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Topic: Openness

  Openness - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Openness is related to open source and is a philosophy that is being used as the basis of how various groups and organizations operate.
It is typified by communal management, and open access to the information or material resources needed for projects; openness to contributions from a diverse range of users/producers/contributors, flat hierarchies, and a fluid organisational structure.
It is now being put forward to facilitate the growth of the open source and freeware programming communities.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Openness   (164 words)

Open adoption is an on-going trusting relationship between all members of the adoption circle: adoptive parents, birth parents and the child.
Openness allows the child to have his or her questions answered and to let them know that they are loved by their birth parents.
Openness has also allowed birth parents to feel better about their decision because they get the chance to show the love they feel for that child in a physical and material way through visits, letters, photographs and gifts.
adoption.nchs.org /adoptionprocess/openness   (585 words)

The primary difference between a completely open adoption and a semi-open adoption is that in an open adoption the child and the adoptive family develop a relationship with the birth family.
For openness to be successful for the child, it is important for the adults to set and agree to clear boundaries around the roles and rights and responsibilities for the parties participating.
An openness agreement is a written agreement that defines the context of the openness between the birth family and the adoptive family.
www.bcadoption.com /site_page.asp?pageid=37   (1200 words)

 The Weapon of Openness
Open societies evolved as fittest to survive and to reproduce themselves in an international jungle.
Openness is necessary for the processes of trial and the elimination of error, Sir Karl Popper's beautiful description of the mechanism of progress in science.
NSA, which is a very large and very secret agency, claimed that open programs conducted by a handful of matheticians around the world, who had no access to NSA secrets, would reveal to other countries that their codes were insecure and that such research might lead to codes that even NSA could not break.
www.foresight.org /Updates/Background4.html   (2852 words)

 Openness in Adoption: A Bulletin for Professionals   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Adoptive and birth parents need to be open to the needs of children as they get older and gain a sense of ownership over the relationship they have with their birth families.
In the case of open adoptions, birth mothers, rather than adoptive parents, are often viewed as the agency's primary client; the initial decision making regarding openness rests in their hands.
These adoptions are often open either because of a relationship developed between the birth and adoptive parents when the children were in care, or because the children know their birth families, know their addresses and phone numbers, and may contact them whether or not the adoption was intended to be open.
naic.acf.hhs.gov /pubs/f_openadoptbulletin.cfm   (2875 words)

 "openness" - Adoption Encyclopedia
OPEN ADOPTION refers to a full disclosure of identities between the parties involved.
Some agencies are using the word "openness" as a kind of "soft" definition of open adoption.
It's very important for prospective adoptive parents and birthparents to request a clear definition of "openness" or "open adoption" when contacting an adoption agency to ensure the agency's policies are compatible with their own beliefs and desires.
encyclopedia.adoption.com /entry/openness/260/1.html   (335 words)

 Finance & Development, September 2002 - Lifting All Boats: Why Openness Helps Curb Poverty   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The openness of an economy is the degree to which foreigners and nationals can transact without government-imposed costs (including delays and uncertainty) that are not levied on a transaction between two domestic citizens.
Thus, we might look for a relationship between trade opening and growth, or between trade openness and the level of incomes, but it would, in general, be a mistake to expect one between, say, growth and the level of trade openness.
Much of the evidence in favor of openness spurring growth and reducing poverty is vulnerable to the criticism that the effect of openness has not been isolated from that of many other reforms that were often implemented at the same time.
www.imf.org /external/pubs/ft/fandd/2002/09/berg.htm   (2335 words)

 Interactivist Info Exchange | The Packet Gang   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Simply understood, open source software is that which is published along with its source code, allowing developers to collaborate, improve upon each other’s work, and use the code in their own projects.
Not only is openness central to the organisation of the social movement, but in many cases it is taken as read that the organisational quality of openness is inherently radical and will be productive of positive change in whichever part of the social-political field it is deployed.
Freeman’s insight is fundamental: the idea of openness does not in itself prevent the formation of the informal structures that I have described here as crypto-hierarchies; on the contrary, it is possible that it fosters them to a greater degree than structured organisations.
info.interactivist.net /article.pl?sid=04/01/30/1158224   (4639 words)

 Openness: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Openness is related to open source open source quick summary:
Open source means when sources of information, code, pictures, maps, authors, and everything related are all publicly viewable and openly modifiable....
A vote, or a ballot, is an individuals act of voting, by which he or she express support or preference for a certain motion (e.g....
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/o/op/openness.htm   (420 words)

 Child Welfare League of America: Child Welfare: Adoption: Other Links and Resources: Openness in Adoption
The degree of openness in the relationships between birth and adoptive families should be arrived at by mutual agreement based on a thoughtful, informed decisionmaking process by the birth parents, the prospective adoptive parents, and the child, when appropriate.
Openness after adoption, however, should not be used as an incentive to obtain the birth parents' agreement to voluntarily relinquish the child.
The degree of openness in any adoption should be arrived at by mutual agreement based on a thoughtful, informed decisionmaking process by the birth parents, the prospective adoptive parents, and the child, when appropriate.
www.cwla.org /programs/adoption/open_records4.htm   (1074 words)

