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Topic: Operation Desert Storm

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In the News (Mon 19 Aug 19)

  Desert Storm, Operation - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Desert Storm, Operation
The build-up phase was code-named Operation Desert Shield and lasted from August 1990, when Kuwait was first invaded by Iraq, to January 1991 when Operation Desert Storm was unleashed, starting the Gulf War.
Desert Storm ended with the defeat of the Iraqi army in the Kuwaiti theatre of operations in late February 1991.
The cost of the operation was $53 billion.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Desert+Storm,+Operation   (146 words)

 - GAO Report
First, the effectiveness of air power in Desert Storm was inhibited by the aircraft sensors' inherent limitations in identifying and acquiring targets and by DOD's failure to gather intelligence on the existence or location of certain critical targets and its inability to collect and disseminate timely battle damage assessments (BDA).
During Desert Storm, the ratio of guided-to- unguided munitions delivered did not vary, indicating that the relative preferences among these types of munitions did not change over the course of the campaign.
For example, we found in Desert Storm that multiple strikes and weapon systems were used against the same targets; more munitions were delivered than peacetime test capabilities would indicate as necessary; determinations of whether target objectives were met were frequently unknown; and when objectives were met, the specific system responsible could not be determined.
www.fas.org /man/gao/pem96010.htm   (4895 words)

 NETSTORM - Chapter 3
Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm was one of the most demanding deployments in U.S. Army history in terms of both the distance involved and the speed at which a large number of troops and materiel had to be moved.
The severe desert environment of the Persian Gulf region and the immaturity of the logistical theater of operations were two of the most formidable sustainment obstacles confronting MICOM and the PEOs for Air Defense and Fire Support, along with their respective project offices.
Operation Desert Shield/ Desert Storm presented all of the Army agencies connected with the missile programs managed at Redstone Arsenal with the greatest wartime challenge in their respective histories.
www.redstone.army.mil /history/netstorm/chapter3.html   (9607 words)

 Operation Desert Storm
We became accustomed to living in the desert, and were awaiting word on Iraq's intentions, in regards to their occupation of Kuwait.
It was during this time, that one could look up into the dark desert sky, and watch the strobe lights on allied aircraft as they flew north across the border on their bombing missions.
Tracers from their guns were bouncing off the desert floor, and penetrating the armor of the Iraqi tanks.
www.1stmp.net /operation_desert_storm.htm   (2010 words)

 Desert Storm: The war with Iraq
Operating from six aircraft carriers, two large amphibious assault ships (LHAs), various other amphibious ships, plus ground bases and makeshift airstrips ashore, Navy and Marine fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft were an integral part of the coalition air campaign.
DESERT STORM marked the first combat use of some of the Navy's newest aircraft including the F-14A+, the F/A-18C and the F/A-18D night-attack aircraft.
Tomahawks were used in DESERT STORM to both destroy important targets and save allied aircraft by attacking defensive positions in advance of the air assault.
www.history.navy.mil /wars/dstorm/ds5.htm   (7358 words)

 MetaVR Conner's Corner - Operation Conflict Desert Storm Review
The landscapes in Conflict Desert Storm are bland and generally feel empty, due to a lack of vegetation and plain old detail.
The horizons of Conflict Desert Storm are fairly short in distance, which can be a problem when you are trying to scout ahead in the game.
Overall, Conflict Desert Storm is the equivalent of a poor man's SOCOM: US Navy Seals in that it has no online play, which many competitors offer.
www.metavr.com /technology/connerscorner/MetaVR_ConnersCorner-DesertStorm.html   (976 words)

 5th Cav in Desert Storm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Desert Storm's "First" major ground encounter was on 19/20 February 1991, when the division's 2nd (Blackjack) Brigade, commanded by COL Randy House, conducted OPERATION KNIGHT STRIKE I, named for the "Black Knights" 1st Battalion 5th Cavalry.
On that day, the mission of the 1st Cavalry Division was to conduct a "feint" attack up the Wadi al Batin, creating the illusion that it was the Allies main ground attack.
The dust storms had cleared early in the day, revealing the most awesome array of armored and mechanized power fielded since World War II.
pao.hood.army.mil /1CD_1-5Cav/history/gulf.htm   (1344 words)

 Operation Desert Storm
It also includes a report describing how Desert Storm affected China's view of future warfare, a document that raises questions as to what lessons other nations have drawn from U.S. military engagements in the Middle East and the Balkans.
This executive summary of the Central Command's assessment of operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm "focuses on events leading to the execution of combat operations and key assessments made during the crisis." It includes both a chronological account of events (Part I) as well as an assessment of functional areas (Part II).
This assessment examines the operations and impact of those space operations conducted by the U.S. Space Command and its components just prior to and during the Persian Gulf war.
www.gwu.edu /~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB39   (2386 words)

