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In the News (Fri 19 Jul 19)

  Olympus Mons - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Olympus Mons is an apparently extinct shield volcano, the result of highly fluid lava flowing out of volcanic vents over a long period of time, and is much wider than it is tall; the average slope of Olympus Mons' flanks is very gradual.
The volcano is surrounded by a region known as the Olympus Mons Aureole (Latin, "Circle of Light") with gigantic ridges and blocks extending 1000 km (600 miles) from the summit that show evidence of development and resurfacing connected with glacial activity.
The size of Olympus Mons is so great (roughly the size of the American state of Missouri) that a person standing on the surface of Mars would be unable to view the profile of the volcano even from a distance as the curvature of the planet would obscure such detail.
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /olympus_mons.htm   (605 words)

 Mount Olympus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mount Olympus (also transliterated as Mount Olýmpos, and on modern maps, Óros Ólimbos) is the highest mountain in Greece, at 2,917 meters high; it is situated at 40°05′ N 22°21′ E.
Mount Olympus is noted for its very rich flora, possibly the richest in the whole of Europe, with several endemic species.
Mount Olympus is one of the highest ranges in Europe in terms of real visible altitude from base-to-summit since its base is located next to the Aegean at a sea level elevation, making as such its about 3,000 meters real and completely visible.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Mount_Olympus   (257 words)

Nový fotoaparát Olympus SP-700 nabízí rozlišení 6 milionù pixelù, pøesný 3x optický zoom a celou øadu fotografických funkcí pro prvotøídní snímky, ale také dosud nejvìtší LCD obrazovku, díky které je fotografování a prohlížení snímkù koneènì skuteènou radostí.
Nová digitální zrcadlovka Olympus E-500 s osmi miliony pixelù kombinuje klasickou konstrukci, ohromující výkon a lákavou cenu a pøináší ambiciózním hobby fotografùm, ale i poloprofesionálùm vysoce kvalitní nástroj, který je dokonale uspokojí.
Olympus E-500 bude nabízen ve ètyøech sadách, které budou k dispozici již na pøelomu øíjna a listopadu 2005.
album.olympus.cz   (1756 words)

 Olympus Microscopy Resource Center: Specialized Microscopy Techniques - Fluorescence Microscopy
Olympus BX51 Upright Microscope - The modern upright epi-fluorescence microscope is equipped with a vertical illuminator that contains a turret of filter cubes and a mercury or xenon arc lamp housing.
Olympus IX70 Inverted Microscope - Microscopes with an inverted-style frame are designed primarily for tissue culture applications and are capable of producing fluorescence illumination through an episcopic and optical pathway.
The microscope drawing presented in the tutorial illustrates a cut-away diagram of the Olympus BX51 microscope equipped with a vertical illuminator and lamphouses for both diascopic (tungsten-halogen) and epi-fluorescence (mercury arc) light sources.
www.olympusmicro.com /primer/techniques/fluorescence/fluorhome.html   (2351 words)

 Martian Volcanoes
It is 24 kilometers (15 miles) high, 550 kilometers (340 miles) in diameter and is rimmed by a 6 kilometers (4 miles) high scarp.
Olympus [oh-LIM-pus] Mons is the largest volcano known in the solar system.
It is possible that volcanoes of such magnitude were able to form on Mars because the hot volcanic regions in the mantle remained fixed relative to the surface for hundreds of millions of years.
www.solarviews.com /eng/marsvolc.htm   (2530 words)

 Olympus E-300 review
Olympus will probably go down in history as the company who dared to be different by introducing a completely new camera standard at a time when the digital camera market was already starting to show signs of becoming overcrowded.
This is the result of the fact that Olympus have chosen to replace the pentaprism by a TTL Optical Porro Finder, resulting in a flat-topped camera which looks wider than it is. The body is built around a sturdy, die-cast aluminium chassis and made of strong polycarbonate with an aluminium top cover.
Olympus have now corrected this issue with the announcement of their own f3.5-5.6/14-45mm Zuiko Digital zoom that is quite a bit more affordable.
www.dcviews.com /reviews/Olympus-E300/Olympus-E300-review.htm   (2573 words)

