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Topic: The Orchids

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In the News (Fri 19 Apr 19)

  Baron's Orchids - ...
In orchids, one of the three inner segments of the flower which are positioned between the three sepals -one of the petals is modified into a lip.
One of the three outer parts of an orchid flower, one of which is usually topmost and referred to as the dorsal, the other two lower sepals being known as the laterals.
The method of seed propagation of an orchid wherein the pollen of one orchid is placed on the stigma of another orchid which was originally grown in the same seedpod as the first orchid, therefore a cross-pollination of siblings.
www.baronsorchids.com /encyclopedia.asp   (2561 words)

 Orchids in southern Africa: Conservation
Orchids have fascinated plant lovers and botanists for centuries, and as a consequence people have often wanted to grow orchids in their own home.
The orchids themselves are protected by local as well as international legislation, both inside and outside of conservation areas.It is illegal to collect orchids in nature without a valid permit from the local nature conservation authority.
Rare orchids are cultivated and propagated, with the final aim to replenish the populations in the wild one day.
www.plantzafrica.com /plantnop/orchids/conservation.htm   (669 words)

 The Orchids - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Orchids were one of the most prolific, enduring and popular bands of the twee pop scene at Sarah Records.
Formed near Glasgow in 1986, the Orchids released a series of underground singles on the hugely influential Sarah Records (see 1986 in music).
The Orchids were musically one of the more interesting Sarah bands and certainly developed far more on that label than any band except, perhaps, The Field Mice.
en.wikipedia.org /?title=The_Orchids   (288 words)

 ORCHIDS article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Most orchids require relatively high light intensities and should be grown in an east or south window.
Many tropical orchids are epiphytes, growing on the side of trees, and will not do well if their roots stay wet.
Orchids are affected by many of the same pests and diseases as other houseplants.
pss.uvm.edu /ppp/articles/orchids1.htm   (527 words)

 Book: The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
This large and beautiful volume is aimed at a broad audience, from the flower lover with a casual interest in orchids to the committed enthusiast and professional.
Lavish full-color photographs, drawn from international sources, enable non-specialists to identify orchids in collections or in the field with ease.
The alphabetical "Orchids A-Z" section includes descriptions, taxonomy, currently accepted names and synonyms, geographic distribution, notes on culture, and hundreds of color photographs of the best-known species in cultivation.
www.gardenguides.com /books/encyclopediaorchids.htm   (195 words)

 The Mysterious Orchids - Landscaping
Orchids were once affordable by only the wealthy, but thanks to new propagation methods, like tissue culture, this is rapidly changing.
Though orchids can be grown from seed, this method is more difficult and time consuming for unlike some other seeds, those of orchids have no stored nutrient in the seeds for the developing embryo.
Widely renowned as experts on orchids, this father/daughter team provides profiles and details on all the most popular orchids along with an informative history of the plants, their care, and propagation.
www.bellaonline.com /articles/art26964.asp   (620 words)

 The Gardener's Guide to Growing Orchids
Occasionally, growers succeed in bringing a vandaceous orchid to bloom on a windowsill or under artificial lights (to the accolades and admiration of their peers), but in general these orchids tend to be better suited to growing in a greenhouse, or at least summering outdoors.
In the home it is best to place orchids as close to the windows as possible and use curtains or light shading to control the amount of sun coming in.
Orchids usually do fine in unshaded morning and late-afternoon sun but must be protected from full midday sun.
www.bbg.org /gar2/topics/plants/handbooks/growingorchids/growingrequirements_lightandwater.html   (2156 words)

 The Orchids of the Highland Meadows
Our own British orchids are naturally much less spectacular and conspicuous than the great orchids of the tropics, growing under conditions of great heat and humidity and amid abundant insect life which encourages a much greater executive ability than our colder, less congenial climate.
In the Highlands, we have eleven orchids, many of which are of common occurrence, especially in the meadows of the valleys and lower hillsides.
Almost all orchids are dependent on insect for cross-pollinaton and often the scarcity or frequency of a species in a particular area depends on the numbers of its particular insect visitors in that area.
www.electricscotland.com /gardening/plantlife/chapter20.htm   (2640 words)

