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Topic: The Old Bailey

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  Old Bailey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Central Criminal Court, commonly known as The Old Bailey (a bailey being part of a castle), is a Crown Court (criminal high court) in London, dealing with major criminal cases in the UK.
The Old Bailey is where Sir John Mortimer practised as a barrister.
Old Bailey also was the scene of many parts of A Tale of Two Cities.
www.bexley.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Old_Bailey   (286 words)

 The Old Bailey
The gravest offences are usually tried in the Old Court on the Wednesday or Thursday after the commencement of the session, on which days one or two of the judges from Westminster sit at the Old Bailey.
A visitor at the Old Bailey, to whom the courts of Westminster or Guildhall are familiar, will probably be very much struck with the difference between the manner in which the Nisi Prius and the criminal barristers are treated by the officials of their respective Courts.
On the occasion of our last visit to the Old Bailey, during the trial of Jeffrey for the murder of his son, we happened to witness a dispute between an insolent policeman, stationed at the bar-entrance, and a young barrister in robes, who was evidently not an habitue [frequenter] of that court.
www.victorianweb.org /victorian/books/mcdonnell/oldbailey.html   (2200 words)

 Victorian London - Directories - Dickens's Dictionary of London, by Charles Dickens, Jr., 1879 - "Old Bailey"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Old Bailey—the street which gives the name of common parlance to the great criminal court of the country, properly and officially styled-the Central Criminal Court, which stands on its north side under the same roof with Newgate Prison.
In the old days of public executions, Monday morning was often high festival in the Old Bailey, and Tom Noddy and McFuze, and Lieutenant Tregooze, and their friend Sir Carnaby Jenks of the Blues, would pay fabulous sums for a window in one of the public-houses opposite, from which to witness the edifying spectacle.
Almost every house in the street is a booking-office and place of call for at least a score or two of steady-going Barkises, who make their daily journeys to districts ignored by railways, and the student of eccentricities might waste his time to less purpose in many a more pretentious street.
www.victorianlondon.org /districts/dickens-oldbailey.htm   (278 words)

 Seeing The Light - Bailey's Harbor Old Lighthouse
In the fall of 1848, Captain Justice Bailey encountered a fierce October storm while traversing the Eastern Shore of the peninsula, and carrying a full complement of passengers, decided to seek shelter from the worsening storm.
Finally, it is unfortunate that unless something is done to restore this historic old structure very soon, the birdcage-style lantern, which only has a few of its' support members remaining, will fall to the ground and the tower will decay into oblivion.
Old photograph of station courtesy of Annie Peil of Orphan Annie's Schoolhouse Inn.
www.terrypepper.com /lights/michigan/baileysold/baileysold.htm   (695 words)

 The Head Heeb: Jews at the Old Bailey
Jewish lawyers do not feature in the Old Bailey trials; British Jews of the time faced few restrictions compared to their counterparts in many other countries, but the legal profession was still closed to them.
In contrast to modern court reports, the Old Bailey proceedings were published in broadsheet form and sold to the public.
The Old Bailey records also refer to Souseman as "a German." This may be consistent with the observation in the record of Susman's New York trial that he could not speak English.
headheeb.blogmosis.com /archives/014440.html   (1344 words)

 Masterpiece Theatre | The Jury | Filming at the Old Bailey
The Old Bailey is the best known courthouse in Britain and possibly the world.
The Old Bailey court was built in the sixteenth century on the site of Newgate prison where, for 85 years, prisoners sentenced to death were publicly hanged.
Francis Hopkinson, producer of The Jury, explains that the Old Bailey was chosen as the backdrop for the film for two reasons.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/masterpiece/jury/bailey.html   (620 words)

 HandHeld History: Old Bailey tour   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Mohocks, named after “a sort of cannibals in India”, were a group of aristocratic ruffians, who infested the streets of London in the eighteenth century and amongst whose perverse pleasures is the rolling of old ladies down Snow Hill in barrels.
Giltspur St A large octagonal Temple stood on the Old Bailey during the Roman period.
When the site of the old bridge across the Fleet River was excavated tons of oyster shells were discovered in the silts.
www.handheldhistory.com /oldbailey.htm   (415 words)

 Old Bailey   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Bailey will ride Funny Cide in his next start, which is scheduled to be the $500,000 Suburban Handicap here on July 2.
Stinson Bailey said today that he used "bad judgment" Saturday when he started a fire that destroyed three unoccupied structures on Edison Avenue in Benton.
THE Old Bailey jury in the Sion Jenkins murder trial was sent home for the weekend yesterday.
www.infothis.com /find/Old_Bailey   (240 words)

