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Topic: Operating Thetan

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In the News (Tue 16 Jul 19)

  Scientology: State of Operating Thetan
The goal of Operating Thetan is to overcome the travails of existence and regain the certainty and abilities of one’s native spiritual
OT (Operating Thetan) is a state of spiritual awareness in which an individual is able to control himself and his environment.
He has been fully refamiliarized with his capabilities as a thetan and can willingly and knowingly be at cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space and time.
www.scientology.org /en_US/religion/catechism/pg041.html   (264 words)

  From news.interserv.net!news.sprintlink.net!info.bta.net.cn!mrbnsn Thu Sep 14 09:45:33 199
Operating Thetan Level Two (A note is prepended indicating that Level Two is to be performed in accordance with the instructions in the Clearing Course Instruction Booklet) The purpose of Level Two is to run ten complete whole track tables, each containing a set of GPM (Goals Problems Mass).
As each thetan in a cluster is a full-fledged thetan, and thus responds to normal auditing procedure, clusters may be disassembled one thetan at a time by running the initial "contact" picture, and clearing the belief in permanent contact.
Operating Thetan Level Seven The goal of Level Seven is the ability to "easily place an intention into or on a Being and/or a body." Level Seven is organized into seven sections which constitute a thorough rundown on "intention" and related concepts.
www.skepticfiles.org /sciento/sci428.htm   (2830 words)

 IVy Issue 35:   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Personally I believe that a thetan is a life static that has no mass, no wave-length and no location in space and time; but there are people who say that the thetan is some kind of connection between the static and the body.
One of the definitions says that thetan means "the awareness of awareness unit, which has all potentialities but no mass, no wave-length and no location".
Another definition says that thetan means "the being who is the individual and who handles and lives in the body".
freezoneamerica.org /ivy/35/lps.html   (839 words)

 Summit Ministries: Resources: Essays
Thetans have absolute control over their bodies, but, sadly, they think they are bodies (a terrible fate) and hence are bound by the MEST (matter, energy, space, time) universe.
Through Scientology auditing, engrams may be neutralized and the thetan made increasingly self-aware or "enlightened." By various techniques a practical methodology was developed to enable the initiate to recognize his (or her) spiritual existence, to separate from the MEST body, and to begin to exert mental control over the MEST universe.
The employment of psychic powers and out-of-body episodes (e.g., as a means for the thetan to re-realize his or her true powers) is indicative of the church's acceptance of the realm of the occult.
www.summit.org /resource/essay/show_essay.php?essay_id=155   (5383 words)

 The Mind Benders, Scientology - Chapter 9 - Cyril Vosper
"Operating Thetan: a Clear who has been familiarised with his environment to a point of total cause over matter, energy, space, time and thought, and who is not in a body."
A Thetan is Clear when so familiarised with his own mind as to be at total cause over it.
An exteriorised Thetan, being composed of nothing, finds little difficulty in any of these exotic commands, except only when he considers he is a body or a locatable object.
www-2.cs.cmu.edu /People/dst/Library/Shelf/vosper/09.html   (2741 words)

 OT III, a synopsis   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Before the beginning of time, thetans existed, separate from one another (thetans were not created, they have existed for all time and indeed precede the creation of time).
The people were killed and the thetans gathered, frozen in a mixture of glycol and alcohol, and brought to Earth where they were placed by volcanoes which were exploded with hydrogen bombs.
The thetans were gathered on "electronic ribbons", packaged together as clusters and given 36 days of implanting, to render them servile and incapable of decision.
cgi.amazing.com /scientology/ot-iii-synopsis.html   (671 words)

 RI-807Si '"Operating Thetan" defined'
A "Thetan" is you, the spiritual being that is you.
So an Operating Thetan is someone who operates, works, acts and lives as himself, as a spiritual being.
Part of understanding the definition of Operating Thetan is the knowledge that there are people (who, as anyone, are themselves spiritual beings) who are fixated on denying and disproving the existence of any and all spiritual abilities.
www.insolitology.com /topten/koostrenite/ri-807si.htm   (428 words)

