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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

 Old-time music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Among the prominent styles of old-time music in Canada are the Scottish-derived tradition of Nova Scotia (particularly Cape Breton Island), the French Canadian music of Quebec and Acadia, the old-time music of Ontario, and the prairie fiddling traditions of the central provinces.
While old-time music was practiced in all regions of the United States in the 18th and 19th centuries, by the 20th century it had come to be associated primarily with the Appalachian region.
Appalachian folk music is a distinctive genre of folk music Appalachian music is believed to have developed from traditional Scottish, English and Irish music brought to the United States by immigrants from those countries, and in turn it influenced country music and old-time music.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Old-time_music   (2320 words)

 Boston.com / A&E / Music / Seems like old time A music revival is taking place, and the Cantab Lounge is at its center
But remember, this is old-time music, so a jam is just the place to be.
Old time is enjoying a tremendous national revival, partly due to smart young bands like the Crooked Jades, Ollabelle, the Duhks, the Reeltime Travelers, Uncle Earl, the Mammals, and Boston's own Crooked Still.
But they play the Southern folk form called old time, so for them, Carnegie Hall is the Tuesday bluegrass and old-time jam at the funky little Cantab Lounge in Central Square.
www.boston.com /ae/music/articles/2005/02/06/seems_like_old_time   (583 words)

 Oldtime Music
Drawing a borderline here between Old-Time Music and Bluegrass would not be wise here, as they have lots of things in common and their fans are strongly linked by their love to the music.
However, the Olt-Time community was not satisfied with listening to old scratched records but wanted to have a lively music.
With the trend back to the acoustic music the Old-Time Music enters its third springtime.
www.oldtimemusic.de /info.htm   (587 words)

 Old Time Music DJ Shares Links for Listening & Learning
Old time is the music of square dances and reels, and you can get the hoedown on those on the Web as well.
Old time music is the grandparent of today's Branson-Nashville country music.
It is music you can play and sing on the back porch with friends for fun, but also has its own circuit of concerts, festivals (which often go by the name "fiddlers' conventions"), and publications.
www.folksonline.com /folks/hh/tours/1999/oldtimemusic.htm   (855 words)

 Archives of Appalachia Music
Such folk music was kept alive in Appalachia into the present century and has been adapted and blended into an array of popular musical forms such as old-time country, gospel, bluegrass, and folk music.
The music in the archives' collections dates from the 1920s to the 1990s and includes various types of country music, bluegrass, old-time country, folk, ballads, gospel, hymns, blues and protest, political music.
The first commercial recordings of country music were made in Bristol, Tenn. in the 1920s, and many musical groups and individual recording artists began their careers with performances on local radio stations in the region.
cass.etsu.edu /archives/music.htm   (1508 words)

Hank chairs the advisory board for the Charlie Poole Music Festival, now in its 11th year, which is held in Poole's hometown of Eden, N.C. Sapoznik plays tenor guitar and banjo and sings with the Yiddish music trio The Youngers of Zion and with the old time music ensemble The Brooklyn Corn Dodgers.
Her method of learning these melodies was to write down the music, and she now has a collection of over 1300 tunes, which she hopes to publish in the near future.
His banjo is a conduit for his compositions and his band Fretwater is a natural extension of his creativity in music, combining all of his musical experiences into one.Their most recent recording features vocal arrangements of standard jazz popular songs with the banjo as a lead and rhythm instrument.
www.mugwumps.com /bcn.html   (5004 words)

 Old-Time Music
Old-time music was dance music; it was also parlor music, as well as ballads, accompanied or unaccompanied.
The music is passed on at workshops, where those who want to learn the music or improve their skills can be taught by very accomplished musicians in the tradition, both young and old.
The music was preserved only in pockets and by a few individuals and families such as the Hammons family of Pocohontas County, West Virginia.
www.gordonbanks.com /gordon/interests/otmusic.html   (1468 words)

