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Topic: Operation Bodyguard

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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

  Operation Fortitude - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Operation Fortitude was the codename for the deception operations used by the Allied forces during World War II in connection with the Normandy landings.
The main part of Fortitude South was Operation Quicksilver, which involved the creation of the First United States Army Group (FUSAG), quarted in the south-east of England and seemingly destined for the Pas de Calais.
Fortitude North was devised, and its conduct supervised, by a section of Eisenhower's SHAEF operations staff known as "Ops (B)." Fortitude South was devised, and its conduct supervised, by Colonel David Strangeways, the chief deception officer for General Montgomery's 21st Army Group, which was to carry out the actual invasion of Normandy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Operation_Fortitude   (1223 words)

 Bodyguards -- Recommendations and Resources   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Bodyguards are typically armed and have expertise in unarmed combat, tactical driving, and first aid.
Bodyguard was one of the most comprehensive and successful deception schemes in the history of warfare.
The name 'Bodyguard' is derived from a speech by Winston Churchill in 1943 saying, "In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies." Bodyguard followed Operation Jael.
www.becomingapediatrician.com /health/21/bodyguards.html   (1129 words)

 Encyclopedia Search
Operation Veritas Operation Veritas Operation Veritas was the codename used for...British military operations against the Taliban government of Afghanistan in 2001.
Operation Telic Operation Telic Operation Telic is the codename under which all...which all British operations against Iraq in 2003 are being conducted.
Operation Span Operation Span During World War 2, Operation Span (Allied,...) was a deception operation in support of the invasion of southern France (Operation Dragoon)....
www.encyclopedian.com /search.php?searWords=Operation   (428 words)

 Operation Bodyguard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
During World War II, Operation Bodyguard was the overall Allied strategic deception plan in Europe for 1944, carried out as part of the build-up to the invasion of Normandy.
The name 'Bodyguard' was derived from a comment by Winston Churchill to Stalin at the Tehran Conference in 1943, saying, "In wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies."
Operation Bodyguard was divided into three main sub-operations: Operation Fortitude, which had both a North component (designed to lead the Germans to expect an invasion of Norway) and a South component, designed to lead them to expect an invasion at the Pas de Calais.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Operation_Bodyguard   (353 words)

 Operation Fortitude
Operation Fortitude was the collective codename for a number of the deception operations used by the Allied forces during World War II prior to and following the Normandy landings.
It was part of the overall deception plan for 1944, Operation Bodyguard.
Fortitude had two forms: Fortitude North, which was to instill in Hitler and the German generals a fear of an amphibious landing in Norway[?], and, more significantly, Fortitude South.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/op/Operation_Fortitude.html   (357 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
An SOE operation in 1944 involving Polish underground fighters who had recovered an errant V-2 rocket which was dismantled and parts of the rocket, along with blueprints of the overall rocket drawn by a Polish engineer, were picked up by a British bomber and flown to England for examination.
This was a legal operation insofar as the CIA's investigation outside of the U.S. of such movements in conformance to its charter that prohibited CIA involvement in the Western Hemisphere which is exclusively the chartered domain of the FBI.
Abwehr operation during World War II, in the 1944 Battle of the Bulge, wherein German slave laborers were allowed to escape to American lines, unwittingly carrying false intelligence in their belongings which had been planted by German agents and was designed to mislead the Allies as to the strength and positions of German forces.
www.agentura.ru /Forum/archive/1862.html   (7925 words)

 History, Chief of Staff to Supreme Allied Commad   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The object of operation 'WADHAM' was defined as being to convince the enemy that a large scale operation was being prepared for the capture of the BREST Peninsula by AMERICAN forces in the early autumn.
Operation 'COCKADE' as a whole was intimately connected with the 'RANKIN' plans for a return of Allied Forces to the Continent in the event of GERMAN weakening or collapse.
Reconnaissance for operations other than those which General MORGAN was preparing would be co-ordinated with his requirements by the Admiralty and Air Ministry in their respective spheres, and if any conflict of interests arose the matter was to be referred to the Chiefs of Staff for decision.
www.army.mil /cmh-pg/documents/cossac/Cossac.htm   (18570 words)