 Thetan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A thetan is "the person himself -- not his body or his name, the physical universe, his mind, or anything else; that which is aware of being aware; the identity which is the individual.
Some thetans are said to have (mis)used this ability to "implant" others with hypnotic suggestions, and forced other thetans to "cluster" around bodies (hence body thetans).
A Body Thetan is an alien thetan who is 'stuck' in, on or near a human body, and all human bodies are said to be covered in these misplaced thetans, or clusters of them.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Thetan   (1181 words)

 Operating Thetan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Scientology, the state of Operating Thetan is a spiritual state above Clear.
Scientology doctrine states that a person who has achieved the state of Operating Thetan is essentially a being able to operate free of the encumbrances of the material universe.
This state is represented by a symbol consisting of the letters OT with the T inside the O and each of the points of the T ending at the O's circumference.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Operating_Thetan   (1020 words)

 Religious Movements Homepage: Church of Scientology
In the words of sociologist William Bainbridge, a thetan is "analogous to the Christian notion of soul.
Scientologists who progress up the OT (Operating Thetan) Bridge may "know...immortality and freedom from the cycle of birth and death," according to " The State of Operating Thetan," a Church document.
Operating Thetan Level III (NOT a link to the actual document, but rather to an independent summary of it), which details how, when, and why humans came to Earth, is a good sample of this cosmology.
religiousmovements.lib.virginia.edu /nrms/scientology.html   (4802 words)

 Fishman Affidavit - OT3, summary and comments>   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Operating Thetans are, again supposedly, able to 'mock up' a picture that has dimensions and location in space and time.
The solution to this tangled web of stuck body thetans and pictures of stuck body thetans stuck to thetans, is to try and trace the first incident or 'picture' of such a collision or contact, and work from there.
You clear up that a BT is a body thetan, The instructions are self explanatory, Basically, the reason they are doing this is to where they won't be confused with hundreds of different thoughts so that they can have some peace and quiet, and so they won't be other-determined.
www.duggmirror.com /tech_news/What_Scientology_Doesn_t_Want_You_To_See   (5013 words)

 Scientology Briefly Delineated - A Reference Web Site on the Church of Scientology
The individual is brought up “to present time”;, that is, he is freed from the disabling effects of events that have occurred on the “time track” of the thetan’s earlier present life or past lives.
The Operating Thetan is at a higher level of the same process, since he has also acquired control over his environment.
In other words, it might be said that the Operating Thetan is a being who has realized his full spiritual potential, who has achieved salvation.
www.bonafidescientology.org /Append/02/page29.htm   (334 words)

 when we die   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Your spirit (Thetan) is trapped by an electronic snare by alien psychiatrists and taken to the implant station on Venus, or the one on Mars, and subjected to reimplantation of various false data.
This is done by implanting negative emotional and intellectual beliefs into the Thetan--- such as various mental illnesses, spiritual beliefs such as Christianity or Islam, physical malformation that is later expressed phenotypically at gestation, etc. These are all to keep the prisoner enslaved and emprisoned on Earth.
So the short answer is, "people" (Thetans) reincarnate after they die, but there is a period of time between death and rebirth where the Thetan is implanted with debilitations that only Scientology, in life, can remove.
www.holysmoke.org /dp000/176.htm   (316 words)

 Scientology Beliefs - ReligionFacts
The thetan is the soul, which is the true essence of a human being.
A thetan is the person himself, not his body or his name or the physical universe, his mind or anything else.
Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard detailed the story in Operating Thetan level III in 1967, famously warning that R6 was "calculated to kill (by pneumonia etc) anyone who attempts to solve it." Much controversy between the Church of Scientology and its critics has focused on Xenu.
www.religionfacts.com /scientology/beliefs.htm   (667 words)

 Scientology: From Science Fiction to Space-Age Religion
Soon, however, they became more and more entranced in their own creation until they were so conditioned by the manifestations of their thought processes that they lost all awareness of their true identity and spiritual nature.
This pitiful thetan slavery to MEST and one’s own conditioned ignorance continued for millennia until L. Ron Hubbard discovered the secret nature of humankind and pioneered a solution to the thetan's misery by developing a universal plan of salvation.
The employment of psychic powers and out-of-body episodes (e.g., as a means for the thetan to re-realize his or her true powers) is indicative of the church's acceptance of the realm of the occult (although they do not use that term).
www.equip.org /free/DS170.htm   (4810 words)

