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Topic: Organ (music)

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  French Organ Music Seminar and British Organ Music Seminar home page www.bfoms.com
Since 1988 the French Organ Music Seminar has featured study tours to Paris and other locations where participants hear and play the magnificent instruments and receive instruction in the form of master classes, lectures and recitals from leading organists.
Joseph is a former participant in the French Organ Music Seminar, and currently serves as the Director of Music at Lamington Presbyterian Church in Bedminster, NJ.
Samuel is a featured organ recitalist in the AGO Regional Convention in Lincoln, Nebraska in June.
www.bfoms.com   (1113 words)

  Organ (music) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The organ is one of the oldest musical instruments in the Western musical tradition, with a rich history connected with Christian liturgy and civic ceremony.
The organ repertoire encompasses a wide variety of styles and eras; the most famous composer of music for the organ is Johann Sebastian Bach.
The introduction of church organs is traditionally attributed to Pope Vitalian in the seventh century.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Organ_(music)   (2206 words)

 Organ (music) Info - Encyclopedia WikiWhat.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The pipe organ is a common kind of organ, with churches often housing such an instrument - when the word "organ" is used on its own in a classical music context, the pipe organ is most often meant.
The organ's typical, stable and broad sound is often associated with eternity and divinity, reason why the most beautiful instruments are to be found in churches, although many major concert halls around the world boast organs too.
The versatility of the organ is attributable to the builders' ability to attach any number of instruments, or 'voices', to the keyboards which can be selected individually or in multiples by the operator.
www.wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/o/or/organ__music_.html   (766 words)

 Organ - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Organ (anatomy), a group of tissues which perform some function.
Organ (music), a family of keyboard instruments which is usually played with both the hands and the feet.
In warfare, a 17th century historical artillery design, resembling the appearance of the musical instrument.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Organ   (157 words)

 organ (music) - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about organ (music)
An organ is made up of different manuals (keyboards) that control separate divisions of the organ, each with its own pipes and stops.
The first development of the organ was the supply of compressed air from bellows.
Organs were imported to France from Byzantium in the 8th and 9th centuries, and then manufactured in Europe.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Organ+(music)   (508 words)

 BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Organ music 'instils religious feelings'
Many churches and cathedrals have organ pipes that are so long they emit infrasound which at a frequency lower than 20 Hertz is largely inaudible to the human ear.
To test the impact on an audience of extreme bass notes from an organ pipe, researchers constructed a seven-metre-long "infrasonic cannon" which they placed at the back of the Purcell Room, a concert hall in South London.
Details of the organ infrasound study are being presented to the British Association's annual science festival, which this year is in Salford, Greater Manchester.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/science/nature/3087674.stm   (510 words)

 Organ Bibliography and Resources
The purpose of the Canadian Organ Music site is to provide a resource for concert organists, students, church musicians and others who seek information about Canadian organ music.
The composer remarks, AI refer explicitly to Stylus phantasticus (one of the characteristic features in Buxtehude's and Bruhns's music), to let the performer interpret the music in such a dramatical way which was as natural for the 17th century as it is today.
The registration indications are for the Grönlund organ at the Stockholm Conservatory.
www.arts.ualberta.ca /MUSORG/bibliography.htm   (5354 words)

 Organ Music for Good Listening - Pipedreams
I recommend that you purchase your organ music in compact disc format, since CDs are convenient to use, will not wear out after multiple plays, and offer an overall level of sonic satisfaction which neither the LP (in normal circumstances) nor cassette tapes can provide.
Indeed, in the Baroque period, composers wrote specific kinds of music with particular organ registrations in mind (using the "principal chorus" for the majestic plein jeux, flutes and mutation stops in the passionate tierce en taille, the dramatic grands jeux showcasing the reeds, often in dialogue, etc.).
Organ duets, though not a solely American involvement, are the life's work of Elizabeth and Raymond Chenault, whose albums (Gothic CD-49043 and CD-49073) give a sense of what's possible when two people sit at one organ console.
pipedreams.publicradio.org /articles/picks.shtml   (4456 words)

 Organ Department: School of Music: Indiana University
Robert Clark has joined the IU Organ Department as Visiting Professor of Organ for the 2006 Spring semester.
In addition to teaching privately this semester, Dr. Clark is teaching "The Organ Music of J.S. Bach." Read his biography.
Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Assistant Professor of Music John Schwandt improvised an accompaniment to "The Cameraman," the 1928 silent film starring Buster Keaton.
www.music.indiana.edu /som/organ   (247 words)

 DoveSong.com -- Romantic French Organ MP3s
We applogize for this, but it is necessary at this time to help thwart attacks on the site from those not interested in letting you get to this beautiful music.
Charles Marie Widor: Second Movement from the Gothic Organ Symphony, Opus 70 Gunter Berger, organ.
He held the organist's position at Sainte-Clotilde and here he is playing the organ that Franck played before it was rebulit in 1932.
www.dovesong.com /MP3/MP3_FrenchOrgan.asp   (296 words)