 Hawaiian Orchid Source   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
During the time the orchids are in Hawaiian Orchid Source possession we will water, fertilize, weed pull, and any other maintenance requirements that the contracted orchids may need.
Depending on what stage the orchids are in will depend on the length of time the orchids stay in Hawaiian Orchid Source possession to be grown to the contracted desired size.
Orchids that are at least 1¾" or larger in flask.
www.martysorchids.com /htm/contract_growing.htm   (788 words)

Unlike their closest relatives, most orchids have only a single large stamen attached to the pistil to form the gynostemium, visible in the center of an orchid flower.
When the bee visits another orchid of the same species, thousands of pollen grains are delivered, allowing the plant to mature thousands of tiny dust-like seeds.
The first orchids were large terrestrial plants, but like bromeliads, orchids took to the trees, where they have diversified to become the largest family of flowering plants.
www.ucmp.berkeley.edu /monocots/liliflorae/orchidales.html   (513 words)

 The Orchids band biography at LTM
This was the first Orchids records to be recorded at the legendary Toad Hall, and the first to be produced by Ian Carmichael, unofficial sixth member of The Orchids.
The Orchids tapped into the electro/guitar Pop collision better and more naturally than most, and if their take on the whole game stayed fairly resolutely on the side of the guitar, then so much the better.
But regardless, The Orchids surely deserve more than most to be remembered for the wealth of treasures they delivered in the late '80s and early '90s; deserve to have those sounds preserved forevermore, so that they may serve as inspiration for new souls searching for that lazy perfection.
www.ltmpub.freeserve.co.uk /orchidsbio.html   (2792 words)

 Orchids of Peru   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Inkill is the tallest orchid in the world, its name deriving from the Latin superlative "altus" referring to its long stem, which normally reaches forty four feet in length.
The first signs of the Inkill orchid can be found on the outskirts of the nearby village of Tauribamba, where it frequently appears alongside the clayey track.
This is one of Peru's poorest regions, yet the womenfolk of Huachocolpa will continue to adorn their hats with orchids unknown to the rest of the world.
www.kanada.net /peru/orchids.html   (496 words)

 The Orchids   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Orchids first hooked up with Sarah's Matt Haynes and Clare Wadd just as the label was getting underway in 1987, and so The Orchids' debut single, 1988's "I've Got a Habit," was only the second Sarah release.
The Orchids' early singles were successful enough that simultaneous to the release of their third 7", "What Will We Do Next," in September 1989, Sarah released the label's first-ever album, the 10" Lyceum, a lengthy eight-track EP that, consistent with Sarah's value-for-money ethic, contained no songs that had previously appeared on singles.
The Orchids' next single, 1990's "Something for the Longing," is possibly the group's all-time high point, a gently yearning lost love song with a gorgeous chorus.
www.80sretromusic.com /biography/O/orchids.htm   (358 words)

 Tangents fun'n'frenzy filled web site.
The Orchids made records for the Bristol based Sarah records and were sadly stigmatised as being fey indiepop janglers by a music press that seemed at the time to long for something more, ah, Rock-derived.
The Orchids were also largely passed over by those Sarah devotees who instead spent hours moping in bedrooms listening to the Field Mice or flouncing in Pop basement clubs to Heavenly records.
The Orchids didn't seem to fit in to the Sarah scene, the irony of course being that the Orchids fitted perfectly with the Sarah scene because Sarah was never about scenes and was always about being bloody minded and standing up and just beingĀƒ well, just BEING really.
www.tangents.co.uk /tangents/main/2002/feb/rabid.html   (1289 words)

