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In the News (Tue 16 Apr 19)

  Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45
At 1pm EST today (Friday 11 April, 2008) the Carpathian Crosses team are releasing the Beta version of their new mod for Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45.
Tripwire Interactive have updated their WWII multiplayer classic, Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 (RO), with support for Steamworks, a complete suite of publishing and development tools available free of charge to game developers and publishers.
There are also a bunch of other changes and updates for the game, including a fix for the aggravating "German grenades do not work for Russians" bug that recently came to light.
www.redorchestragame.com   (579 words)

  Welcome to Orchestra.com
Orchestras sometimes use freelance musicians to enable them to perform works which require instrumentalists which they do not have on staff; not all orchestras employ a harpist for example.
In modern times, the musicians are usually directed by a conductor, although early orchestras did not have one, using instead the principal violinist or the harpsichordist playing the continuo for this role.
New orchestral effects were possible now that standing orchestras had been formed, winds and brass had been expanded, and had an increasingly easy time playing in tune with each other: particularly the ability for composers to score for large masses of wind and brass which previously had been impractical. /search/cache?ei=UTF-8&p=Orchestra&n=100&fr=yfp-t-500&u=www.orchestra.com/&w=orchestra&d=Nc_wt_4-PRco&icp=1&.intl=us   (0 words)

  The Orchestra
The orchestra is made of four families of instruments.
Strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion are the four families in an orchestra.
Although the string instruments resemble those of the earliest orchestras, they have been adapted and strengthened as the power and numbers of the wind and brass sections grew.
library.thinkquest.org /5116/orchestra.htm   (427 words)

A full size orchestra may sometimes be called a "symphony orchestra" or "philharmonic orchestra"; these prefixes do not indicate any difference either to the instrumental content or role of the orchestra, but can be useful to distinguish different orchestras based in the same city (for instance, the London Symphony Orchestra and the London Philharmonic Orchestra).
The unusual aspect of the orchestra was that, believing that in the ideal Marxist state all men are equal, its members felt that there was no need to be led by the dictatorial baton of a conductor; instead they were led by a committee.
In ancient Greece the orchestra was the space between the auditorium and the proscenium (or stage), in which were stationed the chorus and the instrumentalists.
www.mp3.fm /Orchestra.htm   (1844 words)

 Orchestra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The so-called "standard complement" of double winds and brass in the orchestra from the first half of the 19th century is generally attributed to the forces called for by Beethoven.
Wagner's theories re-examined the importance of tempo, dynamics, bowing of string instruments and the role of principals in the orchestra.
In ancient Greece the orchestra was the space between the auditorium and the proscenium (or stage), in which were stationed the chorus and the instrumentalists.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Orchestra#Instrumentation   (2790 words)

 Evening at Pops 2004: Listen Up!: Tuning Up
The orchestra is a team with a leader and, as in any team, certain players have specific duties.
In the Boston Pops Orchestra, there are five percussionists and one tympani player, and, although their number is small, just one cymbal crash or snare drum roll can demonstrate how vital percussion is to the orchestra.
Orchestras often include additional instruments: Harps are frequently added, as are pianos, organs, and saxophones, as well as other popular instruments including guitars.
www.pbs.org /wgbh/pops/listenup/index.html   (1163 words)

 Instruments of the Orchestra
A modern symphony orchestra has a full strength of around 100 musicians — enough to tackle many of the great virtuoso scores of the 20th Century, such as Stravinsky's explosive Rite of Spring and Richard Strauss' giant orchestral works.
Today's orchestra has developed in a relatively short time, from small ensebles of strings with a pair of woodwinds or brass instruments from the baroque period (late 17th to mid-18th Centuries), into a huge band of instruments of all varieties.
He sets the tempo of the music, beats time, and gives shape and meaning to the written notes by suggesting - usually in rehearsals, occasionally through gestures in performance - how a melody should be phrased, how the instruments should be balanced against each other, and the impression the music should give to the listeners.
www.geocities.com /Vienna/8888/instru.html   (242 words)

 Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra - Music Director Neal Gittleman
Orchestra historians have singled out Katz and Rosenthal as the two most indispensable and important persons in building the Dayton Philharmonic into the community treasure that it is today.
In 1937, the Dayton Philharmonic Training Orchestra was formed to give young area musicians an opportunity to study challenging orchestral music and to sharpen their cultural awareness and appreciation of music.
He was previously the Executive Director of the Delaware Symphony Orchestra and also served as an Orchestra Management Fellow through the American Symphony Orchestra League, serving residencies with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Houston and Grand Rapids symphonies.
www.daytonphilharmonic.com /content.jsp?sectionId=3   (1803 words)

In addition to the operatic work on the main stage, the Orchestra gives three concerts as part of the St David's Hall Orchestral Series concerts in Cardiff with symphonic programmes, and also undertakes a concert tour of Wales each winter with up to 14 concerts taking place all over the country.
It is also one of the two resident orchestras for the BBC Singer of the World in Cardiff Competition.
In smaller ensembles and as individual players, members of the Orchestra fulfil a wide programme of events including working with children, adults and elderly people through WNO's work with schools and community groups through WNO MAX.
www.wno.org.uk /about.orchestra.html   (223 words)

 Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 for PC Review - PC Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 Review   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 is a team-based multiplayer shooter set, as the name suggests, on the brutal eastern front of World War II, where the Russians and Germans fought a brutal war of attrition.
There are 13 maps in Red Orchestra, ranging from small farm towns and the plains surrounding them to a bombed out rail yard and a monastery set atop a hill.
But more often than not, Red Orchestra is a one-shot, one-kill type of game, so you quickly learn to keep your head down, crouch, and crawl most of the time to stay under cover, only popping out to take a shot.
www.gamespot.com /pc/action/redorchestraostfront4145/review.html?sid=6147209   (1686 words)

 Wichita State University Orchestra
A concerto competition for vocal and instrumental soloists is held late in the fall with the winners presented in performance during the spring semester.
Membership in the WSU Symphony Orchestra is determined by audition and consists of undergraduate and graduate students majoring in music performance and music education, as well as non-music majors from the general university population.
There are many benefits to participating in the WSU Symphony Orchestra, such as receiving instruction in the rehearsal and performance of standard orchestral repertoire and gaining a greater understanding of history and cultures through the study of a wide variety of music possessing artistic merit.
finearts.wichita.edu /music/band/orch/index.htm   (259 words)

 About the MOA
In the early 1920s, the Minnesota Orchestra became one of the first to be heard on recordings, as well as on the radio—in 1923 it played a nationally broadcast concert under guest conductor Bruno Walter—and it has been recording and broadcasting ever since.
The Minnesota Orchestra welcomed Finnish conductor Osmo Vänskä in the fall of 2003 as he took the podium as the ensemble's 10th music director.
In February 2004, Vänskä led the Minnesota Orchestra on a highly acclaimed eleven-city European Tour—including performances in Austria, Germany, England, Scotland and his native Finland—and in 2005, he and the Orchestra embarked on a five-city Minnesota Tour.
www.minnesotaorchestra.org /about/index.cfm   (684 words)

The concert orchestra has 32 members, all in 10th grade.
This page will give you information about the orchestra's activities and concerts, as well as the type of learning that happens in the classroom.
The combined high school orchestras will accompany all of the elementary and middle school students on two pieces and will also perform a piece on their own.
www.madison.k12.wi.us /laf/tour-academics-music-orchestra.shtml   (1108 words)

 Orchestra Jokes   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Orchestra jokes, clean, updated often, and filtered for the best quality.
However, it being quite hot, the players were working up quite a sweat, until a neighbor let them use the ventilators in her house.
A musician calls the orchestra office, asks for the conductor, and is told that he is dead.
www.ahajokes.com /orchs.html   (588 words)