 Olympus Microscopy Resource Center
Olympus DP70 Digital Camera System - The latest generation of digital cameras designed for wide-ranging applications in optical microscopy combine excellent resolution, high sensitivity, and rapid data transfer to a host computer.
The Olympus DP70 is a 12.5 million-pixel cooled digital color camera system that incorporates the latest innovations in imaging technology to enable the capture of superb images in the most demanding current microscopy applications, including differential interference contrast (DIC), darkfield, phase contrast, polarized light, and most widefield fluorescence techniques.
The Olympus MIC-D Digital Microscope - Olympus has thrown the doors open to a new era in optical microscopy education with the introduction of the MIC-D inverted digital microscope.
www.olympusmicro.com   (2584 words)

 OLYMPUS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Olympus became an official sponsor of the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro F1 racing team at the start of the 2003 Formula One racing season.
This partnership between Ferrari and Olympus is an ideal match of corporate philosophies that are typified by an unswerving commitment to accept any challenge in the pursuit of the No.1 position.
The Ferrari Red finish was subjected to approximately five times as many checks as usual to ensure colour accuracy, and the external aluminium parts were hand-polished and given a special coating to ensure a level of lustre and durability which are extremely difficult to achieve through ordinary mass-production methods.
www.olympus-consumer.com /europe/europe/topstory/ferraridigitalmodel2003   (1235 words)

 Olympus C-5060 Wide Zoom review
Looking back into digital history, Olympus have always been a dominant force in the digital camera market and over the years they have released quite a number of products that range from basic entry level models to their very advanced and professional all digital SLR, the E-1.
Owners of the Olympus C5050 will notice that most of the controls on the new camera are in almost exactly the same place as before, which makes using the Olympus C-5060 almost intuitive for those already familiar with the older model.
Looking at the performance put in by the Olympus f2.8 - f4.8, 5.7 - 22.8mm, 4x zoom lens (27 - 110mm eq.), we noted that barrel distortion at wide angle was a little higher than average as opposed to the telephoto end that showed no barrel or pincushion distortion whatsoever.
www.dcviews.com /reviews/Olympus-C5060/Olympus-C-5060-review.htm   (3072 words)

 Olympus: Photokina 2004 Show Report: Digital Photography Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Star of the Olympus stand is of course the Evolt (E-300) digital SLR.
Also on the Olympus stand are displays of the full range of six colors of the Mju Mini, the compact new 7 megapixel C-7000 Zoom, and two budget cameras, the D-535 and D-590.
We are assured by Olympus that this is not another 'blue sky' project, and that it will make it to production in relatively soon.
www.dpreview.com /articles/photokina2004/Olympus   (237 words)

 Olympus E-1 Review: 1. Introduction: Digital Photography Review   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Olympus E-1 is the first removable lens digital SLR with a lens mount and imaging system specifically designed for digital.
As such it is also the first removable lens digital SLR from Olympus and marks the beginning of a whole new camera system (bodies, lenses, flashes and accessories), the 'E System'.
The E-1 has a five megapixel 4/3" type (18 x 13.5 mm) CCD sensor from Kodak, it carries the '4/3' logo on the camera body and lens indicating that it is part of this standard (sensor size and lens mount).
www.dpreview.com /reviews/olympuse1   (1035 words)

 Olympus - Forside
Besøg Olympus i Bella Centeret fra den 17.
Olympus udviklet den banebrydende BrightCapture teknologi, der giver fremragende resultater under alle forhold, selv om natten og i meget svagt lys.
Olympus cell* familien er en omfattende serie af gensidigt kompatible billedbehandlingsprodukter til life science mikroskopi, som giver en unik tiltalende kombination af fremragende ydeevne og brugervenlig håndtering.
www.olympus.dk   (302 words)

