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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  Oslo travel guide - Wikitravel
Oslo is often overshadowed by the natural landscape of more rural parts of the country, and the other largest cities of the country like Bergen and Trondheim tend to be more "typical" Norwegian.
Oslo is situated in an amphitheater like setting, with the city centre in the bottom close to the Oslo fjord, and residential areas stretching uphill from there in all directions.
The Oslo fjord is an inlet of the Skagerrak bay, stretching inland from the North Sea towards Øresund and the Baltic Sea.
wikitravel.org /en/Oslo   (10693 words)

  Oslo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Oslo is the capital city of Norway, and has a population of 630,260 (apr. 2006).
Oslo occupies an arc of land at the northern end of the Oslofjord.
Oslo's centrality in the political, cultural and economical life of Norway continues to be a source of considerable controversy and friction.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Oslo   (1772 words)

 AllRefer.com - Oslo, Scandinavia (Scandinavian Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
Oslo is Norway's largest city, its main port, and its chief commercial, industrial, communication, and transportation center.
Today, Oslo is a modern city in design and construction, and its government has fostered contemporary art in a number of impressive public projects.
The Univ. of Oslo (founded 1811), the national theater (1899), the national gallery, a Nobel Institute, and a college of architecture are among the city's cultural institutions.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/O/Oslo.html   (481 words)

 Oslo Accords - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Oslo Accords were a culmination of a series of secret and public agreements, dating particularly from the Madrid Conference of 1991 onwards, and negotiated between the Israeli government and the Palestine Liberation Organization (acting as representatives of the Palestinian people) in 1993 as part of a peace process trying to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
Also, the expansion of the settlements and blockades which caused the deterioration of economic conditions caused frustration and a corresponding descent in support for the accord and those who stood behind its ratification.
Since the start of the al-Aqsa Intifada, the Oslo Accords are viewed with increasing disfavor by the Israeli public.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Oslo_Accords   (1849 words)

 CLIA - Cruise Line International Association
Oslo is one of the oldest capitals in all of Scandinavia.
Whereas twenty or thirty years ago, visitors to Oslo would have had to rely solely on the intrinsic beauty of the area for a good time, now, with all of the added tourist attractions and museums, the combination is dynamite.
The scenery in Oslo is picturesque, and destinations to hike, ski, and explore are everywhere.
www.cruising.org /planyourcruise/wwdest/overview.cfm?recordID=250   (376 words)

 norway travel guide, destinations in norway, information and route maps of norway   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Oslo is easy to visit: it boasts of five metropoliton routes, eight by tram and 50 by bus.
The nucleus, more ancient than Oslo is to the north of the trecentesca, the 300 years old fortress of Akershus and is a vital center of the city.
Oslo is one city to man measure: you can cross it in 30 minutes on foot.
www.go2norway.org /oslo.htm   (423 words)

 OSLO | Highlights | Lambda Research Corporation
OSLO is used primarily to determine the optimum sizes and shapes of the elements in optical systems in cameras, consumer products, communications systems, military/space applications, scientific instruments, etc. In addition, it is used to simulate the performance of optical systems, and to develop specialized software tools for optical design, testing, and manufacturing.
Although OSLO has a heritage traceable back to the early 1960's, in its current implementation it is essentially an object-oriented windows program, with a unique built-in application manager/compiler that provides extremely high performance on desktop computers.
OSLO was the first program used for serious optical design on desktop computers, and it has been developed far more extensively than other software.
www.lambdares.com /products/oslo/index.phtml   (490 words)

 OSLO   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Oslo features a full bar with a menu of interesting specialty cocktails, all priced at $8.
Oslo, the 4-month-old club on West Sixth street known for its all-white and all-fl ultra-mod rooms, will be transformed into a gallery for a couple of hours during the Art Network Night/Art Show.
Situated far enough down Sixth Street to dissuade the body-shooters, Oslo is housed in the clubby District Bar and Grill space, but its interiors have gone the opposite direction with white, white and more white mixed with glimmers of mod silver and dark brown.
www.oslo-austin.com /press.asp   (811 words)

 VisitOSLO.com - the official website for Oslo   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Around 1000, Oslo was founded at the very head of Viken, the name of the Oslo Fjord at that time.
Oslo is the capital of Norway and is the natural hub of Norway’s national and international travel.
The city is beautifully situated at the head of Oslo Fjord surrounded by forested ridges, and this very location gives Oslo unexpected qualities for a national capital.
www.visitoslo.com /This-is-Oslo   (329 words)