 Schudi Organ Company Music   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The music of Maurice Durufle has been captured on this Compact Disk and is available from Delos International, Inc. 2210 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 664, Santa Monica, California 90403.
Festive Organ Music for Weddings and Other Occasions is music performed by Joyce Jones as recorded on the Schudi instrument at St. Thomas Aquinas Church.
Featuring the Schudi Organ, Opus 38, A Child Is Born, subtitled Christmas at the National Shrine, was recorded in 1988 in the Crypt Church of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, DC.
www.schudi.com /music.htm   (424 words)

 E. Power Biggs Collection--Organ Music Library, Music Research--AGO, American Guild of Organists, Boston Chapter
Refusing to perform on electronic organs, he sought out and recorded historic organs associated with the music of composers such as Bach, Handel, Mozart, Haydn and others, introducing listeners to their unique sounds for the first time.
In 1958, Biggs commissioned a 3-manual tracker-action organ from the noted Dutch builder D. Flentrop, which was installed in the main hall of Harvard University’s Busch-Reisinger Museum (now Busch Hall) in Cambridge, Mass., a room with splendid acoustical properties.
In line with his interest in historic music of all countries, he made two recordings of 18th and 19th century American organ music; shown here is the cover photo taken for the second of these, issued at the time of the bicentennial celebrations.
www.organlibrary.com /biggs.html   (527 words)

 PERFORATED MUSIC FOR MECHANICAL ORGANS | Fairground Organ Music | Street Organ Music Books | Dean Organs | Tim Blyth ...
Our many years in the mechanical organ business has given us a unique knowledge of organs and their musical capabilities ensuring that we provide the best possible music available to suit your organ whether cut on our own machine or sourced from one of our many contacts worldwide.
Tim Blyth from cutting and supplying perforated cardboard music that we have purchased all of his music masters and equipment.
The Tim Blyth archive of organ music included many historic patterns from companies such as Limonaire, Gavioli and Marenghi for the 89,65 and 46 key scales.
www.deanorgans.net /perforated_organ_music.html   (341 words)

 Johann Sebastian Bach - Mp3 organ music   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The music seems to span over centuries with never changing optimism and joy, joy to exist, to be alive and part of Creation.
We, for instance, have a 4620 pipes/100 stops/4 manuals Tamburini Organ, located in the building of Rio de Janeiro School of Music, which is malfunctioning because the administrators always have projects for the future, a future that never comes trough...
I would like to see some Palestrina, and other organ music writers, Purcel, etc. The Performer and Organ played on are one of the best which I have ever encountered.
www.pilarcabrera.com /guestbook.htm   (4124 words)

 Organ Music   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Yesterday she told me what...doesn t have the accompaniment music for what she wants to...did have access to an organ tomorrow, that s less than...
This music is built from the ground...so much space in the music and no guitars to fill...s a big job.
His organ playing here is subtle; so...musically arguing over where the music will go.
www.ljseek.com /Organ-Music_s4.html   (561 words)

 BYU Organ Area, Music 115   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Use the “OrganTutor Organ 101 Lesson Objectives” (in the back of the text) to help focus your study of the OT lessons, as a suggested specific order of lesson study, and for note taking.
The books listed below are available in the BYU Bookstore in the music section of the text floor, or in the religious books section of the general book area.
OrganTutor Organ 101 Complete (CD-ROM and Workbook with BYU Supplement) is also available at the bookstore’s Religious Books section for $67.50.
www.organ.byu.edu /intro115.html   (1217 words)

 Organ Sheet Music - BACHorgan.com
Music Of The American Indian Piano/Vocal/Chords Mixed Folio (Arrangements for piano and voice with guitar chords).
The second book is called "The Complete Ave Maria" ($10.95) and offers piano and organ arrangements of both the Schubert Ave Maria and the Bach/Gounod Ave Maria, each in three different keys and each of those with a choice of a piano or organ accompaniment.
Solo piano and solo organ versions are also included for a total of sixteen versions in all.
www.bachorgan.com /SheetMusic/SheetMusic.asp   (1804 words)

 Sheet Music Plus - Classic Pieces for Trumpet & Organ - Music Minus One   (Site not responding. Last check: )
A stupendous collection of 17th- and 18th-century pieces for trumpet and pipe organ- includes some of the most famous works by Handel, Purcell, Mozart and others- magnificent is the word!
Provides a rare opportunity to have a huge pipe organ accompaniment at your beck and call, and includes B-flat parts for all compositions, plus special transposed versions of select pieces for C trumpet.
Includes a printed music book on high-quality ivory paper with parts for B-flat and C trumpets; and a digital stereo compact disc containing a complete version with soloist; then a second performance of all fifteen organ accompaniments (and nine bonus versions transposed for easier execution), minus you, the soloist.
wwws.sheetmusicplus.com /sheetmusic/detail/MO.MMOCD3840.html   (370 words)