 TORNADO - OPERATION DESERT STORM: from Digital Integration/Trimark
Desert Storm is included as standard on the recently released CD-ROM version of Tornado.
The new warzone approximates the geography of the region and is, of course, rendered in desert browns and yellows rather than the original warzone's `european' greens.
As might be expected of a follow-on product, Desert Storm's programmers seem to have had the time to add polish to their game as well as just `essentials'.
www.ibiblio.org /GameBytes/issue19/greviews/tornadod.html   (1002 words)

 Operation Desert Storm
During DESERT STORM, 10th ADA Brigade from Germany commanded a task force which included Dutch, US and Israeli Patriot batteries in defense of Tel Aviv and Haifa.
Within twenty nine hours of "wheels up" for the first aircraft, the TF 4-43 ADA was operational in Israel in two locations.
Desert Storm is also known as the Mother of all Battles (Umm Al-Ma'arik -- the Arabic "mother of" is a figure of speech for "major" or "best").
www.globalsecurity.org /military/ops/desert_storm.htm   (552 words)

 DefenseLINK News: VP Cheney Compares Then and Now
Even though the Iraqi dictator knew nearly 250,000 coalition forces were in the Gulf on the brink of war, Saddam seems to have assumed he would have time to destroy Iraq's oil fields and bridges.
Operation Iraqi Freedom's commander made the most of every technological advantage of the U.S. military, and coalition forces succeeded in taking the enemy by surprise.
"In Desert Storm, it usually took up to two days for target planners to get a photo of a target, confirm its coordinates, plan the mission and deliver it to the bomber crew.
www.defenselink.mil /news/Apr2003/n04092003_200304096.html   (701 words)

 Military.com Resources
Millions of Americans were glued to their television sets as CNN broadcast images of the air attack in Baghdad -- the beginning of the first "live" television war.
The resulting coalition campaign, which would come to be known as Desert Storm, mainly involved Air Force units, with strong support from the Navy, included strategic aircraft sorties against installations in Baghdad as well as other military targets.
In addition, no aircraft would be allowed to operate in an area near U.S. forces, and other flights were strictly limited.
www.military.com /Resources/HistorySubmittedFileView?file=history_gulfwar.htm   (655 words)

 PMC Tactical Fighter Wing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
At 02:38am local Zulu time, the first bomb of Operation Desert Storm was dropped by F-117 stealth aircraft and the rest, is history...
PMC TFW Operation Desert Storm Theater is a tribute to the men and women of the Coalition forces in Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
The basic terrain is plain desert which has of course desert city, road, river and coastline tiles.
falcon4.nekromantix.com /desertstorm.php   (1243 words)

 frontline: the gulf war: weapons: global positioning system
During Operation Desert Storm, soldiers trying to find their bearings in the desert landscape relied on handheld GPS receivers.
The concept of the GPS system is simple, With the help of an onboard atomic clock, each satellite in the network continuously broadcasts a signal indicating the time and the spacecraft's exact position.
GPS made it possible for the attackers to shift their attack plans back and forth virtually up to the moment of attack, since forces using it had no need for fixed markers on the ground.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/pages/frontline/gulf/weapons/gps.html   (547 words)

 ipedia.com: Gulf War Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
On August 8, Iraq declared parts of Kuwait to be extensions of the Iraqi province of Basra and the rest to be the 19th province of Iraq.
On March 10, 1991, Operation Desert Farewell began to move 540,000 American troops out of the Persian Gulf.
Canada was one of the first nations to agree to condemn Iraq's invasion of Kuwait and it quickly agreed to join the U.S. led coalition.
www.ipedia.com /gulf_war.html   (4031 words)

 Operation Desert Storm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
At the center of the storm was a seemingly insignificant Atlanta branch of a multinational Italian bank, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL), which somehow spirited $5 billion to Iraq over two years until raided by the FBI on August 4, 1989.
Officials of the tiny BNL branch were portrayed as "rogue operators" by government prosecutors who didn't find it worth their time to ask how $5 billion (yes billion) could find its way from one bank to a "Worse-than-Hitler" dictator without the knowledge of government officials or at least the bank's higher-ups in Italy.
Armstrong wrote that the previous decade, and at an astronomical cost of $200 billion, the United States and Saudi Arabia had assembled a massive infrastructure of "superbases" in the desert.
www.carpenoctem.tv /cons/gulf.html   (2249 words)

 1st Fighter Wing in Operation Desert Storm / Desert Shield, 27th Fighter squadron, 71st Fighter squadron, combat, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The 1st FW was stationed at Dhahran, on 8 Aug 1990, as the first American unit to deploy to Saudi Arabia for what became known as Operation Desert Shield
During Operation Desert Storm, 1st FW F-15Cs maintained air-superiority CAPs 24/7 over the skies of southern and central Iraq.
To date, the F-15's combat record stands at 105 to Zero, acheiving 33 of those kills during Desert Storm.
www.1stfighter.org /f15s/desertstorm.html   (470 words)

