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Topic: Operation Sea Lion

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In the News (Sun 21 Oct 18)

  Operation Sealion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Operation Sealion (Unternehmen Seelöwe in German) was a World War II Nazi Germany plan to invade the United Kingdom, beginning in 1940.
The operation was postponed in late 1940 and later abandoned entirely in 1943.
The operation was postponed on September 17, 1940.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Operation_Sea_Lion   (1428 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > Showdown with Iraq -- Stealthy sea lions enlisted for Persian Gulf guard duty
The roughly 375-pound mammals are among a number of California sea lions that have been in the gulf since late January to assess their potential as underwater lookouts.
Until their skills are proven, the sea lions will not be deployed as part of the Navy's 5th Fleet regular security force in the gulf, said Tom LaPuzza, a spokesman for the warfare systems center.
Sea lions were originally trained to recover objects for the Navy following training exercises, and it was that talent that trainers have refined to teach the animals to find humans.
www.signonsandiego.com /news/world/iraq/20030218-9999_1m18sealion.html   (748 words)

 Distribution of Steller Sea Lions - Marine Mammal Research Consortium
Sea lion scat samples were collected during the 1990s from seven geographic regions from Oregon to the western and central Aleutian Islands.
In this investigation principal component analysis was applied to data from 1979-90 on sea lion counts for 25 sea lion rookeries in the Gulf of Alaska and Aleutian Islands, and independently to fishery observer data from 1980-89 for the commercial groundfish fishing operations that occurred within a distance of about 37 kilometers of these rookeries.
Rookeries that suffered relatively large declines in sea lion counts early in the study period generally experienced large winter pollock catches, but rookeries that suffered declines late in the study period experienced either no winter pollock catches or ones that occurred late in the study period.
www.zoology.ubc.ca /~consort/steller_sea_lion/distribution.php   (2870 words)

 Operation Sealion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Troops had received precisely zero training for seaborne and landing operations, and nothing had been done to gather the means of getting troops across the Channel.
The operational plan was to sail the barges in and capture it.
The situation with regard to mariners for the barges with experience of the sea was even worse.
www.flin.demon.co.uk /althist/seal1.htm   (3760 words)

 ::Operation Sealion::
Operation Sealion was the name given by Hitler for the planned invasion of Great Britain in 1940.
Operation Sealion was never carried out during the war as the Germans lost the Battle of Britain and it is now believed that Hitler was more interested in the forthcoming attack on Russia as opposed to invading Britain.
The failure of the Germans to defeat the RAF had to lead to the cancellation of Operation Sea Lion which was announced on September 17th 1940.
www.historylearningsite.co.uk /operation_sealion.htm   (1451 words)

 USATODAY.com - High-tail it, Californians tell sea lions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Scores of sea lions — some weighing as much as 800 pounds — started showing up in the harbor here in late summer and have been barking, partying, vomiting, defecating and literally throwing their weight around.
Sea lions here have attracted plenty of attention, in part because of the neighborhood's wealth — people who live on seagoing yachts and some of the most expensive real estate in the country.
He and the boat operators want the federal government to order some controls on the sea lion population or come up with non-lethal means of discouraging them.
www.usatoday.com /tech/science/2005-10-02-sea-lion-ruckus_x.htm   (1102 words)

At 0245, Sea lion, ahead of the task force, turned in and slowed for the attack.
The wardroom was redesigned for use as an operating room; the beam aft of the conning tower was extended; and a large watertight cylindrical chamber was installed abaft the conning tower to store amphibious landing equipment—including an LVT.
Reclassified LPSS-315 in January 1969, Sea lion was ordered inactivated the following summer; and, in September, she proceeded to Philadelphia where she was decommissioned and placed in the inactive fleet on 20 February 1970.
www.history.navy.mil /danfs/s8/sealion-ii.htm   (2391 words)

 sea lion death
Three sea lions at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific died last weekend, two likely from heat exhaustion, including the 6-week-old pup that was the first ever born at the aquarium.
One of the sea lions, Roxy, died as a result of reaction to anesthesia from a surgery last Friday.
She was monitored throughout the operation and was normal, according to aquarium staff.
www.gazettes.com /sealion07062006.html   (458 words)

 Decline of Steller Sea Lion Population - Marine Mammal Research Consortium
The status of Steller sea lion populations and the development of fisheries in the Gulf of Alaska and Aleutian Islands.
The goal of our study was to assess the status of Steller sea lions in Alaska, review their population biology, and develop a simulation model to explore the role that harvesting and incidental kills by fisheries may have played in the sea lion decline.
Some sea lions are missing in the arithmetic of population dynamics which cannot be accounted for by movements of animals from one area to another.
www.marinemammal.org /steller_sea_lion/decline_body.php   (3549 words)