 Oslo kommune - About Oslo
Oslo is the capital of the Kingdom of Norway.
Oslo is the oldest of the Scandinavian capitals, and its history goes back to 1000 years ago, when the first settlements were built at the inlet of the Oslo fjord.
Oslo is a pleasant city with over 500 000 inhabitants.
www.oslo.kommune.no /the_city_of_oslo/about_oslo/article22767-7773.html?printMe=1   (259 words)

 Norway Hotels - Oslo
Oslo is home to some fascinating and enlightening museums and architecture and can boast the title of the gourmet capital of Scandinavia.
Another of Oslo’s major plusses is the quality of its parks and gardens.
Particularly impressive is the Frognerparken, an idyllic setting where broad lawns, secluded ponds and gently flowing streams lie under the shade of a wide and beautiful variety of trees.
www.norwayhotels.net /oslo.htm   (418 words)

 OSLO - 5 Year Anniversary (Elyakim Ha'etzni) October, 1998
For Israel of Oslo is a unique case in the entire world that a country signed a treaty of partnership with a terrorist organization and thus with murderous terror itself.
And on the fringes of the great betrayal, Oslo produces the pernicious weeds of small betrayals: First came the betrayal of Arabs who assisted us, consigning them to death, to exile in their land, to the loss of their property, to the trampling of their honor.
In the end, the Zionist State invented Oslo and in Oslo the State of Palestine was born.
www.freeman.org /m_online/oct98/haetzni.htm   (5517 words)

 Home - VisitOSLO.com - Official Travel and Visitor's Guide to Oslo - Norway
Between the Oslo Fjord and the green hills of Oslomarka lies the Norwegian capital!
There are more than 50 museums and galleries in Oslo to choose between.
Oslo is full of great winter experiences for all ages; try ice skating downtown or og skiing in the hills and trails surrounding the city!
www.visitoslo.com   (335 words)

 Metro Times Detroit - Restaurant Review   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Oslo is downtown at the intersection of Woodward and John R, which theoretically shouldn’t exist, because parallel lines don’t meet, but, hey, this is Detroit, not geometry class.
Oslo’s tempura is inventive, with sweet potato, asparagus, eggplant, onion and broccoli, but I thought it tasted too much of cooking oil.
Oslo has self-confidence without self-importance, style without pretension.
www.metrotimes.com /metropolis/restaurants/review.asp?id=8861   (642 words)

 Oslo information, IETF45
Oslo is a town with half a million inhabitants.
You can get off at the main bus terminal, and that is within a few minutes walk of the hotel (which is easy to spot, it's the tallest building in Oslo).
You disembark at the main railway station ("Oslo S"), and as with the bus, it's a very short walk to the hotel.
www.uninett.no /arrangement/ietf45/oslo   (313 words)

 Oslo Travel Information | Lonely Planet Destination Guide
Oslo's Scandinavian friendliness puts the 'nice' in 'ice'.
Drøbak is mainly a summer hideaway for Oslo residents,...
Check out what other travellers are saying about Oslo.
www.lonelyplanet.com /worldguide/destinations/europe/norway/oslo   (156 words)

 Oslo Accords: The Dream Vs. The Reality After Three Years (Elyakim Ha'etzni) - November, 1996
The third "Jahrzeit" of the Oslo accord falls not far from the Day of Atonement, a perfect time for "Cheshbon Nefesh" - Self Examination.
In such a case, the Arab Oslo "Peace-Coalition" will transform into a coalition of war.
The new Israeli government faces a dilemma: To absorb the grave damage involved in the liquidation of Oslo, one way or another, or - to plow on towards a war in which we shall make our stand in the outskirts of Petah-Tiqva with our back to the sea, our very survival in the balance.
www.freeman.org /m_online/nov96/haetzni.htm   (740 words)

 The Peace Encyclopedia: Oslo, The Oslo Accords
But with Oslo, haven't the Palestinians agreed to end the violence, limit guns to police, and allow free access to holy places, amend their covenant, etc...?
The most fundamental flaw is the renunciation of Jewish claims to Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.
Israel accuses the PA of deploying nearly 36,000 policemen in areas under its jurisdiction, exceeding the limit prescribed by the Oslo accords by more than 50 per cent (other sources, including a PA human rights group, has put the true figure at closer to 85,000).
www.yahoodi.com /peace/oslo.html   (2031 words)

