, which the pipe crosses before reaching Lithuania.
www.boston.com /news/world/europe/articles/2006/10/12/fire_damages_oil_refinery_in_lithuania   (386 words)

Crude oils with low carbon, high hydrogen, and high API gravity are usually rich in paraffins and tend to yield greater proportions of gasoline and light petroleum products; those with high carbon, low hydrogen, and low API gravities are usually rich in aromatics.
Crude oil is a mixture of hydrocarbon molecules, which are organic compounds of carbon and hydrogen atoms that may include from one to 60 carbon atoms.
The feedstock crude oil is heated to between 150° and 350°F to reduce viscosity and surface tension for easier mixing and separation of the water.
www.osha.gov /dts/osta/otm/otm_iv/otm_iv_2.html   (10392 words)

 California's Oil Refineries
Complex refineries are the most sophisticated refinery type and have additional process units to "crack" the heavy gas oils and distillate oils into lighter, more valuable products.
Utilization rate is the ratio of barrels input to the refinery to the operating capacity of the refinery.
Complex refineries are able to produce a greater proportion of light products, such as gasoline, and operate near capacity because of California's large demand for gasoline.
www.energy.ca.gov /oil/refineries.html   (1151 words)

 Oil Extraction Machines,Oil Expeller,Oil Refinery Machines,Oil Filter Press,Baby Boilers,India   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
AJAY oil mill machinery is designed and developed by experienced and qualified engineers of Chetan Agro Industries to work soundless and to give more output with extra percentage of oil from oil seeds We are in the market from the last 20 years.
AJAY oil mill machinery is suitable for crushing all types of edible and non-edible oil seeds.
Oil mill greatly encourages rural development and as a result of this, self-employment jobs are generated in village.
www.indiamart.com /oilmachinery   (598 words)

 Refinery Reform Campaign
A much-debated oil refinery in Yuma County on Thursday got an air quality permit that state environmental regulators say is the toughest one ever issued.
ACF and state environmental regulators have said the proposed refinery would be "the cleanest operating" one for its kind in the U.S., owing stringent emissions standards and the use of new technology developed since the last completely new refinery was built in the nation.
Opponents fear the refinery could cause pollution that would adversely affect human health and the environment and that the refinery could lower the quality of life in the county.
www.refineryreform.org /spotlight_yuma_az.html   (2130 words)

 Insurgents shut Iraq's largest oil refinery - World - theage.com.au
The plant, in the northern town of Baiji, was closed on December 21, an Oil Ministry spokesman, Assem Jihad, said yesterday.
Oil distribution has been further disrupted by storms that have prevented exports being shipped from the Basra terminal in the south.
Oil exports are hovering at or below 2 million barrels per day rather than the 2.5 million target set by US officials.
www.theage.com.au /news/world/insurgents-shut-iraqs-largest-oil-refinery/2005/12/30/1135915690925.html   (801 words)

 What is a Refinery?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Large refineries are complex operations that run 365 days a year, employ as many as 2,000 people, and may occupy as much land as several hundred football fields.
This pioneer operation boiled a few barrels a day of tarry oil, dipped by hand from shallow shafts that represented Kern County's first oil wells, to produce kerosene for lamps, lubricants for wagon wheels, waxes for candles, and gasoline--a clear, lightweight liquid that was usually thrown away as a useless byproduct.
Although not all refineries employ hydrocracking, Chevron is an industry leader in using this technology to cost-effectively convert medium- to heavyweight gas oils into high-value streams.
www.sjgs.com /refinery.html   (1064 words)

 Navajo Refinery - Holly Corporation
The Navajo Refinery is situated near the Permian Basin in an area which historically has had abundant supplies of crude oil available both for regional users, such as us, and for export to other areas.
Crude oil acquired in locations distant from the refinery is exchanged for crude oil that is transportable to the refinery.
In December 2003, we completed a major expansion project at the Navajo Refinery that included the construction of a new gas oil hydrotreater unit and the expansion of the crude refining capacity from 60,000 BPSD to 75,000 BPSD.
www.hollycorp.com /refineries.navajo.shtml   (1418 words)

 Cooking oil refinery plant, Edible oil refinery plant, Vegetable oil refinery plant..
Cooking oil refinery plant, Edible oil refinery plant, Vegetable oil refinery plant..
Oil is heated in the vessel by using the thermic oil of thermic boiler or steam of steam boiler.
Vessel is designed specially for the better deodorizing process with the highest bumping of oil in the vessel for better quality of final refined cooking oil.
www.jagdishexports.com /english/vegetable_oil_refinery.html   (271 words)

