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 Song - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Art songs are songs created for performance in their own right, or for the purposes of a European upper class, usually with piano accompaniment, although they can also have other types of accompaniment such as an orchestra or string quartet, and are always notated.
The German word for song, "Lied" (plural: "Lieder"), is used in French and English-speaking communities to refer to the serious art song, whereas in German-speaking communities the word "Kunstlied" (plural: "Kunstlieder") is used to distinguish art song from folk song ("Volkslied").
Folk songs are songs of often anonymous origin (or are public domain) that are transmitted orally.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Song   (1108 words)

 Song Dynasty - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
On March 19, 1279 the Song army was defeated in its last battle, the Battle of Yamen, fought against the Mongols in the Pearl River Delta; subsequently a high official is said to have taken the boy emperor in his arms and jumped from a clifftop into the sea, drowning both of them.
The Northern Song (960-1127) signifies the time when the Song capital was in the northern city of Kaifeng and the dynasty controlled all China.
The Song Dynasty (Chinese: 宋朝) was a ruling dynasty in China from 960-1279.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Song_Dynasty   (1369 words)

 MSN Encarta - Song
Folk songs are primarily communal compositions—that is, they are anonymous expressions of the society or culture that produces them, although the melody and words of a specific song may have had their origin in a single, unknown individual.
These three features of the folk song are also characteristic of the earliest form of art song of which fairly complete records remain: the Gregorian chant used in the service of the Christian church during the Middle Ages (5th century to 15th century).
In the 16th century the lute song was developed by the lute composers of Spain, England, and France, who customarily sang their songs to their own lute accompaniment.
encarta.msn.com /encnet/refpages/RefArticle.aspx?refid=761576642   (699 words)

 New Georgia Encyclopedia: Song of the South
Song of the South was Walt Disney's film adaptation of African American folk tales written down in the late nineteenth century by Joel Chandler Harris in his Uncle Remus tales.
Song of the South concerns Johnny, a young white boy from Atlanta whose parents are separating.
Last night, I saw your latest movie, Song of the South.
www.georgiaencyclopedia.org /nge/Article.jsp?id=h-2428   (1035 words)

 song on Encyclopedia.com
SONG [song] relatively brief, simple vocal composition, usually a setting of a poetic text, often strophic, for accompanied solo voice.
The principle of accompanied monody, which originated in Italy and is inseparable from the early development of opera, also marked the beginning of modern accompanied song, although the speech rhythms of recitative and the elaborateness of most opera arias are usually thought of as being beyond the realm of song.
A direct influence is shown in the German lied of the 17th cent., a monodic song with a basso continuo accompaniment.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/s1/song.asp   (1325 words)

 Freedom for Prof. Song Du-Yul!!!
Professor Song was found guilty to be an alleged candidate of the North Korean politburo although he had won a trial concerning this question three years ago and prosecution’s main witness Hwang Jang-Yeop could not substantiate his claims during his testimonial in court.
Song would be a cadre of the politburo of North Korean Workers' Party.
The High Court of Seoul pleaded Professor Song not guilty in the most of the accusations mainly due to two reasons: The Nationale Security Law was applied only restricted and evidences produced by the prosecution were more than unsufficient as to be accepted.
www.freesong.de /index_e.php   (1667 words)

 Song Dynasty, Sung Dynasty
The study of Song Dynasty jades is incomplete without an understanding of this phenomena and its mysterious manifestation in the Jade arts of the time.
Artistically and culturally, the Song Dynasty was driven by a phenomena of self-refinement that pivoted on the teachings of Confucian but adhered to the principles of Taoist Buddhism.
The Song Dynasty ranks alongside the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 A.D.) and the Tang Dynasty (618 - 906 A.D.) in importance of fine Jade and Bronze Treasures.
www.thejadetrade.com /ian/p8c.html   (960 words)

 All About Birds
Song is a varied series of two to six phrases, usually starting with several clear notes and then including buzzes, trills, or other complex notes.
A study found that male Song Sparrows from the coast of Washington state came into breeding condition two months earlier than Song Sparrows in the nearby mountains, where the daylight changes were the same, but temperatures were cooler and trees budded out two months later.
Males that used more learned components in their songs and that better matched their song tutors (the adult bird they learned their songs from) were preferred.
birds.cornell.edu /programs/AllAboutBirds/BirdGuide/Song_Sparrow.html   (520 words)

 Shaman's Song
At that moment when the shaman song emerges, when the sacred breath rises up from the depths of the heart, the center is found, and the source of all that is divine has been tapped.
In my workshop entitled, "Singing the Shaman's Song," participants are given techniques to remove the blocks they've built up, to dust off their soul voices and then allow them to finally gush forth in release.
Song can be a salve, a celebration, a lamentation, a bridge to other worlds.
www.geocities.com /RainForest/6923   (1566 words)

