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Topic: Orange (color)

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Sour orange, resistant to foot rot, became the preferred rootstock in low hammock and flatwoods soils with high water table until the discovery of the virus disease, tristeza, in Florida orange groves in 1952.
Sour orange has been reinstated in recent years because tristeza has been more or less dormant since the 1940's and sour orange is now the prevailing stock for 50% of the orange and grapefruit trees in the state.
A vinous decoction of husked orange seeds is prescribed for urinary ailments in China and the juice of fresh orange leaves or a decoction of the dried leaves may be taken as a carminative or emmenagogue or applied on sores and ulcers.
www.hort.purdue.edu /newcrop/morton/orange.html   (7762 words)

 Orange (colour) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Carrot orange is a shade of orange that is the color of the carrot vegetable.
Orange was the rallying colour of the 2004–2005 Orange Revolution in Ukraine.
Orange is the primary colour of the Adanaspor SK of Turkey.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Orange_(colour)   (1059 words)

 Orange, Color Therapy, HolisticOnLine
Orange is associated with the spleen chakra, which regulates circulation and metabolism.
Orange is used to treat depression, hypothyroidism and kidney and lung problems, such as asthma and bronchitis.
Orange releases the energy from both chakras of the spleen and the pancreas.
www.holistic-online.com /color/color_orange.htm   (306 words)

 Color Orange meaning
While red is associated with fiery heat, orange is associated with the benign warmth of the sun.
Orange gemstones contain some of the fiery energies of red, but are gentler with a more creative spirit.
Orange is the color associated with the Sacral Hara Chakra (sexuality and reproduction).
www.crystal-cure.com /orange.html   (251 words)

 Diffusion Treated Orange Sapphires
The color rim is visible when the gem is immersed in di-iodomethane and is evidence of a treatment applied after cutting.
Note that the separation between the Ti diffusion and the core color tends to be sharp, while that between the yellow diffusion and the core color is far less distinct.
Coloring agents themselves (such as Fe, Ti, Cr, V, Mg and Be) may also be introduced into the stone (a process known as ‘surface’ or ‘bulk’ diffusion), but penetration in most cases is limited to the gem's surface regions because diffusion rates for such elements are quite slow.
www.ruby-sapphire.com /treated_orange_sapphire.htm   (4404 words)

 The Artist's Toolkit: Encyclopedia: Color | Minneapolis Institute of Arts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
White light is the presence of all color - fl is the absence of reflected light and therefore the absence of color.
Two primary colors can be mixed to create a secondary color: orange (from red and yellow), green (from yellow and blue), or violet (from blue and red).
Colors next to one another on the color wheel are called analogous (it means "related").
www.artsconnected.org /toolkit/encyc_colorwheel.html   (301 words)

 Beryllium Treated Orange Sapphire
While the jury is still out on stones where the color goes all the way through (generally golden and rich red-orange in color), those with yellow-orange color rims appear to owe at least part of their face-lifts to a form of lattice diffusion.
Note that the separation between the Ti diffusion and the core color tends to be sharp, while that between the Be diffusion and the core color is far less distinct.
Coloring agents themselves (such as Fe, Ti, Cr, V and Mg) may also be introduced into the stone (a process known as lattice or bulk diffusion), but penetration is generally limited to the gem’s surface regions because diffusion rates for such elements are quite slow.
www.palagems.com /treated_orange_sapphire.htm   (4540 words)

 American Gem Trade Association - Orange-Pink Sapphire Alert   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
However, the orange color appears to penetrate a little deeper (see figures 3, 8a and 8b) than, for example, the surface color in a blue surface diffusion treated corundum.
The orange coloration of this stone is confined to a surface-related layer.
When an orange color has been artificially diffused into the near-surface area only of a pink sapphire from Madagascar, this color distribution is seen as an orange rim that follows the 3-dimensional outline of the stone.
www.agta.org /consumer/gtclab/orangesapphirealert.htm   (578 words)