Introductory chapters cover the history of orchids and their classification and the various names by which they are or have been known.
Included in this section is an explanation of the classification of orchids, early methods of orchid cultivation, the commercial development of the genera, its hybridization and scientific application, and a chronological guide to orchid literature beginning in 1228.
There's information on the structure of orchid plants, what to look for when buying, a list of orchids that are easy to cultivate, a list of those for gardeners with experience, and a list of plants that go well with orchids (mainly epiphytes such as bromelia).
www.piteraq.dk /orchids   (3004 words)

 The Orchids at Spectropop
While the female singers and girl groups on the British recording scene of the 1960s were typically in their twenties, THE ORCHIDS of Coventry - Georgina Oliver, Pamela Jarman and Valerie Jones - were 14-year-old schoolgirls when they made their first record.
"The Orchids were a trio of 15-year-old girls from Coventry who went from winning a local talent contest to national television and an international recording career.
The Blue Orchids and the Breakaways took the early sound of the Phil Spector girl groups in America, and amplified it.
www.spectropop.com /gg/orchids.html   (260 words)

 The Orchids of the Netherlands   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The introductory chapters cover the use of the book, the geography and geology of the country, the taxonomy, life cycle and ecology of the orchids, and a discussion of speciation, by hybridization and chromosome doubling in Dactylorhiza.
The orchid flora is simular to our own and only a few such as Dactylorhiza sphagnicola and some varieties of Dactylorhiza and Epipactis are not found in Britain.
The orchids, however, are an important flagship group in plant conservation and this book will certainly highlight the problems that they face in a rapidly changing landscape that is the Netherlands under the grip of the common Agricultural Policy of the European Union.
home.planet.nl /~seckel/kreutz/uk/dened-review12.html   (521 words)

 Orchid Literature
This book shows you how to produce flowering orchids in your home with the modern methods that are already enabling thousands of people to cultivate orchids successfully in their living rooms, sun porches, basements, and elsewhere.
Thoroughly revised and brought completely up to date, this book explains the basic needs of orchids and shows you the three common methods of growing them in the house - in a window, in a case, and under artificial light.
It goes on to describe cattleya and many other fascinating kinds of orchids that do well as house plants, including what they each need in the way of temperature, light, humidity, and other requirements.
www.beautifulorchids.com /orchids/Accessories/orchid_books1.html   (351 words)

 The orchids that saved the Belle Isle Conservatory
Perhaps among the seeds he does not plant is one that would produce the supreme hybrid, the orchid of orchids, but that is a chance he has to take.
Little pots filled with a special orchid moss, known as Osmunda fiber, are prepared, perhaps 10 or a dozen, for the benches of the private orchid house.
The Michigan orchids at the Flower Show, like the blooms produced in the great commercial nurseries where orchid-breeding in Big Business, are, for all their exotic charm, generation removed from the first gorgeous beauties Capt. Cattley risked his life to bring from the jungles.
info.detnews.com /history/story/index.cfm?id=171&category=locations   (1499 words)

 Bluejake: Cubicle Orchid
Apparently the orchids like bright, indirect light, which our floor has in spades.
I've been interested in orchids for a long time- unlike those poseurs who got into it after Adaptation came out.
Posted by: Orchid Chief at February 13, 2003 10:40 AM i would feel real sorry for any animals who would have to exist in cubicles - i'd rather work with them in their environemnt, like some jungle or preserve...
www.bluejake.com /archives/2003/02/12/cubicle_orchid.php   (449 words)

Orchids will be ship in carton boxes with dimension 100 x 49 x 20 Centimeters.
The orchids will be packed in an insulated carton for protection of the cold weather.
Note: At the airport, If the orchids are claim by broker, the broker is responsible to persue to claim for losses if occurred.
www.zengyo.com /odrinst.html   (173 words)

