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Topic: Old World

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  Old World Kennel
Old World Kennel is family owned and operated, and has been breeding, importing, training, and showing some of the finest German rottweilers since 1981.
Old World Kennel rottweilers are known for their versatility in winning major world events, both in the international show ring and at the top working competitions as well.
Old World Kennel also offers top professional rottweiler training, as well as training for other working breeds.
www.oldworldkennel.net   (265 words)

  NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Old World (Warhammer)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In the fictional world of Warhammer Fantasy, the 'Old World' refers to the main 'European' setting where most Human nations are based.
The old world is usually defined as the area of land west of the World Edge Mountains and north of Blood River and the Dwarf sea fortress of Barak Varr.
In the past, before the rise of humans, the Old World was ruled by Dwarfs and Elves, until the 'War of the Beard'.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Old-World-%28Warhammer%29   (404 words)

  Old World - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Old World consists of those parts of Earth known to Europeans before the voyages of Christopher Columbus; it includes Europe, Asia, and Africa (collectively known as Africa-Eurasia), plus surrounding islands.
The term is in distinction from the New World, meaning the Americas.
Australia and Antarctica are neither definitely Old World nor definitely New World, since the terms "Old World" and "New World" predate their discovery by Europeans.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Old_World   (137 words)

 Old World vulture - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Old World vultures belong to the family Accipitridae, which also includes eagles, kites, buzzards and hawks.
They are not at all closely related to the superficially similar New World vultures and condors, and do not share that group's good sense of smell.
They were widespread in both the Old World and North America, during the Neogene.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Old_World_vulture   (177 words)

 JS Online: Old World traditions find a home during the holiday
Old World Wisconsin, the outdoor museum of rural history near the town of Eagle, is doing its part to educate area residents this Christmas.
Old World Wisconsin has two Pomeranian farmsteads, moved from their original sites in Wisconsin.
But part of the Pomeranian culture was temporarily lost during World War II, when animosity toward Germans kept the culture in the closet for fear of persecution, Kraft said.
www.jsonline.com /story/index.aspx?id=102254&format=print   (1493 words)

 Old World Furniture, covers, wicker aluminum   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Old World patio has castings that are poured and are cast from hand-carved dies, not machine stamped.
Old World patio furniture has welding which are ground by hand for a smooth, flawless finish.
Old World Patio collection is one of the most popular wrought iron patio furniture collections on the market today.
www.patiofurnitureforoutdoors.com /old-world-furniture.htm   (198 words)

Merck Family's Old World Christmas was founded in 1979 by Tim and Beth Merck, a couple who share a special love for Christmas, especially its rich traditions in the European style.
Old World Christmas says: We promise to provide high-quality, traditionally designed, hand crafted collectibles that are created with even more attention to detail than those produced 100 years ago.
At Merck Family's Old World Christmas, we continually seek to restore the charm of Christmases past, heighten the joy of the year's Yuletide season, and make these same cherished values available for the enjoyment of all families in the years to come.
europeanchristmasmarket.bravepages.com /OldWorldChristmas.html   (644 words)

 Royal BC Museum   (Site not responding. Last check: )
When Europeans from the Old World came to the New World of the Americas in the 16th century, they observed thousands of native societies speaking a variety of languages.
It is generally believed that most of the development of New World cultures is the result of a combination of factors that occurred in response to local changes in population, technology, social and political organization, religion and the environment.
The study of the history and diversity of New World peoples is as important to our understanding of the modern world as that of Old World societies.
www.royalbcmuseum.bc.ca /notes/oldworld.html   (803 words)

 Furniture Hardware Old World   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In this sense the given above geopolitical concepts are considered as examples of the old and declining ideological management, which to attempt to ideologically subordinate civic community and on the basis of these theories, the lead of western peace in the programming at the conceptual level.
The production of new system was begun in Furniture Hardware Old World during December 1992 (periodical "Furniture Hardware Old Worldt" of 11 April, 1992).
The production of new Furniture Hardware Old World was begun in company during December 1992 (periodical "New scientist" of 11 April, 1992).
best-furniture.t35.com /furniture-hardware-old-world   (422 words)

 ANIMAL BYTES - Old World Comb Duck
Old World comb duck, comb duck, knob-billed duck
Old World comb ducks perch in trees, clinging with their strong claws to vertical tree trunks like monstrous woodpeckers!
Old World comb ducks nest in tree cavities about 6.1-9.1 meters (20-30 ft) above the ground or within holes in the walls of buildings.
www.seaworld.org /animal-info/Animal-Bytes/animalia/eumetazoa/coelomates/deuterostomes/chordata/craniata/aves/anseriformes/old-world-comb-duck.htm   (246 words)

 CD Baby: METRIC: Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?
Old World Underground is a breath of fresh air to the music world.
Emily Haines' sings some cool descriptive lyrics that such as "Every ten year old enemy soldier thinks falling bombs are shooting stars" and "Falling for the creep, the body leech, here he comes" it also goes without mention that she has one of the best voices in alternative music.
Old World Underground starts off with a very straight and rigid, nearly punk feel, but soon breaks away into their signature off beat melodic sound.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/metric   (6502 words)