The Federals deemed the encrypting devices so vital to field operations that soldiers were urged to sacrifice their lives to ensure the security of the brass wheels.
By 1945, operating in both theaters of the war, 400 Native American Navajo members of the Corps were encoding, transmitting, and decoding English messages in the complex language of the Navaho Indians.
Operation Bodyguard was a phenomenal success, leading to Allied victory in Europe.
www.intelligence.gov /2-overyears_e.shtml   (473 words)

 Strategic Deception Behind the Normandy Invasion
Thesis: Operation BODYGUARD, the Allied strategic deception plan for the Normandy landings, was one of the most successful operations in the history of warfare.
Recommendation: BODYGUARD is often considered the most complex and successful deception effort in the history of warfare.
Bodyguard of Lies (New York:  Harper and Row, 1975), 462.
www.globalsecurity.org /military/library/report/1997/Wendell.htm   (2975 words)

 EducationGuardian.co.uk | Books | Review: The Deceivers by Thaddeus Holt
Operation Mincemeat, or "The Man Who Never Was", as Major Martin became known, was only one part in a much larger scheme that had been building throughout 1943 called Operation Barclay.
Thus 80% of the material was confirmable by the Germans from other sources; the skill lay in changing the emphasis, so the confirmable truths added up to a picture so false as to help make possible the enemy's defeat.
Foremost among deception operations was Operation Bodyguard, covering the D-day invasion.
education.guardian.co.uk /higher/books/story/0,10595,1395821,00.html   (580 words)

 Keep and Bear Arms
Probably the juiciest bit of news is the recent revelation that Judi Nathan, the girlfriend of New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, has two bodyguards being paid for by the people of New York to the tune of about $200,000 a year.
Again we learn from the NY Post of Sept. 16, 1999 that Donald Trump gave girlfriend Marla Maples the boot after she was caught red-handed on a South Florida beach - half-naked in the company of her then-bodyguard Spencer Wagner.
Our beef is not with them, but with those who use their services while denying that the rest of us have a right to defend our lives with a firearm.
www.keepandbeararms.com /newsarchives/XcNewsPrint.asp?cmd=view&articleid=1126   (1027 words)

 Bodyguard T300 Treadmill   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Bodyguard quality and value come in a variety of ways on all the Bodyguard treadmills.
From the powerful motor, to the easy to use console, to the heart rate controllable programs, to the comprehensive warranty, Bodyguard is a treadmill packed with features for the beginning runner to the athletic enthusiast.
The console has a raised silicone keypad which allows for easy button operation and ease of overall use as well as an easy to read motivational display.
www.leisurefitness.com /homeequipment/HomeTreadmills/BodyguardTreadmills/BodyguardT300/bodyguardt300.html   (243 words)

 Operation Fortitude
Fortitude had two forms: Fortitude North, which was to instill in Hitler and his generals fear of an amphibious landing in Norway, and Fortitude South, which was to trick the German high command into believing that the landings would take place in the Pas de Calais rather than on the Normandy beaches.
The British were so desperate to maintain their cover as real agents to feed the Germans false information that they bombed vacant public buildings to demonstrate their "activities".
In Operation Quicksilver the Allies created an entire fake army.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/o/op/operation_fortitude.html   (398 words)

 Deception: The other ‘D’ in D-Day - The Abrams Report - MSNBC.com
Operation Bodyguard was an elaborate scheme giving the illusion of five fake offenses designed by the Allies to distract and divert German forces away from Normandy, where the real invasion would occur.
Operation Bodyguard included a number of smaller operations, including Operation Fortitude, which was created to deceive the Germans about where the D-Day invasion would occur.
On the day of the invasion, the Germans remained convinced that the landing at Normandy was just a diversion for the real invasion yet to come in the Pas de Calais area.  Operation Bodyguard is now remembered as a crucial part of the Allies’ success in winning the war against the Germany.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/5139053   (637 words)

