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Topic: Operation Ferdinand

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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

 Achtung Panzer! - Ferdinand/Elephant
Ferdinand's design was based on Porsche's Tiger - VK 4501(P) prototype which proved to be prone to mechanical failures and was rejected in favour of Henschel's prototype.
Ferdinands were assigned to schwere Heeres Panzerjager Abteilung 653 and 654 (each was to be equipped with 45 Ferdinands), in preparation for the Kursk offensive (Unternehmen "Zitadelle") in July of 1943.
On the first days of action, Ferdinands were disaster due to the technical problems (few were lost because of the fuel line fires), the lack of adequate support and the most important the lack of a self-defense weapon.
www.achtungpanzer.com /pz6.htm   (1344 words)

 Ferdinand Marcos Biography
Philippine president Ferdinand Edralin Marcos (1917-1989) began his career in politics with the murder of Julio Nalundasan in 1935, and ended it with the murder of Benigno Aquino, Jr., in 1983.
Ferdinand Marcos was born in Sarrat, Ilocos North, on September 11, 1917, to Josefa Edralin and Mariano Marcos, both teachers.
Bled to death, the economy continued to crumble as Ferdinand and Imelda became "arguably the richest couple on the planet." Marcos's health began to fail, the United States cooled off, and political opposition took hold in the Philippine middle class.
www.bookrags.com /biography/ferdinand-marcos   (1158 words)

 WorldWar2.ro - Operation "60,000" — 1944
This operation was executed in two phases: the first one between 12 April and 5 May and, the most dramatic, between 6 and 13 May.
The destroyer NMS Regele Ferdinand, after being lightly damaged by a 76.2 mm shell during the night, was the target of no less than 33 air attacks between 0600 and 1030 hours.
The NMS Regele Ferdinand had 12 crewmen KIA and 28 WIA, the NMS Dacia 3 KIA and 22 WIA and the NMS Ghiculescu one MIA and one WIA.
www.worldwar2.ro /operatii/?article=776   (4737 words)

 Ferdinand Schorner
Ferdinand Schorner was born in Munich in 1892.
During 'Operation Ladies Excuse Me', it is known that Schorner actually took control of a Flak Anti-Aircraft gun.
Ferdinand Schorner died on July 6, 1973 from a heart attack.
members.tripod.com /~SSPzComdr/Ferdinand.htm   (1106 words)

 RTÉ.ie Sport - Soccer: Ferdinand in bid to save his career
Les Ferdinand's bid to save his career continues today when he undergoes another operation on the Achilles' tendon injury which has already wrecked his season, but the Tottenham striker has insisted his career is not over, and that he aims to be playing again next season.
Ferdinand, 33, was out of action for six months earlier this season following an initial operation on the problem.
Ferdinand said, "This is not a major operation like the other one, when I was laid up for months.
www.rte.ie /sport/2000/0428/premiership2.html   (206 words)

 BBC SPORT | Football | Internationals | Ferdinand issues battle cry
Ferdinand is almost certain to miss Manchester United's Champions League matches against Olympiakos and Maccabi Haifa at the end of October.
The timing of the operation is likely to re-kindle the debate over the demands of club and country although the FA said it did not regard the operation as a snub to Eriksson.
While the timing of Ferdinand`s operation suits United, because there is a break in the Premiership programme coming up, it could not be worse for Eriksson.
news.bbc.co.uk /sport1/hi/football/internationals/2302879.stm   (410 words)

 Ananova - Ferdinand hopes to stay with Leicester
Les Ferdinand hopes to postpone his retirement for another year so that he can try to propel Leicester back into the Premiership.
Ferdinand was going to quit last summer before deciding he did not want to end his career with relegation at West Ham.
Ferdinand is adamant he made the right decision in signing up for the Foxes.
www.ananova.com /sport/story/sm_941870.html?menu=   (428 words)