Song lyrics are subject to all U.S. copyright laws and remain property of their respective owners.
Aside from adding a hundred or so artists and about 1500 song lyrics in the "R" song lyrics section, I fixed a problem that was making all but two of the Xzibit song lyrics disappear into space.
The list of song lyrics for artists starting with A and S-Y are fairly large, while the stuff in between is considerably sparser.
www.song-lyrics-library.com   (944 words)

 Musical Forms - Song
Monophonic song became less important in art music after circa 1450, but the old forms with their imagery of courtly love remained popular in the polyphonic songs of French and Netherlands composers as late as the 16th century, when they disappeared in favour of the Chanson and the Italian Frottola and Madrigal.
In France Schubert's songs contributed to the rise of the Melodie, the French counterpart to the lied, brought to perfection by Fauré, Duparc and Debussy.
Some non-liturgical Latin song survives in 10th- and 11th-century manuscripts, and a larger repertory is associated with the goliards (wandering scholars and clerics) of the 12th century.
w3.rz-berlin.mpg.de /cmp/g_song.html   (731 words)

 Wisconsin State Song
The song was introduced at the University of Wisconsin in Madison in November 1909.
Although "On, Wisconsin!" was widely recognized as Wisconsin's song, the state did not officially adopt it until 1959.
Lyrics more in keeping with the purposes of a state song were subsequently written in 1913 by J. Hubbard, editor of the Beloit Free Press, and Judge Charles D. Rosa.
www.50states.com /songs/wisconsin.htm   (274 words)

 What is Art Song?
Neither are folk song because they are composed with a certain degree of precision, whereas in folk song the whole point is expression, not by classically trained singers but with native, naïve enthusiasm.
Folk song has a different cultural setting; it is part and parcel of events like weddings, parties, wakes, etc. where audience and performers are focused on the event.
True folk songs are not composed but an oral tradition : when "captured" by Cecil Sharp, Butterworth, Vaughan Williams in England; Bartok or Kodaly in Eastern Europe and others, they become formalized and frozen, when in their natural habitat they change according to region, family tradition, individual singers.
www.art-song.net /artsong/gs/gs_WhatisArtSong.shtml   (1242 words)

 Lyrics, song lyrics, music lyrics
Today, getting song lyrics is as simple as clicking on your favorite artist, selecting the CD on which the song appears from the list of his or her CDs, and then clicking on the song.
Or, maybe there's a song that you really dig, but can't for the life of you figure out the lyrics.
Either you could try to find the sheet music for the song, which was a task in itself, or buy the album and hope that the lyrics were included.
abclyrics.com   (253 words)

 SONG 'Spirit of the North Gathering'
SONG logo designed by the James Wappel Studios; click the chalice to view full size.
Articles and Poetry provided on this web by friends of SONG are under Copyright to the various authors and poets, email SONG for further information.
If you would like to subscribe or know more about SONG, or be put on the mailing list, then please email me. The Section 'A Little about SONG' will also contain some more information.
www.yewgrove.demon.co.uk   (613 words)

 METALLICA - Encyclopedia Metallica - Song Info - Battery
Although this song would be considered as "thrashy", Metallica tried to move away from being known mearly as a speed thrash metal act by this album.
The song "Battery" is an indirect tribute to the "Old Waldorf Club" in San Francisco on Battery street.
The song is about a battery in the sense of beating each other up.
www.encycmet.com /songs/smbatter.shtml   (121 words)

 Tom Lehrer's ''The Elements'' (1959)
You've got to imagine the guys recording this song: early twenties, with seven-eights inch crewcut hair, plastic rimed glasses, sharp white shirts and loosened black ties.
In 1959, jack of all trades, Tom Lehrer wrote and sang this song naming all of the elements in front of a Harvard audience.
In 2002, Flash animator Mike Stanfill put the song in motion.
chemlab.pc.maricopa.edu /periodic/lyrics.html   (254 words)

 Am I Right - Misheard Lyrics, Arranged by Song Title
So if two different performers preformed the same song, you'll see misheard lyrics for both on the same page (provided the song title was spelt the same both times, and misheard lyrics have been submitted for both!).
Song names are sorted by first letter, excluding A and The.
This is sorted by song title only, not by song title and performer.
www.amiright.com /misheard/song/index.shtml   (88 words)

