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Topic: Oolong

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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  Formosa Oolong Tea
In Taiwan, the government has selected Formosa Oolong tea as one of the top agricultural production in exporting (COA) but did not solve that planting of oolong tea harms the environment a lot due to only being planted in high elevation and over-planting resulted from government’s encouragement.
Oolong tea comes in three degrees of fermentation: lightly fermented, moderately fermented, and fully fermented.
The expenditure of oolong tea is high in Taiwan because of long “ tea history” and cultural aspect.
www.american.edu /TED/oolong-tea.htm   (1990 words)

 Oolong Tea
Oolong tea is best known to most Americans as the complement to General Tso's Chicken at many Chinese restaurants.
It is said that drinking oolong tea is among the best ways to fight the effects of aging on the skin.
The varieties of oolong tea differ greatly in flavor, depending on the amount of time that the leaves are given to ferment.
www.adagio.com /oolong   (106 words)

 s y b e r p u n k . c o m - Oolong - The pancake rabbit.
Oolong got over 150 thousand hits in just one week.
Oolong's owner posted this message following his rise in popularity.
It made me feel sad, and I felt somehow I had caused the peaceful little world of Oolong to become an object of mockery among the internet community.
www.syberpunk.com /cgi-bin/index.pl?page=oolong   (601 words)

 Oolong (Wu Long) Tea
A good Oolong is both refreshing and delicious; the Oolong spectrum has a range of aromas and tastes quite distinct from anything you get with green or fl tea - from the delicate, nearly-green Pouchong through rich and subtle mid-range Oolongs like Ti Kuan Yin and on to teas which border on fl.
Oolong (also spelt Wulong, or Wu Long) is literally 'fl dragon' tea, but they say the name originally had nothing to do with dragons; rather, it was named after its discoverer Wu Liang.
It is quite possible to brew Oolong much more lazily, without using a special teapot, just as you would brew ordinary loose fl tea - around a teaspoonful per cup, and a couple of minutes or so of infusing time - even using boiling water will not ruin it the way it does green tea.
oolong.co.uk /oolong.htm   (1376 words)

  Oolong Teas from China, India and Taiwan
Oolong, or fl-dragon tea, is fermented to varying degrees after picking; the fermentation is then stopped by roasting of the leaves, which accounts for the darker color and more robust flavor.
This green oolong is slightly fragrant in the dry leaf and brews a sweet golden liquor with a creamy cup.
The leaf is large -- sometimes three leaves and a bud since it had to be rolled and repeatedly fired as oolong -- unbroken, long, wiry, fragrant and flavorful, with an unmistakably high-grown lightness of body and character.
www.holymtn.com /tea/oolongtea.htm   (1737 words)

 Oolong Tea
The best oolong tea is hand-picked during the spring and winter seasons and processed entirely by hand using traditional techniques.
Oolong tea exhibits aspects of both green and fl teas and offers the greatest range of flavors, from the light floral green style to the sweet richness of the dark style.
Wang's farm in Pinglin, Taiwan, this green oolong is noteworthy for its deeply floral aroma and light, refreshing taste that lingers gently on the palate.
www.thefragrantleaf.com /oolongteas.html   (256 words)

 Oolong (Wu-Long) Tea
The best quality Oolong is grown and harvested from the mountains of Taiwan such as the Tianli Oolong, one of the finest and most rare oolong.
Oolong, also spelled as Wu-Long, is a semi-fermented tea which is known for its rich taste and pleasant lasting aftertaste.
Green Oolongs (which are not related to Green teas in any way) tend to have a stronger fragrance while Dark Oolongs tend to have a stronger aftertaste.
www.tenren.com /oolongtea1.html   (167 words)

 The Elegant Pantry Oolong Tea
Oolong tea is produced by allowing the tea leaves to oxidize for a short time after picking.
Oolong is semi-oxidized; fl tea is fully oxidized; and green tea is un-oxidized.
Drink oolong tea for your health, but don't lose sight of this simple fact - people have been drinking tea for thousands of years because it is a great tasting beverage.
www.theelegantpantry.com /oolongteas.htm   (790 words)