 Oil Refining - Main Page - Environmental Defense
According to a landmark study, 99.7 percent by weight of crude oil arriving at Amoco's Yorktown, Virginia refinery was converted to product or fuel for the refinery; and only 0.3 percent of the oil was released to the environment as pollution in one form or another.
Since an average-size refinery processes over 90,000 barrels of oil daily, that 0.3 percent can result in the release of more than 11,000 gallons of oil to air, land, or water every day -- and that does not count releases of any of the other chemicals used in refineries.
Crude oil is a mixture of thousands of different hydrocarbons (compounds of hydrogen and carbon), as well as such undesirable impurities as sulfur, nitrogen, and metals.
www.environmentaldefense.org /article.cfm?ContentID=1537   (442 words)

 Oil Refinery Overview
Once the scientists and engineers have located the crude oil it must be removed from the ground and sent to a refinery.
Hydroskimming Refineries are equipped with desulferization and reforming units, topping units, and can increase the octane levels of gasoline and lower the sulfur levels in diesel fuel.
Almost 100% of the oil that came in is refinable by a complex refinery.
www.jobmonkey.com /oilindustry/html/oil_refinery_overview.html   (544 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > News > State -- Fire at Richmond oil refinery, residents asked to stay inside
RICHMOND –; A fire broke out at an oil refinery Monday morning, burning one employee, sending flames as high as 50 feet into the air and prompting an order for residents to stay indoors, authorities said.
About 1,200 employees were in the refinery when the fire broke out, but they were cleared to return to their jobs after the blaze was contained to the pump where it started when a seal failed and leaked oil, a plant spokeswoman said.
Richmond is home to several oil refineries, and toxic releases in the area have been common enough that officials installed 26 sirens to warn of danger and tell residents to go inside.
www.signonsandiego.com /news/state/20070115-1016-ca-refineryfire.html   (480 words)

 Gas leak triggers explosion at Kuwait largest oil refinery
Sheikh Saud and top managers at the state-run oil sector came under strong attack in parliament last week after two Kuwaitis were killed in another leak at the country's smallest refinery at Shuaiba.
CDU 4, with 200,000 bpd capacity, was unaffected by the explosion at the refinery which was built in 1948.
Politicians expressed their dismay in parliament after two people were killed at an accident last week at the Shuaiba refinery during operations to resume production from a jet fuel unit for the first time since the 1990-91 Iraqi occupation.
www.expressindia.com /fe/daily/20000626/fco26044.html   (592 words)

 Oil Refinery - Guide to Refinery Processes Technology
This is the 2nd edition of the refinery process guide and it is the continuation of the 1st edition produced in 2003.
This 61 page 2nd Edition e-book, caters very well for refinery process, maintenance and operations staff, chemical engineering students and technical sales staff of vendors who need an understanding of the business the business their customers is in.
The Guide to Refinery Process Technologies 2nd Edition is comprehensive and at the same time compact and therefore makes an excellent hand-out for training programs.
www.feedforward.com.au /refinery_technology_on_line.htm   (555 words)

 Refinery bottleneck to ease | csmonitor.com
If the oil companies follow through on their plans, this would be equal to 50 percent of the expansions over the past decade.
Indeed, 44 miles south of Marathon is the Meraux refinery, owned by Murphy Oil Co. During hurricane Katrina, a 250,000-barrel storage tank was dislodged, and it lost 1.05 million gallons of oil, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Inside the refinery, surrounded by a maze of pipelines, is a cemetery that can still be used - mostly by relatives of slaves whose families have ties to the plantation.
www.csmonitor.com /2005/1123/p01s03-usec.html   (1146 words)

 Oil and Gas Refineries and Refinery Jobs - OilJobFinder
As you'll learn as a member of OilJobFinder, refining oil is simply the process of heating the oil in distillation chambers to separate the many different types of hydrocarbons into their separate categories.
Oil Refinery Foreman Jobs – Foremen are journeymen generally promoted to their position by proving themselves to be exceptional leaders.
Refinery General Foreman Jobs – General foremen are typically foremen with years of experience who oversee all the work of the site foremen and makes sure they have the equipment and materials they need to complete their various projects on schedule.
www.oiljobfinder.com /oilrefineryjobs.php   (728 words)

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