 OMA home
The mission of the Open Mobile Alliance is to facilitate global user adoption of mobile data services by specifying market driven mobile service enablers that ensure service interoperability across devices, geographies, service providers, operators, and networks, while allowing businesses to compete through innovation and differentiation.
Openness also means developing industry solutions in a transparent manner, allowing other organizations insight into the technical aspects of the organization.
Finally, openness means that any interested party may join OMA and contribute to the technical specifications, and any entity (both members and non-members) may build applications and services in accordance with OMA’s open specifications and interfaces under the same conditions.
www.openmobilealliance.org   (328 words)

 SIGGS Theory Model: Openness   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Systems have different degrees of openness, and can be ranked on continuum--ranging from closed to highly open.
The system became open when a scientist who had severed her finger left the biosphere (feedout) for emergency medical treatment.
If educational system complete connectivity increases or strongness increases, then openness is less than change in fromput, and change in fromput is less than change in input.
www.indiana.edu /~educr547/frick/openness.html   (384 words)

 My Commission Testimony (Updated 06 Feb 06) at iterating toward openness
Without this openness, there is no space for the students to make contributions, and the degree of participation in the experience our students expect is not attainable.
This openness also opens the materials to other kinds of review, creating an unprecedented level of transparency to all higher education stakeholders, including parents and alumni, with regard to an institution’s teaching and learning activities.
Openness is the key to enabling other innovations and catalyzing improvements in the quality, accountability, affordability, and accessibility of higher education.
opencontent.org /blog/archives/240   (3785 words)

The desire for openness has been considered the desire for life, death, horror, outside and intensity and this is why it has been cautiously appropriated whether through desire itself or despotic rigidities.
Through affordance, openness is represented as the level of being open (to) not being opened (the plane of epidemic and contagion: plagues, contaminations, possession, etc.).
The Zoroastrians were among the first people who discovered and experienced the lacerating nature of openness and its contagious (or rather to say, the contaminative) space, thirsty to lacerate dimensions, crushing borders, snuffing them out and unleashing its epidemics (as epidemic is an avatar of openness) which confound the lineaments of openness as 'being open'.
www.ctheory.net /text_file.asp?pick=396   (2176 words)

 Openness Season - Christianity Today Magazine
Openness theologians are convinced that if human beings are to exercise meaningful freedom—a basic requirement for love to be expressed and received—there must be aspects of the future, those entailing the free choices of rational beings, that God does not know exhaustively.
Openness theology is naturally controversial, as it challenges evangelicals to reconsider the definition of God's sovereignty.
Not all openness theologians would agree with Boyd and Pinnock, but their ruminations, for good or ill, are consistent with an openness hermeneutic, a method of biblical interpretation that consistently opts for the literal or "face value" meaning of biblical texts.
www.christianitytoday.com /ct/2003/002/42.89.html   (1975 words)

 BBC NEWS | UK | Openness law reveals papers
Downing Street is also expected to authorise the opening of official notebooks of former Cabinet Secretaries - the civil service figure closest to the prime minister and responsible for recording exactly what happens around the cabinet table.
Critics predict that it will not prove as open as the government claims, saying its wide range of exemptions will be used to prevent the release of important papers.
A number of media organisations are applying for the secret advice from the attorney general to the prime minister on the legality of a war in Iraq.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/uk_news/4143415.stm   (641 words)

 Picker MobBlog: Framing Openness
I don’t need to ask the phone company’s permission to use various features of their network, as the law requires that they give me access (for a fee of course, though the current phone companies think that fee is way too low).
Open from the perspective of the 15-year old and his laptop; open from the perspective of the designers of the Internet protocol.
I am comfortably in the camp of those who believe that an author should have some rights associated with her work and indeed don’t believe that even most of the copyright left favor eliminating all of the attributes associated with copyright.
picker.typepad.com /picker_mobblog/2005/06/framing_opennes.html   (598 words)

 CIA Documents: Task Force on Greater CIA Openness
Many of those interviewed said the CIA was sufficiently open; all thought the CIA could do more to declassify and make available portions of its historical archives, especially regarding CIA successes and scientific/technical accomplishments; some said the CIA will have to work harder at explaining the need for intelligence in a post-cold war world.
CIA, the most open intelligence agency in the world, wants to be recognized as an organization of high caliber and culturally diverse people who achieve technical and analytic excellence and operational effectiveness in fulfilling their mission with integrity and the trust of the American people.
To reach our objective of greater openness, we must come up with a better balance in dealing with the media in a world where television is the primary conveyor of information to most Americans.
www.cia-on-campus.org /foia/pa01.html   (5082 words)