 RPGnet: Review of Old World Armoury
The heraldry section presents the opportunity to work some more realism and world details into a campaign, providing extensive information about heraldric symbols used in the Old World, and the insignia of the major cities and counties of the Empire.
I've always felt that the Warhammer world is one in which possessions are, at best, temporary, and the damage system definitely gives that feeling to the game.
Overall, the OWA is a great book for players and GMs who want to bring as much detail as possible to their characters and campaign world, but a much less attractive choice for gamers just looking for lots of cool new practical equipment.
www.rpg.net /reviews/archive/12/12075.phtml   (2393 words)

 Brave Old World: Reviews, Discography, Audio Clips, and more ||| Music.com
The tradition is brought up to contemporary standards by Brave Old World, a group that includes members from California, Chicago, New York and Berlin.
"The Boston Globe" explained that Brave Old World "plays a klezmer music that is entirely grounded in the present, so intensely evolved from the music as it was, and, yet, so clearly, obviously, entirely klezmer that one could not seperate out many of the influences".
In addition to their recordings, Brave Old World has been featured on two albums with violinist Itzhak Perlman.
www.music.com /group/brave_old_world/1/biography   (528 words)

 Old World Wisconsin   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Old World Wisconsin is located at S103 W37890 Highway 67, Eagle, WI 53119, 262/594-6300.
Old World Wisconsin’s historic farm and village buildings began as Wisconsin’s way of celebrating America's bicentennial.
The museum, the largest of its kind in the world dedicated to the history of rural life, opened in 1976 to commemorate 200 years of American history.
www.wcwcw.com /feature60.htm   (507 words)

 The New Old World: Challenges and Opportunities of Aging Populations
And to be a world leader in global aging.
Indeed, increased longevity was one of the great success stories of the 20th century, due to the eradication of childhood diseases and improvements in public health, diet and standards of living.
The 50-plus population of the world is both a production power as an employee force and a purchasing power as a consumer force.
www.aarp.org /research/press-center/speeches/a2003-08-14-thenewoldworld.html   (1254 words)

 Old World Industries, Inc. Jobs on CareerBuilder   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Old World Industries ships thousands of tons of liquid chemicals each year via barge, rail and tank trucks through our smoothly structured national distribution network.
To offset deductible costs Old World funds a stored-value debit card carrying the MasterCard logo, for each employee with HRA dollars.The goal is to manage healthcare costs by putting decision-making control in the hands of the consumer - each employee.
The Old World Human Resources staff is in the same way dedicated to superior customer service and employee satisfaction with regard to recruiting, benefits, compensation, employee relations, training, travel and payroll services.
www.careerpath.com /JobSeeker/Companies/CompanyDetails.aspx?Comp_DID=CCBCONVXXXXX661191&Page=Environment&cbsid=2ec52276df8d4e37bf5b754124abe514-194325918-wi-2   (882 words)

 Old world maps   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Many Americans whose families originated in Europe or Asia consider those continents to be the old world.
Old world maps of Europe and the Mid-East were created by those travelers...
It is now possible to find old world maps on the Internet, some of them...
www.postersprintsphotos.com /Maps/Old-world-maps.htm   (280 words)

 Macworld: Old world ROM or New world ROM?
I have recently come to believe that I may have an old world ROM and not the new world ROM I had assumed I had.
I am a bit surprised, since I wasn't aware that you could put OSX on an old world machine, but there you are...
This was the last version before the "bronze" powerbooks that definitely had the new world ROM.
www.macworld.com /forums/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Cat=0&Number=41733&page=260   (233 words)

 Acer goes Old World - Forbes.com
Taiwan's Acer Inc. may be making waves in the world's PC industry, but you wouldn't have known it last month at a government-run student center in downtown Taipei.
He grandiosely called for Acer to have 21 listed companies around the world by the start of the 21st century, and at its peak Acer and affiliates had 15,000 workers.
The shareholder meeting in June behind him, Lanci took a few days off during the World Cup, surprising colleagues back in workaholic Taiwan who were trying to reach him.
www.forbes.com /global/2006/0724/020.html   (1303 words)

 indieWIRE: First Person: Rajendra Roy on Berlin - The New "Old" World
In fact by labeling it "Old Europe", he flags a true divergence, and that has to do with having a real and active sense of history.
Terrence Malick's rapturous "The New World" (playing out-of-competition in Berlin), announces a sense of menace in its opening notes (with some help from Wagner), and while romanticized, does portray the corruption of one society for the benefit of another.
But much of what we are exposed to, especially in the independent film world, is either painfully hip (and instantly dated) or overly personal, or both.
www.indiewire.com /ots/2006/02/first_person_ra.html   (908 words)

