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Topic: Oligocracy

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In the News (Wed 26 Jun 19)

  Pres. & Parl.: CONCLUSION
Industrialism: the bureaucracies available to presidentialist regimes are unable to cope with a wide range of highly technical and contentious issues generated by the world industrial system -- if they were to establish a mandarin bureaucracy that could, indeed, cope with these problems, they would quickly fall under the domination of public officials.
Nationalism: the centripetalizing electoral and party systems needed to sustain a presidentialist oligocracy are so unresponsive to the needs of diverse ethnic minorities that they actually provoke ethnonationalist dreams of self-determination.
Oligocracy becomes increasingly dysfunctional and liable to violent confrontations as demands for secession or autonomy grow.
www2.hawaii.edu /~fredr/6-lap9f.htm   (696 words)

In the present day world as a whole, therefore, the great majority of people remain subjects in oligocracies and, of course, in quite a few new states -- the successor states of the modern empires -- authoritarian rule means that virtually all residents are subjects, not citizens.
The subjects of any oligocracy can choose between two contrasting positions: the first calls for liberalization of the constitutional barriers to citizenship so that subjects can become partners in the representative institutions of the state; the second calls for liberation so that subjects can establish their own sovereignty and representative institutions.
To the degree that their leaders could mobilize followers by appeals to shared grievances and a sense of historical identity, new ethnonational movements were provoked by imperialism and, since liberation, by arbitrary rule in the successor states.
www2.hawaii.edu /~fredr/7-tod1a.htm   (5498 words)

 Pres. vs. Parl.: DEMOCRACY (1: Representativeness)
The reverse proposition follows: a democracy (oligocracy) that cannot integrate large segments of its population generates their growing hostility and resistance: revolts, terrorism, and law breaking will surely follow.
Under a facade of representativeness, a ruling elite may actually dominate -- this is carried to an extreme under single-party or even hegemonic party domination -- but one cannot easily draw a line between all citizens and those who, somehow, are entitled to preferential treatment.
No doubt there is also a connection between oligocracy and oligarchy in the sense that one can evolve toward the other.
webdata.soc.hawaii.edu /fredr/6-lap9d.htm   (3212 words)

 Democracy - Best Practices
This constitutes, in effect, the restitution of the old centre-periphery relationship between the local oligarchies in the South and the centres of economic power in the North, which has made possible the occurrence of recurrent colonial and neo-colonial eras since the times of Mercantilism.
Nonetheless, the centres of power and their partners in the South like to call this oligocracy a democratic process, but this is nothing more than the complete globalization of the mockery of democracy.
Even worse, neoliberal globalization has exposed the United States, its leading proponent, as a rugged empire that will take extreme unilateral actions to impose on the world its national interest, ergo, the economic interest of its global corporations.
www.jussemper.org /Resources/democracybestpra.html   (711 words)

 Indra's Drishtikona (Viewpoint): Indra's weblog: Individual Archive
Many like me still think Bihar must be kept under President rule with a person like KPS Gill as governor.
President's Rule, dictatorship - or some kind of *forced* oligocracy.
We biharis should be saved from ourselves.[ The current governance in USA clearly exemplifies the benefits of oligocracy over much hyped democracy :)) Besides, the rest of the *enlightened* india always has had oligarchy anyways - from the communists to the plutocrats...
www.drishtikona.com /archives/indian_politics/000849.php   (506 words)

 Jamaica Gleaner - Tweedledum and Tweedledee - Wednesday | February 27, 2002
Increasing numbers of us have eschewed the system created by Tweedledum and Tweedledee for their serial advantage.
As more and more Jamaicans choose not to vote rather than support Tweedledum or Tweedledee, Jamaica is fast becoming an oligocracy and a plutocracy.
The number who choose not to register or vote (they are really voting against the system) is greater than the votes counted in the ballot boxes (some of which are bogus) cast for all the parties combined.
www.jamaica-gleaner.com /gleaner/20020227/cleisure/cleisure3.html   (886 words)