 Picker MobBlog: Making Sense of Openness
To make matters more complicated, consider the point that openness often involves a concern with "modularity"--i.e., ensuring that products are not "bundled" so as to make entry more difficult--and the "end-to-end" principle, which means (crudely speaking) that intermediaries don't prevent Internet applications or content from being accessible to end users.
To start the process of even framing the question of when government should put a thumb on the scale (by calibrating the level of IP protection, providing antitrust remedies, or direct regulation), consider the important point that not all information platforms are created equal.
Unfortunately, even some very thoughtful commentators preach openness across the board, downplaying the likelihood that, in markets like cell phones, experimentation with different strategies (i.e., tight integration versus aggressively promoting outside development) may well yield the best of all possible results.
picker.typepad.com /picker_mobblog/2005/06/making_sense_of.html   (623 words)

 Responsible Openness: An Imperative for the Department of Energy
The Openness Advisory Panel was convened in July 1996 to provide advice to the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board (SEAB) concerning the current status and strategic direction for the Department of Energy’s classification and declassification policies and programs, as well as other aspects of the Department’s efforts to enhance openness.
Openness should be a normal part of doing business in the Department, sustained by high-level management attention, but not requiring continued high-level prodding.
Openness should be established as a core value of the Department through incorporation in performance reviews, program plans, and contracting activities.
www.fas.org /sgp/advisory/oaprept.html   (12015 words)

 Amazon.com: Most Moved Mover: A Theology of God's Openness (The Didsbury Lectures): Books: Clark H. Pinnock   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Open theology, Pinnock explains, "asks us to imagine a response-able and self-sacrificing God of changeable faithfulness and vulnerable power." This is a well-reasoned and passionate defense.
While open theists affirm the doctrine of creation ex nihilo, they reject that claims that God has exhasutive foreknowledge of the future (omniscience), that God is impassible (incapable of suffering), immutable, without emotions, and outside of time.
I think Open Theism helpfully stresses one side of this dialectic, but also feel that we must honor the other side as well, thus living in the tension that is life before a God we cannot control, but who is intimately committed to us as his people.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0801022908?v=glance   (4552 words)

 Openness - Chelsea Wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Clearly, then, the idea of openness has appeal across rather different constituencies – here we already have both the reformist-liberal and the radicals activists claiming openness as their ally.
‘Open Organisations’ are entities that anyone can join, [that function with] complete transparency and flexible and fair decision making structures, ownership patterns, and exchange mechanisms, that are designed, defined, and refined, by members as part of a continual transformative and learning process.
Open source software is generally tightly controlled by a small group of people: the Apache Group, for example, very open-handedly controls the development of the Apache Web server, and Linus Torvalds has the final say on the Linux kernel’s development.
www.chelsea2005.com /wiki/index.php/Openness   (4472 words)

 Report of the President 2001–02
These forces of openness and outward pull are now opposed by concerns about their possible implications for our vulnerability to terrorism and for the nation's broader posture regarding export controls on certain technologies and information.
The openness of U.S. research universities to foreign students and scholars has been overwhelmingly successful in building the excellence of our institutions, enhancing the educational experience of our students, contributing to American industry and academia, furthering the advancement of nations around the world, and disbursing good will toward and understanding of our system and values.
The most difficult challenge as we balance prudent measures to maintain our security with the openness that is so essential to America's basic principles, to the excellence of our universities, and to the conduct of science, is associated with publishing information in the life sciences.
web.mit.edu /president/communications/rpt01-02.html   (5130 words)

Openness might be an unfamiliar word to you.
Actually, in order to be classified as an open person, you need to have some crucial qualities.
An open person is someone who is willing to change, if he is in the wrong.
members.fortunecity.co.uk /siukaice/openness.htm   (842 words)

 Oikeusministeriö - Justitieministeriet   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Expert opinions and other such documents that are to be opened at a given time or after the lapse of a given period shall enter the public domain, subject to the restrictions referred to in paragraph (1), after the moment they have been opened.
The authorities shall promote the openness of their activities and, where necessary for this purpose, produce guides, statistics and other publications, as well as information materials on their services and practices, as well as on the social conditions and developments in their field of competence.
A copy of a document and the provision of access to information in the form of a printout or by means of a technical interface, otherwise electronically or in a comparable manner, as well as the retrieval and delivery service provided by an authority, may be subject to a charge, as specifically provided elsewhere.
www.om.fi /1184.htm   (5177 words)

 Nokia - Openness
The mobile industry as a whole has a common understanding on the definition of Openness.
It is a service software or platform that adheres to open and global industry specifications or standards that are equally available for all companies to implement to enable a true multi-vendor environment (Trend, 2003).
Openness affects the speed of innovation, revenues from roaming, messaging, and more.
europe.nokia.com /openness   (174 words)

These latest deliveries on openness demonstrate that openness is good policy because it is the right thing to do, with many demonstrable positive benefits to the public and to the Department.
As part of its Openness Initiative, the Department of Energy is releasing information concerning the relationship of individual nuclear-weapon related production processes to their environmental consequences.
Responsible openness enhances national security by focusing limited classification and security resources on protection of only that information which is clearly identified as important to the national security.
www.osti.gov /opennet/document/jan97/prcfacts.html   (17994 words)

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