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Topic: One-hit wonder

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

 One-hit wonder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
One-hit wonders are common in any era of pop music but are most common during reigns of entire genres that do not last for more than a few years, such as disco and new wave.
Because one-hit wonders are only popular for a brief time, their hits often have significant nostalgia value and are often featured on era-centric compilations and soundtracks to period films.
The hits of many one-hit wonders are novelty songs that are, to an extent, deliberately short-lived, recorded for humor or to cash in on a pop culture fad. /wiki/One-hit_wonder   (1888 words)

 Godzilla's Stompin' Ground: November 2004
I should be hitting the sack early tonight in a hope of kickin' this sickness in the tail and making it go away.
Sure, sure, we have 1 more test and a final before it's all said and done, but still, that made me happy to have done that well.
I've been wondering for almost 2.5 years now how Lucas will end the film. /2004_11_01_underdeadgodzilla_archive.html   (1888 words)

 One-hit wonders in the UK - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A one-hit wonder is a Top 40 phenomenon, the combination of artist and song that scores big in the music industry with one smash hit, but is unable to repeat the achievement with another hit.
The following were notable one-hit wonders in the United Kingdom:
"99 Luftballons" by Nena (she had other hit in Europe, not really a one hit wonder) /wiki/One-hit_wonders_in_the_UK#2000s   (1779 words)

 CLUAS - ten great one hit wonders
For some bizarre reason, at the mention of the phrase 'one hit wonder' the songs that sits up and growls for my attention is 'Spaceman' by a certain 'Babylon Zoo'.
The one-hit wonder - funny how they often linger longer in the subconscious than the multiple-hit bores that frequent day time radio.
Here's a selection of ten such wondrous (but nor necessarily wonderful!) moments that, alas, were never to be emulated by the bands involved. /music/ten/onehitwonder.htm   (1381 words)

 One-Hit Wonder - Lisa Jewell - Penguin UK
One-Hit Wonder is a mystery story as well as a romance.
I created Bee Bearhorn to be a hybrid between the lead singer of Swing out Sister, and Betty Boo, another well known One-Hit Wonder and rap artist in the late 80's.
Flint, the leading man in One-Hit Wonder, is the strong, silent type. /nf/Book/BookDisplay/0,,0_9780140295962,00.html?sym=EXC   (3243 words) One-hit Wonder: Books
One hit wonder breaks the 'chic lit' mould dealing with issues that are deeper then the heroines best friends cheating lying boyfriend and her own dysfunctional family that are common in most novels.
Lisa Jewell's third novel One Hit Wonder is a modern fairy story, a funny, feisty look at the way ugly ducklings can transform themselves into swans--with the help of a fashion makeover, a healthy feathering of self-confidence, new friends and, of course, a little sprinkling of romance.
I have to confess that i believe one hit wonder is lisa jewells greatest piece of work. /exec/obidos/ASIN/0140295968   (1078 words)

 Truth Hurts - The One Hit Wonder (CSI 3.14) Fanlisting
Truth Hurts - The One Hit Wonder (CSI 3.14) Fanlisting /onehitwonder   (10 words)

 Jenny D.: 11/28/2004 - 12/04/2004
And so I always wonder if we would have discovered her talent had we not ever gone to a pool.
I would like--I wonder if we couldn't have some kind of system of reporting, either through a testing system which could be established which the people at the local community would know periodically as to what progress had been made under the program.
Is it right to withhold treatment in order to avoid acknowledging group differences?I'm still left wondering if it really would be dynamite to hypothesize that group level differences, always allowing for variation for individuals, could lead to different educational pedagogies to achieve the same goal. /2004_11_28_drcookie_archive.html   (10 words)

 And The Days Go By...Like A Strand In The Wind
I wonder if this is to soon myself....But we all have different ways of coping and moving on and this is her way.
I wonder what he was thinking to himself that brought his smile in my direction that day.
Wondering if I could ever do it again. /2004_01_01_witchepooh_archive.html   (10 words)