 Color (Java 2 Platform SE v1.4.2)
An alpha value of 1.0 or 255 means that the color is completely opaque and an alpha value of 0 or 0.0 means that the color is completely transparent.
Creates an sRGB color with the specified combined RGBA value consisting of the alpha component in bits 24-31, the red component in bits 16-23, the green component in bits 8-15, and the blue component in bits 0-7.
Converts the components of a color, as specified by the default RGB model, to an equivalent set of values for hue, saturation, and brightness that are the three components of the HSB model.
java.sun.com /j2se/1.4.2/docs/api/java/awt/Color.html   (1998 words)

 Brittany Color Genetics
Both colors are due to the same pigment (eumelanin) and the chemical shape of its particles determines whether it is seen as fl or liver.
An Orange colored dog may be hiding the "at" gene in the form of 'As at' or 'at at', since "ee" PREVENTS the colors of Liver or Black to show, the "tan point" pattern is hidden in an Orange dog.
White is not like a paint color that blends with color to change the shade, it is a distinct color that is affected by a gene known as “S” (for spotting), or “s” for the other recessive alleles.
www.wyngold-brittanys.com /BrittanyColor.html   (3181 words)

 Hale Color Charts Products Page
This chart is used to aid in the alignment and test of the accuracy of registration of triple-pickup color television cameras.
On a vectorscope these colors fall within the designated boxes when the system is in correct color calibration.
Each chart is 8½”x11", and comprised of seven 2" square color chips: The standard color, called the centroid, and six specified tolerances for permissible deviations in Lightness, Saturation, and Hue.
www.halecolorcharts.com /products.html   (1251 words)

LILAC- The color should be a medium gray (the color of a dove), with a light pink tint on the surface.
TORT- The surface color of the body is to be a bright, rich, clean orange (a little deeper than a red rabbits orange) which thens blends into a smokey gray-fl on the side, hind-end, stomach, and feet.
The eye color is to correspond with the color specified under the respective solid colored variety.
mr-colors.tripod.com   (1916 words)

 Orange Moon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Have you ever wondered why the moon is more orange or yellow in color when it first rises at night.
The reason for the orange color is due to the scattering of light by the atmosphere.
The moon appears to be certain colors during certain times of the year.
home.hiwaay.net /~krcool/Astro/moon/moonorange   (430 words)

 Color Basics
Color is a very big subject, but here is a brief summary of color information for the benefit of those learning to work with creating color.
Exciting color combinations may be discovered when the colors used are not exactly equidistant--a "skewed" triad.Using at least one color in a less saturated version makes a more interesting triad.
Brown, for example, is a shade (or tone, depending on value) of orange (a variety of oranges, actually), beige and tan are tones of orange, while peach is more of a tint.
members.tripod.com /~LilyK/color.html   (1010 words)

 [No title]
Dilution is a mutation at the (D) locus; dilution is recessive to dense coloration.
It is fairly well accepted that the color in the agouti band of a eumelanistically-pigmented hair shaft is still eumelanin, not phaeomelanin, but it is the fact that the granules are sparse and "shredded" that gives them the yellow to orange color.
When the light colored portion of the hair shaft is near-white, it is called Silver, when it is yellow or a warm cream color, it is called Golden.
www.fanciers.com /other-faqs/color-genetics.html   (3417 words)

 Orange Schools - Our District: The Color of Orange: Maps & Directions
The Orange Schools campus is located on 176 wooded acres off Chagrin Blvd., between Lander Circle and SOM Center Road (Rt.
The Orange Boosters 10th Annual Reverse Raffle fundraiser will be held on Friday, November 17, 2006 at Massimo da Milano.
Orange Schools recently announced that 15 seniors at Orange High School have been recognized by the National Merit/National Achievement Corporation.
www.orangeschools.org /district/color/maps.cfm   (258 words)

 USATODAY.com - Orange cauliflower now available in U.S.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Michael Dickson, the breeder who led its development, says orange cauliflower has caught the attention of restaurant chefs because of its superior appearance.
Bellavia says cauliflower are often difficult to grow because of sensitivity to water or heat stress, but the orange variety does well in poor conditions.
Laura Pedersen, who runs a 1,200 acre vegetable farm with her husband Rick in Seneca Castle, 33 miles southeast of Rochester, grew the vegetable last year, selling it in a grocery store chain and to customers in New York City.
www.usatoday.com /tech/news/2004-06-14-orange-cauliflower_x.htm   (683 words)

