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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  Oriental Daily   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
'''''Oriental Daily News''''' (&26481;&26041;&26085;&22577;) is a Chinese language newspaper in Hong Kong.
Oriental Daily is referred by many as a tabloid because of its focus on soft news, i.e.
Oriental Daily may be the most circulated newspaper in Hong Kong, but circulation figures are not reflective of Credibility level.
oriental-daily.iqnaut.net   (888 words)

 Hong Kong newspaper raises storm by trailing judge: 1/23/98
The story centers around the Oriental Daily News, one of Hong Kong's biggest and raciest newspapers, and its decision to trail Justice Gerald Godfrey around town last week after he ruled against the newspaper.
The Oriental Daily's brushes with the judge started after a rival paper, the Apple Daily, reproduced an exclusive photo the Oriental Daily took of pregnant pop star Faye Wong.
Oriental Press then took its case to the Court of Final Appeal, but Justice Godfrey refused to hear it.
www.southcoasttoday.com /daily/01-98/01-23-98/a06wn038.htm   (638 words)

 The Daily Star Web Edition Vol. 5 Num 734   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
The takeover of full control of Oriental by the central bank and appointment of a new administrator for the bank had an instant positive effect on the share market.
Oriental happens to be the first commercial bank which is in such a dire situation.
He also said the government signalled the BB to do everything it deems fit as the government had realised that troubles in the banking sector may have a serious effect on the economy and it does not want to put the sector into difficulties for the sake of a few individuals.
www.thedailystar.net /2006/06/21/d6062101033.htm   (713 words)

 Oriental Daily News - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Oriental Daily News (Traditional Chinese: 東方日報) is a Chinese language newspaper in Hong Kong.
It was started in February 2002, and includes e-paper versions of Oriental Daily and Sun Daily.
Recently, Oriental Press Group Limited would like to extend its business to America and Canada.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Oriental_Daily   (985 words)

 EastSouthWestNorth: Tabloid Journalism Trumps Politics in Taiwan
Whereas Apple Daily refuse to hold a fixed set of political positions, the traditional newspapers are often still beholden to party-government-corporate political machines.
When Apple Daily first appeared, all the traditional newspapers in Taiwan were confident that it would fail under their combined assault.
The fact that Apple Daily became the leader in newspaper readership may be a temporary phenomenon but the impact on Liberty Times and all the print media in Taiwan is only beginning to take effect.
www.zonaeuropa.com /20050816_1.htm   (2683 words)

 An architectural symphony in Shanghai
The new Shanghai Oriental Arts Center in the shape of a butterfly is a new year gift to Shanghai music lovers.
Among the city's galaxy of New Year concerts, tomorrow night's concert in the new Shanghai Oriental Arts Center is the most eagerly awaited.
So, the 1,953-seat concert hall in the Shanghai Oriental Arts Center will be city's first fully professional performance venue for concerts with the most advanced digital sound console, first-class seating for audiences and a state-of-the-art organ.
www.chinadaily.com.cn /english/doc/2004-12/30/content_404596.htm   (1544 words)

 Malaysia: Daily Vs Daily - Challenging The Big Boys
The consolidation of Chinese dailies began in the early 1990s when two conglomerates emerged to consolidate major dailies and command nearly 90 per cent of total readership.
It means Tiong’s dailies now enjoy about 53 per cent of readership while the MCA’s dailies have 37 per cent of readership in the Peninsula alone.
Tiong’s rival, KTS Group, came in to fill the vacuum, and Oriental Daily was born.
www.aliran.com /oldsite/monthly/2003/7l.html   (980 words)

 Oriental Daily News - reviewed by 4icj.com
Directory of top career books and newspapers in China: Oriental Daily News.
Oriental Daily News - Oriental Daily News is a Chinese newspaper.
Report an error on the Oriental Daily News review
www.4icj.com /reviews/9051.htm   (66 words)

 Sing Tao Plans to Launch Free Chinese Daily - SkyscraperCity
A third free daily, Metro, is run by Sweden-base Metro International S.A. Hong Kong has one of the most competitive print media markets in the world, with over a dozen daily newspapers competing for readers from a population of nearly 6.9 million.
It said Oriental Daily News suffered a 10 per cent drop in advertising income to $2.02 billion in the first half compared with a year earlier and saw its market share decline to 24 per cent from 29 per cent.
Headline Daily, a member of the Sing Tao News stable, garnered $221 million in the first half of this year, a 90 per cent gain compared with the first six months of its existence.
www.skyscrapercity.com /showthread.php?t=229140   (1255 words)

His Apple Daily appeals to grassroots readers through its earthy style of journalism (sensational crime stories and showbiz and society gossip are strong suits).
A colorful new daily to be unleashed in the market will undoubtedly take the war between tabloid-style rivals Apple and Oriental to new highs (or lows).
The Oriental, which claims to sell 650,000 copies, is arguably the biggest selling newspaper.
www.pathfinder.com /asiaweek/99/0108/feat4.html   (2279 words)

 0018 - Oriental Press Group Ltd - Google Finance
Oriental Press Group Ltd acts as an investment holding company.
Its publications include Oriental Daily News, The Sun, Ancient and Modern Forum, The Sun Racing Journal and orisun.com.
Brilliant City Company Limited, Orisun.com (HK) Limited, Oriental Daily News Limited, Dragon Asia Property Limited, Lucky Million Limited and Pacific Resort Holding Pty Limited are some of the Company's subsidiaries.
google.com /finance?q=HKG:0018   (273 words)