 UrbanRail.Net > Europe > Norway > OSLO Tunnelbane
Norway's capital, Oslo, has only about 500,000 inhabitants, though in the whole metropolitan area (incl.
The Oslo tunnelbane began as a network of suburban railroads which finally were connected through a city tunnel to form today's network of T-bane lines.
Roger Sandberg's Skinnelangs i Oslo / Tram and Metro of Oslo
www.urbanrail.net /eu/osl/oslo.htm   (632 words)

 Oslo hotels. Save up to 60% off rates on all hotels in Oslo
The Radisson SAS Park Hotel is uniquely located in the heart of picturesque Fornebu Park, by the shores of the Oslo Fjord.
It is at a short distance from Oslo city centre.
The Golden Tulip Rainbow Hotel lies in the centre of Ski, 20 kilometres south of Oslo.
www.hotelclub.net /hotel.reservations/Oslo.htm   (195 words)

 Oslo Travel Guide | Fodor's Online
World-class Oslo, a town of 500,000, has become good at survival and rebirth throughout its nearly 1,000-year history.
Today, Oslo is Norway's political, economic, industrial, and cultural capital as well as home to both the Nobel Peace Price and the Norwegian royal family.
This new, hipper Oslo caters to a much broader range of tastes than the Oslo of yesteryear.
www.fodors.com /miniguides/mgresults.cfm?destination=oslo@114   (284 words)

 Technorati Tag: oslo
Oslo Hotel Deals at Expedia Book Oslo hotels at Expedia.com.
Oslo Hotel Select from a huge range of hotels in Oslo with incredible savings.
Visit Oslo before Cruise Visit Oslo before your 7-day NCV Bergen-Kirkenes cruise.
www.technorati.com /tag/oslo   (431 words)

 Oslo Port Authority : MAIN
The Port of Oslo invited to competition for new operator of 143.000 TEU containerterminal to be finished in 2007.
Read about the interaction between port- and city development in Oslo by clicking the picture.
Oslo Port, PB 230 Sentrum, N-0103 Oslo, Norway, Tel: +47 23 49 26 00, Fax: +47 23 49 26 01, e-mail, webmaster: Public Relations Department
www.ohv.oslo.no /english   (124 words)

 Open Directory - Regional: Europe: Norway: Oslo   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Oslo Grieg Society - An association to honour the memory of Edvard Grieg.
Oslo kommune - Municipal information, general information, and tourist and business information about the City of Oslo.
Photographs of Oslo - 75 photographs of Oslo, Norway, including Vigeland's sculpture, Bygdoy museums, Akershus castle, and the Holmenkollen ski jump.
dmoz.org /Regional/Europe/Norway/Oslo   (251 words)

 Oslo, Norway   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Oslo seems rather generically European at first, but it grows on you.
The city is really pretty, clean, and quite small by capital city standards.
There are only 450,000 people in Oslo -- heck, there are only 5 million folks in all of Norway.
www.quovadimus.org /norway   (120 words)

For the truly talented, making music is more about communicating intangible x-factors of mood and emotion and then mastering the mechanics of chords, beats and words uttered.
But OSLO’s debut album, due in March ‘05, shows the band are no strangers to melody and songcraft either.
With a hauntingly addictive album in the can, an already lauded live show, and enviable word-of-mouth rep snowballing, 2005 will be a year of OSLO accords.
www.msopr.com /mso/Oslo/oslo_main.htm   (527 words)

 Oslo Lufthavn
Current traffic situation: Oslo Airport is open and running normally.
Neighbours of Oslo Airport have expressed a desire to be informed well in advance of construction work the airport is planning to carry out during the summer and the impact this will have on...
This is an increase of 227,517 or 18.7% as opposed to the same month last year.
www.osl.no /index.asp?languagecode=9   (94 words)

 Oslo - Wikimedia Commons
no: Oslo (tidligere Christiania eller Kristiania) er hovedstaden i Norge, landets største by, og både en kommune og et fylke.
fr: Oslo est la capitale de la Norvège.
sv: Oslo (tidigare Christiania eller Kristiania) är huvudstaden i Norge, landets största stad och både en kommun och ett fylke.
commons.wikimedia.org /wiki/Oslo   (89 words)

 BBC NEWS | Europe | Scream stolen from Norway museum
Jorunn Christofferson, a press officer at the Munch Museum, told the BBC the museum was full of people when the robbers took the two paintings - frames and all - off the walls of the gallery.
Kjell Pedersen of the Oslo police told the Norwegian daily Aftenposten that police had "mobilised all available resources on the ground and in the air".
The painting was recovered undamaged in a hotel about 65km (40 miles) south of Oslo in May 1994.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/europe/3588282.stm   (601 words)

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