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Topic: Old province

Old Ontario (lying between the Ottawa River, the St. Lawrence River, and Lakes Ontario, Erie, and Huron) is well settled and cultivated: New Ontario, lying north and west is sparsely inhabited.
This was the nucleus of the Province of Ontario.
The Constitutional Act assigns to the province "the constitution, maintenance, and organization of the provincial courts", civil and criminal, and to the Dominion the appointment and remuneration of judges.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/11254a.htm   (3092 words)

 Upper Canada
Many had been in the forefront of political protest in the old American colonies, and although they had not been ready to take up arms for colonial rights, they were prepared to use every legal and constitutional means at their disposal to better their lives.
A lieutenant-governor was established in each province, with an executive council to advise him, a legislative council to act as an upper house, and a representative assembly.
Durham, from his lofty imperial perch, argued that a reunion of the provinces would swamp the French of Lower Canada in an English sea and, more important, that the economic potential of both colonies would be enhanced and they would thus be less burdensome to Britain.
thecanadianencyclopedia.com /index.cfm?PgNm=TCE&Params=A1ARTA0008268   (2018 words)

The boundaries of the old province of Languedoc were in a constant state of flux.
The town of Perpignan fell to the French in 1642, and in 1659 Spain formally ceded the province to France by the Treaty of the Pyrénées.
This usage was in contrast to the old French language, which was referred to as the langue d 'oïl’, which used the old form ‘oïl’ instead of the modern ‘oui’ for "yes".
www.french-at-a-touch.com /French_Regions/Languedoc-Roussillon/languedoc-roussillon_11.htm   (2777 words)

 About IRAN
The mountain chains of Zagros crosses the province from the north-west towards the south-east, and divides the province into 2 distinguishable parts, the first is located on the north and north-west, while the second is located on the south and the south-east of the province, and both are mountainous highlands.
Different people have lived in the province such as the Aryans, the Samis and the Turks, who worked together to form The Iranian culture.However, the native nomad tribes such as the Qashqais, the Mamesanis the Khamsas and the Koohkeloians, are still conserving a large part of the native culture of the region.
All cities and towns of the province are facilitated with different kings of hotels and guest houses, specially the city of Shiraz is significant for its tourism facilities among all cities of the country.
www.iccim.org /English/Iran/14   (3227 words)

 mountain province info   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Mountain Province is a landlocked area in the Central Cordilleras in northern part of the Island of Luzon.
It is bounded on the north by Kalinga and Apayao Provinces, on the east by Isabela, on the west by Abra and Ilcos Sur, and on the south by Benguet and Ifugao Province´s.
The area that retained the old province´s name was the former sub-province of Bontoc.
home.online.no /~erfalch/mountainprovincea.htm   (412 words)

 Upper Canada
The Act divided the old Province of Quebec into Upper Canada and Lower Canada.
From 1763 to 1791, it was part of the old Province of Quebec.
The province's roads were quagmires of mud during much of the spring and summer.
www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com /PrinterFriendly.cfm?Params=J1ARTJ0008268   (1433 words)

 M-100 Bank Vault, Old Deloraine - Province of Manitoba | General Page
The bank vault at Old Deloraine was built in 1883 by George Rickard, a Deloraine pioneer and stonemason.
The fieldstone vault, used for the storage of valuables such as homestead deeds, is all that remains of Old Deloraine.
In 1886 the settlement of Old Deloraine was moved eight kilometres southeast of the original site in order to be nearer the railway.
www.gov.mb.ca /chc/hrb/mun/m100.html   (158 words)

 (Illustr.) Howe's Masquerade, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, 1838, 1842
We stepped forth from the great front window into the balcony, where, in old times, it was doubtless the custom of the King's representative to show himself to a loyal populace, requiting their huzzas and tossed-up hats with stately bendings of his dignified person.
It was an old man, formerly of high station and great repute in the province, and who had been a very famous soldier in his day.
It was a man in an old fashioned dress of fl serge, and having the aspect of a steward, or principal domestic in the household of a nobleman, or great English landholder.
www.eldritchpress.org /nh/howe2.html   (4946 words)

