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In the News (Wed 17 Jul 19)

  USATODAY.com - Last Oldsmobile rolls off line   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Oldsmobile, the brand that pioneered chrome-plated trim and gave drivers the Eighty Eight series, the front-wheel-drive Toronado and the Cutlass, was named for its founder, Ransom E. Olds, who started the Olds Motor Vehicle Co. in Lansing in 1897.
Oldsmobile's presence in Lansing has been fading since GM reorganized in the mid-1980s, and decreased even more when its main office was moved to Detroit in 1998.
But affection and nostalgia linger, and Oldsmobile pride is as much a part of Lansing as the Capitol dome that rises within sight of what used to be Oldsmobile's headquarters on the south edge of downtown.
www.usatoday.com /money/autos/2004-04-27-last-olds_x.htm   (461 words)

 Oldsmobile Cars | All pricing information available at CarsDirect.com
Oldsmobile was an American brand of automobile produced for most of its existence by General Motors.
When it was phased out, Oldsmobile was the oldest surviving American automobile marque, and one of the oldest in the world, after Daimler and Peugeot.
In their early years, Oldsmobile was well known for their technological advancements and were credited for creating cars with the first: speedometers, chrome plating, V8 engines, automatic transmissions, turbochargers, driver's side airbags, and navigation systems.
www.carsdirect.com /oldsmobile   (108 words)

 Oldsmobile - Research All Models and Prices - MSN Autos
Founded in 1897, Oldsmobile is the oldest manufacturer of passenger cars in the United States.
In 1908 Oldsmobile joined General Motors and a year later the Lansing, Michigan, plant had over 1,000 employees.
By 1990 over 30 million Oldsmobiles had been produced.
autos.msn.com /browse/Oldsmobile.aspx?src=preview   (68 words)

 Oldsmobile Antique, Vintage and Classic Cars For Sale   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Oldsmobile advertising pointed out that keeping a horse cost its owner and estimated $108 a year, whereas the owner of an Oldsmobile spent an average of $35 per year in fuel and maintenance.
Oldsmobile was amongst the first of GM's divisions to receive a true hardtop in 1948, and it was also the among the first divisions (along with Buick and Cadillac) to receive a wrap around windshield - a trend that eventually all American makes would share at sometime between 1953 and 1964.
Oldsmobile also received a new logo and by 1997, all of the early-1990s models were gone (except for the Aurora, Bravada, and the Silhouette, which was redesigned that year) and new models were introduced with rounded designs, inspired by the Aurora.
www.antiquecar.com /index/listings/category601.htm   (2721 words)

 Oldsmobile dealers ready to bury brand - Automotive - MSNBC.com
Oldsmobile is a wonderful memory, but there's nothing in the windshield.
Oldsmobile or not, many of the dealers remain in the car business because 94 percent of them sold another GM brand at the time of the 2001 announcement.
Oldsmobile was among the pioneers in using chrome-plated trim and the mass production of automatic transmissions.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/4130858   (844 words)

 Oldsmobile Parts - Oldsmobile Accessories - Partstrain.com
Aside from these features that were sophisticated during their time, Oldsmobile cars are also known for the use of new technologies and early features.
The last new model for the Oldsmobile brand was last released way back in 2002 and the last date of car manufacture dated April of 2004.
Oldsmobile models that are still being sold today include the Alero, Bravada and the Silhouette.
www.partstrain.com /ShopByVehicle/OLDSMOBILE   (467 words)

 Oldsmobile's Last Car - Forbes.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
In fact, what Oldsmobile seemed to be attempting with the new car was to straddle the market between the first Aurora and the Olds 88 family sedan, which was phased out a year ago.
Oldsmobile was supposed to be looking for new customers amongst younger buyers who liked foreign badges.
Jackson said you could argue how GM handled Oldsmobile over the past decade, but by now it is too late to do anything.
www.forbes.com /2000/12/29/1229flint.html   (1070 words)

 AutomoBear.com - Why Oldsmobile did not have to die
Oldsmobile's swansong: the 04 Concept of 2001, which - at some auto shows - was not even displayed with the rest of the Oldsmobiles.
Had GM been serious about investing in Oldsmobile for the long-haul, it might have noticed what some of the more perceptive members of the public saw (despite a gradual decline in promotion): the talent, certainly, was there.
In earlier days, Oldsmobile was a pioneer of chrome-plated trim (1926) and of automatic transmissions (1940), two staples of the domestic automobile psyche.
www.automobear.com /WhyOldsmobileDidNotHaveToDie.html   (2333 words)