 SPIE Proceedings Vol. 3628
For 200-micrometer wide lasers, the slope efficiency monotonically increases with Wg for pulsed operation, and however, it is maximum at Wg equals 0.8 micrometer (d/$Gamma equals 0.6 micrometer) for CW operation.
When 200-micrometer wide devices (20%/97% coated) were operated at 2 W and 30 degrees Celsius, the median degradation rate showed a minimal value of 3 $MUL 10$+$MIN@6$/ h$+$MIN@1$/ at Wg equals 0.8 micrometer, which is 7 times smaller than that at Wg equals 0.22 micrometer.
This is shown by the realization of a laser with chirped superlattice active regions operating at $lambda equals 17 micrometer, well beyond the longest wavelength ($lambda equals 13 micrometer) so far demonstrated for conventional quantum cascade lasers based on inter-subband transitions.
www.spie.org /web/abstracts/3600/3628.html   (5625 words)

 Nival Interactive | Blitzkrieg | Missions | 16. Operation: Diadem | Ferdinand (Elefant) Self-Propelled Artillery Unit ...
The design by Henschel, however, was ultimately chosen by the commission, forcing Ferdinand Porsche to make a quick decision about what to do with the 90 cunits he had already managed to manufacture.
Although the tank could not be pierced by any cannon at the time, its lack of off-road ability and underpowered engines relegated it to more of a defensive duty tank, similar in many respects to self-propelled artillery.
Ferdinand (Elephant) Self-Propelled Artillery Unit Main Properties: Weight - 68 tons; Armor - up to 200 mm; Weapons - 88 mm cannon; Engine: two 320 hp engines; Speed - 22 kp/h (13.6 mph).
www.nival.com /blitzkrieg/chapters/16/499   (498 words)

 JEFFLINE Forum - November 2000   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Cleveland insisted, however, that the operation be kept absolutely secret from the public as well as his cabinet and that there be no visible traces of it when he addressed Congress on August 7.
The operation left a gaping hole in the President's mouth that made his speech unintelligible.
To avoid an external scars, the entire operation was performed inside the mouth using a cheek retractor.
jeffline.tju.edu /Education/forum/00/11/articles/cleveland.html   (865 words)

 BBC SPORT | Football | Ferdinand: I'm devastated
Rio Ferdinand said he was stunned by an appeal panel's decision to uphold his eight-month ban for missing a mandatory drugs test.
Ferdinand, 25, had hoped that evidence he had not missed the test in order to avoid detection for a banned substance would count in his favour.
However, while the three-man appeal panel agreed with Ferdinand, it decided not to reduce his punishment.
news.bbc.co.uk /sport2/hi/football/3548957.stm   (251 words)

 CNNSI.com - Soccer - UK: United's Scholes out for up to six weeks - Wednesday September 11, 2002 02:56 AM
LONDON (Reuters) -- Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand, who has been warned he faces a hostile reception from the home crowd when he returns to Leeds United on Saturday, played down the significance of the occasion when he said it was "not a war."
Ferdinand, who left Leeds for Premier League rival Manchester United in a 30 million pounds (US$47 million) transfer in July, said: "I can understand Leeds fans must be upset with me and they will want to scream and shout at me when I go back.
Ferdinand joined Leeds from West Ham United in November 2000 for 18 million pounds and helped it reach the Champions League semifinals in his debut season, going on to assume the captaincy in place of injured Lucas Radebe in August 2001.
sportsillustrated.cnn.com /soccer/news/2002/09/10/uk_rdp   (2941 words)

 Blitzkrieg Portal - The single resource for news, maps and mods for Blitzkrieg and Blitzkrieg II
Ferdinand, Elefant, Panzerjäger Tiger(P) The Ferdinand heavy assault gun was the result of a demand for a vehicle with a turret capable of mounting the 8.8cm KwK L/71 gun for use in Russia.
Originally intended as an infantry support gun (which Guderian compared to "quail shooting with cannon"), the Ferdinand soon proved its worth in an anti-tank role with its powerful gun capable of knocking out Soviet tanks at great ranges (with reports of distances ranging from 3 to 4.5 kilometres).
However, the lack of turret traverse and the fact that there was no secondary armament meant that when employed in an offensive role (and especially after becoming separated from infantry), the Ferdinand was an easy target for Soviet anti-tank teams who had been trained to overcome their fear of German tanks.
bkportal.com /default.asp?menu=8&content=141   (943 words)