 American Music Co.-Christmas Organ
Brimming with beautiful organ arrangements for Christmas, this collection is a must-have during the holiday season.
This collection of eighteen offerings is truly a musical tapestry of cheerful, ear-charming delights, celebrating not only the season of Christmas but also including four thrilling settings of Advent selections and four delightful arrangements of Epiphany music.
This magnificent setting of this favorite carol is arranged to be used in a variety of ways, from simply the organ with the congregation following along in their hymnals; all the way to the organ, congregation, brass quartet, timpani, and chamber choir.
www.americanmusiccompany.com /chchrorg.html   (4407 words)

 Organ music   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In my student days I was fortunate in learning organ on the St. Andrews Brighton organ which at the time was one of the largest in Australia.
It was written for a friend's wedding and is about 3rd grade standard.
A very sombre piece using the lower register of the organ..
www.geocities.com /Vienna/1153/organ_music   (83 words)

 Amazon.com: Bach: Great Organ Works: Music: Johann Sebastian Bach,Peter Hurford   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Organ of the Mormon Tabernacle ~ Johann Sebastian Bach
My only complaint with this collection is that it is not all played on the same organ, and should have been played as close to Bach's homeland as possible, for historical accuracy.
For those who wish to explore Bach's organ contributions in more detail, buy Hurford's complete Bach recordings (Although I believe it is out of print or very hard to obtain, as I have not yet found one).
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B000004248?v=glance   (1490 words)

 Organ MIDI files for the JEUX SoundFont
Our realizations of his organ concertos use a group of stops that attempt to simulate the resources of a 17th-18th Century English organ with two manuals and fairly modest resources.
The actual organs used by Handel to perform these pieces are long since gone (lost in a fire, in once case), and there has been a great deal of speculation about them.
Chabrier: "España" (The music of Spain was all the rage in France in the late 19th Century.
members.aol.com /measly2mb/jeux2.htm   (2859 words)

 organ CDs, organ sheet music, pipe organ books, organ videos, theatre organ, organ DVD, organ compact disc, Bach, ...
It traces the musical practice of several religious groups from their establishment in America to the present.
Two organs built by the Fleming Gilles Brebos are documented in a surviving manuscript of the 16-th century, which contains details about their specifications, appearance and use.
Virgil Fox recorded these definitive performances on the Aeolian-Skinner organs at Riverside Church and Lincoln Center in New York City, and at Symphony Hall, Boston, in 1963 and 1965 for the Command Classics audiophile recording company, and they were released as four LP phonograph records and perhaps a few reel-to-reel tapes.
www.ohscatalog.org   (1430 words)

 Organ Music
Symphony for Organ and Orchestra Piano Reduction (Organ)
The Point that Divides the Wind for Organ, with Percussion and Three Male Voices (Organ)
Prelude and Fugue in E minor Organ Solo (Organ)
www.andysmusiconline.com /categories/organ-music/137.html   (227 words)

 New Organ Music   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Music with Minimal Pedal - General and Fall Festivals
Carnival of the Animals Transcribed for the organ by Ekaterina Melnikova
The Complete Organ Works Series I: Original Compositions Vol.
www.shattingermusic.com /neworganmusic.htm   (172 words)

 Stadium Sports Music - Baseball Organ Music   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The many fan-interactive tracks range from trumpet sounds, Hammond organ rallies and drum beats to the national anthems and the most popular baseball fan favorites.
Stadium has created ballpark organ music with amazing sound quality and realism that will sound great at your ballpark.
There are numerous musical selections for every possible situation during a baseball game.
www.stadiumsportsmusic.com /baseball.html   (142 words)

 The Wedding Planner : Ceremony Music   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Contains a collection of 47 organ pieces, some suitable for weddings, that do not require use of pedals on the organ.
Contains a variety of organ music, some suitable for weddings, that does not require the use of organ pedals.
The chief purpose of this collection is to supply suitable music for use at church weddings.
www.thebridalbook.com /music   (964 words)

 Baseball Blips Sports Organ Music and Sound Effects Audio Library   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Since then I have rendered live organ music for the St. Petersburg Cardinals (A), the Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL), and the St. Petersburg Devil Rays (A).
Everything from the pregame music, between-inning dance music, and the organ music during game breaks really gave the game a more polished edge.
is a collection of everyone's favorite organ and percussion clap-along events, just the right trumpet events, numerous cool sports ditties, (and my originals), as well as a number of toe tapp'n upbeat full length organ tunes.
rush.digitalchainsaw.com /music.html   (2402 words)

 Music, Instruments, Keyboard Instruments, Organ,
The American Theatre Organ Society is dedicated to the preservation of a unique American art form, the theatre pipe organ and its music.
The heart of the American Theatre Organ Society is its local chapters, where the goals of ATOS are accomplished by dedicated members.
This includes the organs, their imitators, related gear (such as Leslie tone cabinets), and the music played on them.
dir.webring.com /rw?d=Music/Instruments/Keyboard_Instruments/Organ   (656 words)

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