 Bodyguards Information bodyguard   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
When you are in search of better-quality advice about bodyguard, it will be easier said than done extricating the best information from poorly sourced bodyguard proposals and guidance so it is wise to recognize ways of moderating the information you are given.
A good hint to track when you're presented with information and suggestions on a bodyguard article is to ascertain who owns the site.
This may show you who owns the site bodyguard credibility The fastest way to determine who owns the bodyguard web site is to find the sites 'about' page.
www.bodyguards-info.info   (218 words)

 Russia, Putin Assassination Plot
This week, the Federal Bodyguard Service for the first time confirmed to us that there was indeed an assassination attempt planned in Baku.
Bodyguards are chosen individually and only one in several thousand makes it to Vladimir Putin's entourage.
According to the experts, he was fully aware of the risk when he flew in a fighter plane or dropped in for tea in a village home that the security men hadn't checked out in advance.
www.cdi.org /russia/Johnson/5526-12.cfm   (1037 words)

 Saving Private Ryan: Operation Overlord
Operation Overlord was the code name used for the Allied attack on German-occupied Northern France in the summer of 1944.
The seaborne aspects of Operation Overlord were known as Operation Neptune, and involved the embarkation of the troops, their transport across the English Channel, and their landings at Normandy.
Needing full moonlight for the paratrooper operations and a rising tide to assist the landing craft, the Overlord planners were restricted to the days of June 5th through June 7th.
www.sproe.com /o/overlord.html   (1401 words)

 Pravda.RU Giant-4 Leaving Floating Dock
Last night the driver and a bodyguard of speaker Ivan Plyusch of the Ukrainian parliament were killed by point-blank fire from automatic weapons.
The operation to drydock the nuclear submarine Kursk has reached the final stage as the greater part of the submarine was pulled inside the floating dock No. 50 in the village of Roslyakovo.
At 9:15 a.m., Moscow time, Sunday, the operation to place the barge Giant-4 and the Kursk nuclear submarine combination to the dry dock No. 50 at the village of Roslyakovo started, said head of the Northern Fleet press service Vladimir Navrotsky.
english.pravda.ru /accidents/2001/10/23/18868.html   (1586 words)

 Keep and Bear Arms - Gun Owners Home Page - 2nd Amendment Supporters
Having a bodyguard is an exercising of the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Bodyguarding is and age-old custom and tradition, an honorable and even thankless profession in some cases, and it's also a direct benefit of the Second Amendment.
In fact, I'm glad bodyguards are protecting these two-faced politicians; it gives us one more way to point out the gross hypocrisy of the people who viciously attack our rights.
www.keepandbeararms.com /information/XcIBViewItem.asp?ID=1686   (835 words)

 Patton and Logistics of the Third Army: Lessons for Today's Joint Logistician   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Studying the operations of General George S. Patton and his Third United States Army during 1944-45 provides all members of the profession of arms—especially the joint logistician—valuable lessons in the art and science of logistics during hostilities.
Sending clusters of senior officers out to the feeder routes which led to it with orders to keep the vehicles rolling without regard for strict sequence of units; at the other end, the bunched columns were unscrambled by the simple means of marking each of the roads which fanned from it for a separated division.
The operations officer arrived at Longwy at 190900, the rations from Verdun and the gasoline from Briey and Mancieulles arrived between 0900 and 0930 and the service units a few minutes later.
www.airpower.maxwell.af.mil /airchronicles/cc/decker.html   (10640 words)

 PlanetCNC - A Member of the GameSpy Network   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Priscilla Ryan, who was the diplomat's wife, his most trusted bodyguard, Bane Wiseman, Jacqueline Travis, a reporter for the New York Times, Donald Homer, the diplomat's colleague, Felix Stanley, another reporter like Jacqueline Travis, except he worked for the USA Today newspaper, and the diplomat himself.
The bodyguard ran out of the plane and fired the shotgun, the cartridge slammed into the jeep's driver's chest, the shot tore through the un-tough window, reducing it to small fragments the size of a pebble.
The bullets buried themselves in the bodyguard's lungs, belly and heart.
www.planetcnc.com /features/warstories/read.asp?groupid=60&chapter=0   (992 words)