 02 pei-mate
The volunteers at Operation Scarlet were very kind to me and I began to feel loved again.
He does his Ferdinand the Bull imitation, sitting under the tree and smelling the air, but actually I think he’s hiding from the squirrels and crows.
I was rescued by Operation Scarlet in March 1999 and I came from Delaware.
www.operationscarlet.com /2002pastpeimate.htm   (5662 words)

 1985 Inductees   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The brothers expanded the operation to now include vegetables, sugar cane, citrus, sod, ornamental foliage and cattle.
Andrew, as the outside person who served the fledging fruit and vegetable operation as it began to prosper in the 1930s and '40s, has been a strong supporter of quality standards and professional marketing of Florida’s agricultural products.
Ferdinand headed up the farming arm of the company.
www.flaghalloffame.com /1985.html   (433 words)

 The Greatest Game - Ferdinand   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The Ferdinand family line will live on thanks to U.S. Rep. Ed Whitfield (R-Ky) who has purchased three daughters of the late Kentucky Derby (G1) winner and champion.
Ferdinand died sometime in 2002, most likely in a slaughterhouse in Japan, following an unsuccessful career at stud.
The Whitfields said they were friends of the Keck family and wanted to purchase the mares as a way to honor the late champion.
www.thegreatestgame.com /article_2004_ferdinand.jsp   (398 words)

 [No title]
Born on Thursday, 21 May 1863 in the Castle of Gross-Seelowitz (Moravia); father: Archduke Karl Ferdinand (1818-1874), mother: Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria (1831-1903).
At the outbreak of war with Serbia - after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife in Sarajevo - a commander-in-chief had to be chosen because Emperor Franz Joseph was too aged to take over command himself.
It was a tradition in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy that a Habsburg prince should lead the army, and there were two "candidates": Eugen and his elder brother Friedrich (q.v.).
www.lib.byu.edu /~rdh/wwi/bio/e/eugen.htm   (1160 words)

 Gold Coast Railroad Museum - Ferdinand Magellan
The newly rebuilt Ferdinand Magellan was presented to President Roosevelt on December 18, 1942, exactly 14 years from the day it rolled out of the Pullman Company shops as a new unit.
Roosevelt was riding in the Ferdinand Magellan, which was the second car from the rear for the first time since it was placed in presidential service.
In 1978 the Ferdinand Magellan was listed in the National Register of Historic Places and the next year, the Museum received permission to place the Seal of the President of the United States, back on the rear platform of the car.
www.goldcoast-railroad.org /magellan03.htm   (1353 words)

 Chronology of Telescopes, Observatories, and Observing Technology
UKIRT 150-inch infrared reflecting telescope begins operation, located at Mauna Kea, Hawaii.
Canada-France-Hawaii 140-inch optical reflecting telescope begins operation, located at Mauna Kea, Hawaii.
Keck 10-meter optical/infrared reflecting telescope begins operation, located at Mauna Kea, Hawaii.
www.3rd1000.com /chronology/chrono26.htm   (391 words)

 ESPN.com Soccernet England: News - Ferdinand frustrated by injury woes
Ferdinand was a virtual ever-present with both the Hammers and Leeds but has now suffered three separate injuries since his record £29.3million move to Old Trafford.
Ferdinand will also miss the opening Champions League second group phase trip to Switzerland to face Liverpool's conquerors FC Basle and possibly the second match against Deportivo La Coruna at Old Trafford next month.
With Ferdinand missing, Irish youngster John O'Shea is likely to partner Laurent Blanc in the heart of United's rearguard, with Gary Neville almost certain to return in his usual right-back slot.
www.soccernet.com /england/news/2002/1116/20021116mufcferdinand.html   (708 words)