 Orange: EnchantedLearning.com
The oriole is a fl and orange bird that eats fruit and nectar.
The pumpkin is a large, orange vegetable that grows on a vine.
A coloring page on the color orange, with pictures of a crayon, carrots, orange, orange juice, yam, leaf, pumpkin, yam, fire.
www.enchantedlearning.com /colors/orange.shtml   (280 words)

 Orange Color in Feng Shui - Feng Shui
Orange is the color of Halloween - of a Hunter's moon, of a slowly setting sun.
Orange is the second color in the rainbow (after red) and it has that same power.
And yet orange can be a wonderful color to have in your world.
www.bellaonline.com /articles/art38306.asp   (248 words)

 DHS: Homeland Security Advisory System
The threat level in the airline sector is HIGH or Orange.
October 26, 2006 – The United States government threat level remains at Code Orange, or High for all domestic and international flights.
The ban on liquids and gels in carry on baggage remains in full effect.
www.dhs.gov /dhspublic/display?theme=29   (457 words)

 Orange Schools - Our District: The Color of Orange: History
1963 - The Lewis W. Black Athletic Field is dedicated in honor of the former Orange K-12 principal and administrator.
August 2003 - Orange High School is receives the Ohio Association of Excellence Award Tier One Recognition.
October 2004: The Orange City School District is named a National School Board Association Technology and Learning Salute District.
www.orangeschools.org /district/color/history.cfm   (693 words)

 Flickr: Orange is the fastest color...
This group is devoted to the proliferation of the color orange (the fastest color) in its purest form: the bicycle.
Please consider contributing a photograph of your homebrew orange bicycle to this flickr group.
Feed – Subscribe to Orange is the fastest color...
flickr.com /groups/orangebicycles   (98 words)

 The Editors on Ukraine on National Review Online
The influence of the EU over the last few weeks is a signal of its growing power, and it is still dominated by a Franco-German axis that wants its new continent-wide creation to counterbalance American power.
The haze of good feeling over the Orange Revolution shouldn't obscure that important geopolitical fact.
We say to the democratic demonstrators of Ukraine: We are proud of what you have wrought, and in recent weeks, everyone around the world who truly prizes liberty has been Orange.
www.nationalreview.com /editorial/editors200412060921.asp   (873 words)

 Orange revolt? Settlers see spectrum of support. | csmonitor.com
Settler leaders who once challenged the authenticity of the polls that showed a solid majority in favor of disengagement now hold up the new polls as proof of the opposite.
Meanwhile, the orange ribbons (orange is the color of the Gaza settlement council's flag) have diverted attention from extremist activists who have closed down highways, which hurts sympathy for the settlers' fight against being uprooted.
Shani, a retired air force officer who had pinned a sign reading, "The pilots are disengaging," complained that the Israeli street had been abandoned by left-wing activists.
www.csmonitor.com /2005/0613/p07s02-wome.html   (844 words)

 Oranges - Orange Exporters, Orange Suppliers, China Oranges
Orange Color Glass Candleholder, Orange Color Glass Vase
Orange from Other Regions: Egypt Orange, Hong Kong Orange
Orange Importers: Orange Importers, Canned Orange Importers, Red Orange Importers, Orange Juice Importers, Orange Juice Concentrate Importers
hotproducts.alibaba.com /manufacturers-exporters/Orange.html   (284 words)

 Oranda Orange Colors Practice Craft
Oranda Orange is an easy paper craft to help young children learn about the color orange.
You can make this craft a bit simpler, by only using the first template or you can go all out and use both.
If you get stuck, use the small image at the top of this page to give you an idea of how it goes together.
www.dltk-teach.com /colors/morange.htm   (137 words)

 Basic Orange color chart for the color blind   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Basic Orange color chart for the color blind
Shareware software for the color blind About the Color Charts
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www.toledo-bend.com /colorblind/OrangeChart.html   (144 words)

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