 The Vigortones Old Time Music Festival
The Vigortones -- Lynn "Chirps" Smith, fiddle; Dave Landreth, banjo; and Jim Nelson, guitar -- are veterans of the midwestern old-time music festival and dance circuits.
They are a no-nonsense, high energy trio from Chicago (Chirps) and St. Louis (Dave and Jim) who specialize in playing traditional dance tunes that they've collected over the years from senior fiddlers in Southern Illinois and Missouri, and old-time songs they've learned from old 78 records.
www.oldtimemusic.org /vigortones.html   (72 words)

 A Traditional Music Library of folk music, tune-books, songbooks and sheet music
With old-time, the emphasis is much more on tunes and dance music, and often a deliberate effort is made to perform the music in the same way as it might have been done in the rural settings of 100 years ago.
They are most often folk songs, country dance or similar types of folk music but they can also be pieces from known early composers and may have been the "pop music " of their time.
The traditional and folk music here is split into various songbook or tune-book collections each with a particular theme, this could be the particular type of traditional folk or roots music or its source.
www.traditionalmusic.co.uk   (1220 words)

 OTR: Old Time Music And Radio
OTR is an acronym for Old Time Music And Radio, an organization of musicians, broadcasters, promoters, scholars and others dedicated to promoting and preserving the historic early American country music (particularly that of the Southern Appalachian mountains) by promoting and encouraging wider airplay on folk music radio programs around the world.
Old-Time Music And Radio, a project of the Old-Time Music Group, Inc., is a volunteer organization open to anyone interested in presenting, promoting, and preserving the radio broadcast of music which draws primarily from the instrumental and vocal traditions of the southern Appalachians.
Not only is this useful for those seeking to expand their home music collections with state-of-the-art technology, but with CD being the preferred on-air music media format for broadcasters, this database will also provide them with expanded possibilities for their playlists.
www.brandywinefriends.org /otr   (607 words)

 The Carter Family Memorial Music Center
Formally established in 1979, the Center's objective is to promote old time music and pay tribute to the Original Carter Family (A.P., Sara, and Maybelle Carter).
In doing so, she wanted to keep the musical tribute to her family close to the mountain home that served as the inspiration for so many of their songs (over 300 in all).
The Saturday concerts highlight the musical style made popular by the Carter Family, who are considered by many as country music's first family.
www.fmp.com /orthey/carter.html   (1231 words)

 Old Time Music Guitar Encyclopedia Guitar Chords Guitar Lessons Guitar Practicing Beginning Guitar Tips for Practice
Egypt show women playing instruments like the guitar from the time of the Pharaohs, but the name "guitar" appears first in Spain in the 13th century.
Celtic music, and by artists such as Pierre Bensusan.
folk music, and by metal and Alt-rock bands
www.guitarlessons.bizhosting.com /Old-time_music.html   (1440 words)

 Old Time Music - Wal-Mart
The arrival date-range of each item is determined by adding the minimum of the processing time to the minimum of the shipping time and the maximum of the processing time to the maximum of the shipping time.
Processing time for an item is the time from when you submit your order to when the item leaves the warehouse.
They began to incorporate unaccompanied ballads and modern bluegrass music but although the trio remained a popular attraction on the college and coffee-house circuit, they began to drift apart during the mid-70s.
www.walmart.com /catalog/product.gsp?product_id=1647578   (864 words)

 Fiddler's Grove (R) Festival and Campground
Fiddler’s Grove -- A Celebration of Old-Time Music This award-winning documentary (filmed in 1994), originally aired on PBS and now available for purchase, was a tribute to and celebration of the 70 year-old Fiddler's Grove(®) tradition.
In May, 2000, Fidder's Grove received the Local Legacy award from the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. ore than 50 traditional bands in old time and bluegrass divisions (Junior and Senior categories) vie for the coveted championships of the festival.
Certified Old Time Fiddle Category - open only to fiddlers 55 years or older who play strictly by ear and who have had no formal violin training.
www.fiddlersgrove.com   (689 words)