 Sing Along Songs (Midis and Lyrics), NIEHS Kids' Pages
The simple midis presented herein are only presented to provide the general "tune" for each song for educational use, and are not intended to serve as substitutes for the actual recordings.
Before selecting a song, be sure your browser is equipped with the proper "plug-in's" in order to enjoy them all.
Music is an important part of our "environment" and it can affect your health, but NIEHS has primarily included this sing-along section for educational purposes.
www.niehs.nih.gov /kids/music.htm   (1302 words)

 Custom Wedding Songs by Song Legacy - Unique Personalized Wedding Music
Song Legacy website to learn more about the company and hear sample songs for other occasions.
The Father of the Bride: A specially written song for the Father-Daughter dance, expressing your memories of her growing up and how proud you are of her today.
Song Legacy personalized wedding music is the perfect accompaniment to your wedding video.
www.customweddingsongs.com   (312 words)

 Toby Keith - His two-fisted 9/11 song put him on top of the charts. By Rob Walker
Nobody had a problem with the song or its message...they didn't feel the use of the word "ass" in the song was apropos for their little community.
The song (ass and all) was sung without change, and God did not smite the people of Utah for indulging in "swears".
I further thought that this is not the kind of song that a tolerant, civilized and cultured individual should care to hear ever again.
www.slate.com /?id=2069217   (1139 words)

 Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127 A.D.) Special Topics Page Timeline of Art History The Metropolitan Museum of Art
An important outgrowth of Song political unification after the war-torn Five Dynasties period (907–60) was the creation of a distinctive style of court painting under the auspices of the Imperial Painting Academy.
The early Northern Song dynasty witnessed the flowering of one of the supreme artistic expressions of Chinese civilization: monumental landscape painting.
The Song dynasty (960–1279) was culturally the most brilliant era in later imperial Chinese history.
www.metmuseum.org /toah/hd/nsong/hd_nsong.htm   (586 words)

 Welcome to Song Chuan - Online
Song Chuan is preparing to provide our relays with Lead Free process.
Song Chuan wants to be proactive on this important environmental issue, so we are moving swiftly to become the
In a move to comply with the requirement of the EU Directives of:
www.songchuan.com   (135 words)

 Neil Young Ohio Lyric Analysis
More on the song "Ohio" performed by David Crosby and Neil Young at a Benefit For the Arts Outreach at the Valley Music Festival in Santa Ynez, CA on September 28, 2003.
In some parts of the country, the song was banned from playlists because of it's "anti-war" and "anti-Nixon" sentiments.
In his song Ohio, he expresses both his opinions about the war, and about a specific event that took place on the campus of Kent State University in Ohio.
www.thrasherswheat.org /fot/ohio.htm   (2234 words)

Which is probably an inappropriate song to be singing at a moment like this.
It’s also the chance to loudly sing 70’s TV show theme songs at the end of the night and loudly debate whether The Warriors was a brilliant movie or a bit of cinematic history best forgotten.
While his song choice wasn’t bad (even if predictable), he sounded forced and off key most of the way through.
www.resurrectionsong.com   (5029 words)

The most important aspect of a HIT song is the melody.
Read these 21 tips to avoid the pitfalls that could stop your song from reaching the top 10.
The purpose of this website is to provide tools and tips to help you write that first HIT song...
www.easy-song-writing.com   (604 words)

 Lyrics and Music
Although best known as the song adopted by the Confederacy, "Dixie" was also Abraham Lincoln's favorite song, and it was played at his inauguration.
However, it is unlikely that this could actually be the origin of the song since Manhattan Island has never been "the land of cotton"; in addition, Manhattan is clearly not "away down south".
Even though Abe Lincoln loved and supported the song, Dan Emmett was ostracized in the North for writing a song associated with the South.
www.niehs.nih.gov /kids/lyrics/dixie.htm   (655 words)

 Get discount airfares from Delta's low fare service, Song
A great song reflects who you are, and makes you feel good every time you hear it.
Song is and always will be built around you.
Let us know what food you'd like to be able to get on Song flights.
www.flysong.com /song_and_you/what_is_song/index.jsp   (157 words)

 Flash » The Llama Song
Albino Blacksheep » Flash Files » The Llama Song
www.albinoblacksheep.com /flash/llama.php   (9 words)

 Georgia Secretary of State State Song
The lyrics of the song are reproduced as follows in the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, Section 50-3-60.
On April 24, 1979, "Georgia On My Mind," with music by Hoagy Carmichael and lyrics by Stuart Gorrell, was designated Georgia's official state song.
It was performed on March 7, 1979 before a joint meeting of the Georgia Senate and House of Representatives by Georgia-born recording artist Ray Charles.
www.sos.state.ga.us /state_capitol/education_corner/state_song.html   (119 words)

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