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Topic: Ongar tube station

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 Ongar tube station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It has two principal claims to fame: Firstly, John Betjeman, the Poet Laureate, expressed a desire to be Ongar Station Master upon his retirement.
The station and the line is now in the ownership of a private company who, at time of purchase, publically stated their intentions to run commuter services once again.
The current owners are the Epping Ongar Railway, a heritage railway company who run heritage trains on Sundays over the former Epping and Ongar line. /wiki/Ongar_tube_station   (275 words)

 Chipping Ongar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The town was best known for Ongar tube station, the most north easterly on the London Underground until its closure in 1994.
Ongar was an important market town in the Mediaeval period, lying at the centre of a hundred and once possessing a Norman castle.
Chipping Ongar is a town in the Epping Forest district of Essex, England. /wiki/Chipping_Ongar   (121 words)

 Closed London Underground stations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Part of a modified tube map is shown which shows the fictitious tube stations Lewisham, Ladywell, Edge of the World and Catford on the East London Section of the Metropolitan Line south from New Cross tube station.
A special 'Crouch End' tube station sign was made for this scene and, according to Pegg's DVD commentary, is now mounted in his bedroom.
A number of stations on the eastern end of the District Line were formerly served by trains out of Fenchurch Street Station, the platforms of which remain. /wiki/List_of_closed_London_Underground_stations   (1380 words)

 Ongar branch
Ongar station did have two tracks on the passenger side but only one platform.
Blake Hall was the least used tube station on the entire London Underground network - 6 passengers a day, according to the recent TV series about the underground.
According to Brendan Ratcliffe, this camper van of sorts was regularly parked outside the station and is believed to have belonged to one of the station staff. /Tube/Ongar_Branch_2.html   (499 words)

 Bethnal Green tube station Encyclopedia
The station was extensively modified between 1985 and 1992, including bringing all the platforms in the main shed up to the same end point and constructing a new underground booking office, but its facade, steam age iron pillars and the honour roll for Great Eastern Railway employees that died in the Great War were retained.
City of London The construction of the station was due to the desire of the company to gain a terminal closer to the city than the one opened by the predecessor Eastern Counties Railway, at Shoreditch, that had opened on 1 July 1840.
The station was named after the street on which it stands, which in turn was named in honour of British Prime Minister Lord Liverpool, having been built as part of an extension of the City of London towards the end of his term in office. /en/Bethnal+Green+tube+station   (9964 words)

 Epping tube station: Encyclopedia topic
It formerly served as the transfer station to the line to Ongar (Ongar: ongar tube station is a closed london underground station in the town of ongar, essex,...
It holds the distinction of being the northernmost station on the London Underground.
[follow hyperlink for more...]) station and the northern terminus of the Central Line (Central Line: the central line is a line of the london underground.... /reference/epping_tube_station   (157 words)

 Epping Forest walk starting from Theydon Bois, through Epping forest and ending up at Debden, Loughton, Essex, urban75 walk, April 2005
The replacement 1865 station was deemed unsuitable for tube trains and the current station was opened on 28th April 1940, just slightly east of the 1865 one.
Loughton has had three stations - the first was opened in 1856 but when the line extended to Ongar in 1865 it started just short of the old terminus with a new Loughton station.
At Epping (one stop up from Theydon Bois), tube passengers used to be able to enjoy a ride on a delightfully anachronistic country branch line to the small town of Ongar. /london/epping.html   (1286 words)

 BBC - h2g2 - The Ultimate Guide to the London Underground - mark II
This station is characterised by an escalator of average length on which there will always be a gale force wind blowing no matter how calm the weather is elsewhere in the vicinity.
The larger Chorleywood station is used to turn the trains, as is the Chalfont connection, while the regular shuttle train waits in a single siding at Chesham.
It is the 'second' station for all the hordes of Gooners who descend on this quiet residential area every other week or so to watch the Arsenal. /h2g2/guide/A408890   (7524 words)

 Geofftech - Tube - Silly Tube Maps
The line between Epping and Ongar closed on 30th September 1994, and is no longer on tube maps, but if you look hard enough, there are still signs of its existence around the system.
Museum - The London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, London (Nearest Tube Station: Covent Garden!) has got it's own 'Museum' sign right outside the entrance with a bench all the way around it where people alway sit to drink coffee and eat their lunch...
Here at White City, the platform map has been blanked out, along with a separate metal plate covering up Blake Hall station which closed separately in 1981 before the whole Epping to Ongar branch did. /tube/notonthemap.htm   (350 words)