It was old Esther Dudley, who had dwelt almost immemorial years in this mansion, until her presence seemed as in­separable from it as the recollections of its history.
And to do the people jus­tice, stern republicans as they had now become, they were well content that the old gentlewoman, in her hoop petticoat and faded embroidery, should still haunt the palace of ruined pride and over­thrown power, the symbol of a departed system, embodying a history in her person.
And at last, after long, long years, old Esther Dudley knew, or perchance she only dreamed, that a Royal Governor was on the eve of returning to the Province House, to receive the heavy key which Sir William Howe had committed to her charge.
www.kellscraft.com /ProvinceHouse/ProvinceHouse05.html   (3646 words)

 A guild records the stories of a province's old rugs
Throughout the province, we found that most of the hooked pieces that were registered dated from the early 1900s to 1970.
Some people who brought items to be registered also brought old newspaper clippings and photographs, family genealogies, and written recollections about the rug hookers in their families.
Such is the case with a series of old mats, probably hooked in the 1930s, found in a house recently purchased on Tancook Island.
www.rughookingonline.com /registering/registering.html   (2532 words)

 Franche-Comte, Province of France
Franche-Comté is a region and historical province in eastern France, which includes most of the French portion of the Jura mountain range and the plateau of the upper Saône River.
Louis swore to maintain the province's liberties but was forced to return it to Spain by the Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle.
Although Besançon, the new capital of the province, was given a parliament and a university, anti-French sentiment remained strong until the 18th century, when Frenchmen from surrounding districts began to settle there.
www.discoverfrance.net /France/Provinces/Franche-Comte.shtml   (824 words)

 The politics of Delta State capital   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In other words, we believe that it is in the mutual interest of the Old Delta Province and the region now called Anioma to settle this matter of the Delta State capital as soon as possible.
From Delta Province, both Warri - the old capital of Delta Province - and Sapele were considered along with Benin City, the capital of Benin Province.
In this document, we shall equate Anioma with Western Igbo of the old Benin Province and shall not extend that usage to the Ukwuani of the Old Delta Province.
www.nigerdeltacongress.com /particles/politics_of_delta_state_capital.htm   (1327 words)

 Legends of the Province House   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Old South church, too, still pointed its antique spire into the darkness, and was lost between earth and heaven; and as I passed, its clock, which had warned so many generations how transitory was their life-time, spoke heavily and slow the same unregarded moral to myself.
The old gentleman's draught acted as a solvent upon his memory, so that it overflowed with tales, traditions, anecdotes of famous dead people, and traits of ancient manners, some of which were childish as a nurse's lullaby, while others might have been worth the notice of the grave historian.
A singular tale had gone abroad among the ladies of the province, that their fair rival was indebted for much of the irresistible charm of her appearance to a certain article of dress— an embroidered mantle—which had been wrought by the most skilful artist in London, and possessed even magical properties of adornment.
www.pos1.info /p/provhouse.htm   (17226 words)

 Mills, old farmhouses, province of Cadiz, country houses, fincas, inland properties, rustic villas, agricultural land ...
The old machinery of the watermill (for flour production) has remained partly intact and was last used about 15 years ago.
It is still owned by the family that used to run it, but the building itself is thought to be over 200 years old.
In a favourable location with quality land in a valley, it is not too far from major road systems, yet far enough away to enjoy just the wind in the trees, the birdsong of the countryside under a soothing veneer of running water.
www.flamencoshop.com /property/cadiz/fincas3.htm   (439 words)

 The Ultimate Provinces of Japan - American History Information Guide and Reference
Provinces are classified into Kinai (within the capital) and seven or eight do (routes, or circuits).
Yamashiro 山城国 (formerly also written as 山背国 or 山代国; this is the province in which Kyoto is located)
Awaji 淡路国 (literally Path to Awa Province; the largest island in the Seto Inland Sea, located between the Kii Peninsula of Honshu to the east and the island of Shikoku to the west)
www.historymania.com /american_history/Provinces_of_Japan   (724 words)