 Olympus OM-1(n) & OM-2 (n) SLR cameras
The mechanical Olympus OM-1 was introduced in 1972 as the first of a new breed of small and lightweight single lens reflex cameras from a company that never seriously being regarded as a 35mm SLR camera manufacturer by others.
But it has proved Olympus was easily one of the most innovative 35mm SLR camera manufacturer of the seventies The Company has brought quite a number of revolutionary design in their SLR bodies that has casted such a powerful influence on the future of 35mm SLR camera design.
Olympus, being one of the smaller manufacturers among the few electronic giants in Japan producing 35mm cameras has its own way of fixing its marketing strategies for its products.
mir.com.my /rb/photography/hardwares/classics/olympusom1n2   (1252 words)

 Olympus E-1 Digital SLR
Olympus E1 at ISO 400, 14-54mm f 2.8-35 Zuiko Digital zoom at f/4.5 with 1/640th of a second.
In the case of the Olympus E-1, the answer is five, the same as the company's E-20n, which to my way of thinking is a good thing, because that camera has been taken to the heart by many users because of its combination of value, image quality and rugged construction.
Olympus claims a shutter lag time of 65milliseconds, which is the same as the E-20n and not quite up to professional film SLRs.
www.vividlight.com /articles/3213.htm   (1366 words)

 DCRP Review: Olympus D-560 Zoom
The Olympus D-560 Zoom ($299 street price) is a stylish new replacement of the popular D-550Z from last year.
Olympus leaves the battery buying to you, as they include non-rechargeable batteries in the box.
Like all of Olympus' recent models, the D-560Z is compatible with Windows XP and Mac OS X. In most cases, you won't even need to install drivers.
www.dcresource.com /reviews/olympus/d560z-review/index.shtml   (2128 words)

Olympus is located between Macedonian Pieria and Thessalian Perrhaebia, ancient regions divided by mountain range and indefinite borders.
Nevertheless, Upper Olympus, the distinct central base of the triple range, is Olympus proper, and it is due to this that it is named polydeira and polyptychos in poetry.
Therefore, if the region of northern Thessaly near Olympus is one of the first places of concentration for the Proto-Doric tribes, then the coastal area in the vicinity of Olympus in neighboring Pieria could be one of the possible areas of settlement of the Mycenean colonizers.
www.macedonia.com /english/olympus.html   (1615 words)

 Olympus Digital Cameras
Olympus digital cameras come in a great range of prices that make them accessible to everyone who owns a camera.
Olympus digital cameras come in feature packed "beginner" styles, as well as the most complex, standard setting professional digital camera styles.
The basics of the Olympus Camedia D-510 break down pretty easily: 2-megapixel resolution; 3x optical zoom lens with autofocus, built-in flash with red-eye reduction, fill, and slow-syncro modes; and a 1.8-inch LCD screen.
www.virtuallyignorant.com /olympusdigitalcameras.shtml   (663 words)

 Olympus Camera History
Semi-Olympus Model II The very first camera that carried the name Olympus was the 120 roll film bellows camera Semi-Olympus I. Only the lens, a fixed Zuiko 75mm F4.5 was made by Olympus; the body was made by The Proud Company, and the shutter was a German Auto Compur.
The Olympus 35, Model I was not only the first 35mm film model Olympus made, it was also the very first lens shutter type 35mm camera ever to be made in Japan.
Olympus was the only manufacturer that was (and still is) really succesful with these kind of cameras.
www.star.ucl.ac.uk /~rwesson/esif/om-sif/camhistory/camhistory.htm   (4607 words)

 Olympus-flag.com - university mascots, US flags, corporate characters   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Olympus Flag and Banner offers years of experience in custom printing and manufacturing of banners, flags, licensed character costumes and mascots for organizations across the world.
Screen Printing Olympus continues to be a leader in the screen printing industry with corporate characters.
Olympus Flag and Banner offers years of experience in custom printing and manufacturing of banners, flags and mascots for organizations across the world.
www.olympus-flag.com   (573 words)

Mount Olympus, in Greek mythology, is the abode of the chief god Zeus.
It is here that the gods assemble to consume nectar and ambrosia ("immortal"), the substances which reinforces their immortality.
According to the myth, the top of the Olympus, which is covered in snow and hidden in the clouds, reaches all the way into the aether.
www.pantheon.org /articles/o/olympus.html   (109 words)