 Subterranea Britannica: SB-Sites: Blake Hall Station
Notes: The Ongar branch was taken over by the London Passenger Transport Board as part of their 1935 New Works Plan to extend tube lines to the outer suburbs.
Tube trains didn't however reach Ongar until 18th November 1957.
The platform has been demolished but the station building survives as a private dwelling. /sb-sites/stations/b/blake_hall/index.shtml   (113 words)

 Transport - Search Engine
Tube Challenge - Details the rules of the tube challenge, which involves visiting all of the stations on the London Underground network in the quickest possible time.
Stations which have since closed or have been renamed can be found on some.
Tube Lines - Homepage of the company which provides maintenance services for trains and infrastructure on the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines. /myuae/cat.asp?/Regional/Europe/United_Kingdom/England/London/Transport/Underground   (1303 words)

 The Gorge - Tube Tour
His handout was also interesting with a potted history, old photos and tube map showing the stations, and further reading suggestions.
We walked from the station to the old Angel station and went in through a door in Torrens St. We saw some mess-room type rooms and the extension which had housed the ticket office.
Tour of City Road and Angel Disused Stations /tube   (775 words)

 How to find us
The nearest tube station is Epping on the Central Line (then by taxi - approximate cost £12).
BY ROAD Mulberry House is situated on the A414 in High Ongar, Essex.
The house is exactly 0.6 mile past the BP Service Station at the “Four Wantz” roundabout. /find.htm   (116 words)

 Epping to Ongar railway line and stations at Blake Hall and North Weald, The Eastern Counties Railway and Great Eastern Railway, Essex, England
The remote station earned a small amount of notoriety during the red hot summer of 1976, when the Evening Standard reported that a tube driver, operating the train with the side door open, was attacked by a mad rabbit, which entered the cab at Blake Hall.
One of the odd things about travelling to Ongar was that my journey started from one of the busiest stations on the Underground system, with noisy tunnels eventually giving way to country views on the way to Epping.
Halfway between Epping and Ongar lies this substantial stone built station surrounded by fields. /london/ongar.html   (826 words)

 Underground Facts
Heathrow Terminal 4 station is unique in being the only tube station with a single platform edge, but the title is probably truly jointly owned by Chesham, one of the Northern outposts of the Metropolitan and Mill Hill East on the Northern.
Such was the success of this form of vertical transport that all new tube stations since the early 20th century were equipped with them.
The longest distance between adjacent stations is on the Metropolitan Line; Chesham being nearly 4 miles from its junction with the mainline at Chalfont and Latimer. /facts.htm   (940 words)

 Ongar Rugby Club
Just beyond the Ongar Tube Station (on your right) turn left into Love Lane.
The telephone number for the Clubhouse at Ongar is 01277 363838.
At the main roundabout in Ongar (on the A414) turn right towards Chipping Ongar (the A113). /fixtures/directions/OngarRugbyClub.shtml   (125 words)

 SkyscraperCity Forums - London Underground
Infact apart from the last couple of photos they are all of the older tube lines and stations with the Northern line being the deepest and most need of upgrading of all the tube lines, the pictures therefore mainly reflect the worst of the tube rather than the best.
Considering the age of the infrastructure I think that Tube stations and trains are very clean, bright and welcoming and very well-staffed.
The tube is certainly old and has been neglected, but finally proper investment is going in and within 7 years the network will be signifcantly more reliable. /printthread.php?t=165024&pp=25   (3010 words)

 Independent, The (London): No return to the Aldwych
Sadly, the last train ran from the station on 30 September 1994.
The publisher which promises "We check every fact every year" maintains in its 1997 edition the fiction that Aldwych underground station is still part of the London Underground.
The station still functions - but mainly as a film location and occasional tourist attraction. /p/articles/mi_qn4158/is_19970205/ai_n14089522   (209 words)

 every single tube stop!
...apparently they had scorpions at Ongar tube station so we went there, and couldn't find any.
I thought this thread was a babytalk response to yesterday's tube strike.
My wife's in the middle of a project where she's taking a photo within a block of every subway station in New York City: see Station to Station for samples! /thread.php?msgid=3041257   (774 words)