 News on Bailey, Texas   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Peggy Bailey was jolted awake early one Sunday morning in April 1944 by the most vivid dream in all her 42 years.
Sandra King, 63, was given a life sentence at the Old Bailey last month but her son is convinced his only option is to remain focused on the game.
Kevin Bailey, 17, of Fort Benning, pleaded innocent to possession of a weapon on school property and criminal trespass and was taken to the Muscogee County...
www.linkmorgue.org /us/TX/Bailey.html   (5852 words)

 The Old Bailey Central Criminal Court London
The Old Bailey is the main criminal court for the UK where all the big criminal trials are hosted.
The Old Bailey itself was built about a century ago on the site of an old prison.
The Old Bailey is sited near the City, the financial district of London.
www.londontoolkit.com /whattodo/oldbailey.htm   (268 words)

 9/17/2003 - Crime Stoppers: Edgar Bailey Wanted For Several Warrants, Including Murder - Breaking News - ...
Bailey was brought back to Chattanooga where he posted a $227,000 bond.
Bailey to be held without bond once he is arrested.
Bailey is to be considered armed and dangerous and no attempt should be made to arrest him by anyone other than law enforcement personnel.
www.chattanoogan.com /articles/article_41051.asp   (392 words)

 Technorati Tag: bailey
Bailey is coming home Posted by Marie under General, Pets, Andy [4] Comments I decided to keep the name Bailey.
Bailey, after four ounces of the good stuff: [IMG ] Amy’s favorite new trick is to Elmer’s glue a bow to Bailey’s head.
With the addition of Bailey to the family, we have 5 generations present under the same roof.
www.technorati.com /tag/bailey   (682 words)

 Guardian | Accused Algerian sent to Old Bailey
DC Oake was stabbed when officers investigating the discovery of the poison ricin in a flat in north London raided a first-floor flat in Crumpsall, north Manchester, on Tuesday.
Ms Hemming asked for the case to be transferred to the Old Bailey.
She told the judge the police were still working to confirm the defendant's name, and said he had no permanent address in the UK, no income and no means of supporting himself.
www.guardian.co.uk /print/0,3858,4586072-111274,00.html   (571 words)

 Old Bailey, London EC4: tourist information from TourUK
The elegant bronze figure of Justice on the copper dome of the Old Bailey overlooks the place where convicts were once executed.
The Old Bailey has dealt with some of the most publicised criminal cases in London's history.
Across the road from the Old Bailey is the Magpie and Stumps.
www.touruk.co.uk /london_sights/oldbailey1.htm   (263 words)

 The old Bailey
He teaches you rather than plays with you." Bailey: "They could play chess at three or four.
Bailey has ben married to Catherine for 16 years.
Bailey: "No that was Saffron Burrows." Paloma: "But she came to see you there."
www.buzzle.com /editorials/7-29-2002-23354.asp?viewPage=3   (562 words)

 Penn/Old Bailey   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
What was unexpected, especially in an age when the business of justice was brisk and brutal, was the outcome of the case - an outcome so dramatic that a marble memorial was erected on the spot.
In a decision which toppled the old order, Chief Justice Vaughan finally upheld the right of juries to give a verdict according to their convictions.
The large marble plaque which commemorates the trial of Penn and Mead is preserved in the original entrance lobby of the Central Criminal Court.
www.hiddenlondon.com /penn_oldbailey.htm   (448 words)

 London hotels, hotels near Old Bailey   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Old Bailey was located about 200 yards northwest of St Paul's Cathedral, just outside the western wall of the City of London.
It is named after the street in which it is located which itself follows the line of the original fortified wall, or "bailey, of the City.
The location of the courthouse close to Newgate prison allowed prisoners to be conveniently brought to the courtroom for their trials.
www.website-directory.co.uk /attractions/oldbailey.htm   (132 words)

 The Old Bailey!
The double gold medal winner from the Atlanta Olympics is unquestionably the most famous person perspiring on the Pan Am property, even though he hadn't done much perspiring in public prior to running the lead leg last night.
 The Canadians were in control after Bailey and Gilbert, but Brad McCuaig couldn't get it done running the third leg and Trevino Betty just wasn't the guy running anchor to get it back.
 Bailey has managed to come off as a big-time jerk in both of his prime-time moments on Canadian soil - that ill-fated match race against Michael Johnson at Toronto's Skydome and his refusual to run the 100m here after having accepted $200,000 to promote these Games.
www.canoe.ca /PanAmGamesArchive/jul31_jones.html   (680 words)

 Rumpole of the Bailey-Pictures of the Old Bailey   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The proper name for these courtrooms is the Central Criminal Court, but they are more commonly known as the Old Bailey, as is the street in which they stand, after the medieval defences that were once on the site.
The Old Bailey was built in the early 1900’s on the site of the old Newgate Prison.
Opposite the Old Bailey is the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
www.tvheaven.ca /rumpole3.htm   (399 words)

