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Topic: On-base percentage

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 Slugging percentage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Slugging percentage forms on-base plus slugging when added to on base percentage.
In baseball statistics, slugging percentage (SLG) is a measure of the power of a hitter.
It is calculated as total bases divided by at bats.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/slugging_percentage

 deseretnews.com New benchmarks: Baseball re-evaluates statistics
On-base percentage may sound a tad esoteric, but it is a more basic concept than its better-known cousin.
On-base percentage is also a more useful tool for general managers trying to decide which players to sign.
Like on-base percentage, slugging percentage — total bases divided by at-bats, or the average number of bases a hitter racks up each at-bat &; is a better measure of somebody's ability to create runs than dowdy batting average is.
deseretnews.com /dn/view/0,1249,595080988,00.html

The On Base Percentage statistic was originally created by Branch Rickey and Allan Roth in the 1950's as a means to measure the percentage of times a player reaches any base.
The primary purpose for this offensive measurement is to gauge the percentage of a base runners attempted steals that directly result in the player successfully stealing the base.
The primary purpose for this offensive measurement is to gauge the percentage of a batter's at bats that directly result in the player hitting a home run.
dsll.org /Stats102.aspx

 Homerunweb -- On-base percentage
On-base percentage (also known as on-base average) is the measure of the number of times a player gets on base via hit, walk, or hit by pitch, expressed as a percentage of his total number of plate appearances.
OBP makes the distinction between getting on base because of your ability and getting on base because of just plain luck.
Ted Williams, who had the best batting eye in history, is the lifetime OBP leader with a.483 career mark, and until 2002, he also had the highest single-season OBP with.551 when he hit.406 in 1941.
www.homerunweb.com /onbase.html

 Research and implementation as an investment alternative: the effect of the incremental tax credit. (Federal Taxation)
This limit favors the taxpayer, because a computed fixed base percentage in excess of 16% would result in a larger base in the computation year which, in turn, would lower the incremental spending that would otherwise be eligible for the credit.
The base amount is the product of the fixed base percentage and the average gross receipts for the four years immediately preceding the computation year.
Because the base figure was a moving average of annual RandE expenditures, growth in spending in the current year was included in the base period for the purpose of computing the subsequent year's incremental spending.
www.nysscpa.org /cpajournal/old/09387214.htm

 Drew makes All-Star case Braves ajc.com ajc.com
Last season, their No. 2 hitters (primarily Giles) were second in average (.313), first in on-base percentage (.383) and first by a huge margin in slugging percentage (.513).
His on-base plus slugging percentage is 1.047, fifth in the majors behind Bonds, Manny Ramirez, Todd Helton and Thome (all All-Stars) and ahead of Lance Berkman, Albert Pujols, Bobby Abreu and Vladimir Guerrero (all All-Stars).
He isn't on the All-Star team despite having a.619 slugging percentage that ranks third in the National League, behind Barry Bonds and Jim Thome, and despite having a.428 on-base percentage that ranks fifth in the league.
www.ajc.com /braves/content/sports/braves/0704/09notes.html

 Athletes.com - Brad Revare - The New School Approach To Hitting!
On-base percentage can be directly applied to see the percentage of the time a player does not make an out.
On-base percentage and slugging percentage both contribute to scoring runs, which is how you win games.
Some of the best hitters in the league have great plate discipline, and naturally, a high on-base percentage.
www.athletes.com /fun/other11.htm

 Untitled Document
OBP is an incredibly important statistic, since the one scarce resource in a baseball game in outs, and OBP measures the rate at which outs are consumed.
Total bases are 1 for a single, 2 for a double, 3 for a triple, and 4 for a home run (no extra credit is given for runners on base).
Based on Marginal Lineup Value (MLV and MLVr), PMLV measure the runs produces by a player beyond what an average player at his position would produce (rather than a league average hitter, regardless of position).
www.stathead.com /bbeng/woolner/statglossary.htm

 A game of numbers
OBP was introduced in Sports Illustrated in 1956, which reported that Duke Snider of Brooklyn had led the National League with a 39.94 on-base percentage.
Although better than batting average, slugging percentage (which, as defined, is not a percentage, although the answer can easily be given as one), is problematic in that it gives too much weight to extra-base hits.
Based on Roth's statistical analyses, after the 1947 season, in which Dixie Walker had hit.306, he was traded to Pittsburgh.
www.maa.org /devlin/devlin_09_04.html