 Classic Oldsmobile.com - Your Oldsmobile Community
Not only that, but to help other owners get the most out of their Classic Oldsmobile car, whether it be technical help one seeks or simply a feeling of being around others who enjoy similar interests, we want to join us and make some new friends.
In December 2000, General Motors announced they would be phasing out the Oldsmobile brand, which had become the oldest surviving American automobile brand.
The 2004 model year was to be Oldsmobile's last, with the last new Oldsmobile model being the GMT360-derived Bravada introduced in 2002.
www.classicoldsmobile.com   (295 words)

 Used Oldsmobile Cars | Search Pre-Owned Used Oldsmobile Car Models in Automotive.com Classifieds
With sporty styling, an elegant interior, a smooth ride, and spirited performance and handling, the Oldsmobile Alero is one of the best of the mid-size domestic sedans.
Oldsmobile's flagship sedan, the Aurora, offers elegant leather accommodations, a smooth, quiet ride, excellent stability, and agile handling.
The Oldsmobile Bravada is the most luxurious of three new midsize SUVs from General Motors.
www.automotive.com /used-cars/01/oldsmobile/index.html   (303 words)

 GM Oldsmobile Parts: The Best GM Oldsmobile Auto, Body and Performance Parts
As history would tell, Oldsmobile was introduced in the industry in the year 1897 as Olds Motor Vehicle Company with one goal in mind; to build a carriage in a manner that is as nearly perfect as possible.
The Oldsmobile, like other vehicles, are composed of parts such as engines, transmissions, chassis, brakes, doors, hoods, windows, seats, bumpers, etc. in order for it to function normally especially on the road.
Used Oldsmobile parts are also available; they are practically cheaper as they are not brand new so they will help you save some money on replacement parts.
www.innerauto.com /GM_Parts/GM_Oldsmobile_Parts   (463 words)

 Dead at 106: Oldsmobile, the nation's oldest car company - Apr. 29, 2004
The death of the Oldsmobile -- a brand with sales that have dropped steadily in recent years -- marks the end of an era in American automaking.
Oldsmobile was the second brand to become part of General Motors.
Oldsmobile also claims to be the first to use chrome decoration on its cars.
money.cnn.com /2004/04/28/pf/autos/olds_dead?cnn=yes   (764 words)

 Oldsmobile Radiator - Oldsmobile Radiator Fan | Free Shipping
Our Oldsmobile radiator is an exact match for the original part in size and shape, and the superior materials it is made from ensure that it will last at least as long as the original.
The antifreeze used in the average Oldsmobile radiator is a very deadly poison, but the taste is very sweet, and is very appealing to children and pets.
After the Oldsmobile radiator is empty, remove all of the hoses, and mark them if necessary to know where they go upon reinstallation.
www.autopartswarehouse.com /shop_parts/radiator/oldsmobile.html   (389 words)

 Open Directory - Recreation: Autos: Makes and Models: Oldsmobile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Oldsmobile Connection - A site that includes a discussion forum, photo album, live chat, and more for Oldsmobile owners and enthusiasts.
Oldsmobile Junction - Dedicated to the enjoyment and restoration of all Oldsmobiles.
Outright Oldsmobile - History of the marque with pictures of various models, vintage ads, and a registry for Oldsmobile owners.
dmoz.org /Recreation/Autos/Makes_and_Models/Oldsmobile   (356 words)

 General Motors Announces Phase-Out of Oldsmobile
If there is any change in Oldsmobile representation in a customer’s area, service and parts will be made available through another GM dealer.
As valued members of the General Motors family, they will have the benefit of the largest and one of the most responsive customer care networks in the industry to address their concerns.
In addition, recent Oldsmobile customers will be provided a certificate of at least $1,000 toward the purchase or lease of a new Oldsmobile or other GM vehicles.
money.cnn.com /2000/12/12/companies/oldsmobile/olds.htm   (534 words)

 OCA Home Page
It spans the curious hand-built wooden carriage which chugged to life in 1897 to the last 2004 Alero that left the Lansing, Michigan plant on April 29, 2004.
If Oldsmobiles are your thing, begin your subscription today by filling out the application today.
The real bonus benefits are the Oldsmobiles seen, new friends found and a firm vow to do it all over again next year.
www.oldsclub.org   (742 words)