 Oriskany Strings - old time mountain, bluegrass and gospel music
Here's the complete two-hour show of this wonderful old time band as it was performed on January 7, 2005 in the historic Rex Theater in Galax, Virginia.
Besides hearing all the good old hymns, you might have been entertained by a local band playing their banjos, guitars and perhaps even a washtub bass.
Well, you'll hear it all as this wonderfully entertaining group of artists give you a historic musical tour of their little mountain home town in Oriskany, Virginia.
www.oriskanystrings.com   (474 words)

 Old-Time Music Links
Musical tradition, a relaxed approach to learning and an atmosphere of friendship and encouragement combine to make Blue Ridge Old-Time Music Week a very special experience.
The music is mostly "Old-Time", which means something like "Fiddle tunes from Appalachia", and the dances are contra-dances and square dances.
On top of all the fun, his pages are a veritable encyclopedia of links to other Folk Music resources offering traditional songbooks, musical instruments and more.
www.oldtimemusic.com /otlinksR-B.html   (929 words)

 Hernando: Not just old-timers love old-time music
For the uninitiated, old-time music is commonly referred to as the essential American roots music, with a stylistic tradition that dates back to the early southern Appalachian settlers.
They had put up posters in music stores around the Tampa Bay area, handed out fliers at folk music concerts and talked up the festival to anyone who seemed remotely interested in old-time music.
A roots music festival appeals to all ages and has plenty of strings attached: fiddle, banjo, guitar, etc.
www.sptimes.com /2005/04/01/Hernando/Not_just_old_timers_l.shtml   (588 words)

 Old-time, historic American, bluegrass music and cooking-Native Ground Books & Music
Our gospel, bluegrass, and old-time folk music collections are unsurpassed, and we have a full catalog of outlaw ballads, cowboy music, pioneer music, Lewis and Clark music, and railroad songs.
Native Ground Music's all-time best-seller is the book Front Porch Songs, Jokes and Stories, and its companion recording Front Porch Favorites, available on CD and cassette.
Adding richness and flavor to Native Ground Music's catalog, Erbsen's wife, Barbara Swell, has collected pioneer recipes, kitchen wisdom and sayings, romantic advice, and cooking secrets from rural women now in their eighties and nineties who grew up using wood cookstoves in the southern mountains.
www.nativeground.com   (516 words)

 Minnesota Bluegrass & Old-Time Music Festival
Bring your lawn chair and relax under the shade of the trees while enjoying some of the top bluegrass and old-time stringband music from throughout the United States and sometimes the world.
Concert times are 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM on Thursday, 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM on both Friday and Saturday, and from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Sunday (with a morning gospel show).
It is becoming known as one of the most beautiful concert settings in all of bluegrass.
www.minnesotabluegrass.org /calendar/mbotmf/index.html   (795 words)

 Victrola Music on Cassette and CD Early 1900's Recordings
Old Time Musical Exercise Program-Popular Exercises of the early 1900's done to music of the time 1 CD/Tape
Old Time Victrola Music is proud to offer period reproduction radios and jukeboxes manufactured by the Crosley Radio Corporation.
Old Time Spirituals-Black Spirituals of the early 1900's featuring Fisk University and Tuskeegee Institute quartets.
www.besmark.com   (871 words)

 Eugene Akers, old-time music player, expert ajc.com
Eugene Akers' grasp of old-time country and bluegrass music made him an encyclopedia of musical trivia.
His apartment was an early country music museum, filled with instruments, photographs, tapes, records, programs, ticket stubs and other memorabilia—some of which was donated to the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in Macon.
The mandolin player and music historian started performing in the 1940s with his siblings at WLBB radio in Carrollton, first as the Radio Home Folks and later the Akers Trio.
www.ajc.com /news/content/metro/obits/0305/04obakers.html   (395 words)