 Military History Online
Typical of operations in the Third Reich part of the work was undertaken by Organization Todt, part by the Army, part by the Air Force and part by the Navy with no coordination of effort.
The Army saw Operation Sea Lion as nothing more than a large river crossing in which the "Luftwaffe will do the work of artillery, while the Kriegsmarine will do the work of engineers." Through sheer audacity and at great cost the Kriegsmarine had barely succeeded in Norway.
Operations were constrained by logistic concerns and senior leaders were frequently criticized for tentative strategic movements and failing to respond quickly to fleeting tactical opportunities.
www.militaryhistoryonline.com /wwii/articles/sealionvsoverlord.aspx   (5587 words)

 Operation Sealion
Hitler, who had not seen the sea until he was over forty, lacked confidence when it came to naval warfare.
The aim of this operation is to eliminate the English motherland as a base from which war against Germany can be continued and, if necessary, to occupy completely.
The German Navy would have had to control the North Sea as well as the Channel, and was not strong enough to do so.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /2WWsealoin.htm   (1947 words)

 Force Protection Systems of the U.S. Navy Marine Mammal Program
The sea lions were deployed to Bahrain as part of the effort to support missions under Operation Enduring Freedom.
Sea lions are used to patrol in and around piers, pilings, and other tight spaces.
A MK 6 sea lion patrolling the harbor.
www.spawar.navy.mil /sandiego/technology/mammals/force_protection.html   (227 words)

 .:Welcome to my WWII website!
Named Operation Sea Lion, the cross channel invasion was to follow massive air raids by the Luftwaffe in order to take out the RAF and hurt the English navy, while destroying British morale.
Had Operation Sea Lion been a success, the Germans would have held the British Isles and been able to transfer thousands of troops to the Eastern front.
This operation was one of the deadliest but most rewarding because it helped destroy dictatorships and allow democracy to reign throughout the world.
www.angelfire.com /linux/reckoning/battles.html   (3055 words)

 Operation Sealion: Hitler's plan for Nazi Germany to land troops in Kent and invade Britain during World War Two.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Operation Sealion: Hitler's plan for Nazi Germany to land troops in Kent and invade Britain during World War Two.
The German landing, Operation Sealion, was scheduled for the twelfth of September.
Operation Sealion was cancelled on the seventeeth of September 1940.
www.keele.ac.uk /socs/ks45/PageGames/Reports/DoubleBlind/Sealion/Intro.htm   (275 words)

 SDNHM Clinton Gilbert Abbott
While sea lions had been legally protected in some form or another in California since 1909, Mexico had yet to follow suit.
While the article was the highlight of the conservancy effort for Clinton Abbott, as he withdrew himself from the struggle shortly after the article appeared, the protection of sea lions and elephant seals continued to be a hot button issue throughout the 1940s.
The legacy of the conservation effort to protect California sea lions, marine mammals, and the Pacific coastline lives on today in the United States in the 1972 Marine Mammal Protection Act.
www.sdnhm.org /history/abbott/sealions.html   (702 words)

 Battle of Britain
Operation Sea Lion (Unternehmen Seelöwe) was the result.
The operation was scheduled for September 1940 and called for landings on Britain's south coast, backed by an airborne assault.
Operation Sea Lion was deeply flawed, suffering from a lack of resources — particularly sea transport — and disagreements between the German navy and army brass.
www.u-s-history.com /pages/h1756.html   (1281 words)

 IB Global Studies Notes 3   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Britain Alone- July 16, Hitler declared the commencement of preparation for "Operation Sea Lion" the attack on Britain.
On Sept 17th Hitler postponed "operation Sea Lion" which wasnÕt as dominating as he had hoped and sea lion finally ended in Jan 1941 and during the war waged on British civilians one ton of steel explosive was equivalent to one corpse.
The Battle of Britain was dubbed "Operation Sea Lion".
members.aol.com /mikesch/historycavalari3.html   (3492 words)

 Thus Perished Operation Sea Lion - The Churchill Centre
Their airmen, well aware of their greater numbers, were also the proud victors of Poland, Norway, the Low Countries, France; ours had supreme confidence in themselves as individuals and that determination which the British race displays in fullest measure when in supreme adversity.
The Supreme Command was exercised from the Fighter Headquarters at Staninore, but the actual handling of the direction of the squadrons was wisely left to Number 11 Group, which controlled the units through its fighter stations located in each county.
On February 13, 1942, Admiral Raeder had his final interview on "Sea Lion" and got Hitler to agree to a complete "stand-down." Thus perished "Operation Sea Lion." And September 15 may stand as the date of its demise.
www.winstonchurchill.org /i4a/pages/index.cfm?pageid=671   (1644 words)

 Second World War Books: Review
On 12 October Sea Lion was postponed until the spring or early summer, but it was never officially cancelled.
And once it had been set afoot, 'Operation Sea Lion' remained the only one of all the major operations during the war for which he showed no interest and which he did not attempt to improve on personally.
While he had imposed each of the preceding campaigns on his generals against their will and interfered on even the minutest details, this time the Supreme Commander of the Wehrmacht was content to accept the plans in their totality and only to provide the political background music, that is to shower the British with threats.
stonebooks.com /archives/980327.shtml   (1283 words)

