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Topic: On-off keying

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 Keying - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
keying (graphics) is an informal term for compositing two full frame images together, by discriminating the visual information into values of color and light.
keying (telecommunications) is a form of modulation where the modulating signal takes one of two values at all times.
keying (cryptography) is the installation of key material into a device.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Keying   (163 words)

 Keying - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
keying (telecommunications) is a form of modulation where the modulating signal takes one of two values at all times.
keying (cryptography) is the installation of key material into a device.
keying (graphics) is an informal term for compositing two full frame images together, by discriminating the visual information into values of color and light.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Keying   (163 words)

 Chroma key - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
This technique is also referred to as "color keying", in the UK as "colour-separation overlay" ("CSO"), "greenscreen" and "bluescreen".
This process is commonly known as "keying", "keying out" or simply a "key."
When the phase of the chroma signal corresponds to the preprogrammed state or states associated with the background color(s) behind the principal subject, the signal from the alternate background is inserted in the composite signal and presented at the output.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chroma_key   (525 words)

 Junk Keying - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Keying was towed from London to the river Mersey by the steam tug Shannon, arriving May 14, 1853, anchored off Rock Ferry on the Cheshire shore.
Junk Keying may not have been quite the first Chinese sailship to round the Cape of Good Hope, since the Venetian monk and cartographer Fra Mauro describes in his 1457 Fra Mauro map the travels of a huge "junk from India" 2,000 miles (3,000 km) into the Atlantic Ocean in 1420.
Twenty six of them left and at least some of them were 'exhibited' by P.T. Barnum on his version of Keying that he had built in Hoboken (he claimed he had it towed from China).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Junk_Keying   (1028 words)

 Keying (vandalism) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In April 2005 London-based artist Mark McGowan gained publicity after being accused of keying cars in a number of cities, a practice involving the scratching of cars using a key.
Keying is a form of vandalism in which the sharp end of key is scraped across the paint of a valuable object, usually a car.
This attracted the attention of the police, though McGowan defended his actions in a television interview on Channel 4 News by stating that his actions had become "compulsive-obsessive" and that "I [McGowan] suppose it's like a social experiment testing why people do it."
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Keying_(vandalism)   (1028 words)

 Keying (graphics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In graphics and visual effects, keying is an informal term for compositing two full frame images together, by discriminating the visual information into values of color and light.
A matte key uses three images: the two images that will be composited, and a black-and-white third image (called "mask") that dictates the blending of the two, with white revealing one image, black the other, and grey revealing a blend of the two together.
A chroma key is the removal of a color from one image to reveal another "behind" it.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Keying_(graphics)   (280 words)

 Chroma key programming - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In this article different quality and speed optimized techniques will be shown regarding how one can make color keying in software.
This article is about how chroma keying can be achieved within the context of computer programming
Chroma keying is a technique that is used to remove a color from an image and show a different image in place of that color.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Chroma_key_programming   (244 words)

Vandalism is willful destruction or defacement of things especially work of art, or other valuable things or property eg; break ‘n’ enter, egging, slashing tires, crefeady, toilet papering, breaking windows, keying, burning.
Vandalism can be prevented by not letting it happen, covering it up as soon as it happens and telling people not to.
Some examples of vandalism are graffiti, breaken enter, paintballs, kicking in boards, slashing tires, washrooms wrote in, keying cars.
schools.sbe.saskatoon.sk.ca /dundo/Grassroots/vandalism.htm   (244 words)

Therefore, following the chroma keying operations of either block 304 or block 306, operation continues at block 308 at which all texels output from the chroma keying are filtered utilizing bilinear filtering.
This operation is not limited to RGB color space, and the chroma key circuitry 149, upon detecting that the color of an input texel is the same as a stored chroma color, may be made to output signal component values representative of black which corresponds to a transparent texel in a particular color space.
If chroma key circuitry 149 determines that the color of the input texel is the same as the stored chroma color, then the texel output by chroma key circuitry 149 has signal component values (A, CR, Y, CB) of 0, 128, 16, and 128, respectively, in YCBCR color space to correspond to black.
www.wipo.int /cgi-pct/guest/getbykey5?KEY=98/36379.980820&ELEMENT_SET=DECL   (5890 words)

Color keying, or chroma keying, is used when certain regions of an image or graphics window are to be replaced by different image or graphic information in a later processing step.
The method of claim 10, wherein the pixel values in the key regions are replaced by values of pixels beyond the key regions.
For example, many image processing systems are configured to support color spaces that include up to four components for each pixel value.
www.wipo.int /cgi-pct/guest/getbykey5?KEY=03/03722.030109&ELEMENT_SET=DECL   (4075 words)