 Tea & Coffee 09/06 - Oolong Teas of China & Taiwan
Oolong tea is classified in the west as semi- or partially-oxidized tea, in contrast to green tea, which is unoxidized, and fl tea, which is fully oxidized.
Depending on the type of oolong tea, the leaves are mixed and turned, approximately every two hours for a period of 8-10 hours, in order to be evenly oxidized.
Conducting horizontal tea tastings, in which green, oolong, and fl teas are contrasted, or vertical oolong tea tastings, in which a spectrum of oolong taste profiles are represented, exposes consumers to a variety of flavors.
www.teaandcoffee.net /0906/tea.htm   (2161 words)

 Gray & Seddon's Premium Oolong & Tieguanyin Teas including Fujian, Shantou and Taiwan oolongs
Most Oolongs marketed by the major tea corporations, to be found in any Chinese grocery, are heavily roasted, unsubtle and quite probably stale, as they are usually packed in paper or cellophane.
The finest Oolongs are said to produce teas with a "peach" like aroma, and many Oolong tea-makers strive for this result.
Most premium Taiwanese oolongs are made with this objective in mind, and as a result Taiwan oolongs tend to be highly fragrant and very green teas.
gray-seddon-tea.com /introoolong.shtml   (1047 words)

 The Tea Farm | Oolong Tea
Oolong tea, with its semi-fermentation process yields the highest amount of polyphenol, which is the reason for its favored flavor.
Oolong tea is processed by using a tray and sun dried for a few hours before the rolling process.
Oolong tea is favored by many tea drinkers because of its digestive functions, and it is the only type of tea that is thought to be good for your stomach.
www.theteafarm.com /tea_oolong.asp   (1210 words)

 Chinese Oolong Tea
Oolong is a class of tea as well as a kind of tea.
Oolong tea is half-fermented and thus is relatively thick in flavor.
Oolong tea is very popular in south-east China and Taiwan and also the most used tea for Kung Fu Cha.
chineseteas101.com /teaclass_oolong.htm   (101 words)

 Oolong Tea
Oolong tea is gently rolled after picking, allowing its essential oils to slowly oxidize.
The finest oolongs are often prepared and enjoyed Gong Fu style (in a small clay pot for multiple infusions) to savor their complex flavor and aromas.
Grown in the red sandy soil of Anxi, this medium oolong is oven-fired to bring out notes of peach and give richness and depth to the aroma and flavor.
www.inpursuitoftea.com /Oolong_Tea_s/41.htm   (648 words)

 Absolute Anime / Dragon Ball / Oolong
Oolong first shows up in the original Dragon Ball series when Goku and Bulma find a village that Oolong repetitavly steals young women to marry.
Oolong joins Goku and Bulma on their trip, and proves to be useful with his special shape-changing ability.
Oolong can only shapeshift for five minutes at a time because he slacked off at and was expelled from the shapeshifting school he and Puar attended.
www.absoluteanime.com /dragon_ball/oolong.htm   (163 words)

 Bodybuilding.com - Oolong Tea Information and Product Listing! Oolong Tea FAQ!
Oolong tea is a popular family of teas grown in Taiwan and China.
Oolong teas were first grown by ancient Chinese emperors and were highly valued for their rich flavor and apparent health boosting abilities.
Oolong tea can be of benefit to all people, regardless of age and activity level.
www.bodybuilding.com /store/oolong.html   (497 words)

 Oolong Tee- Kobu Teeversand - Tees aus aller Welt
Obwohl heutzutage auch in anderen Gebieten, vor allem in Taiwan, Oolong produziert wird, ist das Wuyi-Gebirge mit seinen 99 Klippen und 63 Berggipfeln immer noch der größte Produzent.
Oolong mit lieblichem Aroma und sehr gutem Preis-Leistungsverhältnis.
Sehr aromatischer Oolong mit fruchtigem Geschmack und starkem Grünteecharakter.
www.kobu-teeversand.de /tee_katalog/oolong_tee-182   (183 words)

Oolongs or semi-fl teas can be in the “most expensive teas in the world” category or in the least expensive category or anywhere in between.
An Oolong which is 60% oxidized but which is grown and processed in China is called FORMOSA OOLONG.
Oolongs should be made with a calcium-free water.
www.teatalk.com /china/oolong.htm   (770 words)

 Oolong Tea - a green black tea
Oolong the green - fl tea is a partially fermented green tea.
With the introduction of higher quality fl and green teas Oolong tea has lost it’s dominance to green teas such as Sencha, Gunpowder, and Green Assam.
Oolong - the green - fl tea is a partially fermented green tea.
www.teainc.com /tea/Oolong_Tea/oolong_tea.htm   (244 words)