 Robert Morris University, Pittsburgh, PA -
Doerschner led the Colonials in batting average, hits, doubles and putouts (348) and was ranked second in RBI, slugging percentage, walks, and on-base percentage (.405).
In NEC play, the sophomore batted.418 with 28 hits, five doubles, 15 RBI, a slugging percentage of.493, an on-base percentage of.473 and a fielding percentage of.988.
In conference action, Byers batted.357, had a.714 slugging percentage and a.486 on-base percentage.
www.robert-morris.edu /SentryOWS/owa/wpnews.full_story?icalledby=wpnews&ipage=60776&it=&iattr=&ivisitor=&inwc_seqno=2885&inws_seqno=2496&ihide_header=0

 CNN/SI - Inside Game - Ozzie Smith - CNN/SI’s Ozzie Smith: Better than average - Wednesday August 25, 1999 07:44 PM
On-base percentage can also be used to show the worth of power hitters.
A good on-base percentage is especially important for players at the top of the lineup.
Because they lead the majors in walks and, therefore, their on-base percentage is among the best in the AL.
www.cnnsi.com /inside_game/ozzie_smith/news/1999/08/25/onbase_pct

 Michael Johnson
2003:Co-captain...First-Team All-ACC selection......hit.338 overall, but had a.498 on-base percentage thanks to 63 walks, 12 of which were intentional...
www.stormbaseball.com /johnson.htm

 On Base Percentage Single Season Leaders by Baseball Almanac
The on base percentage statistic was originally created by Branch Rickey and Allan Roth in the 1950s as a means to measure the percentage of times a player reaches any base.
Baseball Almanac is pleased to present the top one-hundred single season leaders in on base percentage.
On Base Percentage Single Season Leaders by Baseball Almanac
www.baseball-almanac.com /hitting/hiobp3.shtml

 Untitled Document
She is batting a team-best.412 while also leading the squad with 14 hits, seven runs scored, a.441 slugging percentage and a.432 on-base percentage.
Alexander owns a.375 slugging percentage, a.353 on-base percentage and a 1.000 fielding percentage.
Lyons owns a.273 slugging percentage, a.273 on-base percentage and a 1.000 fielding percentage.
www.ric.edu /athletics/releases/Releases0304/Spring0304/sprgrel-002.html

 Baseball 101: On-base average plus slugging percentage - 06/12/05
A fundamental rule of offense is that, no matter his batting average, a player's on-base percentage (number of hits, walks and times hit by a pitch divided by overall number of at-bats, not just official at-bats) should be equivalent to a very good batting average:.340, at least.
OPS reveals two essential facets of offense: how often a player gets on base, and how much of his ability to get on base is the result of hitting the ball hard and for extra bases, which is the best method for driving in runs.
He thwarted the common-sense evaluation that getting on base via walk is as important to a team's offense as getting on base via a single.
www.detnews.com /2005/tigers/0506/12/C07-213009.htm

 alexking.org: Blog > On-base Percentage
Yes, speed does make a difference, but if you get on base and are relying on a bad hitter to get you home, you’re not going to make it as often as you would if you had a good hitter to get you home.
First, if you get on base without hitting a home run, whether you score or not is almost entirely dependent on the hitters behind you, not anything you have control over.
Watch the pitcher and defense for the first batter of an inning, then watch when there’s a baserunner.
www.alexking.org /blog/2004/05/02/on-base-percentage

 Talking Baseball
OBPs rise.054 percent, and slugging rises by.105, on average.
Throwing out Huff's differences between the infield and DH (but keeping the outfield-DH differences; after all, the OF is his natural position) and Ortiz's numbers, based on the 2003 data, players improve on their batting average by.051.
While these are merely predictions based on previous seasons' numbers, the 2004 VORP for the Royals Opening Day line up does not really approach that of the defending World Champs.
talkingbaseball.blogspot.com /2004_03_07_talkingbaseball_archive.html

 Teams' on-base percentage can clue you in (phillyBurbs.com)
But how many of us look to see which teams were top 10 in on-base percentage the prior year so that we know to bid the extra buck on those players at our drafts.
Unfortunately, there is no clear answer based on this year and last.
The argument, after all, is that batters knock in a lot of runs because they get more opportunities than the average hitter with men on base.
www.phillyburbs.com /pb-dyn/news/273-08202005-530293.html

 ESPN.com: MLB - Putting on-base percentage in perspective
On-base percentage has become the statistic of choice these days.
I remember when ESPN began listing OBP along with batting average in graphics on baseball telecasts, which is helpful for the viewer.
Getting runners on base via walks is good, but you need someone to drive those runners in.
espn.go.com /mlb/spring2003/columns/morgan_joe/1536236.html