North Weald is on the B181 Epping to Ongar road, north east of Epping and south east of Junction 7 of the M11.
Harlow Town Railway Station 5.4 miles (8.7 km)
Via London Underground Central Line to Epping station 2.2 miles (3.6 km) /directions.html   (84 words)

 UpMyStreet - Tube stations in Ongar
Here are the 10 nearest tube stations from
Is your area well served by the tube?
It is free to use and meets the Energywatch and Ofcom codes of practice. /local/transport/tube-stations/l/Ongar.html   (131 words)

Beneath the streets of the capital we shorten tunnel distances but show arriving in every tube station.
CENTRAL LINE — ONGAR TO WEST RUISLIP — vintage film from the mid 1990’s from Ongar to Epping, then from Epping to West Ruislip.
DISTRICT LINE IN ESSEX — return cab ride journey from Whitechapel to Upminster on the District Line with all the 17 station stops. /225studios/page2.html   (319 words)

 Wapping Tube Station - anagrams
Find gold service anagrams of wapping tube station (or any other text)!
Find anagram aliases of wapping tube station (or any other text)!
"A railway station" -> "Train is away a lot. /archive/wapping-tube-station.html   (182 words)

 Whistle sign, old tube line from Ongar to Epping, near Blake Hall, Essex
This view was taken near Blake Hall, which had the honour of being the least used tube station on the entire London Underground network, handling just 6 passengers a day!
Whistle sign, old tube line from Ongar to Epping, near Blake Hall, Essex
Closed since 1994, this rural eastern outpost of the Central Line ran from Epping to the remote coutry town of Ongar. /photos/london/lon539.html   (109 words)

Beaneath the streets of the capital we shorten tunnel distances but show arriving in every tube station.
CENTRAL LINE — ONGAR TO WEST RUISLIP — vintage film from the mid 1990’s from Ongar to Epping then from Epping to West Ruislip.
UNDERGROUND IN ESSEX 3 — cab ride journey from Whitechapel to Upminster on the District Line with all the 17 station stops. /225studios/page4.html   (479 words)

 ψ restaurants in London near Holborn Tube Station - London Restaurant Guide -
38 restaurants in London near Holborn Tube Station
ψ restaurants in London near Holborn Tube Station - London Restaurant Guide -
Why not submit it now and we'll add it to our database. /search/dosearch.asp?Rest_Tubestation=Holborn   (60 words)

 Central Line [Definition]
Ongar Ongar tube station is a closed London Underground station in the town of Ongar, Essex.
Leytonstone Leytonstone tube station is on the Central Line of the London Underground, on the boundary of Zones 3 and 4.
British Museum British Museum tube station was a station on the London Underground's Central Line, located close to the British Museum, now closed.... /Central_Line   (60 words)

 - My service to you: i will go any where on the London Underground for a small fee
Although I have lived in Canada for over 25 years, I grew up in and around Harlow, Essex and I'm very familiar with the Epping-Ongar line (when it was operated as part of the Central Line.) I never actually rode it to Ongar though.
When I was still at school I used to bike all over the area, including North Weald and Ongar.
You are allowed 5 pictures per station each set of 5 pictures costs 75p or a 1 doller 50 cents. /dcforum/DCForumID26/136.html   (356 words)

 Printer Friendly Format - This Is Local London
The company has destroyed the goods yard, it has stopped the use of electric trains by destroying the electric rail system, it has allowed a perfectly functional electric Tube train to be demolished by vandals at Ongar Station and foreign steam engines and carriages of the wrong gauge have been dumped in the Ongar sidings.
London Underground must be made to allow the other platform at Epping Station to be used again by the Ongar branch line, as it was until 1994.
The company also closed the footpath at North Weald Station where developers have just built more houses right up to the station. /misc/print.php?artid=125227   (243 words)

 Encyclopedia: Epping Forest (district)
The district was formed on April 1, 1974 by the merger of Chigwell Urban District, Epping Urban District and Waltham Holy Cross Urban District, along with most of Epping and Ongar Rural District.
Unlike the situation on the Metropolitan Line outside of Greater London where a special fare structure exists, stations in the district are in either travelcard zone 5 or 6.
To the north-east there is the more rural town of Chipping Ongar and surrounding villages, whilst to the south urban London begins with the towns of Loughton, Chigwell and Buckhurst Hill. /encyclopedia/Epping-Forest-%28district%29   (243 words)

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