 The Mystery of Chroma Key Effects
Chroma Keying, however, does not obtain its keying cues from the brightness of a video signal, but rather looks for a specific color of hue to be used as the cut-out reference.
Chroma Key often becomes the most difficult key effect to perform primarily because an exact combination blend of the Slice/Clip control and the Hue control must be achieved for perfect separation.
External Key is a feature on a digital mixer that permits the use to “cut” his or her keyhole with an image shape fed into a discrete video input of the mixer.
www.studio1productions.com /Articles/KeyEffects.htm   (1365 words)

We have developed a simple demonstration of depth-key video keying with a video-rate stereo machine developed at Carnegie Mellon University.
Image keying is a method which merges two images.
Z-key is a new image keying method which merges synthetic and real image in real time.
www.cs.cmu.edu /afs/cs/project/stereo-machine/www/z-key.html   (343 words)

 Los Altos Talon Online
The most common type of vandalism in the Santa Clara County area is graffiti, while the most common ages of vandals are from 15 to 19.
Vandalism is a serious crime that goes on a person’s record.
Other consequences include being sentenced to up to 6 months in a correctional facility, paying up to a $1,000 fine, attending educational class,and performing community service.Juveniles can lose their driving privileges and have their driver’s license suspended.
www.glebden.com /latalon/showarticle.php?articleID=164   (343 words)

 Key - Enpsychlopedia
The Florida Keys consist of a chain of islands off the coast of Florida.
Keying (vandalism) involves using something metallic, such as a latch-key, in order to scratch something (often something of perceived value) such as a car, thereby vandalizing it.
A key (map) consists of the section of a map or other document that explains the symbols used elsewhere on the document.
www.grohol.com /psypsych/Key   (343 words)

 Blue Screen with Adobe Premiere Pro
Chroma keying works only if you posed your foreground subject against a reasonably uniform blue screen.
Our goal is to use chroma keying to make a composite that combines two video scenes, a foreground scene and a background scene.
Using chroma keying is vastly easier than editing each image in a video clip by hand.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/multimedia_education/107384   (481 words)

 Click Grafix
Now, real-time chroma keying is quite useful for compositing and special effects, but it is not always easy to make convincing keys.
If keying out that same black tone on a set, the talent may have shadows across clothing that cause an undesired 'hole' cut through them to the background plate.
Before discussing these capabilities of Video Toaster [2], let's examine what Keying actually is. In the context of Video Toaster [2], keying is the electronic means of replacing a particular value (color, or chrominance vs. brightness, or luminance) with another.
www.clickgrafix.com /products/vt2_02cross.htm   (530 words)

Chroma keying is performed which replaces the input texel color with a new color if the input texel color matches the chroma color.
The chroma key circuitry keeps the input texel color and sets the alpha component to 1 if the input texel color does not match the chroma color.
The chroma keyed texels are filtered using bilinear filtering.
wipo.int /cgi-pct/guest/getbykey5?KEY=98/36379.980820&ELEMENT_SET=DECL   (206 words)

 Final Project Report (Michael Ashikhmin
Additionally, a high quality chroma key algorithm is intended to serve as an example of a fairly complex real-world algorithm which would be interesting to implement using Intel MMX or other multimedia enhanced architecture.
The fundamental problem for a chroma key function is, first, to decide which pixels in the foreground image belong to the blue backing and which - to needed foreground objects and, second, how to identify and process boundary pixels.
As a second part of the project, it was planed to re-implement the chroma key algorithm on MMX architecture as an example of a fairly complex real-world application.
bmrc.berkeley.edu /courseware/cs294-3/fall97/projects/ashikhmin   (1904 words)

 Chroma Key Basics for DV Guerrillas - Part 2
Keying means choosing a color for a background that FCP will get rid of, leaving your three year old googling around in whatever the video layer underneath it contains.
Once you've set your Chroma Key filter where you want it, go back to the Effect>Video Filters>Keying>Mattes>Matte Choker.
If all your tools fail in the keying process and/or you are not able to control the footage source, you may have to resort to rotoscoping.
www.videouniversity.com /chroma2.htm   (3677 words)

 FOR-A America - Product List By Category
Chroma keying can be processed even when there is no color information, such as when black or white is being used as the background color.
Chroma keying for smoke, water, glass, hair, and other semi-transparent objects is done effortlessly.
Primatte® RT Plus is an improved version of the Primatte® chroma keyer that has already grown to popular standing in the NLE and computer graphics industry.
www.for-a.com /sub_html/p_product/vrp70hs.html   (862 words)

 Chroma Keying in Final Cut Pro HD
Chroma keying is a really useful skill to add to your effects creation toolset.
Chroma keying often alters certain color values, so it's a good idea to do a color correction pass to your subject (and/or your background).
Place the clip to be keyed on V2 and turn off the background layer on V1.
www.kenstone.net /fcp_homepage/chroma_key_fcp_hd_monahan.html   (6351 words)