Kong Human Rights Monitor, Paul Harris, says it was "absolutely outrageous" for the Oriental Daily News to have surrounded the house of trial judge Gerald Godfrey with journalists in an attempt to show him "how real paparazzi behave." The judge had accused a reporter on the paper of being overly intrusive.
The Oriental Daily News, owned by Ma Ching-kwan, another man who seems to thrive on controversy, launched the round-the-clock watch on the judge and vowed to seek justice over what it claimed to be "political harassment" from the justice department.
After Secretary for Justice Elsie Leung decided to charge The Oriental Daily with contempt of court, Ma called off his paparazzi.
www.pathfinder.com /asiaweek/98/0206/feat10.html   (460 words)

 New Police Story - MonkeyPeaches
According to Hong Kong paper Oriental Daily, three used double-decked buses were purchased for the filming.
According to Hong Kong's Oriental Daily and The Sun, the production of Jackie Chan's New Police Story is severely over-budgeted and over-timed.
According to Hong Kong paper Oriental Daily, Jackie Chan's New Police Story is selling very well in Southeast Asia.
www.monkeypeaches.com /newpolicestory.html   (1537 words)

 From Oriental Daily News -
From Oriental Daily News - March 21, 2002
Gorgor feels that the made up stories about his assistant appearing with him were dirty jokes some parties trying to play.
There were many presents he got - he joked he now has difficulty to bring home to Beijing, next time when he comes, he should bring in empty baggage!
digilander.libero.it /lesliepillow/stone.htm   (835 words)

 The Web Newsroom | Recipe Request Daily | Oriental Barbecued Ribs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Cut ribs to form individual portions; sprinkle with 1 teaspoon salt.
So if you like to try a mouthwatering recipe from various southwestern cities, destinations and authors, try Arizona Reporter on the Internet's Recipe Request Daily.
Just enter your e-mail address and type "SUBSCRIBE RECIPE REQUEST" in the subject box.
www.azreporter.com /recipes/barbecue/orientalbarbecuedribs.html   (162 words)

 Simon Yam 2001 News | on Simon Yam.com
Images (top, center): Apple Daily Image (bottom): Oriental Daily Info: Wolverine
Edison Chen, Amanda Strang, Simon Yam and the crew of
Images: Oriental Daily (top right): Ming Pao Info: Sanney
www.simonyam.com /news/2001   (723 words)

 Simon Yam News: January-March 2003 | on Simon Yam.com
The above quotes were translated by Wolverine, visit his site here.
Image (top): The Sun (middle left): Oriental Daily (middle right): Singpao (bottom): Wenweipo
Image (left): Oriental Daily Image (right): The Sun Info: Wolverine
www.simonyam.com /news/2003   (496 words)

 Press and News
The online version of this article can be found here.
Press clippings from articles in Hong Kong's two largest Chinese newspapers, the Apple Daily and the Oriental Daily.
The articles cover an event where Lawrence performs at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park.
www.hongkongmagicman.com /press.htm   (371 words)

 Asian, Asean, Japanese and Oriental Guides and Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
Asian, Asean, Japanese and Oriental Guides and Information
Subscribe to the *Beyond...The Black Stump* site update Newsletter for a weekly reminder of featured sites.
Daily Site Updates all selected by a human.
www.blackstump.com.au /oriental.htm   (89 words)

 From Oriental Daily (12-Jun)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
From Oriental Daily (12-Jun) - !http://hk.news.yahoo.com/050611/10/1dfbg.html pictures from clubs and activities photos on webshots
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Would you like to tell a friend about Webshots?
hk.news.yahoo.com /050611/10/1dfbg.html pictures from clubs & activities photos on webshots - !http://family.webshots.com/photo/1370101770072363152wwTMJK   (54 words)

 PCCW - PCCW CHANNELS › NEWS › Oriental Daily   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-18)
PCCW - PCCW CHANNELS › NEWS › Oriental Daily
With Oriental Daily News service, you'll be able to get breaking news on 6 different topics such as local, international, China/Taiwan, Finance, Sports, Entertainment plus free updates - all via SMS or WAP!
Please logon to wap.pccwmobile.com to check out various news content provided by Oriental Daily now.
www.pccwmobile.com /portal/common/plaintext.jsp?fldr_id=411   (57 words)

 The Sensintrovert: An Elegant Spin By theSun/Oriental Daily?
The Sensintrovert: An Elegant Spin By theSun/Oriental Daily?
In case you are amnesiac, this is what was said last Monday:
We hope they are not dragged into the endless bickering," Ong was quoted as saying in a report in Oriental Daily News yesterday.
howsy.blogspot.com /2006/10/elegant-spin-by-thesunoriental-daily.html   (628 words)

 News - October 2003
Michelle Yeoh Promises To Start Making HUA MU LAN Next Fall, With Chow Yun-Fat
What Will The Pair Of Robot Lovers Look Like In Oriental Daily
Jackie Chan's NEW "Drunken" POLICE STORY Continues In Hong Kong
www.monkeypeaches.com /0310.html   (306 words)

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