 ºÍΪ¹ó (Chinese)
I wonder what the readers were thinking after they read all these messages.
But I wonder if he/she is aware of the problems associated with the translation they took.
I wonder if the Shanghai dialect played a role, or it was simply you creative thinking. /post/31984?&print=1   (10 words)

wonder whether there is going to be a unofficial-class-outing-of-sort tomolo.....
while my dad recognises his role to support my mum in the numerous things she does, she in church, work, mission work and charity, him his golf, fish, the household, finances etc, i wonder when and how much is enough enough.
"For those of you who have been wondering, the choir is singing lyrics from opening of Act IV of Shakespeare's "Macbeth". /edwin0111/archives.php?min=1068706683&max=1070507573   (10 words)

D Explain the expressions with make in these sentences: 1 She was able to make out with her foot the outlines and colours of a picture£®(11.10-12) 2 The thief made off with quite a lot of money.
1 If there is one, I take leave to doubt it£®It is older people who create it£®It is not the young themselves£®(11.1-2) 2 They are not anxious social climbers£®They have no devotion to material things£®(11.11-12) C Write three statements which an adult might make to criticize adolescents.
I'm wondering if we've made a mistake here. /members/broomop/nce4student.txt   (10 words)

 The Wind in the Willows: Current Amazon Japan One-Edition Data
Clearly this is a work of the utmost creativity and imagination and demands the adult reader expand his or her mind to the realms of childlike wonder.
Wonderful stories for your child from a kinder and gentler age.
Grahame created a wonderful pastoral world where the River-Bankers (consisting of Rat, Mole, Badger, and Otter) and their friends form a close-knit community of leisured landowners who observe an extremely strict code of responsible behavior. /PHP/free.php?in=jp&asin=0684179571   (10 words)

 Zman Musing
She hit upon a reason people do so many violent, unimaginable, and strange things - they lack a quiet, soft conversation in silence about love, fears, pain and the power of a future.
Wonderful read I discovered from Slashdot about the real heros of the Apollo 13 Mission - where an oxygen tank exploded and almost cost the three crew members their lives.
This wonderful movie, by the director of Cinema Paradisio, is an all time classic.   (10 words)

 SharedWriting Heard About A Place Today: Chapter 8-13 (Labyrinth FanFiction)
Wonder if that was a hint to help us of to throw us off?" she asked as she stared down at the interlocking blocks on the road.
She wondered if the Goblin King had kept his word and had given the note to Stephanie.
"In case you are wondering, she went that way," it told her, pointing towards the bridge with a clawed foot. /story/2004/10/19/91925/486   (10 words)

 ~* ...s0uThr\ StaR* ...!@
wondering what makes life so vulnerable and meaningless? what makes someone just willing to forgo the whole world? what is so powerful to totally eliminate someone's hope in life? not stress not school not relationship, i hope?...presently there is nothing worth me dying for, not from the negative side, at least....-_-*
wondering why i have been so numb to friendship......where are they now? my old times my old pals....
this is not only because i did not even have a chance to hit the web, but also because, (i think) i have grown up a bit to realise self-loathing or self-indulgence is not healthy at all.   (10 words)

 Blog Home Page
No wonder everyone was awestruck with the many success stories that he narrated to the team.
A wonderful half year has gone by without notice.
He did not fail to mention the contribution of all the teams, and other support functions that has laid the backbone to building Proteans as a successful and energy driven organization. /CS/Web/blogs/default.aspx?GroupID=5   (10 words)

 Seattle Mariners News
In case you were wondering, 41 of Ichiro's 50 hits in August have been singles.
The record for most hits in a month is 67, accomplished twice by Cobb and once by Tris Speaker.
A leadoff single in the 12th inning of Saturday night's doubleheader nightcap was Ichiro's 50th hit in August. /NASApp/mlb/sea/news/sea_news.jsp?ymd=20040829&content_id=841783&vkey=news_sea&fext=.jsp   (825 words)

All Pipes and smoking accessories sold at One Hit Wunder are intended for legal tobacco/smoking mixture use by adults (18 years or older) only.
As smoking may be hazardous to one’s health, One Hit Wunder does not advocate smoking by any persons.
Any other use of such Products, by minors or for use with controlled substances is prohibited by and may constitute a violation of International, Federal, State, and/or Local laws.   (292 words)

 DDM: One Hit Wonder
Better hit, though, with the effect wearing off after one swing and all.
The Psychic Warrior is only a decent attack, but if you can hit with one of those acid-charged blades, someone is going to be really screwed up.
The army is all about the first hit. /merricb/article.asp?id=58   (169 words)