 Buy A Used OLDSMOBILE TORONADO | AutoHopper.com
To buy this used 1973 OLDSMOBILE TORONADO, you must contact the seller.
To buy this used 1980 OLDSMOBILE TORONADO, you must contact the seller.
To buy this used 1970 OLDSMOBILE TORONADO, you must contact the seller.
www.autohopper.com /car_listings/OLDSMOBILE_TORONADO.asp   (772 words)

 Mondello Performance Products, Inc. - Oldsmobile - Intake/Fuel System
Dual plane aluminum intake manifold for 400-425-455 Oldsmobile street and high performance applications operating in the idle-5500 rpm range.
Open plenum aluminum intake manifold for 400-425-455 Oldsmobile high performance, drag racing and competition applications operating in the 2500-6500 rpm range.
This aluminum manifold base for the 400-455 Oldsmobile engines can be used for aftermarket fuel injection systems or to build a custom tunnel-ram with your own designed top.
www.mondellotwister.com /IntakeFuelSys.htm   (1013 words)

 Oldsmobile - Find Oldsmobile items for sale on eBay!
Oldsmobile was an American car which lasted from 1897 to 2004.
The 2002 Oldsmobile Bravado was the last new model produced under the Oldsmobile banner.
The final 500 Aleros ever made were specially painted, and the last Oldsmobile off the assembly line was retired to a special transportation museum dedicated to Random E. Olds.
popular.ebay.com /ns/Passenger-Vehicles/Oldsmobile.html   (463 words)

 Oldsmobile   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Oldsmobile Club of America is the world's largest collecor car club dedicated exlcusivley to products of Oldsmobile Division of General Motors.
The Oldsmobile Northern Lights Chapter is open to ALL Oldsmobiles from 1897 - present.
Capitol City Rockets is a chapter of the Oldsmobile Club of America and serves the Washington D.C., Northern VA, and Southern MD areas.
www.sierraautoproducts.com /carclubs/olds.htm   (403 words)

A picture review of the Oldsmobile from 1901 to 1970 A picture review of the Oldsmobile from 1901 to 1970.
B.C. Oldsmobile Club This is a web site for both current and potential club members to stay in touch with Oldsmobile resource information and upcoming club events.
Carsurvey.org: Oldsmobile Advice and opinions regarding Oldsmobile vehicles written by owners and consumers.
www.velocityjournal.com /journal/make/oldsmobile/index.html   (257 words)

 Oldsmobile Summary
Oldsmobile (or Olds+ Mobile) was a brand of automobile owned by General Motors.
It was founded by Ransom E. Olds, and was produced in the United States from 1897 to 2004.
Oldsmobile: The final Oldsmobile Logo, introduced in 1997 as an update of the "Rocket" theme used in various forms since 1948.
www.bookrags.com /Oldsmobile   (106 words)

 1950 Oldsmobile Futuramic 88 Sedan - 1:18 Scale - OLDSBL
The Oldsmobile Futuramic series was developed in late 1949.
Much lighter than the 98s, these “Rocket 88s” dominated the NASCAR circuit in 1950, winning 10 of 19 races and setting the class speed record of 100.28 mph at Daytona.
Oldsmobile was equally successful in the showroom, selling 408,060 cars, their best selling year to that time and 120,000 more than 1949.
www.motormint.com /product.asp?3=807&DC=NETTRAC   (392 words)

 OLDSmobility.com - The 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass and 442 Resource - Identifying Oldsmobile Super Stock Wheels (SSI, SSII ...
To allow the greatest amount of detail to be shown in the pictures on this page, I've opted to keep the images' physical size fairly large.
The SSII and SSIII wheels were identical, except that the SSII's were painted silver, and the SSIII's were painted the lower body color.
All of the SSII and SSIII wheels were unique to Oldsmobile and will fit on any A-body axle, with or without disc brakes.
www.oldsmobility.com /superstock.htm   (1782 words)

 Motor Works Inc. Website
The popularity of Oldsmobile models caused demand to exceed supply for the Oldsmobile V-8, and as a result Oldsmobile quietly
Disclaimers stating "Oldsmobiles are equipped with engines produced by various GM divisions" were tacked on to advertisements and sales
The 2004 model year was to be Oldsmobile's last, with the last new Oldsmobile model being the
www.motorworksengines.com /index.php?pr=Oldsmobile   (230 words)

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