 The States of Existence by L. Ron Hubbard continued, Courtesy of Churches of Scientology in England
By “operating” is meant “able to act and handle things” and by “thetan” is meant the spiritual being that is the basic self.
An Operating Thetan then is one who can handle things without having to use a body of physical means.
And it is, of course, only a foreshadow of Operating Thetan.
www.scientology.org.uk /route/page31.htm   (407 words)

 Decide if Scientology is a Religion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Operating Thetan is defined as "a state of being above Clear, in which the Clear has become refamiliarized with his native abilities.
An Operating Thetan is knowing and willing cause over life, thought, matter, energy, space and time" (What is Scientology?, p.
Hence it is claimed that abilities the thetan has lost in antiquity are recovered as a person advances through the OT levels, until eventually the thetan reaches a stage of full awareness, memory and ability as a spirit independent of the flesh, free from the endless cycle of birth and death (What is Scientology?, pp.
www.neuereligion.de /ENG/Black/22.htm   (298 words)

 Dianetics. Scientology & Beyond by L. Ron Hubbard - Ron The Philosopher: Rediscovery of the Human Soul
We call this state “Operating Thetan.” To operate something is to be able to handle it.
Thetan is from the Greek letter “theta” the traditional philosopher’s symbol (from the letter in the Greek alphabet “theta”
In Scientology a Clear can walk his way to Operating Thetan, not in the decades demanded even by a temporary state in past ages, but within months or at most a year or so.
www.ronthephilosopher.org /page66.htm   (362 words)

 What is an Operating Thetan?
Operating Thetan is a spiritual state of being above Clear.
Thetan refers to the spiritual being, and operating means here “able to operate without dependency on things.” An Operating Thetan (OT) is able to control matter, energy, space and time rather than being controlled by these things.
At the level of Operating Thetan, one deals with his own immortality as a spiritual being.
www.scientology.org /en_US/news-media/faq/pg008.html   (283 words)

 What is Operating Thetan or OT? The President of the Church of Scientology Answers Your Questions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Operating Thetan, or "OT," means a spiritual being, or thetan, who is able to operate with full awareness, memory and ability, independent of the physical universe.
At the level of Operating Thetan, one deals with his own immortality as a spiritual being.
Like any other spiritual level in Scientology, the state of OT is attained by proceeding through a series of gradient steps, each one slightly more advanced than the last.
faq.scientology.org.nz /ot.htm   (230 words)

 Scientology: A Christian View
Thetans thus are no longer free, but are in bondage to the material universe.[8] Scientology claims it can free the thetan.
For Hubbard "life is a game," and this is about the only thing that gives it any real meaning.[37] The various exploits of thetans in the past trillions of years are their lila (or sport) -- the games they play to keep eternal boredom at bay.
Conventional reality simply results from the primordial thetan agreement ("mock-up") and no more.[42] Thus, "objective" reality is simply a temporary subjective manifestation of the mind of thetans.
www.mustardseed.net /html/toscientology.html   (5446 words)

 Scientology Terms
The unsuspecting Thetan was subjected to a short, high-volume crack, followed by a flood of luminescence, and then saw a chariot followed by a trumpeting cherub.
"Operating Thetan, one who is above Clear, who is not just free of unconscious impulses, but is free of other things too operate, and be causative over the physical universe."
An individual who could *operate* totally independently of his body whether he had one or didn't have one.
www.mystae.com /streams/gnosis/terms.html   (3107 words)

 What Is The True Story Of Scientology?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
One is a thetan who has a mind and who occupies a body.
It operates below the level of consciousness and is not under the individual’s control.
"Unconsciousness" could be caused by the shock of an accident, anesthetic used for an operation, the pain of an injury or the delirium of illness.
www.scientologie.tm.fr /question/ref_1.htm   (6259 words)

A Thetan is a spirit-being (similar to the soul) that has supposedly existed for some 300 trillion years.
The Thetan is subject to reincarnation on this planet and other planets in the universe.
Thetans supposedly recall everything from former lives on other planets as well as former lives on earth.
www.invitation.to /dance/cults-scientology.htm   (1639 words)

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