 Surgeon Sentenced for Vandalism Against Former Colleague
Last August, a half-hour after Coward arrived for work, the camera caught the image of a person keying the hood of the car, then pausing to survey the damage.
A key was scraped along the surface of the vehicle, deeply scratching the paint.
Court documents obtained by News 10 cite Schaefer's "emotional outbursts and his demeanor with the patients and staff" as the partial cause of the dismissal.
www.news10.net /storyfull1.asp?id=7458   (6351 words)

 Kentucky Kernel - OnCampus/News: Campus vandalism
Vandalism, also known as criminal mischief, is the second-most reported crime on campus, said UK police officer Travis Manley.
The most common form of criminal mischief outside the residence halls is automobile vandalism, such as "keying" and breaking windows.
Once the offender has been caught, the punishment varies depending on the degree of damage and the monetary value of the destroyed property.
www.kernel.uky.edu /1999/text/1104/01a_news.shtml   (6351 words)

 As summer ends... Vandalism multiplies like weeds
August acts of vandalism included breaking windows, lighting something on fire at the side entrance of Town Offices, a few games of mailbox baseball, destruction of the dam that separates Pomps Pond from the Shawsheen River, ripping emblems off cars and scratching or "keying" vehicles.
Although police can arrest vandals, if there is no immediate threat of additional harm, escorting the vandals home allows police more time to gather and sort evidence and tally the number of victims.
While she was curled up watching a late-night competition, a group of vandals entered her Alonesos Way neighborhood and, armed with eggs, declared her house a target.
www.andovertownsman.com /news/20040902/FP_003.html   (6351 words)

 Stopping Elmer Fudd: National Key-An-SUV Week
The second Sunday of June marks the start of the "National Key an SUV Week" campaign that was launched some years back by a number of grass-roots activists who started keying SUVs in response to a highway death in Boston.
As of right now -- October 2004 -- there's a number of reasons why there are grass-roots activists all over the United States keying or otherwise vandalizing Elmer's irresponsible gas guzzlers.
Does it get that moron off the road to the point where he no longer constitutes a hazard to normal people?
www.elmerfudd.us /keythem.htm   (6351 words)

 The Seven Ages of Information Retrieval - UDT Occasional Paper #5
They largely used mechanical searching of manual indexing, keying in the traditional indexes that had been printed on paper, but were much easier to search by machine.
Key among these was relevance feedback, the idea of augmenting the user's query by adding terms from known relevant documents.
The problems of overpromising results for machine translation and computational linguistics affected them as well, and the key subjects in the 1970s were speech recognition and the beginning of expert systems.
www.ifla.org /VI/5/op/udtop5/udtop5.htm   (8048 words)

 Maritime Topics On Stamps, From the river junks to the treasure ships
The motive of the junk on this stamp is to remind of her novel 'The good Earth'.
This sea junk has a length from 114 to 180 feet, beam 20 to 28 feet, load-carrying capacity around 180 to 400 tons, three masts with three sails, crew 38 to 42, max.
On the stamp to the left we see a war junk with a set of oars and a cannon at the bow.
www.shipsonstamps.org /Topics/html/junk.htm   (2240 words)

 Keyed -- Recommendations and Resources
keying (vandalism) is using a key to scratch a the paint on car as a form of vandalism.
keying (telecommunications) is a form of modulation where the modulating signal takes one of two values at all times.
keying (graphics) is an informal term for compositing two full frame images together, by discriminating the visual information into values of color and light.
www.becomingapediatrician.com /health/82/keyed.html   (1178 words)

 Analog chroma keying on color data - Patent 5398075
The color keys illustrated in Table 1 are exemplary, and additional color keys may be generated in accordance with the analog chroma keying system of the present invention.
The analog chroma keying circuit of the present invention is implemented in a computer system.
The analog chroma keying circuit detects the color key in the graphics signal, and couples the graphics signals to the output display when the analog chroma keying circuit does not detect the color key in the graphics signal.
www.freepatentsonline.com /5398075.html   (6036 words)

 Chroma Keying and Virtual Reality Simulation : SyncroMaster 550
Linear Chroma Keying: One image designated as foreground is generated with areas of a user-defined key color.
The SynchroMaster 550 features a sophisticated user interface, allowing the user to select a key color by simply moving the cursor lines over the foreground image until they are positioned over the desired color.
The keyer's variable gain allows you to control the sharpness of transitions between foreground and background.
rgb.com /en/Products/ViewProduct.asp?product=SynchroMaster550&...   (382 words)

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