 Ross & Perry, Inc. - Operation Desert Storm
Prior to Desert Storm, technology advocates predicted that precision-guided weapons and stealth aircraft would virtually eliminate conventional air warfare as we knew it.
One bomb, one target was the justification for large sums spent on new ordnance and weapons systems.
The book includes the complete text of the original GAO report and includes a new preface, written by an insider, who provides navigational aids through the GAO text and shows you how to read the report.
www.rossperry.com /detailsDealer.asp?id=222   (390 words)

 Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm
Operation Desert Storm and air war phase begins, 3 a.m., Jan. 17, 1991 (Jan. 16, 7 p.m.
During this timeline there were 118 Military Working Dog Teams that deployed to the Gulf region for Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm.
The United States War Dogs Association is looking for Photos of Handlers and K-9's who served in Operation Desert Shield/Storm.
www.uswardogs.org /id105.html   (375 words)

 Washingtonpost.com: Fog of War - Introduction
Not since the Spanish-American War, and perhaps never in U.S. history, has the United States waged such a relentlessly successful military campaign as the 42-day juggernaut that was the 1991 Persian Gulf War.
The December 1998 raids were the heaviest since Desert Storm.
The wrangling over air power's efficacy,begun nearly a century ago and reignited by Operation Desert Fox in December, seems likely to continue for at least another generation.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-srv/inatl/longterm/fogofwar/intro.htm   (980 words)

 BBC ON THIS DAY | 17 | 1991: 'Mother of all Battles' begins
The Gulf War Allies have sent hundreds of planes on bombing raids into Iraq, at the start of Operation Desert Storm.
President Bush said: "Our operations are designed to best protect the lives of all the coalition forces by targeting Saddam's vast military arsenal.
Iraq had refused to comply with a UN ultimatum for its troops to withdraw from Kuwait by 15 January, so at 2330 GMT on 16 January 1991, Operation Desert Storm began.
news.bbc.co.uk /onthisday/hi/dates/stories/january/17/newsid_2530000/2530375.stm   (546 words)

 NETSTORM - Appendix
The Chief of the MICOM Plans and Operation Office extends operation of the MICOM EOC to 14 hours while planning a full 24-hour manning level.
A Battery, 6th Battalion, 27th Field Artillery, attached to VII Corps, fired the first two Army TACMS missiles of Operation Desert Storm in counterattacks against Iraqi artillery at the Kuwaiti border firing on Saudi Arabia.
During the series of fire fights constituting the first major ground battle of Operation Desert Storm, many Iraqi tanks and armored cars are reportedly immobilized by TOW antitank missiles.
www.redstone.army.mil /history/netstorm/appen.html   (2695 words)

 DefenseLINK News: The Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm Timeline
DefenseLINK News: The Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm Timeline
First Operation Desert Shield-related U.S. death, Aug. 12.
Operation conducted by U.S. European Command, Army Lt. Gen.
www.defenselink.mil /news/Aug2000/n08082000_20008088.html   (754 words)

 Operation Desert Storm   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Among these were better trained coalition servicemen, new technology, such as precision guided weapons, and stealth, the development of a unified joint doctrine, under the guidance of a Joint Forces Air Component Commander, and the overall leadership of the U.S. Central Command combatant commander, General H. Norman Schwarzkopf.
A review of the Allied air assault of Operation Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf war is presented.
Assesses how well the various phases of the military operations associated with Desert Shield and Desert Storm during the Persian Gulf War of 1990-91 conformed to the principles of 'jointness' embodied in the 1986 Goldwater-Nichols Defense Reorganization Act.
www.au.af.mil /au/aul/school/asbc/storm.htm   (623 words)

 Operation Desert Storm - Xbox Addict Asylum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
I was so happy that the Dessert Storm conflict would finally make its way from flight sims to the First Person realm.
I know that it goes into a FPS perspective upon the use of a scope from a rifle or a rocket launcher but that is not enough.
SCI also stated that Conflict Desert Storm is due for release in june 2002.
www.xboxaddict.com /forums/showthread.php?t=3667   (1662 words)

 Re: 1991 = Operation Desert Storm. 2003 = ???   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
It has a big US flag behind the head >and shoulders of a helmuted fighter pilot and a figher jet in >profile in front of him.
Interestingly, the TM symbol appears in >small print after the word "Storm".
I've got 2 sweat-shirts, one saying "Operation Desert Shield" and the other saying "Operation Desert Storm".
www.talkabouttravelling.com /group/rec.travel.air/messages/505969.html   (245 words)

 Operation Desert Storm
Ten years ago, President George Bush ate his Thanksgiving dinner with the U.S. troops amassed in Operation Desert Shield.
In the spirit of remembrance of that conflict, we're commemorating its upcoming 10th anniversary with a pictorial look at the war in the Persian Gulf.
Operation Desert Storm contains the following 22 full-screen images...
www.visionx.com /cgi/st/pswd.pl?target=sel_pack.pl&packid=dstm001   (99 words)

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