 Are You a One-Hit Wonder? The Brunching Shuttlecocks
Is your song a cover of a middle-of-the-road seventies hit, faithful except for the fact that you turn the distort on your guitars up to "2" and you sneer while singing it?
Is your song a cover of a disaffected, ironic eighties hit, faithful except for the fact that it's played on an acoustic instrument and you sound very sincere?
With the following handy quiz, you can tell instantly whether you should be investing your royalties in a Camero or a Certificate of Deposit. /onehit.html   (300 words)

 One-Hit Wonder
When I started "One-Hit Wonder", I expected a light, frothy read but as I got more involved with the story, I saw it as anything but.
Bee Bearhorn, nee Beatrice Wills, is what is known as a one-hit wonder.
In the 1980's, she hit the top of the charts with a music single that was loved by all. /literary/02/onehitwonder.htm   (217 words)

 Sports: Buehrle a one-hit wonder
Rolls broke up Buehrle's no-hitter in the seventh when he hit a leadoff single to rightfield, ending an 11-inning drought in which the Rays managed one hit.
Of the two two-run home runs the White Sox hit off Bierbrodt (0-1), one was by former Rays slugger Jose Canseco.
Buehrle's bid for perfection ended when he hit Rays first baseman Steve Cox, the first batter in the sixth, on the back of the helmet. /News/080401/Sports/Buehrle_a_one_hit_won.shtml   (706 words)

 Favorite One Hit Wonder - Forums
actually i don't know if that's a one hit wonder or not but it was the first thing that popped into my head.
As for my favorite one-hit wonder, I'd have to go with LFO or Chumbawumba (who had the Tub-Thumping song).
Their song "1985" is out now and its a huge hit. /forums/index.php?showtopic=39453   (467 words)

Not that one hit wonders can't do great things in Israeli politics: The cursed Dash Party brought the Likud to power in 1977 after decades of Labor government.
The Israeli people's thirst for a new, different politic makes the one hit wonder party far more attractive than is reasonable.
Political history says Kadima will be a "one hit wonder." Long-term political players must be careful – they won't get far with Kadima. /articles/0,7340,L-3186777,00.html   (716 words) One-Hit Wonder
It was Semisonic's single moment of glory in the pop music marketplace, which makes the band what some would classify a "one-hit wonder" -- a despicable condescension, when you consider how difficult it is for pop artists to score even one hit.
By the end of the book, that one hit seems a wonder indeed.
Six hard, demoralizing years after forming, the band enjoyed the giddy rush of "Tonight Show" spots and playing to stadium crowds who knew all the words to their hit song. /ac2/wp-dyn/A50886-2004Jun17?language=printer   (924 words)

 Stevie Wonder - 3 One Hit Wonder?
One of Motown's producers suggested that along with some of their other artists, that they drop Little Stevie Wonder.
He had gone 2 years without a hit record.
Motown was a special place for Little Stevie Wonder. /Biography/3_one_hit_wonder.htm   (707 words)

 One Hit? I Wonder - Matthew
However, this is one of those huge radio hits that I actually like.
But for artists such as Coldplay, Dido, and David Gray (no Rolling Stone covers, few TRL votes), the radio encourages fans to wait for the eventual Now compilation that will include their hits rather than rush out and purchase their albums.
(See the second sentence of the previous paragraph.) Just like Lifehouse's hit, the kids and the moms could all rock out to it - which they did and continue to do on multiple stations up and down the dial. /opinions/200110onehit.html   (1312 words)

 Sports: Ram a one-hit wonder
Redmond did that and then some, taking a no-hitter into the seventh and finishing with a one-hit shutout as Ridgewood clinched the top seed in its district with a 2-0 win at Land O'Lakes.
The Rams tagged Nalls (4-3) for three hits, scoring once on a double by McLamar and again on a bases-loaded walk to Danny Lotz.
A night of strong defense was capped with a running, snow-cone grab by Monte Werner in rightfield for the second out and a routine groundout to second baseman Jon Koenigsfeld. /2003/04/11/Sports/Ram_a_one_hit_wonder.shtml   (493 words)

 20 One Hit Wonders On The Web - 1980s
Being a one hit wonder is not a bad thing, it's better than never having a hit at all.
Check out their official web sites to see what these one hit wonders from the 80's are up to now.
Agree or disagree the artists below are either one hit wonders or pretty darn close. /articles/art12127.asp   (460 words)

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