 FROM LEAF to CUP, Purveyor of Fine Teas - OOLONG TEA
Oolongs are processed similar to fl teas, but are given a shorter withering time, a light roll, and allowed to ferment only until the edges of the leaf turn brown.
This oolong is considered a long-fired oolong taking on bakey notes with a rich amber liquor.
In Taiwan, making oolong is considered an art form and the legacy is passed from generation to generation.
www.fromleaftocup.com /OOLONG_TEA.htm   (375 words)

 Gray & Seddon's Premium oolong tea, Oolong & Tieguanyin Teas including Fujian, Shantou and Taiwan oolongs, ...
Monkey Pick oolongs are always full of surprises and this special green MP is no exception: peachy aromas set aside a mellow butterscotch palate.
This fine oolong is characterised by a golden toffee liquor with plum and caramel aromas-flavours, and a long sweet finish.
Oolongs characterised by their long uncurled dry leaf, and by a unique 'orange peel' aroma and flavour, intermingled with toffee and butterscotch.
gray-seddon-tea.com /oolong.shtml   (2017 words)

 The Oolong Tea Store   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
A simple way to prepare TongDing Oolong Tea is to pour boiling water to a 12 oz cup with 1 teaspoon (5g) of tealeaves and brew for about 2 minutes before serve.
The more Oolong tea leaves used, the more flavor the tea has and its required brewing time for each infusion is less.
However, too much Oolong tea leaves used could increase the bitter taste and the teapot would not have enough room for the tea leaves to fully expand themself.
www.oolong-tea.com /brew.htm   (365 words)

 The Republic of Tea - A rare selection of premium white, red, green, black, Oolong and chai teas.
Fermentation must be stopped to obtain the flavor desired, and oolongs can be fermented from 60% of fl tea to 15%.
Oolongs from Taiwan, known as Formosan Oolongs, are oxidized longer, fired longer and have a ripe fruit flavor.
Wuyi Oolong - The Cup of Poetry - This hand-picked tea is prized for its large silver- tipped leaves and pure peach flavor.
www.republicoftea.com /pages/oolongtea.asp   (324 words)

 Oolong (thing)@Everything2.com
Oolong is my favourite class of teas; I have yet to find an Oolong that isn't great.
On average a cup of Oolong has about half the caffeine of a cup of fl tea, and most of the antioxidants of green tea.
Oolong was also the hero of the classic 80s Konami fighting game Yie Ar Kung-Fu and a character from a book called Tea with the Black Dragon by R.A. MacAvoy.
www.everything2.com /index.pl?node_id=1018242   (551 words)

 Oolong Tea from Taiwan - High Quality Oolong Tea
Oolong tea (also spelled wulong tea or wu long tea) is a semi-oxidized tea.
Oolong tea from Taiwan is also known as Imperial Formosa Oolong.
We are a Taiwanese company with the aim of introducing fine oolong tea from Taiwan to tea lovers around the world.
www.teafromtaiwan.com   (654 words)

Oolong teas are produced by semi-fermenting green tea leaves.
The flavor and aroma of India's Oolong teas are different from its counterparts in China.
When steeped oolong tea produces golden or light brown liquor with a very unique sweet flavor that resembles neither fl or green tea.
www.blacktea.com /Oolong/oolong.php   (187 words)

Oolong teas are produced by semi-fermenting green tea leaves.
The flavor and aroma of India's Oolong teas are different from its counterparts in China.
When steeped oolong tea produces golden or light brown liquor with a very unique sweet flavor that resembles neither fl or green tea.
blacktea.com /Oolong/oolong.php   (187 words)

 All about oolong tea
If local goals and resources permit, the use of strongly recommended and oolong tea interventions should be initiated or increased.A oolong tea point for communities and health-care systems is to assess current tobacco-use prevention and cessation activities.
oolong tea efforts should be compared with recommendations in this report oolong tea well as other relevant program recommendations proposed by CDC (18), the National Cancer Institute (19), the Public Health Service (16), the U.S. Department of oolong tea and Human Services (17,20,21), and the Institute of Medicine (22).
be used to assess the extent to which the intervention might oolong tea useful in a particular setting or population.
goto.kagmarines.org /oolong-tea.html   (367 words)

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