 Old World Spices & Seasonings:
Old World is Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union™ and routinely receives “superior” ratings by the AIB.
Old World Spices and Seasonings blends flavor-enhancing seasonings for the
With three generations of experience and thousands of formulas, Old World’s mission is to become your product development partner.
www.oldworldspices.com   (133 words)

 New Lessons from the Old World : The European Model for Falling in Love with Your Hometown (by Jay Walljasper)
This central square in Copenhagen, Denmark is the gateway to the longest pedestrian mall in the world, and it’s a haven for street performers, vendors and casual shoppers.
While people hopped into their autos for 60 percent of all vehicle trips around the city in the 1970s, cars accounted for less than half of those trips 20 years later—with bikes increasing from 18 to 27 percent of all trips and light rail moving ahead from 22 to 26 percent.
Old people and the disabled, many of whom can’t drive or have trouble walking across wide busy streets, are similarly placed under a sort of house arrest.
www.emagazine.com /view/?2307   (4976 words)

 Old World Chemicals   (Site not responding. Last check: )
For some applications it is desirable to remove the remaining sodium chloride and other compounds.
Most of the Caustic Soda produced in the world is sold as a liquid containing 50 percent NaOH.
Old World ships Caustic Soda from locations throughout the United States to give customers ready access to a range of Caustic Soda solutions.
www.oldworldind.com /chemicals/prod_lcs.html   (904 words)

 The New Old World: Home, Expat Blog, Germany, Expatica
In his Expatica column 'The New Old World', Manhattan expat R.W. Dooley describes his experiences in Cologne.
There is an old church there surrounded by buildings that survived the War, elegant remainders, unusual and ponderous in this city that is ancient in its origins but needed to be almost entirely rebuilt after the War, and not too well unfortunately.
Those sounds and images will be a part of me for as long as I draw breath, but they are the exception; life is rarely that colorful or sweet.
www.expatica.com /actual/article.asp?subchannel_id=183&story_id=30956   (600 words)

 Old World warblers
That confusion now extends to the entire concept of an "Old World Warbler" family called "Sylviidae." Traditionally, the Old World Warblers have been considered a huge assemblage of about 400 species, making them nearly the largest family in the world, just behind the Tyrant Flycatchers of the New World (~425 species).
It is not at all clear just how the old "Sylviidae" will be dismembered but with Sylvia moving to the Babblers, whatever is left of the basic Old World Warblers will not be called "Sylviidae." We don't know yet what it will be called.
The vast majority of this slimmed-down version of Old World Warblers are in two Dickinson (2003) subfamilies: Acrocephalinae (110 species) and Phylloscopinae (91 species).
montereybay.com /creagrus/sylvids.html   (2239 words)

 Old World Wisconsin
Yet they all shared a common purpose — the determined pursuit of the American Dream.
Old World Wisconsin tells their stories by re-creating a world in which farmers, tradesmen and shopkeepers lead their lives the same way these settlers did.
Bring the whole family to see, hear and smell the same things the filled the senses of those hardy souls who chose to build new lives in a faraway place called Wisconsin.
www.wisconsinhistory.org /oww   (151 words)

 BBC NEWS | Magazine | Britain's 'old world order'
The illusion, that the world stands in awe of our righteousness, is at the bottom of many of our follies.
We don't have the resources to shoulder the burden of being one of the world's policemen, even if other countries wanted us in that role, which most of them don't.
The old imperialist spirit, whatever its virtues in other years, has gone the way of the Empire and is no more.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/magazine/6224467.stm   (1393 words)

 A new life in the Old World of skiing | Chicago Tribune
If you want to see how things looked when the world was young, take the fork in the road on the way up to Zermatt and venture to Saas-Fee, Switzerland, perhaps the most scenic resort in the Alps.
For non-skiers, the Alps highest funicular railway climbs under the Saas-Fee glacier to emerge among the summits and dock at the world's highest revolving restaurant.
Nearby Morzine is just the opposite—a lovely old village typical of the Haute Savoie where the digs have been family run for generations and recipes are kept secret.
www.chicagotribune.com /travel/chi-051030skieurope,0,3288234.story   (1540 words)

 Gen On The Run and Justin Harris Run With The Three Year Old World Grand Championship Roses - The World of horses - ...
The pleasure division was up next as 10 of the 11 signed in worked to the track to show their very best in class 132, Plantation Pleasure Walking Horses, Lite Shod, World Grand Championship (Canter) under the watchful eye of Judge Ronnie Spears and his cohorts.
Back in the performance division, class 133 brought the Elite Owner-Amateur Riders on Walking Horses World Grand Championship with 10 of the 13 with reservations giving it all they had hoping their performance would be rewarded by the judging panel, led in this event by Judge Jamie Bradshaw.
Riding for the tri-colors in the event was The Lady Of The Ritz and Marty Irby, World Champions in the English Trail Pleasure preliminary, riding to the pinnacle of the division for Marty Irby and Waterfall Farms of Shelbyville, Tenn. Enjoying their ride in th
www.care2.com /c2c/groups/disc.html?gpp=9870&pst=390757   (938 words)

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