 Province and Site Cards   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Province and site cards represent the location where all the action within the card game happens.
Within each province there may be one or more sites.
Before moving, the player places the beginning site, and the destination site, with the regions the party will be traveling through to arrive at the destination site.
opencg.org /old_rules/province_site_cards.html   (230 words)

The Old Province for Law and Order must surely cease to be part of the legal system before its centenary in three years time.
My proposition is that various participants in the legal system effectively created the industrial arrangements because of their perception that social interventionism was needed to offset the alleged failure of the labour market to produce "fair" outcomes and because they saw a role for themselves.
In tort, there is now a situation where "the concept of reasonableness is of key importance and the duty owed by one person to another depends so much on the facts of the case" (and judges and legal commentators have even "noted the tendency of the law of tort to supplant contract").
www.ipe.net.au /judicial2.html   (8889 words)

 Twice Told Tales - TALE XII-1
In those days the front of the Province House looked upon the street; and the whole site now occupied by the brick range of stores, as well as the present court-yard, was laid out in grass plats, overshadowed by trees and bordered by a wrought-iron fence.
It was the idea of the beholders that these figures went to join the mysterious funeral that had halted in front of the Province House; yet that supposition seemed to be contradicted by the air of triumph with which they waved their hands, as they crossed the threshold and vanished through the portal.
Next was seen a stout man, dressed in rich and courtly attire, but not of courtly demeanor; his gait had the swinging motion of a seaman's walk, and chancing to stumble on the staircase, he suddenly grew wrathful, and was heard to mutter an oath.
www.worldwideschool.org /library/books/lit/fantasy/TwiceToldTales/chap13.html   (4801 words)

 Aki article - Aki Japan Aki, Kochi old province Honshu Hiroshima prefecture disambiguation - What-Means.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Aki article - Aki Japan Aki, Kochi old province Honshu Hiroshima prefecture disambiguation - What-Means.com
Aki was an old province in the Western part of Honshu, part of what is today Hiroshima prefecture.
This is a disambiguation page; that is, one that points to other pages that might otherwise have the same name.
www.what-means.com /encyclopedia/Aki   (107 words)

 Legislative Electronic Publications -- Province Collects Old And Leftover Farm Chemicals In Operation Cleanfarm
In a move to eliminate unwanted and leftover chemicals from farms, the province is launching Phase Two of the Operation CleanFarm program to collect and dispose of these hazardous materials, Agriculture, Food and Rural Initiatives (MAFRI) Minister Rosann Wowchuk announced today.
Conservation Minister Stan Struthers noted that stockpiles of old and partially filled containers of chemicals common to farm operations may pose a health and environmental risk and need to be disposed of properly.
Operation CleanFarm is a free, two-year disposal program launched in 2003 by the province in partnership with CropLife Canada (CLC).
www.gov.mb.ca /chc/press/top/2004/09/2004-09-24-01.html   (321 words)

 New Page 1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The views from this side of the mountain are stunning, especially during the fall as one has a vantage point across the Connecticut River Valley and into east central Vermont.
Travel up Old Province Road until the end at the top of the steep west flank of Mount Sunapee.
At the bottom of Old Province Road turn right on Brook Road and continue for about 1.2 mi.
www.srkg.com /trail2_gd.htm   (482 words)

The old medieval principality of Moldavia had a red military flag with a bison's (not ox's, as you think) head in the center.
After the Ottoman invasion, Moldova lost its independence and became a sort of self-ruled province and its rulers (Gospodars) were appointed by Ottomans.
The eagle is from the old Romanian coat of arms and ultimately from Byzantium; the ox head represents the old province of Bessarabia; the cross is obviously Christian; the sceptre and olive branch are probably for sovereignty and peace; as for the flower and crescent, I have no idea.
fotw.fivestarflags.com /md.html   (2003 words)