The United Nations are the only world framework of ethical and legal nature ("codes of conduct").
Otherwise, the present impunity at supranational level and the contradiction between democracy at national scale and oligocracy at the global one will continue threatening humanity.
Awareness of globality for global decision making: problems are of planetary scope (social, natural, cultural and ethical) and solutions must be the result of a global vision and generalized capacity building.
www.learndev.org /ICDE2001-Ethics.html   (2336 words)

 GNSO Email Archives: [ga]
The tricks of pseudo-democracy revolve around how to create "majorities" and "support" before any debate gets underway.
How to disguise the de facto leadership of a small oligocracy.
Fight the centralized ICANN approach of the network.
gnso.icann.org /mailing-lists/archives/ga/msg00163.html   (424 words)

 Neohapsis Archives - Vuln-Dev - X.509 certificate verification & "standard" HTTPS CAs - From arboi
Just a word for those who have been living under a rock for the last
ten years: SSL, or at least HTTPS, is based upon an oligocracy of
Their certificates are hard coded in all web browsers, or
archives.neohapsis.com /archives/vuln-dev/2002-q1/0729.html   (244 words)

 How to deal with terrorism, tyranny and evils? - Kung Fu Magazine Forums
If Taiwan and China want peace across the strait, then "both" governments will approach it, since people on both sides of the strait aspire for it.
If the governments in the middle east want democracy for all and no autocracy or oligocracy, they may go right ahead without foreign forces on their soils.
In order to stay in power, CCP is changing rapidly.
ezine.kungfumagazine.com /forum/showthread.php?t=35772   (1688 words)

 Inflation turns oligocracy into democracy! [Archive] - Alternate History Discussion Board   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
View Full Version : Inflation turns oligocracy into democracy!
There's a country with a parliament (republic or monarchy, doesn't matter), but only people with a yearly income above a given level are allowed to vote for it.
January 9th, 2006, 04:16 PM Based on the 1832 Reform Act, which at the time excluded the overwhelming majority of the people most men would now be able to vote in Britain even if there had been no other changes.
www.alternatehistory.com /Discussion/archive/index.php/t-26136.html   (292 words)

 Autobio #6: Presidentialism
These considerations led me to think that the survival of presidentialism depends on oligarchic control of government.
So long as Argentina had an oligocracy, it was able to maintain its presidentialist regime, but moving to popular democracy undermined the regime's stability.
When I first thought about how this might relate to the American experience, I had to conclude, reluctantly, that an important reason for the survival of democracy in America is its oligarchic character.
webdata.soc.hawaii.edu /fredr/autobio6.htm   (15756 words)

 Usenet Archive   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The middle class likes to > think that the oligocracy represent them.
> > The representative legislators (oligocracy) defactorily > (construct word should be clear)) represent the plutocracy, > the landed and moneyed gentry.
The gentry have controlled > legislators since the inception of society.
www4.all-usenet-archive.com /File.asp?service=1092   (12207 words)

 TOS violation vs RESPECT violation - Hydrogenaudio Forums
Beside that, just want to tell that I subscribe every Synthetic Souls's word.
I understand that a forum is not a democracy and that moderators are not elected by "we the people", but moderators should be wise enough so that it will not be perceived as a dictatorship or an oligocracy.
I can't imagine what TOS violation Guru is accused of.
www.hydrogenaudio.org /forums/index.php?showtopic=40440&hl=   (2147 words)

 Honors Seminar 3-1-99 (ATHEMOO)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
WillsonK says, "Oligocracy means a government by a few."
WillsonK says, "For instance, the LambdaMOO is ruled and maintained by the wizards."
WillsonK says, "As a conclusion, of the terms I have discussed above: the government in LambdaMOO is a mixture of aristocracy, oligocracy and technocracy."
moo.hawaii.edu:7000 /3376   (1812 words)

 RE: Are most Chinese brainwashed by Communists?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
China (ccp) is not a Communist nation, China (ccp) is an Oligocracy.
The more they scream rant and yell about the evils of Japan,
Btw the U.S. of A is also an Oligocracy, it is as Democratic as England during
www.crisscross.com /jp/forum/m_170879/mpage_21/key_/tm.htm   (3189 words)

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