 The War of the Orchids - Chapter Twelve
It’s painful for you to make up your mind, isn’t it, little orchid?" Lucrezia turned her head to look at him and pouted deliberately, like a baby; then smiled.
"Your wish is my command, my orchid." He opened the first few hooks down the back of the bra behind Lucrezia’s waist: again the unfastened section pushed open fiercely, obviously under great strain.
Now if Signor Bonfante were to come back for something he’d forgotten there wouldn’t be any sign of a burglarĀ…unless he happened to notice that his wife’s girdle was missing.
www.lisacorsets.com /tighttales/Mine/orchids/orchids-12.html   (2414 words)

 OrchidMania: Grassroots Support for AIDS Prevention/Relief and Orchid Conservation
We are an entirely volunteer organization of orchid enthusiasts concerned about HIV/AIDS in the global community.
Moreover, it is our goal to encourage interest and enthusiasm for orchid cultivation, conservation and appreciation, and to provide a comfortable and positive vehicle for people of all kinds to give their time and talents to AIDS relief.
If you are new to orchids in general, you might want to start with our Frequently Asked Questions or choose among the topic buttons along the side of your browser screen.
www.orchids.org   (873 words)

 Information about Fenders Flora - Specializing in Cattleyas
Our primary interests are compact and mini-growing orchids, with an emphasis on cattleyas and their relatives.
All of our orchids are shipped in pot and should not be repotted upon arrival.
Just choose the orchids you would like, fill in the secure online order form with both your name and address and the name and address of the recipient.
www.fendersflora.com /information.asp   (565 words)

After growing bromeliads successfully, I decided it was time for a new challenge.
Orchids require a temperature range consistent with their place of origin: some demand high temperatures and flourish in a hothouse, others are quite content with the temperature of the typical home (temperate house), still others are unhappy if the temperature rises above 60 degrees (cool house).
The environmental requirement for each species depends upon the orchids native habitat.
home.att.net /~siegrid.stern/ORCHIDS.htm   (231 words)

 Internet Orchid Species Photo Encyclopedia
Almost all of the preceding orchids were found near these two landscape shots, # 1 shows the cleared forests which has grown back with pine in the background and the original scrub forest with rock outcroppings in the foreground.
Orchid Mall Like above a location to find many orchid web sites.
Orchid Digest Photo Exchange Used to e-mail photos to use in conjunction with letters written to Orchid List Digest.
www.orchidspecies.com   (1698 words)

 Welcome to Gypsy Glen Orchids   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Over the past 20 years our orchid team has been responsible for the introduction of over 100 new and undiscovered orchid species.
We worked in conjunction with the Marie Selby Botanic Gardens and the Missouri Botanical Garden to help collect and catalog the orchid species of southern Ecuador, which was -- and still is -- one of the least known orchid regions in the world.
Since beginning this project we have been responsible for the discovery of over 100 new orchid species, of which a number have been named to honor their discoverer such as Masdevallia dalessandroi, Dracula dalessandroi, Masdevallia mendozae, Phragmipedium besseae var.
www.gypsyglenorchids.com   (346 words)

 Minneapolis Florist - Orchids By Murphy - 1-800-356-7258 Customer Support
My initial exposure to the beautiful tropical orchids was in my early College Days at the U of M - It was certainly love at first sight when I first saw The Blooming Orchids at the University of Minnesota in a botany green house.
ORCHIDS BY MURPHY, Inc. is the U.S. sales subsidiary of the webshop101 group and has its principal office at 55 East 59th Street, New York.
By continuing to use the ORCHIDS BY MURPHY website following any such change, you agree to comply with and be bound by the Terms and Conditions and consent to the Privacy Policy, each as modified.
www.orchidsbymurphy.com /floral/shop/support/category_id/7e99c44849226f83930c35b378819955   (411 words)

 Native North American Orchid Reference Page
In vitro symbiotic seed germination of the Florida Butterfly Orchid, Encyclia tampensis: Evidence of non-specificity for mycorrhizal fungi by an epiphytic orchid.
Curtis, J.T. Ecological observation on the orchids of Haiti.
Mehrhoff, L.A. The dynamics of declining populations of an endangered orchid, Isotria medeoloides.
www.newnorth.net /~mruh/ref.html   (9459 words)

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