 Mills (molinos), old farmhouses, province of Cadiz, country houses, fincas, inland properties, rustic villas, ...
Mills (molinos), old farmhouses, province of Cadiz, country houses, fincas, inland properties, rustic villas, agricultural land in Andalusia, real estate Spain
The olive mill is most interesting with an old olive press still intact but not in use.
The stone wheel press (el tren de molienda) used to crush the olives into pulp still exists, as does the oven that was lit by a fire to heat the water for the olive press machinery last used some 15 years ago.
www.flamencoshop.com /property/cadiz/mill.htm   (394 words)

 Twice Told Tales - TALE XII-4
On one occasion, she startled the townspeople by a brilliant illumination of the Province House, with candles at every pane of glass, and a transparency of the King's initials and a crown of light in the great balcony window.
And Esther Dudley fancied that as soon as the wide door should be flung open, all the pomp and splendor of by-gone times would pace majestically into the Province House, and the gilded tapestry of the past would be brightened by the sunshine of the present.
And now, again, the clock of the Old South threw its voice of ages on the breeze, knolling the hourly knell of the Past, crying out far and wide through the multitudinous city, and filling our ears, as we sat in the dusky chamber, with its reverberating depth of tone.
www.worldwideschool.org /library/books/lit/fantasy/TwiceToldTales/chap16.html   (3655 words)

 Nagato province - old province of Japan
Nagato (長門国; -no kuni), often called Choshu (長州 Choshū), was an old province of Japan.
A province at the extreme western end of Honshu, in the area that is today Yamaguchi prefecture.
In 1871 with the abolition of feudal domains and the establishment of prefectures (Haihan Chiken) after the Meiji Restoration, the provinces of Nagato and Suo were combined to eventually establish Yamaguchi prefecture.
www.japan-101.com /geography/nagato_province.htm   (160 words)

 Orange Free State (Province of South Africa 1910-1994)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Orange Free State / Oranje Vrystaat (named after the Orange river, so called after the Dutch royal house) was located in the centre of South Africa and has an international border only with Lesotho.
As a province of South Africa between 1910 and 1994, the Orange Free State had no official provincial flag but the old Boer republic flag (Oranje Vrijstaat) was often used unofficially.
In addition to Qwaqwa, there was a portion of Bophuthatswana at Thaba Nchu - about 50km east of Bloemfontein - in the old Orange Free State province.
www.buschauer.dynip.com /fotw/flags/za-or.html   (143 words)

 Nathaniel Hawthorne : Legends of the Province House: I. Howe's Masquerade
The Province House is constructed of brick, which seems recently to have been overlaid with a coat of light-colored paint.
At one of the entertainments given at the Province House, during the latter part of the siege of Boston, there passed a scene which has never yet been satisfactorily explained.
With these words Colonel Joliffe threw on his cloak, and drawing his granddaughter's arm within his own, retired from the last festival that a British ruler ever held in the old province of Massachusetts Bay.
www.classicreader.com /read.php/sid.6/bookid.202   (4808 words)

 73 Year Old Jilin Province Practitioner Mr. Zhou Decheng Died in 2004 as a Result of Police Brutality | Clearharmony - ...
Zhang Dailian, a Shandong Province Practitioner, Died Because of Pressure from Local Officials
Li Jinmei from Shanxi Province and Senior Citizen Mr.
Zhao Yupu from Heilongjiang Province Died As a Result of Persecution in 2002 and 2004
www.clearharmony.net /articles/200503/25367.html   (320 words)

 Revitalizing an Old Oil Province: A Second Look at the Golden Lane Plays and Renewed Drilling Activity   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Pemex is taking steps to reverse this trend and revive this oil province almost a century after its discovery.
The integration of high-quality 3D seismic, well logs, and core data has allowed a better understanding of the stratigraphic architecture of the Tuxpan Platform, a better characterization of the producing facies, and the recognition of new plays in the Cretaceous and Jurassic section.
Besides the established play, there are several hypothetical plays that could be some of the revitalizing elements for this province.
aapg.confex.com /aapg/da2004/techprogram/A87045.htm   (338 words)

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