 MaozIsrael Ministries
In World War II the Allies developed Operation Jael, later called Operation Bodyguard, to distract Hitler from discovering the real timing and invasion point for D-Day.
The British Royal Navy is planning it largest amphibious landing operation since the Falkland War, with combined forces at least 40,000 strong.
The purpose of this joint exercise is to successfully integrate two different anti-missile systems (the Arrow and the Patriot) as part of final preparations for a possible Iraqi attack.
www.maozisrael.org /db/detail.asp?ID=83   (1998 words)

 Malcolm Bull's Calderdale Companion: Battles & Wars: D   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Operation Bodyguard was a series of deceptions to conceal the D-Day operation.
A World War I operation to keep open the Dardanelles channel between the eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea in order to keep supply channels open for Russia.
The operation is highly controversial and has not been fully justified or explained – even though Winston Churchill later described the city as a centre of communications of Germany's Eastern Front
members.aol.com /calderdale2/w353_d.html   (933 words)

 OPERATION BODYGUARD: UPDATE 1/16/01 [Free Republic]
And the Post also mentioned bodyguards on Feb. 13, 1998 and Sept. 7, 1999 in items about Ron Perelman, Pres., Revlon, Inc. and his estranged wife Patricia Duff.
Perelman is an Advisory Panel Member of CeaseFire, Inc. Their stated goal is to promote "handgun-free homes and families" by claiming that gun ownership is a public health threat.
He's become known as the "bodyguard to the stars." On his website at http://www.davidmarks.com there are several articles about him from local newspapers.
www.freerepublic.com /forum/a3a645e246db0.htm   (1139 words)

 Print Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
After the war, he would learn it was called "Operation Bodyguard," considered the most intricate - and successful - deception plan in military history.
The unit once thought enemy infiltrators were trying to disrupt the network, but the saboteurs turned out to be an English cow grazing on the unit's telephone lines.
Operation Bodyguard worked so well that the landing of 155,000 allied troops at Normandy not only took the Germans by surprise, but for weeks afterward, Hitler remained convinced that Normandy was only a diversion from the real attack, which would come at Calais.
www.sltrib.com /portlet/article/html/fragments/print_article.jsp?article=2823020   (994 words)

Fortitude South was the main component of Operation Bodyguard, the cleverly orchestrated deception stratagem to ensure the success of Overlord, the codename for the Normandy landings.
The details of this vast operation are beyond the scope of this article.
To mask this genuine operation, the Allies would pretend to concentrate their activities on the Italian front.
www.maskelynemagic.com /16d-day.html   (3013 words)

REMARKS: All certified members of the International Bodyguard Network have completed a Psychological Profile Survey, their backgrounds have been substantiated, and they have the aptitude or training required to work in the close-personal protection profession.
Army, 15 years, served in Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom as well as missions in Panama and Bosnia.
BODYGUARD TRAINING: OMNI School of Protective Sciences, USA: Principles of Protection; Executive Protocol; Ethical Considerations for the Bodyguard; The Psychology of Fear; Work Place Violence; Crowd and Perimeter Control; Tactical/ Evasive/Defensive Driving; Disaster Control; Vehicle Modification; Bomb Detection; Hostage Situations; Perception Training; Dynamics of Terror; Electronic Surveillance and Counter Measures; Building Assault; Deadly Weapons.
bushido.cc /z/profile.html   (425 words)

 iUniverse Online Book Store: New Books, Back-In-Print Books, Self-Published Books
Bodyguard details the planning and execution of "Operation Bodyguard," the British deception to safeguard the Normandy landings in 1944.
Bodyguard" is the compelling true story of the most audacious confidence trick in the history of warfare, "Operation Bodyguard," the secret plan to save D-Day from disaster.
How the British managed to convince Hitler and his generals into believing the invasion of Europe in 1944 would take place across the Straits of Dover and not on the beaches of Normandy is a tale worthy of a fictional spy novel.
www.iuniverse.com /bookstore/book_detail.asp?isbn=0-595-31778-2   (191 words)

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