 Elisa's Homework #2
This new number will always be a decimal as it is a percentage, unless the player got on base every single time they were up to bat, in which case their on base percentage would be 100 percent and would yield the number 1.
The purpose of this applet is to compute an athlete's On Base Percentage, that is, the percentage of times that they get on base in a baseball or softball game.
The output component is the quotient, or the number you get when you divide the first input component by the second, or the on base percentage.
people.brandeis.edu /~elisa/hw2.html

 UW-Oshkosh's Jirschele and UW-Whitewater's Endl Top All-WIAC Baseball Team
He leads the league with a.845 slugging percentage, 15 home runs and 29 walks, while ranking second with a.537 on-base percentage, third with a.430 batting average, 55 RBIs and 52 runs scored and eighth with 61 hits.
Nielson ranks fifth in the conference with a.417 batting average and eighth with a.452 on-base percentage.
UW-Platteville's Ryan Levendoski ranks third in the league with a.494 on-base percentage and fourth with a.424 batting average and 64 hits.
www.uwsa.edu /wiac/baseball/04allsty.htm

 Batting Glossary - Baseball-Reference.com
- On-base percentage + Slugging and the league's on-base + slugging percentage (pitchers removed) with the same home field.
The positions are C (catcher), 1 (first base), 2 (second base), 3 (third base), O (outfield), S (shortstop), P (pitcher), D (designated hitter), H and R (pinch hitter and runner).
This column is based on Total Baseball's shorthand for positions played.
www.baseball-reference.com /about/bat_glossary.shtml

 Four Falcons Named to 2004 All-WIAC Teams
She led the team in runs (42), hits (51), triples (2), slugging percentage (.428), one-base percentage (.416), stolen bases and attempts (53-57) and putouts (241).
She had a.388 slugging percentage and a.349 on-base percentage.
She tied for the team lead in walks (10) and had a.368 on-base percentage.
www.uwrf.edu /sports/sports0304/sb.all.wiac.2004.html

 base saturation percentage
It is expressed as a percentage of the total cation exchange capacity.
The extent to which the adsorption complex of a soil is saturated with exchangeable cations other than hydrogen and aluminum.
sis.agr.gc.ca /cansis/glossary/base_sat_percent.html

 Los Angeles Dodgers, Barry Bonds, Adrian Beltre, Manny Ramirez, Major League Baseball, Philadelphia Phillies, San Francisco Giants - CBS SportsLine.com
Ramirez led the AL in slugging percentage at.613, and Baltimore's Melvin Mora led in on-base percentage at.419.
Barry Bonds won his second National League batting title in three seasons and shattered the on-base percentage and walks records he set two years ago.
Bonds'.812 slugging percentage led the major leagues for the fourth straight season but fell short of the record he set at.863 in 2001.
www.sportsline.com /mlb/story/7760657

 Untitled Document
Kelly owns a.387 slugging percentage, a.314 on-base percentage and a 1.000 fielding percentage.
Gibree owns a.737 slugging percentage, a.583 on-base percentage and a 1.000 fielding percentage.
White owns a.636 slugging percentage, a.643 on-base percentage and a.964 fielding percentage.
www.ric.edu /athletics/releases/Releases0304/Spring0304/sprgrel-020.html

 Kinesis - Insights - On-Base Percentage and the 3 R's
As with baseball's on-base percentage, this result is intuitive - customer loyalty lowers sales and acquisition cost per customer by amortizing it across a longer lifetime - leading to some extraordinary financial results.
Like the Oakland A's, any firm which practices customer values based management and manages according to the Customer Value Equation, with the objective of maximizing loyalty and the three R's, will gain an advantage in realizing return on investment relative to their competition.
What the A's did was conduct research to determine the relative value of each of these attributes in order to maximize the return on their payroll.
www.kinesis-cem.com /Insights/baseball.html

 On Base Percentage Records by Baseball Almanac
(1982) wrote, "For one thing, batting average is less meaningful than on base percentage, since on base percentage is a far better indicator of a player's ability to foment or maintain a rally."
invites you to examine Major League records for on base percentage.
The on base percentage Major League career record holder has had the following players at the top of its leaderboard:
www.baseball-almanac.com /recbooks/rb_onbasepercentage.shtml

Katie had an on-base percentage of.325 for the Varsity squad last season and was second on the team in runs scored.
Amy had an on-base percentage of.260 last season and is very good at putting the ball in play with runners on base.
Brittany had an on-base percentage of.385 last year for our sectional championship team and was second on the team in runs scored.
www.geocities.com /srpsdhs/VSF2003.doc

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