 Old Bailey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
While The Old Bailey (being a criminal court) is open to the public to view trials, no form of electronic equipment, including mobile phones, can be brought in by the public.
The Proceedings of the Old Bailey London 1674 to 1834 - Archive of case details
Central Criminal Court from the architectural heritage section of the City of London website
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Old_Bailey   (252 words)

 The Old Bailey, London, England
In 1780-3 a new prison was built to replace it and because there was now space, that device of execution, the scaffold, was transferred from Tyburn (now Marble Arch) to the prison.
The scaffold was erected in front of Newgate Prison in the street named Old Bailey.
The proceedings of the Old Bailey were published between 1674 and 1834.
www.spiers.net /bailey.htm   (427 words)

 Learn more about The Old Bailey in the online encyclopedia.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Learn more about The Old Bailey in the online encyclopedia.
The Central Criminal Court, commonly known as The Old Bailey (a bailey being a type of castle), is a Crown Court (criminal high court) based in London, dealing with severe cases in the U.K.
The Old Bailey is where Sir John Mortimer practiced as a barrister.
www.onlineencyclopedia.org /t/th/the_old_bailey.html   (200 words)

 Tales from The Old Bailey
On that day she gave evidence at the Old Bailey against her neighbour William Brightmore, who was charged with grand larceny.
A number of Soles (of various spellings) appear in the Old Bailey proceedings, witnesses, jurors, defendants and victims, but in most cases there isn’t enough information to be able to identify them.
This story and thousands like it appear in the Proceedings of the Old Bailey which can now be found on-line at www.oldbaileyonline.org.
www.sole.org.uk /talesfro.htm   (902 words)

 Journal of Social History: Why they stole: women in the Old Bailey, 1779-1789 - Old Bailey Sessions Papers
The complexity of women's motivations can be seen through an examination of the Old Bailey Sessions Papers from the 1780s.
The Old Bailey Sessions Papers (hereafter OBSP) constitute one of the few verbatim accounts we have of eighteenth-century trials.(7) The figures in the analysis that follows are based on the legal year which began in December.(8) The OBSP are not complete trial transcripts; discussions of legal points were often truncated or omitted altogether.
As the decade wore on and the number of indictments rose, there are more and more of what John Langbein has called 'squibs.'(9) These very truncated accounts, usually of more minor cases, could consist of little more than the charge, the verdict and the sentence.
www.findarticles.com /m2005/3_32/54258704/p1/article.jhtml   (1056 words)

 The Old Bailey - London's principal criminal court : Revs
The Old Bailey - London's principal criminal court : Revs
The Old Bailey - London's principal criminal court
Universally known as the Old Bailey, it is the probably the most famous criminal court in the world, and has been London's main criminal court for several centuries.
www.revs.org /photos/old_bailey.html   (92 words)

 The Bells of Old Bailey
The Old Bailey did not have its own bell - it refers to the bells of St. Sepulchre-without-Newgate church and the bell of Newgate prison!
The medieval courthouse of London was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666 and was replaced by London's Central Criminal Court which was used during 1673 -1834.
The local name for the court was the 'Old Bailey' which was so-called after the street in which it was located Bailey Street) which was right next to Newgate Prison.
www.rhymes.org.uk /bells-old-bailey.htm   (260 words)

 IgoUgo: London Attractions, London Festivals, Things To Do In London
The Central Criminal Court, more popularly known as The Old Bailey, was constructed in 1907 near the site of the once notorious Newgate which was London's main prison from the 13th century.
The veiled bronze figure of justice looms overhead and members of the British public are selected randomly to conduct jury service within the Old Bailey.
The dome of "Old Bailey" is topped by the magnificent gold statue of Justice, holding a sword in one hand & scales in the other---however, not sporting a blindfold.
www.igougo.com /planning/journalEntryActivity.asp?type=2&entryID=8721   (465 words)

An antique print - the high-walled exterior of the celebrated old prison, as rebuilt by George Dance the Younger in 1780-1783 - finally demolished in 1902 to make way for the Central Criminal Court (the Old Bailey).
A highly attractive antique print of a lively courtroom scene in the interior of the famous Central Criminal Court of the Old Bailey.
A antique print of the forbidding exterior of the old prison, finally demolished in 1902 to make way for the Central Criminal Court (the Old Bailey).
www.ashrare.com /old_bailey_prints.html   (481 words)

 Lighthouses@Lighthouse Digest ... Doomsday List Lighthouse: Old Bailey’s Harbor Light
The old Bailey’s Harbor light is situated in a protected bay on the east coast of the Door Peninsula, a long, thin finger of land, which juts north into Lake Michigan.
In the fall of 1848, Captain Justice Bailey encountered a fierce October storm while traversing the eastern shore of the peninsula.
Thus, the old Baileys Harbor Light was displayed for the last time at the end of the season of navigation on December 1, 1869.
www.lighthousedepot.com /Digest/StoryPage.cfm?StoryKey=1084   (795 words)

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