 Saratoga Springs Youth Orchestra Home Page
Currently principal viola with the Glens Falls Symphony Orchestra, she is a former member of the Dallas Opera and Ballet Orchestras, Albany Symphony Orchestra, St. Cecilia Orchestra, Lake George Opera Festival Orchestra, and has appeared as a soloist with numerous other orchestras.
Joseph currently teaches orchestra in the Saratoga Springs City Schools, is active as an All-State and Major Organizations Adjudicator, and conducts orchestra festivals and summer music camps in New York.
The String Orchestra completed their portion of the concert with a work by Vivaldi, accompanied on the guitar by special guest solo artist Joel Brown, who has a very impressive resume of appearances that range from the London Symphony to Carnegie Hall and from the BBC to NBC's Today Show.
hometown.aol.com /boochs/myhomepage/index.html   (1037 words)

 Orchestras, Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Resource Guide
The orchestra has over 60 volunteer musicians who are dedicated to providing quality music at a reasonable cost to the families of Southwest Pennsylvania.
Founded in 1939, the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra is one of the oldest youth orchestras in the country.
The American Symphony Orchestra League is a support and advocacy organization for serving nearly 1,000 member symphony, chamber, youth, and collegiate orchestras of all sizes.
www.carnegielibrary.org /subject/music/orch.html   (759 words)

 Orchestra, in Icebreakers, on Creative Youth Ideas
At any time, the person playing the violin may change from playing the violin to that of another instrument in the orchestra.
The one who was previosuly "it" takes over the instrument and joins the orchestra.
Just as there are many instruments in an orchestra, there are many gifts in the body of Christ.
www.creativeyouthideas.com /blog/icebreakers/orchestra.html   (471 words)

 Mingus Bands: Orchestra   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Charles Mingus Orchestra is an established ensemble that began alternating performances with its older sibling, the Mingus Big Band, during a 14-year tenure at New York's Fez Under Time Cafe.
In March and April of 2005, the Mingus Orchestra performed across the street from Fez for a series of extraordinary late-night performances at Joe's Pub.
Assembled in 1999 by Sue Mingus, the Mingus Orchestra plays with the intensity of the Mingus Big Band, but with a focus on composition and less emphasis on soloing.
www.mingusmingusmingus.com /MingusBands/orchestra.html   (308 words)

 Orchestra of the Eastern Shore
The Orchestra of the Eastern Shore is an intergenerational community string orchestra with a few woodwinds.
Public performances are held several times during the year and often feature soloists, either orchestra members or guest musicians.
In addition, the orchestra rehearses and performs at local nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and at holiday festivals.
www.orchestraes.org /index.htm   (144 words)

 Fletcher Henderson Orchestra
The smooth, carefully arranged sound of Henderson's orchestra was a huge influence on the Swing style of the next decade.
The Orchestra played at the Club Alabam on West 44th Street in New York from 1922 to July of 1924 and then moved to the Roseland Ballroom when Armand J. Piron's Orchestra vacated the job and returned to New Orleans.
The orchestra recorded with dozens of record companies under a number of different names and pseudonyms including Henderson's Dance Orchestra, Henderson's Club Alabam Orchestra, The Dixie Stompers, Henderson's Happy Six Orchestra, Fletcher Henderson and his Sawin' Six, Louisiana Stompers and the Connie's Inn Orchestra.
www.redhotjazz.com /fho.html   (588 words)

 Herndon Middle Orchestra
The Herndon Middle Orchestra is comprised of string orchestra students at Herndon Middle School.
Orchestra is an elective for the full school year.
There is a cadet ensemble for beginning string players, a concert orchestra for intermediate students and a symphonic orchestra for the more advanced.
www.herndonorch.org /hmshome.htm   (207 words)

 TNS Media Intelligence/Cymfony: Orchestra
TNS Media Intelligence/Cymfony’s Orchestra breaks new ground by enabling organizations to view traditional and consumer-generated media in one application, providing more comprehensive and complete real-time consumer and market insights.
The Orchestra online dashboard provides access to real-time data at any time from any web browser.
Orchestra requires no IT development and it easily integrates with your current workflow.
www.cymfony.com /sol_orchestra.asp   (152 words)

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