 Dunkirk evacuation, Operation Sealion and the Battle of Britain
Meanwhile the Army prepared for "Operation Sealion" - the invasion of Britain.
Before this fleet could safely cross the narrow sea, the Luftwaffe had to destroy Britain's air and naval power.
The Luftwaffe was clearly not invincible, and on 17th September, Hitler postponed the invasion "until further notice".
www.theotherside.co.uk /tm-heritage/background/dunkirk1940.htm   (824 words)

 Sealion Fails parts 1 to 12
The entire operation was to be a gamble typical of Hitler: The Luftwaffe would be withdrawn from operations against the reeling French army and re-oriented for operations against England while the Panzer force would continue to grind down the Dunkerque pocket.
The official name of the battle that followed was "The Battle of the North Sea", but to the RN sailors it was known as "The Slaughter in the Straits".
All the rivers were in flood, which made it a difficult operation to repair the bridges destroyed by the Soviets in retreat.
www.geocities.com /drammos/sealion1.html   (10159 words)

 Great Air Battles: The Battle of Britain
In fact, plans for a German invasion, named Operation Sea Lion, were in the works.
It read, in part, "I intend to intensify air and sea warfare against the English homeland...The Luftwaffe is to overpower the Royal Air Force...in the shortest possible time...The intensification of the air war may begin on or after 5 August.
Eventually, all daylight bombing missions were cancelled, and Operation Sea Lion was indefinitely postponed.
info-poland.buffalo.edu /britain/airbattle.html   (2048 words)

 The Battle for Britain - Part 1
The weather is normally atrocious, brought on by the warm Atlantic current pushing up the Channel and meeting the cold water coming down from the North Sea and the Baltic, and even the smallest of storms would bring catastrophe to landing craft and barges if they attempt the journey from France.
He had, therefore, to order the preparation for Operation Sea Lion even though, with his keen knowledge of history, he must have known that Napoleon did not succeed either, and for exactly the same reasons.
The initial wave was to be 90,000 men building to 260,000 by the third day and shortly thereafter a total of 41 divisions was to have been landed.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/third_reich/85707   (466 words)

 Thirteen/WNET: Hitler's Victory
In the summer of 1940, after the Nazis had driven the Allies from continental Europe, the scene was set for a clash between Germany and Britain.
A full-scale land and sea invasion of Britain, given the code name "Operation Sea Lion," was thwarted by poor weather.
Instead, fierce air combat ensued between the Luftwaffe and the Royal Air Force -- the Battle of Britain -- in which the mighty Luftwaffe were turned back to the Third Reich.
www.thirteen.org /homepage/promos/victory.html   (153 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The aim of this operation is to eliminate the British homeland as a base for the further prosecution of the war against Germany, and if necessary, to occupy it completely.” An change in time What if Hitler had not ignored Reader's suggestion to prepare for the invasion of Britain?
And that, meanwhile, no effort was to be spared in the build-up of sea, land and air forces and the deployment of SEA LION forces adjacent to the North Sea and English Channel, tasked for a three-phase invasion starting on I July.
The order was confirmed by Hitler, with SEA LION in mind, and exploited by Goring, who promised to prevent the Allied evacuation from Dunkirk that the Germans could watch in progress.
www.geipelnet.com /cdmailer/scenarios/FOLKESTONE.doc   (4145 words)

 Newhaven Fort, History, Operation Sea Lion
We know now that the German invasion plan - 'Operation Sea Lion' - included landing by the German 9th Army between Brighton and Beachy Head.
Its 9th Division was to come ashore in Seaford Bay to capture Newhaven port.
A hit would have meant a huge explosion, which would have put an end to Newhaven's port activities, at least for some considerable time.
www.newhavenfort.org.uk /operation_sea_lion.htm   (166 words)

 Research Starters: World War II Remembered
A military operation launched from the sea by naval and landing forces which involve landing on a hostile shore.
Allied airborne effort aimed at capturing the bridgehead at Arnhem in the Netherlands, in conjunction with the land operation known as Garden.
Military operations launched from the sea on to hostile shores – amphibious warfare – proved to be a successful strategy during the war, as shown by Operation Overlord, the Allied invasion of Normandy in June 1944.
teacher.scholastic.com /researchtools/researchstarters/wwii   (1484 words)

 Operation Sea Lion - alternative history in the novel (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab1.tamu.edu)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The idea is that the interested reader will be able to learn about the realities concerning Operation Sea Lion referred to in the book as well as the alternative history elements.
Brucke's appointment as Head of Combined Operations means that there is a strong organiser and administrator co-ordinating the planning and activities of Germany's armed forces.
The closing part of this chapter assumes a German intelligence operation in Britain that was at least competent.
www.stevebarrettbooks.com.cob-web.org:8888 /museum/althist.htm   (996 words)

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