 Olympus Limousines of Atlanta   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Olympus is now the first and only limousine service in Georgia and among the first 66 in the nation to qualify for national certification in safety and service quality (see the actual press release here).
Olympus is a proud member of the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau, National Limousine Association, and the Better Business Bureau.
Olympus Limousine is a trade name of Atlanta Service Industries Corporation and is licensed by the City of Atlanta and Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.
www.1olympus.com   (131 words)

 Exploring Mars: Olympus Mons   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The largest of the volcanoes in the Tharsis region, as well as all known volcanoes in the solar system, is Olympus Mons.
Olympus Mons is a shield volcano 624 km (374 mi) in diameter (approximately the same size as the state of Arizona), 25 km (16 mi) high, and is rimmed by a 6 km (4 mi) high scarp.
The main difference between the volcanoes on Mars and Earth is their size; volcanoes in the Tharsis region of Mars are 10 to 100 times larger than those anywhere on Earth.
mars.jpl.nasa.gov /mep/science/olympus_mons.html   (316 words)

 OLYMPUS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Olympus is enlarging it's range of underwater cases by new models
Olympus presents a host of new digital voice recorder for different applications.
The new VN-series: ideal for recording notes and ideas, and come in five compact models that are available with or without PC connection.
www.olympus-consumer.com /europe/europe.html   (584 words)

 The Olympus M-1 Information Page
This page is a documentary about the Olympus M-1, what it is, and what makes it so special in the Olympus OM lineup.
The M-1 and M-SYSTEM components were introduced by Olympus in 1971 and produced until February 1973.
Olympus honoured Leitz's complaint and agreed to change the name.
olympus.dementia.org /M-1   (1368 words)

 Olympus C-8080 Wide Zoom Review: 1. Introduction: Digital Photography Review
On September 29th 2003 Olympus announced the five megapixel C-5060 Wide Zoom, as the name implies that camera was a step up from the C-5050 Zoom in no small measure because of its wide angle zoom lens.
And now on the opening day of PMA 2004 Olympus raises the stakes higher, with their first eight megapixel prosumer level digital camera, the C-8080 Wide Zoom.
Indeed when I asked Olympus about the new lens they stated that it was as of the same quality as the Zuiko lenses made for the E System (the E-1 digital SLR), and to support that it's made in the same factory.
www.dpreview.com /reviews/olympusc8080wz   (402 words)

 Olympus Industrial America’s Micro-Imaging Division
Olympus has a wide range of industrial microscopes, whose quality and flexibility provide superior performance in a wide variety of industrial applications.
Olympus answers your needs in a way that meets the highly specific requirements of such diverse fields as research, inspection and production.
Olympus has launched the new industrial microscope MX61/61L for the inspection of semiconductor and flat panel displays.
www.olympusmicroimaging.com   (157 words)

 Olympus on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Olympus Applauds Innovation With Sponsorship of New PBS Series; 'They Made America' Based on New Book by Renowned Journalist and Editor Sir Harold Evans.
Olympus Goes to the Super Bowl to Launch First Picture-Taking Digital Music Player.
Olympus America to Move North American Base, 800 Jobs to Pennsylvania.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/O/OlympR1ng.asp   (404 words)

 OLYMPUS - Online Information article about OLYMPUS
peak of Olympus is nearly Io,000 ft. high; it is covered with See also:
top of the mountain; in the Odyssey Olympus is regarded as a more remote and less definite locality; and in later poets we find similar divergence of ideas, from a definite mountain to a vague conception of See also:
Zeus on Olympus; here were held the assemblies and the common feasts of the gods.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /NUM_ORC/OLYMPUS.html   (463 words)

 Olympus Photokina 20004 - Live the booth
Without a doubt the Olympus stand was one of the most impressive stands of the Photokina.
Demonstrations everywhere, show element by bringing a great group of singers on stage showing the very fashionable Mju Digital mini digital camera and the already famous studio set-up where the E-300 was used to show the audience what the end result looks like when the E-300 is in capable hands.
The solutions Olympus is offering to bring the Olympus digital cameras to places wherever you want to use them are impressive.
www.letsgodigital.org /html/events/PHOTOKINA-2004/booth/Olympus/olympus_en.html   (306 words)

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