 RTÉ.ie Sport - Rio to undergo operation
England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson is reeling from the news that Rio Ferdinand is facing a lay-off of several weeks because of an exploratory knee operation.
The Manchester United and England centre-half is due to have the operation tomorrow on his right knee.
Last week United boss Sir Alex Ferguson revealed Ferdinand was struggling with an injury to his knee.
www.rte.ie /sport/2002/1006/rio.html   (112 words)

 second generation tank destroyers -page 1
As with Tiger tanks, the Ferdinand heavy tank destroyers were assigned to a separate regiment, comprising two battalions.
During operation Citadel at Kursk, the Ferdinands were used as break-through tanks, a role for which they were completely unsuited.
It mounted a MG34 on the top which was operated from the inside for close defence, had the same armament as the Jagdpanzer IV and looked like a miniature of the Jagdpanther.
www.wargamer.com /Hosted/Panzer/tankdestroy2.htm   (658 words)

 [No title]
The group's EP Darts of Pleasure, which led some to label Franz Ferdinand "the Scottish Interpol," was released that fall, and the band spent the rest of the year supporting groups such as Hot Hot Heat and Interpol itself.
Franz Ferdinand was released in February 2004 in the UK and a month later Stateside.
Franz Ferdinand's success followed them across the pond; "Take Me Out" became a sizeable modern rock hit, in part thanks to the song's cutting-edge video, which earned the Breakthrough Video award at that year's MTV Music Video Awards.
www.kingkoncert.com /DesktopDefault.aspx?tabid=920   (2367 words)

 ESPN.com Soccernet England: News - Rio sidelined following knee operation
While the timing of Ferdinand's operation suits United, because there is a break in the Premiership programme coming up, it could not be worse for England boss Sven-Goran Eriksson.
Had United delayed the operation, Ferdinand is certain to have faced Slovakia and Macedonia - probably alongside Arsenal's Sol Campbell.
In Ferdinand's absence England are likely to turn to Gareth Southgate as a partner for Campbell while Leeds' Jonathan Woodgate, who is expected to return from injury against Aston Villa tomorrow, another contender.
www.soccernet.com /england/news/2002/1005/20021005mufcrioknee.html   (466 words)

 Operation Torch
It was hoped that the French troops not to resist the Allied invasion.On 7th November, Eisenhower had a secret meeting with General Henri Giraud in Gibraltar.
Eisenhower told Giraud about Operation Torch and persuaded him to become commander of French forces in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia after the invasion of North Africa.
Although he had been trained by the SOE and had been a member of the resistance group led by Emmanuel d'Astier, it is believed he was acting as an individual rather than under the orders of any particular group.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /2WWtorch.htm   (2437 words)

 Edinburgh Festivals - Bigger, better, louder   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
They are trekking across Europe doing festivals, radio, press and photoshoots (in Geneva, it's a shoot for their first Q magazine cover), the beginning of a campaign for an album not even released until October.
Before Franz Ferdinand he was in Scottish bands for a decade, making albums with the Karelia and the Amphetameanies.
Rebecca is relatively new to the operation, but Glen, the tour manager, has known Kapranos for years, having played in the Karelia.
www.edinburgh-festivals.com /reviews.cfm?id=1849372005&sid=10447   (2378 words)

 Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Informer claims police left him to mercy of gangs
Ebcin was jailed for 14 years after Operation Ferdinand, a drugs bust in north London in March 2002.
Ebcin had an entourage of runners and bodyguards, and the gang's heroin-supplying operation linked hundreds of farmers in Afghanistan to dozens of buyers in the UK.
On the days leading up to Operation Ferdinand, Mr Duzgun insists he did not know what Ebcin was planning but grew increasingly anxious as the drug baron kept calling him.
www.guardian.co.uk /drugs/Story/0,2763,1111610,00.html   (1229 words)

 uefa.com - UEFA Champions League - News & Features   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
While the timing of Ferdinand`s operation suits United, because there is a break in the English Premiership programme coming up, it could not be worse for England boss Sven-Göran Eriksson.
Had United delayed the operation, Ferdinand would have been certain to play in both Group 7 games.
In Ferdinand's absence England are likely to turn to Gareth Southgate as a partner for Arsenal FC's Sol Campbell while Leeds United FC's Jonathan Woodgate, who is expected to return from injury against Aston Villa FC tomorrow, is another contender.
www.uefa.com /competitions/UCL/News/Kind=1/newsId=37244.html   (354 words)

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