 Housatonic Philharmonic
We hope you too, will experience the timeless appeal of the old songs.
The music evokes an era when live music was the only music, and neighbors gathered in the barn to dance to hoe-downs, waltzes, jigs and reels.
Tunes that were passed down through the generations, long before the arrival of broadcasting, form the core of the Philharmonic's repertoire.
www.housatonicphilharmonic.com   (70 words)

 All Tabs Music Tablature: Old-Time Tabs
All Tabs only presents the old traditional music that is in the public domain, or original songs and lessons.
Regardless of the kind of music you enjoy playing, these traditional songs are invaluable to learn good fingering, melody and timing.
www.alltabs.com /oldtime_tabs.php?id=B   (212 words)

 Fiddle Tunes of the Old Frontier
Recorded by folklorist Alan Jabbour in 1966-67, when Reed was over eighty years old, the tunes represent the music and evoke the history and spirit of Virginia's Appalachian frontier.
Fiddle Tunes of the Old Frontier: The Henry Reed Collection is a multi-format ethnographic field collection of traditional fiddle tunes performed by Henry Reed of Glen Lyn, Virginia.
This online collection incorporates 184 original sound recordings, 19 pages of fieldnotes, and 69 musical transcriptions with descriptive notes on tune histories and musical features; an illustrated essay about Reed's life, art, and influence; a list of related publications; and a glossary of musical terms.
memory.loc.gov /ammem/hrhtml/hrhome.html   (253 words)

 Bloomington Old-Time Music and Dance Group
The music is mostly old-time, which means something like "fiddle tunes from Appalachia," and the dances are mostly contra-dances and a few square dances.
Dedicated to the enjoyment of music and dance, BOTMDG is a nonprofit community organization in Bloomington, Indiana.
Check out the Indianapolis Traditional Music and Dance Group, website for the schedule of dances in Indy.
www.bloomington.in.us /~botmdg   (328 words)

 BlueGrass West! - California Bluegrass, Old-Time Music, bands for hire
Music to listen to, music for sale, music for hire.
For more information about our music, check out our ideas section, and feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.
We publish a monthly music newsletter, along with a strange music weblog,
www.bluegrasswest.com   (131 words)

 Old Fiddler's Convention
Welcome to the homepage of the World's oldest and largest Old Fiddler's Convention.
This website was designed to provide you with all the information you need to plan your trip to this year's convention.
www.oldfiddlersconvention.com   (34 words)

operation, and just in case anyone wondered how it relates to old time music, cider making is very much a tradition with most rural communities and songs and tunes about drinking cider(hard that is) are very common.
music by providing interesting historical information, clear MP3 recordings and rare photos of early fiddlers, string bands and other oldtime performers from the 1920's.
These pioneer recording artists helped lay the musical foundation for all genres of country music that followed including bluegrass, western swing and country western music.
www.1001tunes.com   (298 words)

 Elderly Instruments Recordings
Second Rounder collection of contemporary old-time music from smaller labels, this time with an emphasis on the West and Midwest.
22 tracks of old-time music for the new generation including Corey Harris's "Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground," Fiddle Fever's "Ashokan Farewell," Alison Krauss and Union Station's "There Is A Reason," and more.
4 CDs with 100 tracks of classic old-time tunes and songs, country blues and popular music of the period.
www.elderly.com /recordings/09A.htm   (3654 words)

 American folk crafts, music, & festivals in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.
Visit downtown Mountain View, Arkansas, the "Folk Music Capital of the World." Explore the underground wonders of Blanchard Springs caverns; go trout fishing on the White River or float the Buffalo National Scenic River; and enjoy other Ozark Mountain attractions.
American folk crafts, music, and festivals in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas.
Music of the Ozarks at the Alma Performing Arts Center
www.ozarkfolkcenter.com   (337 words)

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